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Thread: Why Do We Blunt The Leading Edges Of Our Wings?
03/11/2020 13:42:25

I suppose the reason is that for speeds below the speed of sound the drop shape (cut trough a wing profile - it will be some kind of drop shape) is the shape with the lowest drag.

If you go supersonic this changes. Then the shape with the lowest drag is pointy and not round. (look at the noses of supersonic planes...)

Well the chance of going supersonic with a model are hopefully zero. Bad enough to hit the ground at "normal" speeds.... smiley

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
21/08/2020 13:52:10
Posted by Erfolg on 27/07/2020 12:17:15:

This is not a new model in the strictest definition of new.


In that the model was completed in Novemberish, the weather then intervened in delaying the first flight, immediately followed by the Corona Virus and subsequent restrictions.

The first flight took place approx two weeks back. It was most fortuitous that that the grass on the field had been cut, albeit with the cut grass left to be dispersed by the sun to dry it and the wind to finish its removal. My test pilot checked out the model for control surface movements. The model placed in the centre of the field, throttle opened, the model raced across the surface with all the urgency of a racing slug, on Valium. Finally it was eased into the air, swinging left, which was arrested by the pilot. Slowly the model gained height, where a number of checks were made. Firstly response to ailerons, rudder and elevator, secondly stall characteristics. The test pilot then called for a landing, as the power was only just adequate to stay in the air.

We then had a discussion, where it was decided that the model was vastly underpowered, secondly that the CG was probably a little to far forward. I decided that the initial change would be to re-battery from 3s to 4s. I would then move the CG to the mid position (by removing the nose weight) If the power was still inadequate I would re-motor.

A check of the motor on 3s was showing a little over 200w pulled, on a 4s this went up to 360w (approx 1/3rd improvement).

The next good day had us back at the field, a bit blowy. On attempting to arm the model, I discovered I had left the conversion plug at home. At present I am going through my collection of models and converting them from Deans to XT60 plugs, which mainly involves the ESC, in this case the ESC was done, this old, seldom used Lipo was still on Deans.

This week-end was yet another good day. Back at the field the model was once more prepared and checked. This time the model raced across the field like racing Pony, on its 360w. My pilot did say, you know with a horse up front or 760w it would be a real monster. Who remembers those lectures with respect to James Watt his horse and deciding that a horse power would be 33,000 ft lb per minute? The good news is now the model takes of with authority, no tendency to swing left being on the stall. The roll rate is adequate, inverted flight good, loops good, spins reluctantly entered in both directions, stall turns fine.

So + 6 months down the line the model is OK. Just about ready for me.

Edited By Erfolg on 27/07/2020 12:20:17

Carl, what is that? looks a little bit like the Webbit (which I destroyed a few years ago) If so than it has a wingspan of approx 110cm. Mine was totally overpowered, could fly vertical.

BR Vecchio

Thread: Puffing packs - edf jet
13/08/2020 18:05:11

I suppose Tony is confused now with all the expertise. I suppose that he is using the standard equipment as it comes with this plane so it should work as thousands of the same model have been produced. He changed already to a higher C battery. I think next step is to shorten the flight time to see it the battery gets still hot. For my experience batteries get rather hot when you go to their capacity limit. If your transmitter has a timer set it to something short and see what happens after landing. If the instructions say 8 minutes flight time, set it to 4....

Thread: How much have you spent on modeling in 2020?
08/08/2020 06:12:11

Some replacement parts and building materials, as for instance a motor and speed controller. And a second battery charger as my son took one of my chargers-well I gave it to him. And I found 2 speed controllers when I went through all my stuff, one 60 and one 80 A, both new... so there was no need for a purchase....

So all in all below 200 ( well there is the Chinese 450 flybarless heli on order, will be another 250...)

I would say reasonable if we consider the year is already 8 month old.

Thread: Watch out for online retailers in EU, China & the USA
28/07/2020 17:58:09
Posted by Christopher Morris 2 on 28/07/2020 17:15:59:

Oddly enough, i just received a faulty power supply from Bangood & having to go through the rigmarole on sending it back. The other od thing was it was posted in the UK via Royal mail with a postage label that looks like its covering a china postage label. Was sent from Coalville UK, where ever that is.


I suppose they send over their stuff in full containers and have some sort of postage business here sending it to the final customer. This is also the reason for their sometimes rather long delivery times. And this is the only way to keep the postage on reasonable level.

Just ordered 3 sets of CF blades for my 450 helis, if I want to buy that local I get probably one (also coming from China) for what I have paid...

Edited By Vecchio Austriaco on 28/07/2020 18:08:13

Thread: Tim Hooper's Cygnet
24/07/2020 09:12:26

Great stuff Goth, also I have plan and material set at home since a few years. I got in trouble with the balsa laminate, made the rudder minimum 3 times, those stripes where always breaking. I even used ammonia water to make them more bendy, no chance. Well a few years older and more time, probably I give it a go again. Will probably go down to 1mm balsa, needs more strips but probably bends easier...


Thread: Phoenix 2000
23/07/2020 12:59:10

If you have 2 weeks time - use banggood. same motors, low prices. They obviously send only full containers to Europe, therefore the delivery time.

