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Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
13/06/2015 23:42:21

Be interesting to see if you can get the Insurance at the price we pay as members!

Thread: Ebay sellers...
10/06/2015 11:45:13

Funnily enough I bought a .50FS on Ebay in the last couple of months. This had been described as new and never used. This turned out not to be the case as there was plenty of evidence that it had been run and the crank bearings sounded decidedly gritty - not to mention a sheared bolt ion the head which had been super glued in . (It had been very well cleaned and the photos looked good). I pointed out this to the seller to be told that he had never run it and it looked new to him when he bought it (turned out to be from a car boot sale - the box and the manual were in wonderful condition!). He also informed me that he did not accept returns as stated in the ebay ad. I contacted Ebay and have had a full refund . (I posted the thing back to him - so far it has not turned up on ebay again!)

So lesson learnt!

08/06/2015 18:12:45

I will need to have a look at it the next time the chap is down at the field. I know that he had an issue with the tail (which I understand may have been the reason for another supplier - they shall not be named but models available from reputable LMA's!- to stop selling them. (leftovers or new updated/upgraded etc etc?)

08/06/2015 18:06:52

I paid just over £50 for it from HK sometime early last year for a new club member. Wonder if these came from the same factory WOT WOT!!

08/06/2015 17:03:37

My imagination or is this an alternative to same/similar products being sold by Hobbyking

Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
08/06/2015 15:36:37

Interesting comment MattyB. At our club we have taken a varied approach to attract new members into our hobby and club:-

1. Appeal to the youngsters at Schools,ATC , Scouts , school fairs etc . We sell or give away "chuckies" at the target age of 6-10 (Darts and the building of these I have found seem to work well at age 8/10) . Hopefully we will by them playing with these insert a "seed" of wanting to explore the hobby and other aviation interests in the future.

2. With older kids ie early teens we demonstrate a variety of models from Fixed wing (rubber, Ic,electric) and more recently ie last few weeks Multi rotors (Inc FPV racing a few members that seem to have got themselves into it - the 14-16 understand these and its interesting to watch them with one of our guys demonstrating the building and setting up with a laptop. I'm too busy with PVA, tissue and dope to get into these!!!) We have two new members joining following a talk at the ATC. Its not all doom and gloom (two of the under 16's at our club have gone on to build some good old traditional build kits and one is currently drawing/designing his own model as part of his GCSE DT project)

3. We also try and interact with the retired folk out there (I did a talk at our local Rotary and have had one member joining and another potential one in the pipeline). We hope that by doing so ,this interest will follow down the line (not necessarily to their busy children) but their grand kids.

We have a great hobby and I always try and enthuse our members to talk about what they are interested in . Some are "frustrated pilots" others love the building (or both) . We have held some informal building chats at members homes (nothing like seeing and touching the real thing and having knowledge on building hints imparted .) In many ways the availability of "good" quality ARTF's, progress in electric power and dare I say it the lower intro cost to the hobby has helped to attract many new modellers that were put off by the perceived high cost of RC flying (sorry no free flight at our club although some are trying out control line (I just get very dizzy and fall down - and thats before I open my bottle of Pale Ale!)

A National Model Flying Centre would I'm sure help to preserve this and hopefully inspire a new "generation" (regardless of their age) to take up model flying in whatever guise their interest take. I can still remember my dad dragging me along to Hendon Air Museum at age seven and my mother still recounts my badgering my father to take me back. I'm all in favour and hope the BMFA will make this happen.

02/06/2015 15:36:25

We could all chip in a £1 . Reasonable chance?

The garden has turned to a muddy slush so expect to have a hose ban shortly!! Oops sorry cant afford to use it anyway now that I'm on meter!

02/06/2015 15:00:16

Grim down South West too . No flying and I have a day off! 

Dismal in the workshop as roof has sprung leak so may retire to bed with Plans handbook once repairs are finished.

Edited By Tomtom39 on 02/06/2015 15:02:09

Edited By Tomtom39 on 02/06/2015 15:03:40

02/06/2015 14:24:33

I'm only a mere 3.5 hrs drive away but have taken the opportunity (once) to attend the BMFA AGM just to see what it was all about .

