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Thread: Preparing to move house
24/02/2016 13:37:43


to be honest my activities are pretty low at the moment. The house is done, so one box ticked. I think I was last time in October at the club field. My boy is at uni now, so this doesn't help as he wanted to throw his helis around from time to time. And the weather doesn't help either. Nice and calm it is only during the week...

There is no excuse, there are several models ready to fly. There are 4 building projects of which 2 are ARTF, engines, servos, all there.

Sometimes we have a lazy period, I think I am suffering of one at the moment. Only excuse is work, I am still on business trips once a week.



24/02/2016 09:33:03

Hi Carl,

long time we had a chat. I moved hose 10 times - and twice over country borders. So I can feel with you and think about all the mess. Yes it is a good time to get rid of stuff - in my current house I found a few boxes which were unopened since I moved over from Italy - and I have moved 4 times in the UK since... so as it looks I didn't miss the stuff which was in it. Or I bought it again if it was necessary.

Therefore: get yourself rigid boxes - not from the internet - they are only good for cushions or similar - but go to a storage company like big yellow or similar. They have normally good quality stuff - and don't overfill and spend some time in writing the content on it. Pack yourself, so you know whats in the boxes. I had a few interesting surprises with boxes packed by a removal company.

And do not let anybody touch your models.... As I suppose you will not move too far from where you were before transport them yourself.

All the best


Thread: Navigation LED Lights with Beacon & Strobe Effect (Arduino)
30/01/2016 23:45:26

I like that Alan! It is a much more flexible solution than anything ready made on the market - as you program yourself what you want! And it looks reasonable light and not too expensive!


Thread: Happy Christmas from us all...
25/12/2015 08:03:21

Merry Christmas to the team and to everybody who read this.


Thread: Which kind of models can be flown at your site?
14/12/2015 18:10:15

An anything but jets option would be useful for some of us - me included. so I will point to anything in the poll - as 61 is not a real big engine size.


Thread: SLEC
11/12/2015 09:33:43

Just use this thread to confirm the opinion of the majority of the posters here - I am totally happy with the service and the speed of delivery! Delivery in exactly 24h after ordering...

And I got a free Christmas present as well - I ordered a few pieces pf ply - and they packed it using a huge piece of 4mm ply as protection! Of course I will not throw that away...

VA, happy camper department...


Thread: Why the short aerials on 2.4GHz Rx's?
29/10/2015 21:25:37

Antenna wire length is a function of the frequency. But you can have longer wires - look at carbon fuselage receivers. They have the antennas extended by a coax cable.


Thread: Peter Miller Retrospective - Build-off Challenge 2016
29/10/2015 21:22:23

I like the idea, and I have a plan of the CAP20 somewhere.


Thread: engineering toys?
01/10/2015 22:54:42

Grew up with Lego and I loved it. Had also Trix (metal construction kit, similar to meccano) but it didn't allow building very quickly and also never had enough parts for the projects I wanted to build.

So what happened? Grew up and ended as an engineer. Would have earned much more money as a lawyer or a dentist



Thread: Well That Didn't Take Long........
01/10/2015 22:44:38

I see the whole thing rather as another chapter in the trade war between the US and Europe. I have difficulties in believing the US petrol guzzlers with 4 litres and more are so much cleaner than a normal size TDI.

And yes, I am driving a German car with a diesel engine and I am very happy with it - even I am otherwise not a fan of Germany.


Thread: How many times a week do you get to pop down the patch?
01/10/2015 13:46:18

I have to confess that I am down to less than a month - and this is without peck marks smiley

Thing is I have to work to be able to get some kind of pension one day far away and I had a house renovation project which took all available time. And also - I watch other dull people (Daily Mail) by going to steam rallies or model railway exhibitions....


Thread: Blimey that was a close shave
01/10/2015 13:22:16

My son had this problem on a glow heli- battery cable was in contact with carbon frame because of vibration/friction - the frame is on ground potential because of an on board glow system - and of course the frame is conductive. The radio battery was shortened. The result was approximately 120£ - new blades - new main shaft, new main gear, some of the linkages in the head etc....

There is a tubular braid from a very stiff plastic (Nylon?) existing which cures the friction problems. It's been used ever after that experience...

Just found that one: to give you an idea what I am speaking about. The explanation "to make the wiring neat" is bu......t. the reason is clearly to protect wiring from being damaged by rubbing on the edge of the frame.





Edited By Vecchio Austriaco on 01/10/2015 13:27:19

Thread: Merlin engines
18/09/2015 20:39:09

Thanks for the link - I enjoyed that!


Thread: Complacency, does it ever creep up on you?
16/09/2015 18:01:40

There are a lot of stories I could write down. just one from long time ago. Was living still with my parents and did some soldering on a small pcb. I used to have the habit of shaking the iron to get rid of excessive tin. Pop went the tip into the new carpet. And not to be killed by my mum I grabbed it instantly and put it back up on my desk on to some scrap wood. Well - don't try that at home. The thing had probably some 300deg C...

And the carpet had been ruined anyway....

VA, using a wet cellulose sponge for iron cleaning now

Thread: What Sort Of Person Is a Model Flyer?
02/09/2015 10:44:41

Jo, I like your definition a lot makes us much better than we are.

As I started to play with airplane models before I finished education I don't see a lot of link between hobby and job. Sometimes my cable knowledge helps (in the cable industry since 1980), and of course a technical education makes it easier to build and set up your models.

Second hobby: I played with trains from the age of 6 - and no I didn't give that up. Was at exhibition level some years ago and had some break due to moving countries. Gave away all my layouts but kept the rolling stock. I still visit model railway exhibitions and probably I will come back to exhibit my stuff one day. Just yesterday I programmed a digital decoder of an electric shunter engine - to build in features like dimmable lights, automatic couplers and a working pantograph - which is actually done with a servo (Toki bio wire - size counts!)

VA, playroom department

Thread: What's Your Oldest Engine And Do You Use It?
02/09/2015 10:15:31

Got a Webra speedy 1.8cc, this was carrying up my motorized gliders in the late 70th. Now it is in it's original box somewhere in my workshop. Should still work as I oiled it nicely.


Thread: What is your most flown model?
31/08/2015 12:50:10

Most flown model: Seagull Edge 540. Small enough to go in the car without taking wings off (ok, I normally have estate cars or similar). Flies really well, but of course doesn't last forever . Made my A with it (1200g - just enough weight....)

Replaced it already but crashed it again. Will probably but it again.


Thread: Need a good Lipo Charger
30/08/2015 13:11:35

Hyperion 720 I. 20A charging current, 250W, 5A discharge current. 20 battery memory. 7 cells. PC interface.

Have it since 2008, works like on first day. There are new, and even more powerful versions on the market now.


p.S.: I saw 2 used ones on e-bay  - makes it a bit less costly...

Edited By Vecchio Austriaco on 30/08/2015 13:13:00

Thread: If your partner was an aeroplane 2
28/08/2015 12:04:25

Extra 300. Sometimes difficult to start - but good looking and once running an excellent performer.


Thread: A Chicken And Egg Question
28/08/2015 10:55:11

for me it is B - but if I crash something - it is normally A. and in this case it may not only be the engine - I look for something where I can use the complete gear. Example: crashed my Graupner Extra 300


Replaced it with Seagull Extra 300. OK, the Graupner model was unique as I completely re-covered it, but sizes are the same, all servos, engine, on board glow etc. fit in the new model.


This is what I call keep the cost down


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