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Thread: Lipo battery brand choice
01/06/2016 16:07:59

As a rule of thumb , I fly at least two sometimes four days in the week during the flying season (subject to our weather!) . During which I will expect to use the pack once or if charging at the field sometimes twice (max 1c) with about half an hour between flights to allow cells to settle post flight. I will normally expect to fly approx six times (average duration five mins ) with about a 15/20 min break to allow the esc to cool down (I usually take a number of models ).

01/06/2016 12:49:59

Undoubtedly there are some excellent reasons for using electric and for most this may be the way forward. My particular issue here is finding a battery manufacturer whose product and service I can rely on. In my case I'm looking for 6S 5000's as a starting point . Ranging from 30C upwards.

Thread: Information required please
31/05/2016 16:32:28

It made a cracking slope soarer (15 plus knots). Actually it also cracked up pretty well on an outing at Great Orme , many,many years ago!

Thread: Lipo battery brand choice
31/05/2016 16:29:25

I guess that says it all . Buy the cheapest and bin on a regular basis. Hence my having a rethink and considering going down the IC glow /Petrol route .

Matty .I have three Optopower 6 cell lipo's . Two are fine however the third has started to lose balance on one of the cells. No issue on service with them . Highly recommended.

31/05/2016 16:01:11

I suspect that a large proportion of both fixed and rotary wing modelling community have either dabbled , partly gone over or fly electric only Herein lies the question . What brand of battery would you feel confident buying? It's one that I'm regularly asked at the field .

In my case returning from a long break in aeromodelling , I rather liked the idea of a clean airframe (mainly in 10cc - 50cc airframes ie 6 plus cell requirement) , less noise (In general) etc . I bought some batteries ranging from hefty £150 plus 6 cells (Thunder power) , Overlanders (red and black), Flite power (as was) , Rhino (v cheap) , Turnigy, Turnigy (Nano tech) , Hyperion etc. Over the last two years they have all been used with a minimum of sixty cycles in various models with one of the Rhino's now on its 350 th cycle.

I'm fairly fastidious in both keeping an eye on how many charges I carry out on individual packs (I have a very large number!) . I try and retain a minimum of 25% charge at the end of each flight and I store the packs at recommended "storage" voltage ie approx 40% when not flying for gaps of two/three weeks plus. I have access to a storage unit (my old vintage car envelope) that allows me keep the batteries at a set temp of 17 c and minimal humidity. So why do I find packs still puffing up and ending up unbalanced between cells (most noticeable are the Turnigy Nanotechs) .All are 30C plus and I have quality esc's . So what am I doing wrong?

My recent experience with Hobbyking has led me to drop them as a supplier (I will only now use them if I can't source what I need elsewhere! Sorry Pete - if you are still working for them. Customer service is still very poor!)

I'd be interested to hear how others in the forum have fared with their battery packs - or is this a case of hit and miss ! I have by the way spent a huge amount of money and with hindsight rather wish I'd stayed on the IC route (I'm starting to make the switch) . I will maintain the odd model using a maximum of 3 cells (2200 mAh) , or combination in series/parallel.

Thread: WOT4-E Mk2 Refitting to 4S, what motor?
20/04/2016 19:54:36

I'm using the Scorpion SII 3020 -890KV V2 . Expensive but brilliant. Climb Out distribution sell them. I can prop hang with this if needed! (12X6 APC E). If you really want to get carried away then go for the 3026-890KV

Thread: New Saito FA-40 to replace 1975 OS 40 FSR?
11/04/2016 14:00:21

Bit off field but I've bought the Enya 41 4c its a cracking little motor - bit more expensive than the suggested Saito. If my memory serves me than I seem to recollect that the Saito 50 has been replaced by the 56? I got mine from Steve Webb models

Thread: What have I done ?
04/04/2016 16:15:29

What can I say. I bought one of the 1/5th FG's (new , unused on a retail therapy spree on fleabay) for those horrible windy days (now 5 others from the club have joined in with 1/10,1/8th and two 1/5's). Great fun!

