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Thread: Acro Wot ARTF (balsa) chat
01/07/2012 10:23:19

Ouch! 've just helped setting up another club members Acrowot with OS 70FS up front. Needed close on 300g upfront to balance. Managed to get it down to approx 240g by epoxying them as far forward as we could ie inside cowl. This was after moving the servos forward (made up support plate for this) and putting a large Nimah battery (5000 Tornado) behind firewall/undeneath tank

He has ordered a Saito FG14 (Petrol) so will see how that works out

Thread: Hello from Portugal
29/06/2012 23:14:19

Hello Armando

Been to your part of the world when I was posted to Portugal for a few years back in the early 90's. Loved it there. Nice aircraft.

Welcome to the forum I have found it to be of great help


Thread: Acro Wot ARTF (balsa) chat
29/06/2012 11:38:05

I've just finished putting my second Acro wot Artf together , this one with a Laser 70 up front. No weights needed to get correct C G position (I have used a large Nimh battery - 4800. Had to to carry out a little bit of trimming on the former behind the firewall to fit both battery and tank. I have reinforced the former with some Carbon Cloth on a just in case basis!)

Weather pretty rubbish to test fly it.

Wife thinks I've gone bananas as I keep stroking my Laser!!!!! Anyone else out there with similar tendencies or am I the only one?

Thread: Ar600 binding
28/06/2012 19:30:02

I've had the same problem with my 6200 and returned it to Horizon Hobbies -(I have been advised that the firmware for the receiver has been updated.)

Thread: Acro Wot ARTF (balsa) chat
27/06/2012 22:11:47

Following on from Gareth Thomas's post. I have from experience of my Wot 4 mixed in Flaperons - which I find a real benefit on calm days with little headwind or that nasty cross wind much favoured on our strip

Regarding issue on horns and clevises. I normally go about chucking out usual rubbish found in some kits. and instal Pete Tindal linkages. However in this instance I was determined to use what came with the kit and have found them to be more than adequate for the job. (although I may swap the plastic clevis for metal ones when I complete my IC Acro - using good old laser upfront!)

27/06/2012 18:11:46

My electric conversion of the Acro wot ARTF has been a splendid success. It flies very well on both 3 and 4s Lipos (4000 & 5000Mah 35C) Props were 14X7 for 3S and 12X6 for 4S . I will try and upload photos of the various changes ie built battery tray up to firewall.Opened up the recess ( which I presume was for the exhaust to have some clearance from the fuselage) I spent ages building a scoop - well a couple mins to saw the end of my wife's plastic coat hanger - which fitted just right - Used Tamiya acrylic yellow - seems to match the covering rather well. I also drilled some exit holes to regulate airflow over the motor , battery and Esc using a couple of "Gaskin smoothbore/softbore tools" I did not have to add any extra weight to the front as moving the battery (and marking the tray for future ref set the C G within limits). Flight times were approx 10 mins on the 3S and 8mins on the 4S with approx 25% of battery charge left.

I have also flown an ARTF Acrowot with an Irvine 53 but preferred the handling of my Electric one

Anyone else attempted Electrifying this ye?t

24/06/2012 15:16:37

I have decided to use the same set up as my Wot 4 conversion ie Scorpion 3026-890KV with a Scorpion 70Amp ESC using a 12X6 APCE and a 4s Lipo battery I can get approx 1000W or 820W using 14X7 with 3S. I made up a small tray from some thin ply and can fit the battery pretty close to rear of fire wall . Will make up an adjustable one to sort out C o G.

A little hint - cover your canopy with cling film - stops scratches when working (not 100% foolproof - but does help)

22/06/2012 18:11:03

I picked up my Acro Wot Mk2 ARTF this morning. I have built several of the ARTB's Acro Wots from Chris Foss over the years. This is a little gem - well done Ripmax (This is a much better build than the ARTF Wot 4)

Having had great success in electrifying the Wot 4 ARTF (538 flights recorded since new - average duration of approx 8 mins - two dings which were easily repaired - its looking a little rough around the edges!!!) I have decided to use similar setup for the Acro wot .

Is there anyone else attempting to do the same?

Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 23/06/2012 05:38:04

Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 23/06/2012 05:40:00

Thread: which four stroke to get????
19/06/2012 21:16:28

I've got the H9 P47 and would highly recommend the Laser 80 (Great motor)

Thread: Sandwiches; Cut diagonal or across?
03/06/2012 12:19:21

Given whats going on this weekend how about Coronation chicken? I've just cut mine up into wingshapes. Don't think the other half is too keen on my trying out its aerodynamic properties. Where has the sun gone?

01/06/2012 22:03:59

Mines a Chicken,( touch of lemon, a little Tabasco) , some crispy bacon with Avocado , a hint of Mayo, black pepper and some salt between two slices of brown bread accompanied by a nice bottle of chilled dry white wine (have been watching tooooooooo many cookery progs)

Wish Discovery would consider screening some more R/C progs . Spoke to them some while ago to complain about too many fishing progs and asked if they would have some R/C orientated episodes - they didn't seem to be particularly interested!!!

Thread: July 2012 issue feedback
01/06/2012 00:27:49

Much enjoyed.

Alex made me laugh. Keep it up A.W

Thread: How many flyable models do you have?
26/05/2012 14:11:17

Didn't realise I had that many until I started to count them - aah well, one less after this mornings episode!

Thread: What is the best simulator to buy for a beginer
25/05/2012 18:11:01

On advice from other modellers in my club I bought the Phoenix RC Flight Sim. I have to say that I find it to be excellent value and pretty realistic (think it cost me about £70) They offer regular updates inc updated models for free. I used my "daily use TX!!" to begin with and since then picked up an old FF7 for £10. I had a minor issue with reloading the software when I changed computers and operating system and I have to say that the support that I got from them was pretty quick and very helpful (few hours to return my email and instructions were excellent)

Thread: Mick Reeves - Contact info please
16/05/2012 21:27:37

Many thanks Andrew.

That was perfect as I was also looking for a suitable Pilot for my Tiger Moth.

16/05/2012 19:54:27

I'm trying to get hold of Mick Reeves to buy some scale bits from him. I've tried to get onto his website - but there appears to be an issue with it.

Does anyone have a telephone number for him?

Many thanks

Thread: Gloster Gladiator - Brian Taylor GG info please
15/05/2012 18:37:49

Hello Alan

Shrewd lady. You haven't missd much here weather wise !!!

Info very helpful and rather looking forward to flying this when I can get to field.

09/05/2012 21:22:26

Hello Alan

Thank you very much for info. I forgot to ask if the plans showed extent of control surface throws. I would very much appreciate it if you could have a look.

Getting very fed up with this weather!!!

05/05/2012 21:19:18

Thank you very much Gary/Alan. Much appreciated. Hope to get it flying the next time we get any decent weather!!!!!

All the best on the build Alan ( I seem to spend a lot of time staring at plans)

05/05/2012 20:14:41

I have a Gloster Gladiator built from Brian Taylor's plan. I would very much appreciate if someone could let me know where the Centre of Gravity point is supposed to be. (I can't lay my help on the plans)

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