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Thread: Horizon Hobbies
03/07/2017 11:51:27

Has anyone on the forum had any contact with Horizon Hobbies UK (in Germany) in the last few weeks? We had an issue with our club DX6 ie screen went blank . This was sent off to HH in Germany some five weeks ago (having received a return number from them) . We have emailed them several times as well as ringing them up (on last occasion we were told that it was being looked at and that someone would ring back within the hour - no one has!). Ive tried a couple of times today but all I get on connection is music - I held on for nine mins first time and eleven on the second)

Thread: Allergic reaction
03/05/2017 10:46:31

I have real problems with both Aliphatic and Ca (which makes building in winter an issue with having to open windows to disperse fumes) . I've started to use a modified extractor unit from a small "hobby" spray booth . Its not brilliant but seems to do the job .

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
10/04/2017 10:46:09

This by the way is in the last eight days. So if anyone has managed to get through to them since then please let me know. (Orders go through fine with automated emails confirming these).

10/04/2017 10:44:12

I seem to have a similar problem getting any form of response from Horizon/Staufenbeil . Ive written to them on three ocassions (no response) and have rung them up on similar number of times . I keep being put on hold with music (last call 6 mins) . Ive now raised a Paypal dispute and hope that this will get them to contact me! Not a happy bunny!

Thread: Jonathon Livingston Seagull
09/04/2017 16:56:19

Ive just dusted out my old copy from a very long time ago. Thank you for reminding me . Now where did I put that copy of Zen and the art of Motorcycle maintenance.

Thread: redundant 35mhz ?
21/03/2017 14:26:40

Im still using my Fleet 35mhz with no issues

Thread: BMFA NAtional Centre website launched
20/03/2017 11:30:38

Excellent Andy,

I shall look forward to visiting.

Thread: What's the main radio brand you use 2017?
24/02/2017 12:29:32

You've hit the nail on the wall.Martin.I remember some while ago reading a book on the Psychology of pricing that was a requirement for my daughters Marketing degree course (I got to page 2!). Pretty much all the factors you've mentioned were taken into account on my change from JR to Jeti. Not to mention previous experience (not great the the early DX6i). Bling value too.

The more the competitors out there the better it is for us punters.

Thread: Learning to play guitar
23/02/2017 15:48:33

Air guitar is the way to go (only for twits of a certain age - or sad gits like me !)

Thread: Bmfa adds
18/02/2017 15:46:21

The BMFA classifieds are not a waste of time as I've bought quite a few things of it as well as sold my unwanted bits (Paul you bought something from me via BMFA!). As long as you act on the advice that the BMFA suggest then you have a good chance of not being scammed. I publish my mobile number (I cant always access my emails immediately) on the classifieds and if I get a prospective buyer/seller then I ask them to confirm via the messaging portal.

Justin . The BMFA make a point to inform people not to display their details . So at the end of the day its up to the individual to make sure that they take adequate steps to see that they don't fall prey to con-men . Out of interest I got scammed many years ago . I had advertised for an engine. Chap rang me . He was very knowledgeable (I'd have probably bought more stuff , however I was traveling abroad at the time!.) I transferred funds to him and for a number of weeks I got the runaround. I managed to track him down and fortunately it turned out that the police were aware of him and I agreed to be one of the witnesses in a case against him . Never got called as he pleaded guilty to 200 plus scams and got four years at  HMP (turned out that he had already done something similar in the past ). It taught me a lesson . I am very careful now! (No cheques or drafts )

Edited By Tomtom39 on 18/02/2017 15:58:27

Thread: Planning laws, clarification sought
10/02/2017 17:29:33

I don't have an issue with new houses being built . My kids will need to buy affordable housing when the time comes. However . Its the huge volume of housing that's gone up in the last few years without accompanying changes in the general infrastructure. We have had close on twelve hundred houses built within a 15 mile radius of where I live with another 600 planned in the next 12/24 months. The numbers in the classrooms at our local comprehensive schools have gone up between 25-30% with govt funding being reduced . Our hospital A & E is being downgraded and being moved to a "super" hospital an hour away! It takes me two plus weeks to get a non urgent appointment at my local surgery (if I'm lucky) . So yes I am a NIMBY and very much against the huge tracts of greenland being taken up and lost .

