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Thread: AcrowotMk2 built up artf version
11/11/2016 11:16:49

Ive run a Scorpion SII 4020 (older version) Think its 470 KV on a 17X10 APCE with 6 S (5000 mAh) approx 1500W . ESC was a 70amp Hacker. It was the only motor I had spare at the time and somewhat overpowered . The airframe has now been retired and I'm using the same setup on the Wots Wot ARTF. (It will happily prop hang if you are that way inclined angel)

Thread: Unlicensed commercial operator?
27/10/2016 13:41:52

Percy. I had a conversation with a licensed "operator" yesterday and understand that Insurance is not mandatory!

Thread: Testing clone of the TowerPro MG996R Servo
27/10/2016 11:11:32

Hello Bob,

Sorry I should have mentioned the "budget" ones were not the same as these. Just found out that they were the Bluebird ones from HK. I'm sticking to my old linear Digifleet ones!devil

27/10/2016 10:47:51

Thank you for the info on the MG996R . Very informative.

Funnily enough , I watched a club member thrash his new pride and joy of an ARTF yesterday afternoon , having spent £280 on the airframe plus a new Saito 120 (ish) and five "budget" servos . Post crash study pointed to a failed servo . I've always wondered why people are happy to spend hundreds on a model and yet skimp on the one item that helps it to be controlled!

Thread: Another one going - Braincube
24/10/2016 11:34:40

Such a shame as I found Oliver very helpful and their cutting services excellent.

Thread: What star sign are you? Is there a trend with flyers?
03/10/2016 11:12:00

I endorse Derek's views. How about something relevant to aeromodelling?

Thread: A Quarter Scale Hurricane Build
29/09/2016 13:43:29

Hello Ken,

Ive really enjoyed what has been a fascinating and very interesting build thread . I'm saddened to hear that Paul's having to give up due to ill health and wish him all the best . Thank you also for your all that you have done to put this on the forum. Kindest regards to you both .

Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
09/09/2016 13:16:28

For my pennys worth. Initially I wasn't keen on the idea of a National Centre (and yes I'd love the idea of the BMFA owning at least one "site" in each region - this however is not feasible where I'm based ). At our club we had an open discussion with the members asked to comment with objections or support in private to the club BMFA rep . Needless to say the ones that didn't bother, seemed to be the loudest objectors once the majority had decided to support the the idea of a Centre (and yes we will be making a donation both as a club and those that may wish to do so privately)

I was a member of the MPA many years ago when some of us went UDI and on return to the hobby I was less than impressed by the "bureaucracy of the BMFA" . Having had the pleasure first hand of the help that we have had from them in fighting and retaining our site I'm more than happy to pay my dues.

Re Closed shop "you pays your money and you take your choices." I tend to agree with some of the points raised by STU (bit bored by the same old moans -sorry must be old age creeping in!) I will be attending the AGM to represent my club (I've been volunteered and no I don't claim for expenses. I do it because I love model flying and hope to be able to pass on my passion to others!) .Only one free flighter in our club and yes I'd love to give it a go.

PS. We are about 2 1/2 hours away from the proposed area (more if the M25 decides to turn into a car park). I hope that those that feel strongly about it either way will attend or at least put their thoughts in writing to the BMFA (David Phipps)

Thread: Model shop - Al's Hobbies
01/09/2016 09:51:24

I had the occasion to use Al's Hobbies a few weeks ago and was very chuffed with the service I got from them.

In a similar vein to David Soper , I had an issue with a Hangar 9 product with no help from Horizon and with some badgering from Steve at Ali's shop the item was replaced . They now have me as a customer . A big thumbs up for Al's Hobbies.

Thread: Flair products
17/08/2016 10:45:16

I spoke to Flair some months ago and understand that they were in the process of retooling and remanufacturing some kits possibly for the latter part of the year. The puppeteer being one of them.

Andy Green's advice hopefully will work. I bought one on BMFA classified. Best of luck.

Thread: Airshow Varazdin
01/08/2016 10:16:17

Excellent way to start a Monday. Many thanks.

Thread: Horizon Hobby (UK) Service or rather lack of it
24/07/2016 16:13:15

There are a number of forum posts praising Horizons service. I have up to very recently viewed them as a shining example to the rest of the model trade with outstanding service. I was saddened to have had to posted my problem on the forum. This was done after a fair amount of soul searching and careful consideration. I decided that if several emails, phone calls, messages left on voice mails and an email (with a copy in the post to the CEO) did not elicit a response then I felt that I had little recourse other than having to put my experience on the forum and hope that someone at Horizon might pick up how dissatisfied I feel about the whole matter. A real shame.

PS The item that was returned to them was less than a year old and did not work!