Thread: (Last) Flight of the Phoenix
22/07/2020 21:06:31

That's bad luck. I also think of a defect of either the servo or the linkage. I was flying my Mephisto ( warmliner, veneer covered foam wings and FRP fuselage) today, and also on this faster model the linkage to the elevator is using a bowden as in your photo.

By the way the thermals were strong today, I could stay up for quite some time. Location Newport Pagnell, Bury field


Thread: An intruder on our strip
22/07/2020 20:49:29

Flying in Italy in the past (club: ALA Lecco, some 50 miles north of Milan) we had all kind of full size landing on our strip. Starting from paragliders coming from the near by mountains to mini helicopters. The latter did flight training in a field nearby and were sometimes useful if you have lost your plane in the corn field next to the strip as they showed us where.

Looks like autumn as the corn behind the strip is already harvested. I suppose it was in 2009. This guy landed in the middle of our strip, he was asking for one of our club members who wasn't present at this day. We had some chat with him and he went again.


Thread: Swann Morton blades
22/07/2020 05:58:42

Greetings from the 26 blade man. Plus 3 handles - as I never find these little knives. Need to paint them in some fancy colours. Hi-vis orange or so.


Thread: Cheap or good Quality Lipos ???
21/07/2020 19:21:31

I think the most important thing is not to overload them and not to empty them down to zero.

I am happy with Turnigy nano tech, so far no blow-up. The normal Zippy tends to blow up after not too many cycles, but probably I wanted more than it could deliver.

Absolute record battery is my Hacker top fuel 2450 3s (30 continuous, 50 burst), I bought it in 2008 and it is still ok as on the first day. No blow-up, no tiredness. And it had to work, as it is used for my edge 540 ep, my Dawnflyer and probably will also power the Tucano.


Thread: Piper Twin Apache PA23 -150 74"
17/07/2020 14:16:13

Had a forum break for about 4 years - looking at your thread I thought - impossible - this model must have been ready by now .... But as it looks you had a few little breaks as well.

Well always a pleasure to look at your builds.


Thread: How far do you travel to the nearest decent model shop?
15/07/2020 10:44:19

Hi Carl,

I just had a break... Siemens cycling club - when I was working for them I played Tennis. Why? To get insider information at the bar after the game.... You had to be there to get somewhere...

And well - I make it without a problem to Al's and back on the bicycle - even traffic free on the railway walk (old railway line from Newport Pagnell to Wolverton) - question is how to transport all the stuff Mr. Machinchy is selling to me...

14/07/2020 22:09:04

Interesting. I can see the result but not my post. Probably I am one of the former members? Well Al's Hobbies still 3 miles away, I have no intention to move...


Thread: Lidl multitool/ dremel clone
14/07/2020 21:57:36

Lovely double posting. Even I like Lidl, isn't worth two postings...


Edited By Vecchio Austriaco on 14/07/2020 21:58:56

14/07/2020 21:57:10

Parkside - value for money. Works a treat. I use a Dremel chuck with it. My Dremel is corded, the cable is extra stiff PVC, so in the unheated summerhouse a real pig. Prefer the Parkside for the quick grinding or drilling job.

So - lets check the middle of Lidl....

PS: they are building a new Lidl market less then a mile from my house. The future gets expensive...


Thread: What glues do you use?
14/07/2020 21:44:16
Posted by ken anderson. on 14/07/2020 17:03:12:

welcome back gerhard..

ken dept.

Thanks Ken. I missed all your departments... smiley

14/07/2020 14:52:39

Tony said: can you trust CA glues to build an entire airframe

Vecchio says: yes you can. Especially where it is balsa to balsa it is perfect. If there is also harder, dense, wood in the game I would be careful.

Trick with the balsa is: you have to adjust the parts to glue together accurately, then apply the CA which will wick through and job done. If you are impatient buy an accelerator spray. For balsa this is normally not needed, as balsa wood contains enough humidity to kick the reaction rapidly. (Accelerator: for instance Bond it, 200ml approx.5£. Will last for many projects)

So what we need is a certain thin grade.

Do we need to pay a lot?

If we want thin CA the answer is no. Poundland sells "stick it" resealable CA, 3 bottles for 1£ ( ahem - well we are at poundland....) . They come with very thin (1.4mm) extra nozzles which make small portions in tricky positions an easy job. The bottles sometimes clog up at the top, a good glass head pin and the case is solved. And even if not - I am happy to throw 33p in the bin without any pain....

Would send a photo but I just noticed that I ran out.... If you find them, take 3, so you have some reserve. As long as they are not open thy will keep forever (well a chemist may have a different opinion)

End of cost saving actions....

VA, running for his crash helmet to defend against negative comments....

Thread: The slowest Tucano build
13/07/2020 22:38:13

@ John and others who wondered where I was - well I didn't escape because of Brexit, but some may know I have also another hobby. Model Railway. I built a show layout which I could show in Milton Keynes in February, I should be next weekend at Railex NE (Newcastle), which had been of course cancelled. There are also other planned events, we will see what will go on and what will be cancelled.

vecchio 02 2020.jpg Here with a more civilised hairstyle (before lockdown)

If anybody is interested, here is a link to the build thread.

13/07/2020 22:04:48

Thanks for the flowers - we will see how good I built it after the maiden.... angry

There is loads of nice Tucanos in this forum I have to say!


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