Thread: What's the main radio brand you use 2017?
10/02/2017 17:17:01

That's very interesting. In my case, I belong to three clubs and in the last few years I've noticed (since 2.4ghz become generally available ) a huge swing from the traditional radio brands to Spektrum. Number of reasons. No1 . Value , ie low price , No2 once established with our club instructors , this was the radio that was recommended to new members (especially to those that were returning to the hobby with their 35mhz boxes ) . In addition the Spektrum 6 was the one that most LMS's in our area would suggest as an excellent first choice radio. What also helped has been the brilliant service from Horizon on repairs etc (not sure if this will change, as I keep hearing various rumours about the UK warehouse and servicing centre closing down and being transferred to Germany).

The two members (total membership of three clubs 116) are big Hitech fans . We have four members that use Graupner .Five members who fly multirotor plus one fixed wing member use Taranis/Frsky systems . They seem to spend on awful long time hooked up to their laptops nattering away about their latest software bug/upgrade . Sorry for the generalisation . I'm usually too busy trying to kickstart my IC glow plug frown

Another common thread is that a large number of the more established (older) modellers don't like letting go of our old 35mhz sets and cant bear to throw away what is after all pretty servicable gear .Having surrendered a large pile of cash for one of the new top end Jeti's .I still use a FF7 Super (FP-T7UPS).Works perfectly well (.I cant be bothered to pull out the R/X's out of my old slopers ) not to mention my good old Skyleader set. This is very much the case with my fellow compatriots and I've seen quite a few older sets turning up at the field . No shame attached anymore.

So in conclusion what drives the average modeller at our club (s) to turn to a particular brand. Price (we can be very tight with our money)?Peer influence and as time marches on with our equipment we start to consider investing in more reliable brands. My purchase was heavily influenced by a variety of reasons , I wanted a radio system that worked for me and allowed a large degree of flexibility and (very important) that I had support and backup if it went wrong. I was prepared to pay extra for this (and it was/has been a big financial input).Would I buy FRSKY radio , not sure yet but on paper it offers very good value especially as I've noticed an increase in the price of Spektrum R/X's.

Thread: Can You Name ALL These WW 2 Aircraft?
10/02/2017 11:51:47

Sign of a deprived childhood. Yes and I owned an anorak . I got 44 right .

Thread: Planning laws, clarification sought
10/02/2017 11:26:39


Sign of the times. We have a similar situation on green belt land adjoining my village. A previous application for 12 houses was initially rejected and so was the subsequent appeal. Four years later a further application for 40 plus units was submitted . Council rejected it. Went to Secretary of State and it has been approved(in total disregard to our village building plan) . The issue as I have been advised is that there is a substantial housing shortage ! Yes I'm a NIMBY . The argument that the current and proposed infrastructure changes cant cope with the extra housing has fallen on deaf ears. Waiting to win the lottery so I can buy my own island!

Thread: DH87B Hornet Moth
09/02/2017 12:21:05

Thanks Martyn. Really enjoying reading up your thread build .smiley

Thread: What's the main radio brand you use 2017?
08/02/2017 16:54:31

I'm also still using my old Skyleader equipment on 35Mhz (I cycled all 29 miles to Purley to pick it up and all 29 miles back - I couldn't afford the postage charge!) . Also have my very first Micron "build it yourself kit" .Doesn't work though! I have an old Simprop radio too in a tea chest in the garage . One of our club members has taken to converting his old radios to 2.4. I must look into it!

07/02/2017 18:07:09

I'm rather glad that I sold my JR equipment last year (having been an ardent supporter of their systems for some time) and switched over to Jeti. Brilliant radio and service from both their UK distributor and Jeti in the CZ .

The poll on this site is pretty indicative of the split of types/brands of radio system at our club with a predominance of DX6's (and other Spektrum radios), a few Futaba's, with Hitec,Graupner and a couple of us with Jeti's. We also have three users of FRSKY (these seem to be relegated to those flying multicopter but suspect that as more members get exposed to the system they will consider this as an alternative choice - point taken Matty)

Thread: BMFA Nationals notice
03/02/2017 12:12:58

Brilliant news Andy

Thread: Large scale microlight project
01/02/2017 17:10:18

Ive got an old Robbe Draken and your posts have motivated me to recommission this (needs new sail/ wing covering ).

Carry on with the good work!yes

Thread: Mark's Ballerina MK1
01/02/2017 16:25:30

Ive just had my Great Planes "Contour" Multi sander (cat. no GPMR6190) delivered from SMC. Cost for this was £9.99 . I've also bought several rolls of the "Easy touch adhesive backed sandpaper" in various grit sizes . Each roll was £8.99 and these are items that they stock.(They are not listed on their new website yet . So you may need to send them an email or call)

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