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Thread: they are still at it.(PayPal).
25/10/2018 22:57:51

I have had the message saying that our internet will be disconnected within 24 hours. It's a recording by a woman with an American accent. The giveaway is that she says "This is a message from your service provider" because they don't know who my service provider is. So obvious, I just hang up.

Thread: Cliffwhacker
25/10/2018 20:40:17

Hi DC.

I see that your Cliffwhacker has a bolted-on wing and fancy wingtips. BTW I like the colour scheme. The dowels and bands on mine must be quite draggy but it would take severe surgery to adapt the model now, should have thought of it during the build. I did think about making mine a powered version once, but will leave it as a slope soarer as I’m really enjoying flying it. Is your Purple Power motor reversed so that it fits behind the front former? That’s the problem with electrifying glider designs, you often have to fit an extra former to support the motor backplate unless the motor’s reversed.

Our slope is also strictly for gliders, being NT land. I have flown a Radian there with the prop banded to the nose, just had to remember to leave the throttle stick alone! The only problem was landing, it just wanted to soar to great heights. I have a MPX Solius too and wonder how that would go off the slope. Would look nice with the glider nose cone if I could get one.

24/10/2018 21:30:48

It doesn’t seem like 3 ½ years since I built my Cliffwhacker which now has full span ailerons instead of ailerons with flaps. Today there was a moderate breeze onto the slope and I threw the Cliffwhacker off and found I was having to hold in some elevator until I got some up trim in. When I landed it the elevator neutral was slightly up. With 63g of lead taken out of the nose and the elevator trim back to where it was the model flew better, going faster with more penetration and the elevator level which has to be better. It goes up fast in lift and I only had to give a nudge of down elevator to level it off. The model feels stable and no tail dragging in turns, although the balance point is now about 1cm behind the spar rather than on it as it was before. My next flight was over 20 minutes and after a sandwich and chat break, one or two more. I went home feeling pleased with the Cliffwhacker. Are the other models in the 2015 thread still in existence? A glider I would recommend and well worth the building effort.

Thread: What's flying over your house
04/09/2018 21:10:49

Saw a DC3 in D-day markings flying over Wavendon Bucks on Sunday. Milton Keynes museum had a 1940’s weekend, vehicles and a ‘WW2 flypast’. I think the DC3 I saw was the fly past, on the way back to wherever it came from. Glad I happened to be there!

Thread: Oracovering
20/08/2018 22:33:17

Thanks for replies and covering tips . I won't be doing an elaborate colour scheme like Steve's Suprafly but just need to secure the overlaps. It's for an electric glider so I don't need any fuel proofing.

19/08/2018 09:32:01

Now that Solarfilm is out of production I am about to cover a new build with red Oracover. Will Primol and Balsaloc that I used to use with Solarfilm, work with other covering films?

Thread: Aretha Franklin...RIP.
17/08/2018 10:30:34

Yes, Aretha was a great talent. When I first heard Respect back in the late 60’s I knew she was something special.

Thread: Where to put the lead
27/07/2018 16:39:43

I asked for some wheel balance weights when I had a tyre replaced recently. They aren’t lead anymore but steel. Lead weights aren’t environmentally friendly and have been replaced by steel ones. I did get some lead sheet though when we had a roof job done.

Edited By buster prop on 27/07/2018 16:40:38

Thread: Geoffrey Wellum
25/07/2018 17:17:49

One last thing.. I read that Geoffrey was giving a talk to some young people and one of them asked whether the computer in his Spitfire told him how much ammunition was left! I have read First Light several times, wonderful book.

Thread: What's flying over your house
19/07/2018 22:08:55

Thanks, I think it must have been the Red Bull DC6 then. I saw the Brietling Constellation flying in Switzerland a few years ago. I’m glad that firms sponsor these planes so that we can enjoy seeing them flying.

19/07/2018 20:15:45

I saw what looked like a DC6 flying from Cranfield, Beds, this afternoon. It flew over again at about 6pm, low and making a wonderful noise. I’m sure it was a DC6. Does anybody else know anything about it? I thought the only DC6 in the country was the ex-Air Atlantique one which was converted into a diner 😩. A happy surprise to me that another one is flying in the UK.

Thread: Cambrian Little Midge
26/06/2018 16:57:45

I saw those on sale and was tempted. I only didn’t buy one because Ihave several small models like it and have another building project. You can get small motors, esc’s etc from Micron R/c. Good luck with it, let us know how you get on with the build and flying.

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
16/06/2018 07:50:04

I'm very glad to read something positive on this subject at last. Don't get too excited though, Matty B will be along soon to pour cold water on our optimism.

Thread: Multiplex Solius Glider
06/05/2018 09:03:00

Yes Percy the leads do go through the long hexagonal tube in the fuselage. On my Solius the tube is aluminium but I think it's fibreglass on the Heron. The question is whether there's enough room to get the plugs through if one of the extension leads has to be replaced. I've not had a problem (yet) with the tail servos.

05/05/2018 14:04:27

You’re probably right about HS55s, someone told me that the red Multiplex ‘Tiny’ servos are re- branded HS55s. Seems that they are HS65MGs. That’s why I though an HS55 was a plug in replacement. Incidentally the fin sticker is on the LH side looking from the back of the plane.

05/05/2018 13:37:19

No need to carve up the fuselage CK. the elevator and rudder servos are buried in the fin and hidden under the sticker on its RHS. The extension lead could have failed but I would check the servo first. Pull back the sticker to expose the servos and connection to the lead. Simply substitute a spare servo and give it a try. If the red Multiplex one has failed then I’m told that a Hitec HS55 is a good replacement. The elevator servo has a short vertical pushrod with an L shaped end going to the elevator. If this proves that the extension lead has failed then ask again. Good luck with it.

Thread: Your Transmitter History
10/04/2018 12:22:12

My very first transmitter was home built from a design in Radio Modeller, called the Singlet Superhet on 27Mhz. I did it the hard way, making circuit boards for the transmitter and receiver by painting tracks onto copper board, etching them with ferric chloride and drilling holes to mount components. It worked well, and I learned to fly with it on a single channel slope soarer with an escapement. The Singlet set was sold and was followed by:

Remcon reeds (on loan from a club mate who had gone ‘propo&rsquo

Fleet 27MHz 3 channel set, the blue square case one with a 9V dry battery

Futaba 4 channel on 35MHz

Then after a twenty year break:

Futaba Skysport 6 (35)

Futaba 6EX (35)

Spektrum DX7 (DSM2)

Spektrum DX6i (DSM2/DSMX)

Spektrum DX7 G2 (DSMX)

All were sold except the Skysport 6 and the three Spektrum TX’s. Now I use the DX6i for parkflyers and the DX7G2 for gliders. The first DX7 isn’t in use at the moment because it needs a new battery.

Thread: Warbirds Over Wanaka 2018 Yak 3 Plane Crash
05/04/2018 08:43:34

Speaking aS a self appointed crash investigator, why didn't he land on the runway instead of the grass alongside of it? Didn't he see the obstruction while on approach?

Thread: Pedantic
26/02/2018 20:44:38

Beginning sentences with ‘So’ is bad enough but worse is starting them with ‘Basically’. My son does this and now the grandkids have picked it up. Basically, it’s basically annoying.

26/02/2018 17:05:24

My pet hate is ‘could of’ instead of ‘could have’. More and more people say this and it really annoys me. Pedant, moi?

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