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Thread: Glow start wiring
03/11/2012 13:51:35

 2.jpg photo

 6.jpg photo

 5.jpg photo

 4.jpg photo

 7.jpg photo

hope these are useful!


 1.jpg photo

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03/11/2012 13:27:23
Posted by Ben B on 03/11/2012 11:46:49:

I very much doubt (or at least hope not) that someone would use a battery to power their glow plug and the servos/receiver.

Is the battery a single cell? I wonder if they've just put a battery and switch and you just manually switch on the glow for starting then switch it off.

yeah that makes sense. After further investigation the switch is just for the glow start. and i think the battery is a four cell. I took photos to post but have no idea how to put them on here!

its a job to tell with the battery as its well tucked away.

fired it up earlier though.. shakes the plane alot on low revs, loads of grunt .

03/11/2012 11:21:55

I have recently acquired a cmpro swallow with a 120 4 stroke engine attached .on examination I found it has a glow start set up attached . There a is a switch , and a battery tucked up by the fuel tank. I have know ideA how you would connect this all up as far the glow start is concerned.

i know it has to be connected via a y lead with the throttle in some configuration .have looked on the glow start website for info which there is, but would prefere it if someone had a wiring diagram.

i take it the same battery is used to power the servos as well


Thread: what setup?
31/07/2012 16:43:52

i have a piper cub with a 6ft wingspan, weighing in at about 3-4 pound all up, which i have converted to EP. I'm using a 960 kv motor 2600 4s lipo and 12 x 6 folding prop.

this seems to make the cub a quick flyer , and usually they are quite sedate.

is there a better setup i could use to make this fly more to scale which would be a bit slower. i have this setup in two other planes i have of about the same size, which works quite well. maybe they are more suited to that.

anyhow all suggestions appreciated

many thanks matt

Thread: DeAgostini Spitfire
17/06/2012 21:19:36

hi there,

has anyone converted one of these to electric?

i have aquired one of these spits the other week which someone was about to skip. the kit as a whole has been built up and never flown, there are servos but no engine. i will be converting this to electric as all my planes are .i have fabricated an engine mount from ply, and attatched a emax2826/06 brushless motor to this.

will be running off a 4s lipo and 60amp esc and 12x 6 prop .i run this setup on a 3 meter glider with a 14x6 folding prop.weighs about the same as the spit and climbs like a rocket to the clouds

i have epoxed a battery tray inside right up against the fire wall. i have also changed the aileron servo from the single system that was on there to the servo for each aileron that seems less spongy. i wouldnt have trusted the other system in flight i must admit.

c of g seems good, with a slight nose down attitude when balanced upside down. measurement was about 106 cm from the leading edge

cheers matt

Thread: epioneer nose wheel steering and esc
05/09/2010 15:45:31
cheers bruce!!! help appreciated

Edited By matt mason on 05/09/2010 15:46:01

05/09/2010 15:31:56
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother on 05/09/2010 13:33:57:
Hi Mattm
no such thing as a daft question - we all had to learn!
OK - usually in these jobbies there is no nose wheel servo - you use the rudder servo. Fit the rudder servo with a control disc with two arms. Connect one side to the rudder - and the other two the nose wheel. Bob yer uncle!
 cheers for the replies chaps
its just that on this model there is a nose wheel servo right near the front gear and a seperate rudder servo near the rudder.
i will try and post a link to the instructions to this model
05/09/2010 13:02:17
i just bought my son an seagull epioneer . just one issue though....well two...
...this may sound a daft question but was wondering where you would plug the nose wheel steering servo into on the reciever.i have had many planes but none with this.
is it combined with the rudder on a y lead ?
the instructions for the plane do not indicate this, or where the best place would be to place the esc.
all help appreciated
Thread: xt60 connectors
27/08/2010 20:24:52
anyone used or are using  XT60 connectors.? what they like...?
cheers matt

