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Thread: Favorite aviation based documentary or book
05/01/2010 21:28:40
I saw the name Roger A. Freeman above, he wrote 'The Mighty Eighth' a superb book for anyone, like me, interested in the exploits of the 8th USAAF. Another excellent book from the perspective of a German Me109 pilot fighting Mustangs and Thunderbolts of the 8th is 'I Flew for the Fuhrer' by Heinz Knoke. I also loved 'Vulcan 607', couldn't put it down!
Thread: Indoor flying
05/01/2010 21:13:11
I've got an Ember and it's a great little flyer. One thing to remember is that there are 2 versions, which are the same plane but with a different Rx. Ember 1 (which I have) won't bind to a DSM2 Spektrum Tx. Ember 2 has a DSM2 Rx and will bind. I spent ages trying to bind my Ember1 to my DX7 before I found this out so I have to fly it on the Tx supplied. Ember 1 has an orange pattern across the wings and Ember 2 a blue pattern. Thought you might like to know.
Thread: Have i got the correct DX7?????????
03/01/2010 21:08:55
James and Ross. After reading this thread I checked the switches on my DX7 and it seems I have a heli version too! The model shop guy didn't tell me there were 2 versions of the DX7 when I bought it although I did say I mostly fly planes. He said that the DX7 could be used for either, I'm glad its just a labelling difference between the versions even if it makes some instructions in the book confusing. I only have 1 heli, a Blade McX which I fly with the DX7 in HELI mode but everything else is ACRO, I programmed elevon mix for one model and it works ok. Until I read your posts I didn't even know there were 2 versions of the DX7. Thanks for info.  
Thread: A Cert???
17/12/2009 13:28:10
A club I used to be in insisted on the A before anyone was allowed to fly solo. I gave up eventually because during their training sessions on Sat afternoons I was lucky to get 2 flights. This was because of numbers and instructors wasting time fiddling about with pupils engines to get them running reliably (I fly leccy). Also I often had other commitments on Saturdays and during summer evenings if the weather was fine I got fed up ringing round trying to get someone with a B to go there with me. What finished me was seeing our club chairman (B cert) take off and crash because he had wrong model selected on his Tx. I joined another club with a more sensible attitude, been happily flying there for 2 years. I'll take the A when I feel ready not because I have to. Remember this is just a hobby!
Thread: The Seagull E-Pioneer thread
17/12/2009 12:53:10
Jon. The C of G on my Innovator was only just behind the rearmost point with the battery up against the front bulkhead. I didn't know how it would fly at that point so to be cautious I decided to move it forward how I described. I had to disguise the holes in the fin and stabiliser after I'd taken the servos out. Did your Innovator come with a motor box? Mine didn't, that may have helped. I see by the pics above that the Pioneer has one. With the 3200 battery I get about 250W on an 11 x 5.5 and 310W with an 11 x 7 Master prop, but haven't flown it on the 11 x 7. That's the 100W/Lb that is recommended but as I said it flew ok with an 11 x 5.5 although needing a run to get off.
16/12/2009 10:44:56
My Innovator EP was tail heavy and for its first flight had stick-on weights inside the cowl. I've now moved the motor forward, brought the tail servos up behind the rx and used light snakes to connect them to the rudder & elevator. I also used a 3200 3S battery intead of a 2500, nose weight may as well be useful. 3S is plenty. The ESC I used has a 3 Amp BEC to cope with 5 servos and the motor is a GWS 3020/8T and prop is 11 x 5.5 APC. Was flying well, but the ESC seems to have died, have to replace it after xmas. ESC woes are the subject of another thread. A seperate rx battery's a good idea but if the main battery is plugged in the model is still 'live' even if the rx switch is off. I missed the RCM&E test but the Perkins website has a review of the E-Innovator. The Innovator is a good plane, I recommend it.  .  
Thread: Does your club allow lone pilots?
13/12/2009 20:51:49
Lone flying is allowed (or at least not forbidden) at our club which is why I joined it. I'm retired and if the weather's good and I have time I'll charge some batteries and nip up to the field for a few flights. I agree with the chap who compared us to anglers in that they may fall in the water but you see plenty of people fishing (angling?) alone. We musn't get carried away with this, there's risk in anything except sitting at home watching telly. Other members fly alone at our field and as far as I know there have been no accidents, most of us don't even have the A but we're careful and can fly safely. Too many rules in a club will just encourage people to go off and fly somewhere unsuitable. You wonder what happens to all the planes sold by Hobby Zone, I think the word 'Parkflyer' is the most misleading term I've ever heard. Flying among kids, dogs, goalposts, near parked cars - no way!
Thread: Formosa Power
11/12/2009 17:17:10
I'm considering getting another Formosa 1 as a 'slope glider' and putting in a 120W, 1000-1200 Kv motor. I used to have a Formosa 1 with the kit brushed EP-350 motor, pretty underpowered. I remotored it with one of those £7.50 2712 'bell' motors on 2S. I had to fit the motor onto a GWS stick mount and used 2S because the battery bay wasn't big enough for 3S. The re-motored Formaosa flew well for a while until the motor stick broke and I couldn't easily repair it. The plane was getting v. tatty so I took the gear out and dumped it. Also the canopy kept flying off, a problem I also had with a GWS P51.   After reading thse threads I'm encouraged to give the Formosa another try. I think it would be better to start anew using the Fellside mount and carving the battery bay out to take 3S before the fuselage sides are joined.
Thread: Electric model needed - Seagull Extra EP or Edge EP?
11/12/2009 16:55:24
I can recommend the X-Ray, mine has a cheapo HiModel 2217/9 turning a 10 x 5 at just over 200 Watts from a 2200 3S. This gives it plenty of go being such a light plane. I'd agree with Steve though that the u/c need beefing up, the Edge EP must have the same u/c fitting as the X-Ray. After a couple of heavy landings the legs on mine were slanting backwards because the slots that the bent up ends of the u/c wires locate into were wideneing. Like Steve I added small hard wood blocks to fit against the bent up ends of each u/c wire and stop it rotating backwards.   
Thread: Failed ESC?
23/11/2009 10:07:51
Thanks, I'll try that.
23/11/2009 09:53:01
Thanks for response. I should have said I've tried 2 batteries, both charged. The instructions don't say how to set timing etc just by Tx, just hi and lo throttle. To do anything else needs a card. Lack of beeps means it hasn't armed. I even tried reversing the throttle channel - still didn't work. Looks as though I may have to fork out for another ESC if its not a programming fault.
22/11/2009 21:28:33
Hi, I'm using a GWS 35Amp ESC and GWS 3020/8T motor on 3S in my Innovator EP. It was flying ok until recently. Now the motor starts but cuts out over about 1/3 throttle. I can set high and low throttle range with the tranny stick using the flashing green LED as per the instructions but don't get any confrmation beeps. The servos still work from the BEC, do I need to set the ESC up with a programming card or has it died? 
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