Thread: Ronnie Corbett....RIP
31/03/2016 14:10:55

What a lovely man. I had the pleasure of playing Golf with him some many years ago at a charity event and it was quite a memorable experience. A real gentleman and so very funny!

Thread: Martyn's Ballerina @ 115%
30/03/2016 13:23:23

Martyn , I have sent you a PM

Thread: Engine projects
29/03/2016 21:49:21

What a pleasure to troll through this post. I'm a big fan of the HP's too and still use both my .40 and 61 Gold cups.

Many thanks for rekindling my interest in 2 stroke IC (now where did I put my box of MVVS's!)

Thread: Craig's first build Ballerina
19/02/2016 15:18:27


Oh dear. I have never , never , never ever done anything as daft as that apart from the time I made two left hand wings oh and I forgot another occasion same as you . Sorry I forgot !! Best of luck. The acetone does work (I nicked a bit of nail polish remover from the wife and it sort of did the job ) Put it behind you . You can always build another side and keep this as a spare one in the event of a mishap! Look forward to seeing yours finished.

Thread: Nuremburg 2016 Toy Fair
19/02/2016 14:11:41

First reports of the show were in the March edition of RCMW which arrived last week - didn't seem to be a great deal of new RC products (none "drone-multi-copter related" . Look forward to the RCME's report in the April edition as somewhat disappointed at lack of potential retail therapy!

Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
11/02/2016 12:23:33

I'm using the same Savox's SV 0320 for the rudder and elevator and some HS65MG's on the wings

Thread: Nuremburg 2016 Toy Fair
05/02/2016 13:27:06

Did any one attend and if so where there any worthwhile goodies to look forward to?.

The only thing I've seen on this forum was the launch of the Spektrum DX20 at the fair.

Thread: Warning to all trad builders
03/02/2016 13:00:33

I've gone into hoarding mode.

Thread: Falcon Aviation 1/3 Scale Fournier.
27/01/2016 15:37:38

From experience of using all three engines (and from club members who are using similar brands) I would strongly recommend the Zenoah. It may be old hat and heavier up front but it is however very reliable.

Look forward to watching the rest of your build with anticipation. All the best Dave.

Thread: We're Off!
04/01/2016 12:33:15

Not sure if this is the right place to post. I don't have access to a "Staples" or printing company close by to "flip and copy" the drawing for the wing . I did it the old fashioned way of creeping into my wife's drawers (kitchen!) and purloining some baking parchment (Its perfect size and it comes in a roll from Lakeland plastics) . I traced the lines from the plan (I didn't have any Xerox copying paper , flipped the tracing paper over, marked up the ribs , taped it ( taut) onto my building board and had the left wing pretty much done in a couple of hours.

04/01/2016 12:13:41

I will as soon as I can work out how to get the photos from the SD card downloaded onto the forum site. I'll give it a go when I get somewhere with decent broadband.

04/01/2016 11:23:23

Hello BEB. I started mine a week early as I'll be away most of January on business and holiday travel. I have so far managed to nearly complete both wings (awaiting to join them, top sheeting on the left one and wing tips) The only deviation to Peters plan is that I have fitted two lightweight wing servos - approx on 4.8v each and a few minor personal alterations - which on hindsight were not really needed).

I have cut out and fitted formers F1,2,4 and 6 on one of the fuselage sides so far (minor hiccup when the dog decided to tread all over the first fuselage sheets , so had to recut). I will upload pics on my return . Regretfully no more on this until late Jan. Tailplane done as per the plan (must remember to buy some 14swg wire)

There are five others beside myself building the Ballerina at my club (at least four are not members of the forum; although I have passed details of the thread over to them.) The remaining one has purchased the CNC pack and he will be making a start on his return from holiday next week.(its his first plan build)

I will keep checking the forum to see how the others are progressing and wish them all the best!

Edited By Tomtom39 on 04/01/2016 11:25:26

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