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Thread: Model Technics Trim Line (how do you get it to stay on?)
25/06/2015 11:18:47

Hello Gents,

Many thanks for all your suggestions. I hadn't left it long ie I sprayed the "clearcoat" within a few hours of laying down the "trim line" so it could well be the thinners acting on the glue. I will take these up and re attach new ones . I will also brush some clearcoat on after a couple of days and see how it goes.

24/06/2015 13:35:56

Thanks Stevo.

I've never ironed on anything on a surface as this. Pity as it looks pretty good. May have to revert to tried and tested method of painting it on!

24/06/2015 10:28:20

I'm having some difficulty in stopping the "Trim Line" stripe from staying on my model.

The trad built Acrowot has been painted using Flair paint on lightweight glass cloth.. The trim line seemed to stick on fine and I gave the model a spray of "Fuel proofer". The trim line has started to come off after a couple of flights. Any tips as to how to keep this on .(This is pretty much a straight line with no curves) I normally paint/spray my stripes on and was feeling a touch lazy!

Thread: Does foam float your boat?
22/06/2015 14:31:33

Colin, we have quite a few new members that have gone down the foamy trainer route ie either the Wot 4 or the Riot (a couple of exceptions that have bought the Thunder Tiger/Irvine tutor ARTF ). In the case of the Wot 4 (earlier version as I am led to believe that the new one has a better U/C fitting) I can sympathise . Most if the members who have bought them and subsequently ripped off the U/C on a heavy landing have subsequently fitted dowels and attach the U/C via rubber bands. Its not a perfect solution but it seems to work pretty well.

In response to the poll, I have a love/hate relationship with foam models . I have an old fashioned dislike for them and yet I love my old Parkzone Habu and ME109 . I love building with wood and I guess at some stage I may consider making the leap to using foam in my builds (some fantastic ones on some of the threads here)

Thread: this hobby needs more young blood
22/06/2015 14:20:42

Something I did forget to mention was that around where we live (within four mile radius) approx 85% of council owned land (park , open spaces etc have by-laws banning the use model flying - I noticed in one the other day that no ball games were allowed either - assume they mean football / tennis etc!) So the club route has been a natural choice for me. (we also used to fly in the playing fields at my local comp but these have been flogged off for development!)

22/06/2015 14:08:40

We are very fortunate at our club (just under 50) to have a membership age range from 10-82 (we have approximately six under the age of 17 - with only one being the son of an adult member). We have had a good response from one our local ATC units and have started to put in place a joint development program with the Squadron to help teach some of those cadets interested in taking up aeromodelling. Hopefully some will enjoy the hobby and keep at it or like myself came back to it at a later date (pressures of education, work, females , bikes, cars , full size etc has meant a twenty plus year break).

Its very much down to the attitudes of the individual member in welcoming and mentoring youngsters. Our club policy requires a parent/ guardian to be in attendance (although some of the Instructors have gone down the CRB replaced route - can't remember the name at the top of my head).

The advent of cheaper R/C gear has made it more accessible ( not to mention quads and FPV both of which we are quite happy to allow to be used and watching some of these kids showing what they have put together has been an education in its own right.)

Rules/regulations/procedures and general etiquette are explained in full including the reasons for having them. . We have to date not had any issues as members are encouraged to self regulate and to have individual and collective responsibility to safety (It was recently pointed out to me by a young member that I had forgotten to carry out a range check !)

Thread: Clarkson dropped
18/06/2015 10:12:43

It can't be any worse than "Sun Trap"!

17/06/2015 12:57:22

Marmite indeed! Not a great fan Although I may try and keep an open mind and watch at least a couple of episodes before I make my mind up. I will miss JC and his team . I didn't always agree with his comments but he did make me laugh!

Wonder if Guy Martin might also be in contention . I did enjoy his refreshing presentation of India recently

Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
16/06/2015 15:48:32

Andy/Dizz. Thank you for clarifying the issue.

16/06/2015 14:02:59

Am I missing the point here re "Country members" that also fly at BMFA affiliated clubs. About 6% of one of the clubs I belong to are CM's . By virtue of the fact that they pay club subs they have had the opportunity to have a say and vote accordingly. Our club rep will be attending the EGM (along with proxy at present for two other local clubs - no idea of result ). No difficulty in getting votes in within a few days, as our club secretaries have kept members informed and we have had similar discussions as on this thread and on the RCMF forum .

I met a chap who was a BMFA member (non affiliated to any club) at our local slope . Put the world to rights with him as wind dropped for a couple of hours as we both had the wrong models for a light breeze, including the proposal for the NMFC and suggested he puts his view to the BMFA if he felt strongly either way.

MattyB . Have you set out  your thoughts directly to the BMFA management as I'd be interested to hear their response. I used to have a similar opinion re BMFA , most from ill educated views shared by fellow club members (not to mention begrudging having to pay such a vast sum for my insurance for them just to be sitting in their offices having tea and cakes, off the backs of us hard pressed modellers!) until the point when we had to get their help on a  sticky planning issue with a local councillor taking a very vocal stance against our club moving to a particular field. Shades of Monty Pythons "Life of Brian" come to mind re "What have the Roman's ever done for us debate"

Edited By Tomtom39 on 16/06/2015 14:11:35

15/06/2015 18:38:01

Matty this might be more up to date.

Carter Jonas also show a similar growth pattern on Agricultural land in the general area of the proposed NMFC

15/06/2015 17:33:29

Bit of a sweeping statement there KC? Our club members were all given the opportunity to vote with decision based on majority vote and rep will be there.

15/06/2015 14:41:01

Or profit!

Thread: Charlatan
14/06/2015 17:19:17

Brilliant Tim. I look forward to following your thread.

Thread: Biggin Hill Airshow RC video ACTION
14/06/2015 17:02:55

I forgot all about it so thanks for the links.

Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
14/06/2015 16:37:31

yes to that . I'm not sure that we would have been able to keep our club site without the BMFA's help .

14/06/2015 15:21:33

Point taken. Too tired to play tennis today (hard at work at pub last night and still feeling the effects!).

Thread: Cosford Air show Live video link
14/06/2015 14:00:09

Excellent, as Cosford is too far away from home. Many thanks for the link Rich

Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
14/06/2015 13:52:37

Hello John, I'd be very interested to learn where your club obtained quotes below those of BMFA (via Dobsons) . We also tried Perkins Slade (RSA?) who I understand were the previous brokers/Insurers (I think that they still act for the LMA ). As to the limit for Public Liability Insurance I'm not sure what point it is that you are making. In our case our landlord insisted on us carrying £10 million pounds of Indemnity (per member) . The previous BMFA cover was for £5 million which I understand has now been increased to £25 Million . One of the clubs I fly with is not BMFA affiliated so  looking to save a bob or two (for those members that don't subscribe to the BMFA cover)

I assume (I've not really looked into this) that approx 40%/50% of our £32 sub goes towards the Insurance . The balance towards admin/news etc (not bad value really).

The other two BMFA affiliated clubs that I belong to are sending reps along to the meeting so will await to hear outcome in due course.

Edited By Tomtom39 on 14/06/2015 13:53:29

14/06/2015 00:03:27

I used to be a member of the MPA at one point - I have a feeling I got it through one of the Mags (still have the documents somewhere).

Some years ago we looked at an alternative Insurance provider for our club and members (the landlord at the time wanted us to carry a higher Indemnity level for Public Liability Insurance). I contacted six brokers and the cheapest quote I got back was in excess of four times that of the BMFA subs (this by the way was on the same level as BMFA cover at the time - think it was £5 Million) So it does pay to be able to mass purchase!

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