I think I mentioned in a previous thread that originally I had very little response from our club members , however since I have directed them to both this thread and the BMFA website , I have had quite an interesting cross section of views. We have a club social tonight and will take a show of hands as to who would approve/disapprove building a NFC and /or consider visiting such a venue

With this weather there are times when immigration seems a better choice. Saw a prog taped by my wife "Place in the Sun - I think" of a house of approx 100 plus acres somewhere in Spain for under £250K (Must think about doing the lottery someday!)!

02/06/2015 11:30:35

Assuming you are a BMFA member then log on to the website and post your comments on there .

Members have the opportunity to vote for whom they want to represent them via the regions and its easy enough to find out who the BMFA rep is within your region for you to also put your views over.

I like the idea of a National Centre and would support it. (I would have liked the idea of regional sites better but appreciate the issues regarding this)

Thread: Anyone going to Throckmorton?
01/06/2015 11:13:40

Thanks for the post. I had no idea it was happening (only an hour away) so will be going.

Thread: Flying clubs, south Kent
01/06/2015 11:09:52

I've had the pleasure of setting up two. It can be fun and frustrating too. I was fortunate that at the time (I was still at school) I had three other friends who also wanted to be able to fly. I sent out letters to all the local farmers in my area (16) I got one reply and the club flew from there for 12 years before the farmer passed away and the new owners decided that they didn't want us anymore .

The not so fun part is when it turns from a small gathering of mates with no structure to setting up a formal club. I would suggest that a good starting point is to contact Manny Williamson or Andy (I can't remember his surname) and they will be able to guide you. I have found them to be very helpful.

Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
29/05/2015 15:25:16

Approx 36,000 (Its on the BMFA website)

Thread: National flying site
29/05/2015 11:42:46

Having read through the various posts on the forum and info from BMFA's website. I would concur with Filmbuff and I rather like the idea of a NFC to showcase our Hobby. It has my support.

Thread: Giant Shark - what's happening?
28/05/2015 17:52:53

In some ways a great shame. As they were a good source for odd and ends (pre-sale)

Thread: crashed model. so what next
24/05/2015 15:25:56

Sorry to hear that. I've got my FG21 in a Hangar 9 P47

Thread: Saving a Wot 4
22/05/2015 20:27:27

Hello Andy. Excellent work.

For your info , I bought a spare cowl from Slough models last year for just over £12 last year . Presume that they will sell you decals (or try Chris Foss).

I have a Scorpion SII 3026-890 (890KV) motor in mine with a 14X7 APCE prop on 3S lipo (I use a 5000Mah as far forward to the firewall as possible and didn't need any extra weight up front)  It measures just over 875 Watts on my Watt meter. I'm using a 70 Amp ESC. (My one is the RIPMAX balsa ARTF version)

Enjoy flying yours. Mine is a regular hack.

Edited By Tomtom39 on 22/05/2015 20:29:50

Thread: Vinyl Lettering
22/05/2015 10:34:15

I'd agree with Matt. Tim at Pyramid is very helpful and did a great job on my letterings.

Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
21/05/2015 16:25:58

I can't argue with either of you (John/Erfolg) . I have had this conversation with David Phipps and Andy in the past. I understand that they are consciously trying to address this by use of social media . I'm not on facebook so not been able to find out if this is working , having said that couple of our members (in their 70's) and some of those in their teens/early 20's seem to be having no issues in keeping me informed of the latest ! I guess that the BMFA news is the next logical avenue (for those that don't check the BMFA website) .

As a secretary of a club, I remember receiving a note from the BMFA re the poll for the proposed NMFC and this was highlighted to all members and raised at the club AGM (ie I asked individual members to vote in the poll and submit their opinions to Manny)

Having being to the AMA MFC. I like the idea of his and if we were to combine BMFA HQ within this then it might be a worthwhile investment for the future. Conversely and closer to my heart would be the idea of regional sites co-owned by both BMFA and local clubs. (I'm at least four hours from the area that they are looking at!)

Ps I'm only a club modeller and to date have not taken part in any competitions but may at some stage in the future consider it (now where is that BMFA Dart and are their any comps for dart distance throwing ) . 


Edited By Tomtom39 on 21/05/2015 16:26:12

21/05/2015 14:30:13

Hello John,

I used to feel the same about the BMFA (as I suspect many of our older members did too!) . I have however changed my opinion as without Manny Williamson and his predecessor at the BMFA, we would not have been able to secure our site and managed to fend off some pretty rough opposition (from a local councilor).

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