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Thread: Crescent Bullet Owners
26/10/2015 12:47:35

Hello Ian ,

Thats fine . I fly two one with an Irvine 40 (lighter build) and the other all glassed and basically weighing several bricks (I bought it for a £10 at a recent swap meet) is fitted with an Irvine 53 . Can't comment on prop, as you will need to match it with your engine.

My electric PB Bullet (now no more thanks to a radio glitch) flew very well on a Hobby king G46 550kv on 4swith an APC E 15X8 .(Even better on a Hacker A50-16s on 6S - I had a minor issue with a hard landing and had the hacker in my spares bin prop was 17X8 or 10 )

Best of luck.

Thread: Increasing Membership-Experiences
23/10/2015 16:36:00

Hello Chris. I think the BMFA are trying to get more media exposure. I'm aware that some our younger club members have applied to take part in the Joint BMFA/CBBC show Airmageddon.

I understand that the TJD team took part at the recent Biggin Hill airshow and also aware that models have been flown at other airshows such as Shoreham.

We do have one bit of common land where no ball games are allowed either!

23/10/2015 14:43:45

Well said Erflog ,

As a club we have a similar attitude. It doesn't matter re age etc (we have gone down the DBS route for a couple of the Instructors - bit of a chore but not as bad as the old CRB) however we do insist that parents/guardians accompany minors or vulnerable adults (in case of any one over sixty should I ask for them to be accompanied by a grandchild so not to show any sign of age related prejudice!)

Nearly got me on my soap box as I'm having an interesting discussion with the local council who have updated local bye- laws to stop the use of common land in my area for any form model flying.

I got attracted to Modelling watching free flight at the common in my village , many, many , many years ago! Its about exposure and getting people stimulated to want to give it a try.

Thread: Fournier RF4 or 5
23/10/2015 13:38:06

Hello Percy,

Re your comments about stories of wing folding , I found this on the Mick Reeves website -

"We have heard of other kit models of 1/3 RF4, where the wings collapsed in flight.
This model, with ProSkin covering was able to perform very violent snap rolls, left and right, with no problem!"

I was considering the 110" MR version as a suitable winter project .

Thread: Increasing Membership-Experiences
23/10/2015 13:31:09

Best of luck Fergus. I'm aware of another club that has written to a local paper about "drones/multi copters " and the advantages of flying in a club environment and this had a positive effect for them.

Happy to help if you want to PM me

23/10/2015 10:44:50

Hello Fergus.

Our club has a very good relationship with both the local ATC squadron and school (aged 10-16) We attend/give demo's and also allow (with attendance by parents/ATC officers) trial flights on buddy boxes on our club trainer. This hopefully instills an interest in the hobby. We have been fortunate to attract not just young members but also their Fathers and Grandfathers. We also have a some female members too. As with any hobby, interest tends to ebb and flow . We have some who stay on - case in point is chap that joined at 12 and still is a member at 26. In my case I have returned to model flying after a very long break. . Your enthusiasm will hopefully rub off and attract other people to enjoy what you do.

PS Quad flying/racing has really opened up interest and a number of new members that joined to do this have moved onto our club fixed wing training prog and have subsequently bought their own.(Our youngest member is 10 and the oldest 87). Our biggest problem is weather!

Thread: DigiFleet Radio Control Gear Wanted
22/10/2015 12:35:49

I've recently had some issues on 2.4Ghz and have gone back to my old Skyleader and Digifleet 35Mhz (which seems fine as I'm normally the only one at the club on 35Mhz.)

Thread: TJD Models anyone else have issues with these people
16/10/2015 19:19:43

I've been dealing with TJD for the last eight years and have never had any issues apart from a damaged kit (I suspect broken in transit to me) and this was replaced the following day after a phone call.

Thread: Starting a modelling club at school - which model to build?
14/10/2015 17:05:19

By the way choice of models will also depend on the pupils age range too.

14/10/2015 17:02:53

Hello Jon,

If you are in the UK its possible that your region(BMFA) has an Educational coordinator , who should have a range of information packs , kits and some guidance on the subject. Failing that then I suggest you speak to either Andy Symons or Manny Williamson at the BMFA offices in Leics. They are both very helpful (I've been down this path and also happy to help if you want to send me a PM)

Thread: Vulcan XH558 final flights
11/10/2015 14:51:25

Just saw it go past. Big lump in my throat to think I may not see one fly again.

Thread: Corby Starlet Canopy
07/10/2015 14:31:30

Traplet publications bought out some vac form company a year or so ago and it might be worth a phone call to them .I have a feeling that Kevin Crozier was in charge of it.

Thread: Building jig - uprights replacements
07/10/2015 12:44:33

Hello Max that's much better. I will check with others in my club and see if I can persuade a few to order some as well (to try and spread the cost of postage between us.)

Thread: Wilga missing parts
06/10/2015 22:56:24

David, It would be worth your while to contact Ripmax by phone as I have had issues in the past getting a response back via email.

Thread: Building jig - uprights replacements
06/10/2015 20:16:29

Max, I have sent you a PM and very much interested

06/10/2015 17:26:24

I've been looking to upgrade my SLEC system for some while and would be most interested. Any costings yet?

Thread: Experiences with Wickes foam underlay as a Depron alternative
23/09/2015 17:10:08

Great idea .

Thread: Lipo Short
07/09/2015 17:32:39

Hello Dylan. Touchwood you have gotten away with it. The Lipos are usually sent with a storage charge of approx 35%-40% of capacity . Might have been a different story if at 100%

I have first hand experience of having a 6S short while trying to connect a very tight set of deans plugs (I have changed to a more suitable connector ie either XT60's or XT 90's - dependant on current draw)

You are quite right, don't take lipo's for granted! I cringe when I see a club member at the filed with half a dozen batteries (Lipo's) all stuffed in a haphazard fashion into a Lipo bag. The smoke damage caused by one of these venting off is something else - not to mention the heat generated!)

07/09/2015 10:59:37

I've done something similar in the last few weeks.

Are you able to check (via the balance lead) to see if each individual cell is above 3volts? If it is,then it shouldn't be a problem. If one or more cell has dropped below 3v then you may have an issue . (my original charger would not allow me to charge it as one of the cells had dropped way below 3V , however I subsequently managed to get it back up by by slow charging at 1/2C (.5) . The battery was never the same and I ended discharging it in full (its sitting out in the garden waiting for my next trip to the dump)

Thread: Model Suggestions for OS 30FS
03/09/2015 18:08:03

Lovely looking model. I would have considered it but I already have something similar in my Junior 60 and want something a little different. Many thanks for sharing the picture .

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