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Thread: Pet hates and sods law
03/03/2010 20:23:17
Pet hate: bending wire to make u/c legs, I always end up with one longer or at a slightly different angle than the other.
Another ph: covering wing tips
and another: having to go shopping when the weather is flyable and then it blows or rains when I can go flying..
Thread: Tx past flight line?
26/02/2010 16:24:31
No, you can't be in control of your plane if the Tx is on the ground while you retrieve, probably the rule was made when everyone flew i/c and could stop their engine after the plane landed. With electrics this isn't the case but we don't take Txs past the pilot box. We have as few rules as possible consistent with safety, our pegboard has a 2.4 area for pegs we don't fly behind the line, all fly circuits the same way and always call LANDING!. No accidents as far as I know and one or two people even have the 'A'. 
Thread: Age Profile of flyers - Discussion Thread
25/02/2010 09:39:01
I agree that aeromodelling is a lifelong addiction, I too had a 30 year break due to studies, career and family. Most of the members of our club are 50+ and the only youngsters seem to be sons of members or their friends. Another point is the attitude of model shops, At Shaw's in Maidstone High St in the late '50's I remember being encouraged to build a sensible KK Achilles instead of one of the WW2 Flying Scale models. Good advice although the Achilles never flew very well I did go on to other things and picked up the addiction at a young age. My most successful KK scale model was the Hawker Hunter with Jetex power which ended it's days up a tree!
Thread: Britflight Hustle
17/02/2010 19:36:36
Went and flew my Hustle this afternoon after it being on a shelf for months. Great little flyer. My only criticisms are a soft canopy (made from a pop bottle?) which dents if you turn the plane over and probs during construction with the aileron servo rods getting in the way of the rudder & elevator servos when you fit the wing to the fuselage underside. Also had to devise a way to keep the front hatch closed. Britflight know about these minor issues and may have sorted them by now. My Hustle has a Jeti 4ch 35MHz receiver but will fit a Spektrum 6110 before too long so that I only have to take one Tx to the field. I used the CF2822 1200Kv motor with an 8 x 4 prop on 3S 1300, easy ROG from short grass and I did 3 flights using 2 batteries.
Thread: Whats a good colour model for winter flying ?
13/02/2010 15:07:57
It's a good idea to have light coloured fuselage sides and fin so that you can see the plane sideways on against trees or high ground. I always use different bold patterns above & below the wings for orientation. Another idea is a bright coloured tailplane (stabiliser?), if the plane noses into undergrowth or crops the tail sticks up and you can spot it if it's bright coloured. Hope this helps.
Thread: How Far ?
13/02/2010 14:58:48
I happily fly all sorts of aerobatics with the E3D on Realflight G3. Although I try things with it that I wouldn't attempt in reality it has improved my general flying. No way would I attempt inverted passes at 3 feet agl! 
Thread: Bloody Mary
13/02/2010 14:54:26
Joe, I've got one of the plan sheets. It's of the BM fuselage only, wing plans were going to be in the next months issue. If this is of any use to you let me know and I'll send it to you.
Thread: How many models do you HARDLY EVER fly?
03/02/2010 23:06:26
I've got a 6 year old Ironic built from the Graham McAllister kit and an even older Scamp from Galaxy Models(I think) also built from a kit. I learned on the Scamp and used to fly it and the Ironic a lot but have moved on to other things and don't want to throw them away. I've also got a half built Fizza that I will get round to finishing one day.
Thread: Radio gear/dx7 acro&heli spreadsheets
30/01/2010 17:53:55
I've just copied the DX7 Aero record spreadsheet and its just what I needed. So far I've only used 5 of the memories on my Tx and haven't yet recorded the rates & exponentials of the 4 planes and one heli that I fly with it. For my old Futabe 6EX I used to use the sheet thoughtfully provided in the back page of the manual by making photocopies to fill in with model details. As there isn't a record sheet in the Spektrum manual I was intending to make one up in Excel but now I don't need to! Thanks.
Thread: Favorite aviation based documentary or book
27/01/2010 19:33:44
'I Learned About Flying from That' was originally a column is an RAF publication called Air Clues. It was classified so you woudn't have seen it in WHS, ILAFFT was stories from pilots who learned by their mistakes. One that comes to mind was about a Harrier pilot who left his ejection seat pins in, took off and had engine problems, tried to eject and couldn't so he had to get the plane back to base. He did, to a heroes welcome but had to confess to his boss that he couldn't have ejected anyway, Lucky guy! That's where ILAFFT came from.  
Thread: Old Formosas Never Die
26/01/2010 21:59:34
The Americans fly Formosas with insanely powerful motors and glasscloth cover the wings to take the stress. About 100-120W is enough for a Formosa if kept light. My old one flew great on a cheap 2408-12 motor and 2 cells. It woudn't have done unlimited vertical climbs or prop hang but that's not what Formaosa flying is about (for me anyway). I just like to fly fast low passes, big loops, bunts, inverted at a safe height and anything else that I feel confident to try. I eventually destroyed mine by trying a cuban 8 too low. It's tribute to the design that they perform so well when over powered.  
