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Thread: Craig's first build Ballerina
03/01/2016 12:29:58

Once the wings are built up. Release the aileron from the build. I used a David plane to shave off some of the excess wood (having roughly drawn on the profile I wanted) and then finished this with a sanding block .


Sorry forgot to mention I had slotted the hinge holes first.

Edited By Tomtom39 on 03/01/2016 12:36:31

Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
29/12/2015 11:49:43

I'm reliably informed by a club member that duct tape and copious amounts of Cyno would be a perfect remedy for any repair required . Have you given this a try?

Thread: Preparing for the 2016 Mass Build
21/12/2015 16:09:51

I'm having one of those days with my computer so here again (apologies if it is repeated!)

I have a spare (Unrun) OS 40 Surpass . I've not put new as the box is tatty! Its for sale at £120 plus post (no offers please) . If interested then please PM me.

Thread: Which kind of models can be flown at your site?
14/12/2015 12:07:14

Sorry Beth your questions are somewhat too narrowly focused . My main club allows allows models up to 20 Kg's (no turbines) , however the limiting factor is noise .

Thread: Preparing for the 2016 Mass Build
09/12/2015 16:47:22

My mag and plan has arrived at last . All raring to go (now CNC pack or unleash blades no 11 and 26? Choices , choices)

Thread: Ballerina Woodpacks and discount information
07/12/2015 11:56:00

Thank you Beth. I'm waiting for David to send me a copy as my subs one hasn't turned up. (house bound due to case of man flu!)

07/12/2015 10:48:38

Hello Beth,

Many thanks. Now I just need to get the magazine and plan

06/12/2015 13:39:22

Hello Beth,

Could I please query the postage costs (within UK) of £12.99 for the ribs and wing tips pack ( RCME525). Is this right?

Thread: I.C. or Electric? - New Poll
02/12/2015 22:47:30

I seem to be going the other way! I have replaced some (not all ) of my medium/larger electric motors ie from 6S to 12S. I've only kept one 2 stroke petrol (62cc) the rest I've changed back to glow or petrol 4 stroke. Spent much of last weekend discharging my LIPOS to storage capacity - bar a few 2/3s cells ones, which I tend to use on a weekly basis.

I enjoy having a clean airframe, but sometimes miss good old IC, so will see how next season goes!

Edited By Tomtom39 on 02/12/2015 22:51:38

Thread: Insurance
01/12/2015 16:56:45

Oh ok. We have a new Treasurer so will advise him to do so. Many thanks for that.

01/12/2015 14:48:31

Hello Keith,

I arrange cover via BMFA for my club (Ours is BMFA affiliated) . With regards to open days ie when we have non members/public at our site we advise BMFA (ie Andy or Manny at HQ) . I can't recollect being charged any extra for this. The cover was in line with our individual membership limits ie £25million.

We have in the past insured our Club equipment via the BMFA Brokers but have decided not to bother this year.

Suggest you ring Andy or Manny at the BMFA , as they have always been very helpful.

Thread: What To Do If You Lose Your Field?
23/11/2015 16:00:54

At one of the clubs I belong to the strip measures 65m X 25m and costs us just under £2K per year (the strip sits in the middle of a field of approx 6.5 acres.) The farmer uses the rest of the field either to graze his sheep (we have to cordon of the strip with electrical fencing for a few weeks a year ) and for hay , which grows to about knee high and. (no fun suffering from hayfever when the pollen is up!)

Best of luck Percy! (ps advice from BMFA was pretty instrumental in us securing planning permission)

Edited By Tomtom39 on 23/11/2015 16:28:51

Thread: RC Life
22/11/2015 12:40:13

I'd like to commend RC Life for the excellent service I've recently had from them. I had an issue on a product. Contacted them and the replacement was with me the following day!

Its a shame that some of the larger UK distributors don't have the same ethos .

Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
20/11/2015 12:04:12

Hello Ken,

A personal observation to your post re the comment that "people are moving away from IC to Electric" (and this is based on my experience at the three clubs I belong to) .I'd very much like to add my two pence worth here. As a rule I categories members into two groups Modelers and model flyers. Modelers appear to be made up experienced (old!!) who predominately build and fly IC with some smattering of electric usually for smaller models up to 4 s (the odd 6s creeps in here and there) and then the new members (new to three years in the club) with their electric powered ARTF's. Some of these models spanning several meters and up to 12S (ie electric equiv of 30-50cc IC).

Being a returnee after a long break in modeling I've graduated along with many of the "newer" members either back to flying both or fully to IC . You may ask why. In my case I've got fed up of spending a fortune on batteries to end up binning them after two or three years (or in some instances recently within a few months !). I understand I now fall under the category of S.N.O.G (sad old new git!).

Re the sound system . I have the Bendini one with twin speakers great for ground and possibly on a pass when I have reduced the RPM on the elec motor. (I have reverted to fitting a Laser V )

The above by the way is for fixed wing only as in the main the Rotary boys (and girl) have gone electric . I'm pretty much the only one breaking the trend here as I prefer scale (and retro) helis.

Thread: Mascot & Yamamoto trainer builds
18/11/2015 22:14:25


That was my very first proper trainer and I also taught myself to fly with it (I crashed a lot prior to that!!) . Thanks for bringing back some very happy memories (I still have my 3 ch blue MacGregor gear - and it works). The shame of it was that I chopped the wings and turned it into a twin rotor autogyro (1979). Lots of structural changes ie near T tail with rear section and added a fair amount of down thrust. It did work . Not as pretty as my mates DB ones ,but it stood the test of time ie a few months (until a nice man with a CB thought it would be a good laugh to see what he could do by transmitting close to our field - he had need of a new aerial after that!)

Thread: Confused by a Lowbo Plan - motor choice
18/11/2015 11:23:44

The 2200 mAh was the battery I used but switched over to a 2650mAh (3s) with no issues .

17/11/2015 15:51:41


I've built one of these some while ago (my had one of the E-Flite park 480 motors in it - vaguely remember approx 220W on 3S Lipo with 12X6 APCE and a 35A Esc -one I had left over from another project) . It flew very well

Your middle choice from HK seems about right .

Best of luck with it

Thread: How is your flying club run?
17/11/2015 11:31:54

Have I got my maths wrong 101% ? I'm sure some clever person can explain.

Thread: glue for carbon fibre
17/11/2015 10:42:39


I had the same issue on my larger Vapour.I tried repairing it and in the end opted for a new part (not expensive)

Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
17/11/2015 10:33:51

Should read " ideas on how to go about granting permission for any given activity which may create a disturbance / complaint"

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