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Thread: NGH 38cc Petrol Four Stroke - now at JE
29/07/2015 11:44:25

One of the club's I attend has a number of members that fly petrol (although mutual agreed to limit this to approx 50cc - I fly a geared 62 on a scale WW1 model which just pootles about). Following a visit by the EHO who informed us that regardless of our "noise" policy (although it would be taken into account if an issue arose) the councils findings would be based on perceived noise issue at nearest point of nuisance (eg nearest house). So no throttle jockeys!

29/07/2015 11:14:36

Bob/Area 51. I have a similar issue at all three clubs of which I'm a member  . I'd hate to be responsible for causing any issues and will try and find the most effective solution.

On the two stroke petrols , I've tended to go for the K&B's with inserts (it does drop the top end by a couple of hundred revs - but does give a much "softer " output ) . Looks like a call to Johnor Nigel at TJD's might be in the offing!

Edited By Tomtom39 on 29/07/2015 11:15:00

29/07/2015 09:37:34

Looking forward to using it. We have had noise problems at our site so will be looking to see how I can fit a silencer on it. (I have one left over from an old Laser 180 - pretty much the only bit that survived a rapid vertical descent into the only bit of rock on our field)

29/07/2015 00:42:49

Excellent Bob. I bought the 38 also to fit into the Acro Wot XL and hopefully will get started this weekend.Look forward to reading your experience with the NGH (are you intending to silence this?)

28/07/2015 16:48:52

Flight1 I have sent you a PM re silencer for the NGH 38

Thread: HobbyKing Payments
27/07/2015 15:46:03

Having checked with my bank , it would have been cheaper to have paid HK's fee for using my own banking system . I now know for the future.

27/07/2015 10:38:31

On Friday, I ordered an item from Hobby king . The price was stated in GBP£ however when I came to pay on Paypal the difference I ended up paying was approximately 5% more than the figure quoted by HK . I raised this with HK and this is the response I got "Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and sorry for the confusion. The conversion of the currency is based on the current exchange rate. The fee that you are billed for depends on the time we accepted the payment and the currency is based during that time." I can understand the odd 0.5 %- 1% . This however seems somewhat excessive (I paid on completion of the order). Has anyone else had a similar issue?

Thread: Pilot kit Tiger Moth approx 1/4 scale
24/07/2015 12:34:45

Hello Manish

Yes thanks. However , I'm having to fashion up some wing fixings . Hopefully may get mine finished in the next few weeks as weather here is pretty rubbish and I have taken three weeks off!

Thread: Airbrush recommendations
23/07/2015 15:58:18


Mr Tin (FOXFAN) has made some very valid points. I originally went down the route of a Badger 150 (I also have bought an Iwata ) with a "hobby" compressor and tank. I now only use these for fine detailing . With hindsight , I would have opted for the larger "garage" compressor (which I now have) with a HVLP spray gun. I recently saw a cheap deal at either Lidl or Aldi , which included all three for sub £70.

Thread: Anyone here using RCV engines?
22/07/2015 13:30:19

I meant to say that the 58 seems to be in the power bracket of my old Saito 45s .

22/07/2015 13:27:43

I've got the RCV 58CD and have been running this for the last three years with no issues (it runs very well and I had no problems setting this one up) . I bought this while you could buy them direct from RCV .

Another club member uses the RCV 90SP in a Kyosho Spitfire and has done for a similar period ( it was 2nd hand so can't tell you how old it is ).

At my club there are a few who can be described as "standard head shakers " on the subject of engines . I even had a chap come up to me to tell me that the Laser I had fitted wasn't a great choice. So I now take such advice with a pinch of salt (empty boxes make the most noise!!) Give one a go (preferably with help of someone at the club who has a great deal of experience )

Sorry can't help on the subject of where these are made. Ring and ask Weston UK - who I now understand distribute these.

Thread: HK T45 Goshawk
18/07/2015 17:31:02

I use one as a slope soarer as well. I have left mine open . Fly's very well and cheap too

Thread: This quarter's BMFA news
15/07/2015 12:35:10


Re your post. I'm a club flyer (I have also never taken part in a competition) and I have bought a very old Graupner winch (we also have one in two of the clubs that I belong to) .I don't see this a specialised area at all as most of us with a glider airframe that can be used, have given this a try (mine is approx 40 odd years old having changed hands at least six times within the club). I' d love to give F3J? or something similar a go in due course .

I'm a great believer of having a framework of rules/codes of conduct without going overboard . Unfortunately Not all flyers have the benefit of your experience or perhaps even a level of common sense that I would think would be acceptable. We recently had a chap join one of the clubs who had been R/C flying for a few years. He didn't appreciate being asked not to overfly the carpark areas and in the end I had to speak to him pretty sharply. Shame as I fly to relax from a very stressful job and not to have to be worried about some idiot who thinks he knows it all and feels he can fly in an area as he wants. Common sense is not always there!!! Majority of our club rules relate to making sure that the club airstrip is a reasonably safe environment. No complaints so far, bar one who is no longer a member.(He didn't appreciate my wanting to be compensated for the damage he did to my car!)

Those safety bulletins have a place in the magazine to reinforce the point (you don't have to read it if you don't want to!)

Thread: club politics
14/07/2015 16:09:20

Well put Electric boogaloo!

On subject of club politics. My own experience is that there is always going to be a degree of contention in any environment where there is a group of more than one (schizophrenics excluded!) .In my own club there is an ebb and flow of opinions and at times can resemble a school playground. All the clubs I belong to abide by a set of rules and constitution as per the BMFA guidelines (especially safety) . With the exception of one club , the other two have solidly embraced both FPV and quad/drones etc. Members are encouraged by the committee to be self regulating so that there isn't a them or us situation. We do at times have problems at times and these are thrashed out face to face as experience has shown that email communications are very much open to interpretation and sometimes things are said / written at the heat of the moment which should not be put in writing (I tend to have a colourful vocabulary and a range of expletives honed by working with members of the building trade in the last few months!) .

Having flown solo and now in a club environment. I prefer being in a club where I can bounce off ideas have a chat etc (I get bored flying on my own - no one to show off my crashes to!)

Thread: Ripmax Acro.Wot Mk2 XL
13/07/2015 18:33:29

I have just bought one. I will be fitting some Savox 0254 all round (I managed to get a good deal at Wings and Wheels).

Cymaz - agree with that point. Best to fit a Dubro. Found that one out by experience!

Thread: This quarter's BMFA news
13/07/2015 18:06:10

Hope its not bottled water - went for lunch today in a "Gastro -pub" and was charged £3.50 for a small bottle of still water (I'm sure I said tap water !)

13/07/2015 18:04:31

I'm assuming it means a de thermaliser (in this case radio controlled one?). My Free flight is limited to my old Keil Kraft rubber models (I bought a couple of old kits at a bring and buy sale a few years back).

I rather enjoyed this quarters news (quite a wide variety!) . I rather fancy having a try at the Wakefields , however our strip and the surrounding area (built up!) does not lend itself to FF.

Can I also point out that the magazine does pay for articles (I was happily surprised when I submitted an article some years ago). I'd love to see some detailed builds there - along the lines of Jez Harris's builds.

Thread: 1/3rd Classic Scale Tiger Moth -
10/07/2015 18:42:06

Excellent same here

Thread: Crescent Bullet Owners
10/07/2015 11:48:19

Sorry can't make it. I have PM'd you Martyn

09/07/2015 18:33:12

Martyn , Many thanks.I'm sending you a PM

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