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Thread: Black Horse Stuka
10/04/2014 19:46:03

Mark that looks great and sound system is very good.

I have most of the stuff installed now just sorting out the ubec location and possible rx battery location. Still have to find a spinner though. Where have you placed your cofg.


Thread: Hobbyking question
10/04/2014 19:34:30

Well the order was cancelled and a refund processed on the 1st April but still not refunded in to my bank. They are very slow.


Thread: Help me decide what free gift choose from HobbyKing!
06/04/2014 05:44:16

Well done on winning WF. Hope you enjoy what ever you go for.


Thread: Rebirth of a DH2
31/03/2014 17:17:15
Chris. I have followed the rebuid and like many I am feeling for you right now.

Such a shame after the rebuild of such a great machine.

Thread: Hobbyking question
28/03/2014 15:04:10

Told them to cancel my order and refund me. Not sending a photo of my card just to prove who I am.


27/03/2014 17:11:14

Thanks all. They applied the refund they said seven days, but why take the payment out of my bank if they are holding the order. Also why not contact me and tell me rather than me chasing it up.

The order was only for £14


27/03/2014 15:55:40

Used Hobbyking for a few orders and have had no problems but I ordered a Orange satellite on the 25th March and payment was taken straight away.

Next day order page says unpaid, so OK give until this morning. Still says unpaid so sent an email and but heard nothing by 3PM. Used live chat and was told the accountant was not happy with my payment card. The same card has always been used.

Next they asked me to send a photo of my payment card and email it to a different email address than the customer services email.

Is this normal for Hobbyking.


Thread: Why do people expect a discount when they collect a model I'm selling!
20/03/2014 22:20:55

I have had this asked of me as well and think some people just live on a different planet. I had a new Laser 100 which I had to sell.

I had paid around £229.00 for it and put it up for £150.00, I had a few people offer £100.00 for it but I held the price then one such person asked if I would take £140.00 so I agreed. On the day we'd agreed to meet I had a text telling me it would cost him £30.00 in petrol to collect it and could I post it to him instead. I replied to him asking how he would pay me the £140.00 and the extra £15.00 for the postage.

Well of course you know where this is going, he asked could I cover the cost of posting it as if he came to collect it would cost him petrol money. At this point I decided to just to ignore his texts.

Some days later I had received another text asking if he could collect it and asked if I would take £110.00 for it. I gave up at this point


Edited By MikeS on 20/03/2014 22:22:02

Thread: Seagull Grob Tutor G115
18/03/2014 09:49:13

Tim, I have to say I do agree with you.

Most of the ground handling problems I had are down to the nose wheel going out of alignment. While taxing the Tutor I have noticed the spat is what seems to catch the ground/grass and bend the nose leg. This on three occasions on landing has flipped the Tutor on to its back and of course the first time broke the nose section clean off.

I am tempted to remove the spats and see how it handles and then make any adjustments required. I do find I am doing this after every days flying, grass does seem to take its toll.


17/03/2014 17:14:43

Nev that's good to know what Oracover numbers are used.

Well I have been busy for the last few months with family matters and of course the floods. Now the weather has improved I have managed to get some trips to the club in.

More importantly I have been flying the Tutor and spending time learning how it handles. I find it tracks lovely through loops and level rolls can be done very easily, stall turns and barrel rolls are great. Flight times have improved since the .91 has run in with times around seven minutes.

This maybe a one off with my model but on my second flight of the day the port side landing gear mount fell off just after I took off. The mount came out cleanly and had little glue applied.

Heres some photos




Better view of the mounting point



It was an interesting landing with only two wheels but I tried to keep the port wing up as long as I could until it dropped down and then spun round on the wind tip. Got away with no damage and used 30min epoxy to refit the mount, checked the starboard mount and was flying an hour later.



Edited By MikeS on 17/03/2014 17:17:29

Thread: Spring is here - what is stopping you from flying?
14/03/2014 20:05:02

With swmbo at work and the sun out the club beckoned and I duly obliged. Taking the recently repair Pulse 25e and Grob Tutor with me it was time for abuse of the local insect population. A change from the norm the Grob got to go first, throttle was advanced and off it went like a scolded cat leaving a trail of smoke.