Thread: Favorite aviation based documentary or book
26/01/2010 21:36:15
One of the best (fiction) books I've read about WW2 flying is 'Goodbye Mickey Mouse' by Len Deighton. It's about a Mustang pilot in the 8th AAF, there's a background story about the new pilot being a General's son who has to prove himself etc but the descriptions of what it's like to routinely fly 6 hour missions, dogfights and the camaraderie among the pilots is really great. The cover says that the only other way to know more about flying a P51 (other than by reading the book) is to go and fly one. I believe it. Highly recommended.
Thread: Formosa Rocks!
24/01/2010 20:19:20
I'm a'returner' as well Marc. Back in the '70's I only had one model flyable at a time because my Digi-Fleet 27MHz receiver and servos all had to be changed over if I wanted to fly another, in those days I just flew slope soarers. The motor on your link is the 2408-21T, I've got one on a GWS stick mount, salvaged from the wreckage of my 1st Formosa. I'm refurbishing a Formosa I was recently given so may re-use the motor but the previous owner fitted a ply plate so I'll just bolt the motor mount onto it. My old Formosa was a great model to fly, much better on the 2408-21T and 2S than the 350 brushed motor and nicads. May use 3S on the next Formosa because the fuz has been hollowed out for a 3S battery!
Thread: GWS Formosa
24/01/2010 19:55:44
Thanks Moorer, I should have thought of that... I'll look at prop options.
24/01/2010 19:31:24
I was interested to read about using the cheapo 2408-21T motor. I used one on 2S in my first Formosa, it was ok but noisy and I didn't like the thin threaded shaft because a. they bend easily and b. your'e stuck with using GWS orange props. I'm doing up a Formosa I was given and haven't decided on a motor yet. Iv'e still got the old 2408-12 motor, on 3S I think they're good for 120W and have quite a high KV of 1400. Does anyone know if you can get a prop driver which screws onto the threaded shaft so that I can use an APC prop?   
Thread: Old Formosas Never Die
22/01/2010 10:16:15
Old Formosas never die... I've just been given a tatty Formosa airframe because I mentioned to someone at a club night that I used to have one and wouldn't mind another. Half of the decals have gone, the stick motor mount has been replaced with a rough ply plate and the long bolt which holds the wing on has disappeared. Also he had put in a c/f rod wing strengthener but hadn't glued it all the way across! I've now glued it in, filled in the holes with Wilco lightweight filler and sheeted over the undercarriage positions, previously open. Have servos, ESC but not sure which motor to use. I've made a start on the wing first and will paint the plane with bright acrylics.
Thread: New Parkzone P51
22/01/2010 10:05:41
I can't find any mention of the name 'Gunfighter' in books I have about the P51. A picture of a P51 in the same colours including the prancing horse on the rudder but not the black stripes on the wing roots, appears in my Aerodata International profile published in 1978. That plane is of 343 fighter squadron, 55 Fighter Gp,8th AAF as someone pointed out above, I wonder if he has the same book? The model though is brilliant, I went flying yesterday (cold with little wind) and a mate had the plug 'n play version with an AR500. It flew as if on rails and looked really good in the air particularly on fast low passes. Next on my list!
Thread: Is it time to re-call the AR500 reciever
19/01/2010 14:56:43
Reading this thread got me worried because I've bought a (2nd) AR500 to use in a plane I'm building. I haven't had problems with my 1st AR500 which flew last summer in a Seagull X-Ray, from a BEC. To be sure about the new one I checked the BEC voltage in my new plane with the motor running whilst I waggled the sticks to make all 3 servos move. The BEC voltage goes from 5.05V no load down to 5.03V which should be ok if the receiver needs at least 3.5V. Maybe the AR500 is a bit more voltage sensitive than other Spektrum receivers. Mine hasn't lost bind either, I always re-bind when I've got a plane trimmed so that the failsafe shuts the throttle and hopefully glides the plane to a safe landing. 
Thread: A Cert???
12/01/2010 20:45:58
If I win the lottery I'm going to buy a huge field, mow a strip and fly what ever I like when I like. I may even let one or two carefully chosen flyers share the field with me. Dream on.. 
Thread: Ideas for articles in RCM&E
09/01/2010 15:04:39
How about an updated summary and comparison of 2.4 GHz radio systems? Manufacturers are bringing out more and more systems as well as the ones we know about: FASST, DSM, DSM2 etc. You did one a while ago but since then Jeti and Graupner have brought out their own 2,4 systems. Reading some of the threads on this forum makes me think there's uncertainty about which one to go for. The only one which seems to have any interoperability is Spektrum/JR DSM2 for BNF models. Please let us know about recent systems and whether they will interoperate..
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