22/07/2016 13:36:14

Glad you managed to get through and get it sorted Tony. I'm still twiddling my thumbs !

18/07/2016 13:07:44

I'm hoping that this post will stir things up at Horizon. I've been a huge fan of theirs (see previous posts) . However my very recent experiences have been far from acceptable. Following a call to their customers service dept , I returned a faulty item to them (approx one and a half months ago!) . I have since rung them six times left messages plus four emails for the attention of their (new) service manager with copies to the USA (who informed to redirect my correspondence to UK) and a follow up to their M.D (UK) . I ended up having to ask a retailer to sort this out (and hopefully the replacement part is on its way to me) . I've had no response back from the UK division.

If anyone from Horizon does read this . Your previous employees in the UK have worked very hard to gain a reputation for their second to none customer service. I'm very much hoping that this a temporary blip as it doesn't take long to lose a reputation gained the hard way. I spend a large proportion of my modelling budgets on your products so it would be a great shame for such a negative outcome. In the meantime I've voted with my feet and have sold all my Spektrum equipment as I longer have confidence in the ability of H.H to deal with problems in a timely and efficient manner. Over to you Mr Divito!

Edited By Tomtom39 on 18/07/2016 13:09:37

Thread: Acro Wot mk2 artf electric advice plz
04/06/2016 16:47:01

I used the SII Scorpion 3026-890Kv with 70Amp esc in my case Hacker pro spin with 14X7 APCE prop on three cells 850 W (I used a 4500 Mah ) and on 4 cell I got just under 1100 W on 12X 6 APCE I could prop hang it . Average duration 81/2 mins with at least 30% left on batteries (less if you are a throttle jockey!)

Thread: Lipo battery brand choice
01/06/2016 16:07:59

As a rule of thumb , I fly at least two sometimes four days in the week during the flying season (subject to our weather!) . During which I will expect to use the pack once or if charging at the field sometimes twice (max 1c) with about half an hour between flights to allow cells to settle post flight. I will normally expect to fly approx six times (average duration five mins ) with about a 15/20 min break to allow the esc to cool down (I usually take a number of models ).

01/06/2016 12:49:59

Undoubtedly there are some excellent reasons for using electric and for most this may be the way forward. My particular issue here is finding a battery manufacturer whose product and service I can rely on. In my case I'm looking for 6S 5000's as a starting point . Ranging from 30C upwards.

Thread: Information required please
31/05/2016 16:32:28

It made a cracking slope soarer (15 plus knots). Actually it also cracked up pretty well on an outing at Great Orme , many,many years ago!

Thread: Lipo battery brand choice
31/05/2016 16:29:25

I guess that says it all . Buy the cheapest and bin on a regular basis. Hence my having a rethink and considering going down the IC glow /Petrol route .

Matty .I have three Optopower 6 cell lipo's . Two are fine however the third has started to lose balance on one of the cells. No issue on service with them . Highly recommended.

31/05/2016 16:01:11

I suspect that a large proportion of both fixed and rotary wing modelling community have either dabbled , partly gone over or fly electric only Herein lies the question . What brand of battery would you feel confident buying? It's one that I'm regularly asked at the field .

In my case returning from a long break in aeromodelling , I rather liked the idea of a clean airframe (mainly in 10cc - 50cc airframes ie 6 plus cell requirement) , less noise (In general) etc . I bought some batteries ranging from hefty £150 plus 6 cells (Thunder power) , Overlanders (red and black), Flite power (as was) , Rhino (v cheap) , Turnigy, Turnigy (Nano tech) , Hyperion etc. Over the last two years they have all been used with a minimum of sixty cycles in various models with one of the Rhino's now on its 350 th cycle.

I'm fairly fastidious in both keeping an eye on how many charges I carry out on individual packs (I have a very large number!) . I try and retain a minimum of 25% charge at the end of each flight and I store the packs at recommended "storage" voltage ie approx 40% when not flying for gaps of two/three weeks plus. I have access to a storage unit (my old vintage car envelope) that allows me keep the batteries at a set temp of 17 c and minimal humidity. So why do I find packs still puffing up and ending up unbalanced between cells (most noticeable are the Turnigy Nanotechs) .All are 30C plus and I have quality esc's . So what am I doing wrong?

My recent experience with Hobbyking has led me to drop them as a supplier (I will only now use them if I can't source what I need elsewhere! Sorry Pete - if you are still working for them. Customer service is still very poor!)

I'd be interested to hear how others in the forum have fared with their battery packs - or is this a case of hit and miss ! I have by the way spent a huge amount of money and with hindsight rather wish I'd stayed on the IC route (I'm starting to make the switch) . I will maintain the odd model using a maximum of 3 cells (2200 mAh) , or combination in series/parallel.

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