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Thread: Caption me!
02/06/2016 12:37:21

Biting down hard to prevent the screams, he was able to pull the glider out of his lung, and went on to collect his spot-landing prize before seeking medical attention. What a guy!

Thread: Flying air board
03/05/2016 07:36:29

Oh dear, aren't we all so gullible.

No. It's real.


Edited By jonryan on 03/05/2016 07:36:48

Thread: Professional drone pilot?
02/05/2016 20:33:37

The rules say that if you are doing this for money, you must have passed the CAA test. You'd also need insurance and so forth. I think the number of people willing to go that far may be quite small. And I think the number of companies appreciating how useful a drone could be will grow.

"But what she really wants is a drone that can fly up and take samples of the mortar holding the stones together."

Shouldn't be difficult. Robot arms are doing stuff like that on Mars as we speak. Expensive perhaps, but not too difficult.

02/05/2016 14:16:53

I reckon this is going to become quite a decent job over the next few years. Power line inspection is currently carried out by full-sized helicopter. Think how much cheaper a drone will be. Building inspection, sea-search, fish-spotting, crop inspection, not to mention a plethora of military applications.

Perhaps I should get one, and go for the licence...

Thread: For History Buffs, Forgotten Airfields
26/04/2016 16:26:24

It seems that many WW2 airfields were mined against the possibility of invasion. After the war, most of the mines were removed. However, apparently some Canadian sappers, keen to get home, claimed to have cleared the ordinance where in fact it was still in place. And some records got lost.

And then they started building houses on the old airfields...

If you fly from one of these, this is a good incentive to keep your landings light. laugh


Thread: Buddy system
25/04/2016 15:37:33

Hi folks,

I'm learning using a wireless system and the same two TXs as you, Geoff Walton: master is 6dx, slave is 6dxi. If you've got the the same Spektrum manual that came with mine, it's not very clear about the set-up. When I got it working, it turned out to be excellent, just needing a flick of an assigned switch on the master for my instructor (hi Jeff!) to take over. You can set up a voiced confirmation - "Instructor has control" ... "Student has control" to remind you who's doing what. You can also set it up that disables the Master TX sticks - Marin's concern - until command is switched, so touching them won't matter.

SERIOUS WARNING: One thing to watch for is if you switch to the Student TX, the motor will react to the throttle setting on that TX. You don't get the "Throttle High" voice warning, which mean the model can suddenly try to shoot off when you're ground testing. Guess how I know...this is why restraints are vital.

This vid takes you through the the set-up

Thread: Wood burning Pizza Oven
22/04/2016 11:01:01

CoG looks a bit forward to me

Thread: Auction. Want more stuff you don't really need?
22/04/2016 09:21:27


Thread: Careful with that drone
15/04/2016 18:11:28

Would the speed over ground make a lot of difference? I'd think blade speed is what would do the damage

15/04/2016 17:22:42

Don't really know, but I expect the racing ones are pretty quick.

Thread: Drone awareness weekend Mid Suffolk Radio modellers
15/04/2016 16:36:42

Yes. Perhaps they need to see that clip? And perhaps hear the story of the guy who took his own eye out, flying one in his lounge.

Thread: Careful with that drone
15/04/2016 16:28:46

Edited By jonryan on 15/04/2016 16:30:32

Thread: Drone awareness weekend Mid Suffolk Radio modellers
15/04/2016 16:27:55

Some food for thought:

Thread: How many channels for a trainer?
11/04/2016 13:21:41

I'm at the can-fly-it-around-roughtly-where-I-want-it-to-go stage of learning, with the help of the chaps at Sedgemoor RC club.

I have a very light 3 ch; a 'Sparky' (the little yellow number in my avatar) very slow and stable; and an Easy Glider 4ch, which copes with the wind better but is (for me) more of a handful. We use the excellent wireless buddy function with a Spektrum 6 matched to a 6i. I've found little difference in terms of difficulty, thought at this early stage I'm trying to avoid doing anything difficult.... I also use a Phoenix sim which has been a massive help in terms of getting used to the controls apparently reversing when the model flies towards you.

So, fellow rookies, I'd say don't worry about it over much. As long as you don't try to learn on a 3D, as long as you have good instruction, it's all about practise, practise, practise.

Next week: Taking off, I hope, and maybe even landing deliberately. laugh

Thread: A step too far..................
01/04/2016 11:20:46

Frighteningly, a lot of comments on that Express item are from people who actually believe the story.

Thread: Interesting slope soarer
26/03/2016 11:50:40

New to me, and possibly others. And that friend was who sent it to me!

26/03/2016 11:40:27

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 26/03/2016 12:20:00

Thread: world drone racing brit wins
15/03/2016 19:35:54

Did he have glue on his fingers though? Anyone who doesn't have glue on their fingers should be disqualified. Or made to use less rubber.

Thread: Irresponsible fool
11/03/2016 09:46:58

"The 4-minute video shows the drone’s ascent all the way up to 3.4 kilometers, or ~2.11 miles, above ground (~11,155 feet). At this altitude, the drone is flying above a layer of clouds. With only 27% of their battery life left, the drone operator decided to begin the descent back down to Earth. It had just 4% by the time it landed."


Edited By jonryan on 11/03/2016 09:47:48

Thread: Please show me how you transport your model aircraft!
08/03/2016 19:49:17

Take one of these. If you get suck in traffic you can amuse yourself by flying it in the car

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