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Thread: anyone know this fox glider?
20/03/2012 19:45:12

Also not a glass ship but Ming from windrider in Honk Konk sells a moulded EPO version

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20/03/2012 19:43:30

HS125 MG fit nicely FWIW

Thread: The joy of slope
18/03/2012 09:48:49

getting close now with my PSS Boomerang

Thread: How many planes have you got?
17/03/2012 04:51:05

I never got enough and need just 1 more ,and maybe just another 1 or 2 ,or just a couple more

Thread: Spoilerons ? on my Speedo
12/03/2012 22:49:24

your perfect setup would see a high sink rate with a slighlty nose high attitude

12/03/2012 22:47:29

I'd better clarify that , I dont know what radio your using but you need

at least 3 programable mixes 1: being flap to elevator (compensation)

2: flap to throttle 3: elevator to throttle a few more mixes need if you actually had flaps as well as just aileron you can get Crow braking ( Butterfly) happening

12/03/2012 20:43:11

Now mix flap to throttle and you can have full throttle for flying throttle off for spoileron extention.

Thread: The joy of slope
07/03/2012 02:10:12

well with about 27weeks to go till our slope fest My PSS project this year is well on schedule so Ive added a few shots in the album but its got its wings on now

Thread: Twisted Aileron
04/03/2012 09:49:08

The preferred method of sort twists in Balsa is to use a mix of 50 50 water and ammonia on the bare balsa wieght it flat in the sune and let it dry it will be straight from there on in

Thread: The joy of slope
21/02/2012 22:35:35

Yep once that bug bites there is no turning back welcome to you new addiction ,and dont worry to much about the climbs after a season you'll be able to crack walnuts between your calf muscles

and then you get really addicted and start building PSS models lol

my lastest and if you want some thing to look like aluminium you use aluminium

Edited By stephen wenban on 21/02/2012 22:36:35

21/02/2012 03:24:19

toos from the hill

Thread: Wing section
13/02/2012 03:54:59
Thanks Tim but its a strange setup and really fussy seem really clunky compared to other forum set ups ,best way is not to post links or paste documents obviously . I apologize for the interruption to the normal posting .
Thread: The joy of slope
11/02/2012 20:44:59
Andy ,my advise is to right now plan on a few 100 pounds a year to begin with as your sloping allowance . Once the slope bug bites resistance is futile , Although I've not seen or flown a wildthing they are a very popular choice in England . There are many other models available but its wise to stick with a model with local knowledge behind it. As to an engine
and a Zagi steer clear of it you don't need either .And I'm sure that most the guys on this this thread would be most upset by the whiring noise of a prop wrecking the serenity of the slope. Stick with these lads and you'll be a slope flying fool like the rest of us in no time
Is there a cure for slope fever ? No you'll never get it out of your system .
Steve W confessed slope addict for 30years
09/02/2012 21:44:02
its pretty damp down here at the moment we just had 100mm of rain in 6 hrs with lots of local flooding going on,so after 10 years plus of drought now we are going under water

Edited By stephen wenban on 09/02/2012 21:44:41

Thread: Wing section
09/02/2012 20:18:36
This is the second time this has happened and its my post edited I've never had any problem with thousands of post on many many forums I belong to . That post was no different to any post I've made so there something strange with the forums setup I think I'll give a miss
09/02/2012 03:22:30


HS 3.5/12 © Hartmut Siegmann
1.00000 0.00000
0.95000 0.00812
0.90000 0.01475
0.80000 0.02870
0.70000 0.04250
0.60000  0.05902
0.50000 0.07516
0.40000 0.08901
0.30000 0.09500
0.25000 0.09415
0.20000 0.09099
0.15000 0.08380
0.10000 0.07120
0.07500 0.06233
0.05000 0.05050
0.025000 0.034490
0.020780 0.031161
0.016643 0.027604
0.012500 0.023690
0.005938 0.016424
0.001110 0.008365
0.000000 0.000000
0.004373 -0.008567
0.012500 -0.014730
0.016577 -0.016206
0.020762 -0.017092
0.025000 -0.017700
0.05000 -0.02102
0.07500 -0.02250
0.10000 -0.02280
0.15000 -0.02329
0.20000 -0.02410
0.25000 -0.02498
0.30000 -0.02500
0.40000 -0.02700
0.50000 -0.03085
0.60000 -0.03220
0.70000 -0.03061
0.80000 -0.02392
0.90000 -0.01450
0.95000 -0.00811
1.00000 0.00000
The eppler section has a bad habit of chamging pitch as speed increases you be forever retrimming at different speeds
The HS section coords above are for a large tailess project 



Edited By David Ashby - RCME Admin on 09/02/2012 14:25:25

Thread: The joy of slope
08/02/2012 19:55:07
P.S just added a few photo's of progress on my latest PSS build
08/02/2012 19:47:31
Hello gents ,
Happy new year to you all , I've just had a look at the model your looking at Ian to me it very pricey for a foam model you could get a 2.6 mtr glass ASW28 for less that are well know flyers . Or a DG1000 of which I have 2 I also have the ASW28 and prefer its flying attitude
still if you looking for a foamie ,then I humbly suggest looking to the ST model range ,
once again they do an ASW28 and a DG1000 with and up and go,They are well proven and widely reviewed . Now back to building for me
cheers all
20/10/2011 02:53:52
Shhhhhh everyone will want in at this rate , you've now raised the car accident rate in Britian due to the fact of slopers staring out the windows of their cars looking at every bump in the ground and thinking what wind direction would make it work

Edited By stephen wenban on 20/10/2011 02:54:38

03/10/2011 20:44:05
Come down to the Manilla slope Fest and see if you fly Inverted
Just posted some photo's up of my big Hurricane maiden
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