Edited By matt mason on 27/08/2010 20:25:32

Thread: seperate battery
08/08/2010 11:29:01
cheers for help anyway..
hope it doesn't happen again in a hurry...!!! like you say nothing is 100% fali safe
07/08/2010 20:49:55
i was just making sure..
i have done a qc test on the rx today and it works exactly as you describe,flashing lights on both and instant reconnection.
there are no probs there. must be what you said which was loss of signal.
no probs with wires either so far as i can tell
i have to ask as a long shot, is there anything at all that could interfere with a 2.4 ghz signal?.i'm asking this as where i fly there is a very big and very high communications tower about 1.5 miles away which from half way up is covered in dishes and antenna's.
if this is the case i will have to find somewhere else...!!!
06/08/2010 21:28:42
cheers tim thanks for the info .on this issue.
qc enabling info very interesting.
with regards to the antenna on the tx should it be pointing straight out or bent up 90 degrees. is it true that the signal radiates from the sides of the antenna and not the tip?
cheers for that info frank i will try that tomorrow.
06/08/2010 16:40:57
ok ' i climbed to height of about 150 ft on full power, then levelled out , cut the motor and turned into a dive parallel to myself. it was not a steep dive but as i put in up elevator i had no response at all for the said amount of time, it then recovered ,i put in full poiwer climbed out turned and landed swiftly.
i have to admit i did not check for brown out at the time.
sorry to sound stupid but what is qc enabling.
i only rebind as a double measure.if its not required then i won't in future.
06/08/2010 08:35:02
i'm going to assume tis low voltage then,because i rebind often.
each cell was at about 3.75 after flight.had i let them go too low?
thanks for your help
05/08/2010 21:40:50
Posted by Vecchio Austriaco on 05/08/2010 20:51:16:
May be Tim is one step ahead ... The indication of a brown out on spectrum receivers is a blinking led. So always when you switch from one battery to another one switch off the transmitter to avoid the blinking led at the receiver. Fly only if the led on your receiver is not blinking but constantly on. If it is blinking after the flight you can be shure there was a voltage problem (=brown out).  
 thankyou.thats all i wanted to know.i had noticed that it did do this from time to time and was not sure of the reason why.
i did explain above that i have no assistance with this hobby, and have done it all through trial and error.
most of the time i fly my edge 540 which has a ar500 rx that has never caused me a i have never had to worry about this issue before.i have thrown this around the sky for eight months without a single problem.
now i know what to look for...!!!!
just one more question .what does it mean when the main receiver has a solid light and the secondary reciever has a flashing light?
05/08/2010 18:02:50
flying today up the slope and lost contact for about 4 seconds. having read about brown outs etc in previous posts on this forum  am i under the asumption that this is a severe power loss or brown outs are described in milliseconds i don't know.
i was using a powered glider with an ar6200 rx and dx6i tx.
unfortunatly i have no one to help in the flesh if you like, and haven't since i started this hobby two years ago. so if i'm asking questions already asked on here i apologise for this.
i do try to find the answer first and not bombard you with the said above.
anyway would it be as its a powered aircraft(electric) advisable to use a seperate battery setup for the reciever.or b e c.

Edited By matt mason on 05/08/2010 18:03:56

Thread: Decisions - Blaze or Blizzard?
01/08/2010 09:54:47
i think after consideration i will go for the blizzard.
i have props, esc's and servo's, just need to sort out a motor
.was looking at the motors in airtek . anyone else used these?
31/07/2010 20:22:06
cheers for all the info chaps
29/07/2010 20:15:23
so what you saying then chaps?........ a blizzard then ...?
i may just  do that !!!
i have a box of servosof different sizes and about three speed controllers. so all i need is a motor..
ill have to tell the missus another story about why i need another model....AND WHY SHE DOESN'T NEED MORE CLOTHES...
.. or i can just flannel her with over exagerated complements again..

Edited By matt mason on 29/07/2010 20:18:18

29/07/2010 19:10:27
firstly thankyou for the replies.
i must say not a novice to this hobby.
i bought the easy glider as i just wanted another powered glider. i fly an edge 540 most of the time and have a 3.5 metre L S 3 glider i would very much like to convert to electric motor. i don't have the knowledge to slope this thing and would most likely prang it.
i do like the look of the blizzard its just that the recommended power systems are expensive.i agree its a hotliner from what videos i have seen of it on utube.i just don't want to buy the blaze to be sucked into another plane knock off, main reason why iasked.
i had a mx2 for a while but no where near as impressive as the edge that i have now, which is also electric.
anyway we can forget the easy glider as i put that into a very fast dive from a good altitude today and pulled up(well idid the plane didn't)BANG, CRUNCH AND MANY OTHER INTERESTING SOUNDS... enough said...!!!!
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