Rolls, spins, bunts and some other dubious attempts where made until all to quickly the tx was telling me it was time to land. Refueling done, dead insects removed from the prop and of we go again but....

The Grob takes off but lying on the strip is the port u/c leg, oh dear this cannot end well. Flying around I looked at the options available, land on the strip with two wheels and keep the port wing up as long as I can or bring it down in to the long grass beyond the strip. Well it had to be the first option so when the tx told me it was time it was now or never. The Grob likes to come at a good pace so I didn't hold out much hope in it ending well, this being down to my skill rather than the Grob itself. It was a non event the Grob held its wing up until gravity took over and it slid to a stop. No damaged was sustained but with regards to the port u/c leg I had fallen victim to the artf factory gluing or lack off. The mount had just fallen out as the little glue used was a ticking clock waiting to catch me out.

Thirty minutes later the mount was back in place with some resin, and yes the starboard mount was attended to as well. While the resin hardened the Pulse was called in to service and duly took to the clouds. I climbed to a fair height and then noticed two Red Kites bring hassled by some smaller birds looked like crow's but couldn't really tell. I did wonder about the crows having a death wish and maybe they had not thought it through.

The Pulses repairs where good it flew a lot better, performance was good and tried to practice some knife edge but need more time on the sim to coordinate the stick controls. So five hours at the club, it was a good day.


14/03/2014 12:19:29
Bit late but well done Elf. Great feeling when you pass after all the effort. Well done.!!
Thread: First flight of the year and.......
13/03/2014 12:53:21

Couldn't agree more, I have repaired the u/c mount a few times over the years on this model. Most of my fleet are IC apart from two one being the Pulse. I had many flights on the Pulse and it has taken its toll on it. I decided to make a new mount as it tongue and groves on to the wing mount. With that finished I also sorted out the tail wheel which had also broken free.


12/03/2014 23:49:57

Thanks peter. I spent an hour and repaired the fuse, and took it down the club. I had a 11 x 5.5 prop fitted but decided to go to a 11 x 7 prop. Much better now with the extra pitch at full high throttle.

Yesterdays weather was rather windy with a strong cross wind but was good fun but managed to remove the undercart so this needs to be beefed up a little.


Thread: Who else is looking forward to those warm summer nights that end like this.
11/03/2014 18:58:55

I can only just recall the long summer of 76 but only just as I was 4 at the time. I have not got out all my Nitro stuff because so far every hot day has been on my work days. Every time I have gone down the club this year (twice) it has been cold and windy.


Edited By MikeS on 11/03/2014 19:02:09

Thread: Be Careful What You Wish For or Never Respond to a Badly Photographed eBay Sale.
10/03/2014 08:48:40

I agree that the Wot does look very rough, however thats all it does look rough. Once you have finshed it will be a good model by the looks of it.

Might be an idea to sort out the firewall with all that cocktail sticks and filler. Might be extra weight you do not need.


Edited By MikeS on 10/03/2014 08:50:47

Thread: Brrrrrr, winter's here, how much flying are you getting in?
10/03/2014 08:20:58

First trip of the year to the club for me ended in my Pulse breaking up during a spin, hope its not a sign of things to come.crying 2


Thread: First flight of the year and.......
07/03/2014 18:30:56

Cymaz I thought about a liteply doubler to overlap the break on each side. Didn't think about using corner stock, good shout. Peter if I cut slots in the former, glue the doubler in place so it sits either side of the former then add triangle stock in the corner to add support.


Edited By MikeS on 07/03/2014 18:37:38

07/03/2014 17:00:45

Yes and no Cymaz. Going through my photos I remember I took the u/c off on an arrival last year. I think this maybe the beginning cause of todays bit of fun.

Anyhow putting the fuse back together I am a little stumped at how to make the repair due to the break being right up by the former. Normally I would glue supports across the break but the former is in the way.

Heres a photo


07/03/2014 14:55:54

Two seasons back it became attracted to a tree and smashed the leading edge of the wing on some branches. At the time I did check the airframe over and nothing seemed damaged but thats not to say it wasn't. Its had a few arrivals should say and a hard life.


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