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Thread: TJ's Hobbies
26/12/2016 20:52:00
Posted by MattyB on 26/12/2016 19:50:26:
Posted by jonryan on 26/12/2016 18:13:03:

Anyone know if this firm are still going?

Let's see... sarcastic

Gosh! Google it, eh? What a brilliant suggestion. If only I'd thought of doing tha...hang on, I did, didn't I?

Now, what did I find:

I found that the first entry on the site said that they would close for a week in August. That there was no 'Happy Christmas' message, nor mention of Christmas trading dates. That the eponymous TJ is a member on here, but has not posted for over a year. That despite the excellent prices listed, very few people have mentioned TJ's as a place to shop.

See why I'm wondering if they're still trading, hmm?

26/12/2016 18:13:03

Anyone know if this firm are still going?

Thread: Great service from Horizon Hobby
03/12/2016 14:30:34

Damaged the antenna on an AR610 (my fault entirely),HH replaced whole unit without charge in four days.

That's real service! Thanks Joanne.

Thread: hobbyking - big changes
28/10/2016 11:15:01

Working here, or mostly. Have to watch out now items from different warehouses can be included in the same order. Pick the warehouse when you add to basket.

Prices understandably higher; the pound is heading down like a diving Stuka

Thread: Ebay sellers...
25/10/2016 11:28:26

I saw that. Going through their catalogue, most prices seem OK, though the odd one sticks out - a 27mz tranny for £166, for instance

Thread: Stashed In The Attic
25/10/2016 11:15:45

Given the above, I certainly will not be posting a link to the Gildings auction, lest any of you be led into temptation.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
25/10/2016 11:10:34

Yeah. I've sent them a message asking if this is just a posting error. If they don't reply, we should go national. Some poor sods are getting ripped off, and I DO NOT want that sort of thing associated with our hobby.

I would get in touch with E Bay, but it would be quicker to clean the Augean Stables

25/10/2016 10:46:25

Sorry about all the edits. Computer is sulking

25/10/2016 10:42:04

Probably nothing can be done about this. Apart from publicise the fact that this model costs £34.25 from HK.

Edited By jonryan on 25/10/2016 10:42:43

Edited By jonryan on 25/10/2016 10:43:17

Edited By jonryan on 25/10/2016 10:44:18

Edited By jonryan on 25/10/2016 10:45:38

Thread: Another LMS gone
21/10/2016 13:33:27

Given the collapse of the pound and that pretty much everything modelling has to be imported, prices are set to rise swiftly. LMS traders who aren't able to find some way of cutting overheads are going to find life even harder.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
17/10/2016 15:52:26

Double post

Edited By jonryan on 17/10/2016 15:52:53

17/10/2016 15:52:22

Here's a bargain. Especially for those who know nothing about RC flying. Especially about prices. This actually makes me more angry than amused. Some youngster may have set his/her heart on an RC plane, parents know nothing about them, waste money on this. Happy Christmas.


Thread: My learning curve
09/10/2016 20:11:50
Posted by Keith Evans 3 on 09/10/2016 19:53:33:

Tx ,fuselage ,wing ,flight box -------no elastic bands .

Or one breaks. The fly with three dilemma...

Thread: Fall In The Value Of The Pound
09/10/2016 19:47:12

UK Steel post-Brexit statement:


The outcome of the EU referendum was a blow to the industry, which had previously indicated that its survival rate was higher if the UK remained part of the EU. In response to the decision to leave, it has published a manifesto laying out the urgent steps the UK Government must take to ensure a successful and sustainable steel industry for the future.

The manifesto identifies over-capacity, unfair trade and a lack of parity with European competitors as the key issues the industry faces. In stark terms, these have led to a 60% decline in the number of people employed in the sector since 1995 and a 10% drop in production compared to 2014 with predictions that this will worsen by the end of 2016. "

Thread: What star sign are you? Is there a trend with flyers?
04/10/2016 20:46:26

Star signs? Seriously? It's 2016. And most of us are grown-ups.

Thread: Astro Hog electric
03/10/2016 20:59:20

Hmm. Quite a lot of comment suggesting 10" pitch may be too much. Anyone happy with the Turnigy 2450-500 + 6s 3,000 lipo combo? Or unhappy?

02/10/2016 09:29:43

Thanks Percy.

The chap I bought the Hog from said it flew well on the 46. He's a long-time modeller cutting back because he's getting on a bit. Perhaps he wanted a more gentle performance?

The figures for the electric conversion came via Motocalc, which I understand isn't exactly definitive, and, as a rookie (the Hog is intended to be my first low-winger when I've got the hang of a high-wing trainer) I've put it up here to tap into the hive mind.

02/10/2016 07:36:48

I haven't run the OS - I'm all electric - but it looks pretty new and comes with a silencer. Thanks for the info, Percy.

01/10/2016 18:32:04

I've bought an original (stab under fuz) Hog, and am planning to electrify it. Bare weight is 7.4lb/3.4 kg. Span is 72", area 864 sq in. The result I've come up with suggests a Turnigy 2450-500 + 6s 3,000 lipo + 14 x 10 prop should work.

Am I close?

It came fitted with an OS la46, which I'll be selling on if anyone is interested. No idea what it's worth! 


Edited By jonryan on 01/10/2016 18:33:54

Thread: Spektrum DX6 compatible receivers, and others
21/09/2016 19:04:29

...and I have no idea why that posted three times. Micro chips hate me.

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