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Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
11/08/2017 10:57:42

Mine does that too.

31/05/2015 19:47:09
Posted by Glasshopper on 31/05/2015 19:24:43:

Is it practicable to use the signal from a Taranis RX as the basis for finding a lost aircraft?

Yes I have done it! To be fair the final location was done visually but using the RSSI certainly got me in the right area to see it.

Thread: Sig Demoiselle Build Log
05/01/2015 17:19:14

Martyn, if you get yourself a short length of something called Thera-band tubing (look on Eb*y, I use the blue type) and slice off thin rings with a scalpel or sharp cutters you will have a lifetime's supply of prop saver bands for little cost and they compare very favourable with the rubber O rings more usually used for that role.


Thread: Christmas wishes
12/12/2014 10:19:38

Excellent thank you! How ingenious.


Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 12/12/2014 11:43:07

Thread: MyHobbyStores delivery charges
10/12/2014 16:21:08

Crazy indeed! I wanted to order a spare prop for my UMX Yak54, a tiny bit of plastic less than 6 inches in diameter, £2.38 for the prop and £6.95 p&p...... I don't think so! I think these charges are arrived by throwing darts at a dartboard and seeing what numbers they hit, there can be no other rational explanation.


Thread: Drone Near Miss.
08/12/2014 17:32:24

Posted by Alan J Roberts 1 on 08/12/2014 17:06:50:

I'm wondering if, maybe we're on the edge of a new age of flying - certainly a different subsection of our hobby perhaps.

Maybe I'm about to be blasted for this but, if I may pose the following question.

Assuming that I don't fly higher than 400ft. My flight does however include flying over people, across roads and buildings etc. at my cruising speed of 30MPH. And I have a B certificate from the BMFA for flying FPV.

Where is the difference in flying a full size light plane or microlight and enjoying the same scenery?

Because if you made that trip in a full size or microlight you would have to obey the low flying regulations, which are many and various, but at a minimum require you to be at least 500 ft from any person, vessel, vehicle or object.

Thread: Eric Brown
17/11/2014 17:54:14
Posted by Tony Bennett on 17/11/2014 11:09:09:

read "project canceled by Derek Wood," ok it only goes up to the 70's but you will be surprised by the amount of technical information we "gave" to the Americans with nothing back from them in turn.

Was that not a condition of the lease-lend agreement we had with the Americans during and after the second world war? I'm not saying it was acceptable but I suspect our politicians were held over the proverbial at that time....

Thread: Wiring for a one battery set-up
12/11/2014 17:23:51

3000uF is quite a bit higher than you need and would be quite physically large at 50v. Something like 470 or even 330uF will be fine though they should be low ESR ones. If you're only using a 3 cell pack then 25v rated ones will be more than adequate. A pack of 4 can be had from your favourite online auction site for under 2 quid.


Thread: inrunner or outrunner ? i have no idea
23/10/2014 14:55:43

But you can usually reverse the shaft on most outrunners so the back becomes the front and gives you different options in mounting it.

21/10/2014 18:17:24

Paul, make sure you provide plenty of ventilation for the ESC, I found out the hard way and had to perform major surgery on my EasyStar 1 to put a new one in and to add the ventilation holes that I should have done at the start!

I don't know if you've thought how to mount your motor but I found that the last inch or so of a "Berocca" type tablet plastic tube fitted the motor space well and if roughened up can be easily glued in place. I drilled the base of the tube to fit the motor mounting screws then flooded the bottom of the tube with epoxy, drilling through that when set and screwing into the motor. It's worked well for me.


Thread: Have a Rant
26/08/2014 18:21:13

Posted by Alan Pennington on 26/08/2014 18:20:13:

Reading all your great stories of flying and all the shows that are around in the UK and me living in a god forsaken hole called FRANCE devil


Eeeeek, I'd swap!

26/08/2014 18:19:05

Shop assistants who answer the phone when they're in the middle of serving you. That is just the same as serving someone who has pushed in, instant walk out of the premises for me!

Barmen (usually young enough to be my grandson) who call me "mate"; in fact anyone I don't know who calls me "mate".

Waiting staff who tell me it's "no problem" when I order something mundane like a sandwich or a coffee.

The letters LOL.

That rising inflection at the end of a sentence as if everything is a question?

Young girls who croak when they talk and somehow think it's cool to pretend they're from the West Country.

Weather "forecasters" on the TV who spend most of the report telling us what the weather has already been like that day/week etc.

Edited By C Norton on 26/08/2014 18:20:37

26/08/2014 09:59:03

And extraneou's apostrophe''''s! Drive's me ins'ane!

26/08/2014 09:57:58

Should that not be "to do" and "to compare"? It is the infinitive form of the verb after all.... Oh and what about "should of" and "could of" etc? Aaaaaaaaaaagh! wink

Thread: Calibrating quad motors
26/08/2014 09:46:07

Hi Eric, glad you've got it sorted but please tell us what you did, it might be helpful to someone else having similar problems in the future.


22/08/2014 17:57:31

Have you tried holding the copter (very firmly!) and applying part throttle, moving the copter around and ensuring that it tries to stabilize itselfby fighting against the movements? Failure to do so would indicate faulty board alignment as mentioned above, incorrect motor wiring, incorrect setup or a faulty board.

22/08/2014 15:38:01

Ah, I think I'd be tempted to strip it all down and start again. Sounds like it's going to something irritatingly obvious! Good luck.

22/08/2014 15:03:52

Try to use your right stick (mode2) to get it stable on flat ground and if you can do so without excessive deflection then open the throttle enough to get it to lift off. If you do this over soft ground and can chop the throttle quickly enough if it all goes wrong then the worst that will happen is possibly a couple of broken props but you may be surprised to find that it will actually fly ok. Keep away from it a good distance of course! Another obvious thought occurs, you are using identical motors in all 4 corners?

22/08/2014 14:38:39

I have sometimes found that with a newly built quad it won't always leave the ground smoothly and you have to just go for it and snatch it off and be prepared to level it quickly on the sticks but a small amount of trim can get them level. Just my experiences....

22/08/2014 10:07:11

Hi Eric, I'm sure this is obvious but you have confirmed that the correct handed props are on the relevant motors? Not being so could cause the tipping you describe. Otherwise can you hold it level with some back elevator stick as you power up?


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