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Thread: Excerpt from Aero modeller 1971
16/02/2018 17:53:32

There used to be a column in Aeromodeller called ‘Heard at the Hangar doors’. Was that by Pylonius?

Thread: Mike Oldfield
13/01/2018 19:07:56

Rod Stewart

13/01/2018 16:32:20

This is all very interesting but far from Mike Oldfield, subject of the OP. It’s become a Hi Fi thread! Reminded me that I have a Garrard GT35P turntable somewhere in the loft.

Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
11/01/2018 20:19:04

I had my first flights of 2018 yesterday at the slope. With a light westerly wind and no rain forecast I headed for the hill taking an Alula Trek HLG and another lightweight model. The Trek has flown as an HLG but I soon found that its’ trim was wrong for the slope. The elevator was far too sensitive even on low rates. With 15g of ballast, down trim and reduced control movements it was much better but still a bit ‘bouncy’. Managed a few flights and then got my other model trimmed out and going well. We only stopped flying when it got cold later in the afternoon. There's quite a difference in trim and setup for the Trek, and my other gliders, between flat field and slope flying.

Thread: Advice
18/12/2017 17:34:51

I was told never to fly across the sun but if you have to, close one eye. Another one when learning was that if the plane is flying towards you, put the stick under the lowest wing to keep it level. And never take your eyes off your plane, I remember having a ‘Where the &£@* is it?’ moment.

Thread: The Mini WOT 4 thread
11/12/2017 16:49:19

Andy, 14 swg wire is 2.032mm very close to the original shaft. I snapped a 2mm motor shaft once and managed to reduce 14 swg by spinning it in a drill while gripping with fine emery paper. This won’t work with really hard wire but is worth trying. Good luck with making or finding another shaft.

Edited By buster prop on 11/12/2017 16:51:13

Thread: starting to build from plans
29/11/2017 22:34:22

Well done on your first plan build, Daniel. I like to build models that way, it's an absorbing and creative process and immensely satisfying when it turns out well. For more complex builds I spend quite a while studying the plan and measuring to make sure everything fits together. This is helped by a glass of Scottish meditating fluid. Sometimes I find inaccuracies like spar slots that don't fit with positions on the wing plan view or fuselage formers that don't allow for the thickness of doublers and so on. It's best to work these things out before wasting wood by cutting out parts that won't quite fit. Good luck with your future builds.

Thread: All very nice, but who cares?
29/11/2017 20:29:14

If the Daily Mail said those things about Meghan, they should remember what happened with Diana. She ticked all the right boxes for the royal family: she’s English, not a Catholic, a Lord’s daughter, no scandalous past, young and attractive. It was time for Charles to be married off and produce an heir and a spare, along came Diana. What could possibly go wrong? What went wrong was that she married Charles who was in love with someone else. He didn’t give her the love and support she needed and it all went downhill. However, I wish Harry and Megan well. It’s not their fault, but it’s the hype that gets on my nerves, the wedding dress, who goes to the wedding and who doesn’t, when’s the first baby due? We might think it’s a pain but a lot of people are fascinated by it.

28/11/2017 09:12:48

I wasn’t in least bit surprised at the engagement yesterday. We’ve been ‘softened up’ for it for weeks with TV programmes and and managed media speculation. Yes, we will get all the wedding ballyhoo then a sprog or two. They won’t hang about, she is 36 and sister in law Kate has been popping them out. In the Royal tradition of having an an heir and a spare expect at least two. Me, cynical?

Thread: DOH!
10/11/2017 14:09:03

I was replacing a burned out ESC recently and had the new one beside the model ready to fit. I took out the failed ESC and thought I’d cut the connectors off before throwing it in the bin. Yes, I cut the connectors off the new one instead. Now have to do a soldering and sleeving job.

Edited By buster prop on 10/11/2017 14:10:04

02/11/2017 21:14:36

I once decided to weigh some LiPo's on the kitchen scales. I used our posh new digital scales which weigh to 1 gram resolution and have a brushed stainless steel top. The LiPos had bullet connectors on them (I think you know what's coming), when I put a battery onto the scale there was a crackle and sparks flew. The sleeving on one of the connectors was slightly too short and exposed the socket. I managed to polish out the burn marks which are still just visible. Luckily no-one noticed.

Thread: Mini Wot 4 or something else?
22/09/2017 21:27:48

Ok, small control movements need small expo or none at all. A clubmate flies a 3D model with 60% and swears that it helps. He watched me maiden the MW4 and recommended more expo to make it less twitchy. Next time out I will try flying it with just rudder and elevator although the Mini Wot 4 has no dihedral. Some downthrust would really help and is worth trying.

22/09/2017 18:57:48

I flew my mini Wot 4 today and it will cruise about with plenty of down trim and small control movements with lots of expo. I use a 900 2S and have stuck weights under the cowl so the CG is well forward. My early flights with it were hair raising, all the faults mentioned above. OK, it sort of flies ok now but I wouldn’t recommend it. Just wish I’d put the money towards something a bit more forgiving (and with a decent u/c).

Thread: So, What would you buy with your lottery win?
17/08/2017 08:19:04

A big field?

Thread: Mini Wot 4 or something else?
16/08/2017 17:45:18

Flown mine again with a 900 35C. I agree about the bendy u/c, Lithoplate seems to be what it's made of. Even with the 900 my plane flew as though it's tail heavy, it dragged around turns with just aileron and needed some rudder to help. I marked the balance point under the wing and my Wot 4 balances just behind it so next time out I'll try some weight in the nose. Flying came to an end when the prop broke after an off-strip landing, replacement is on order from BRC. BTW, its a 5.5 x 4.5 APC. Getting there!

Thread: Passchendaele 100 years on
03/08/2017 21:19:24

According to a book I have which describes the origins of WW1, it all began because of treaty obligations between countries and their allies. In 1914 Serbia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire but Serbian nationalists wanted to Serbia to leave and have closer ties to Russia. That’s why they assassinated the nephew of the Austrian emperor who was visiting Sarajevo. In retaliation Austria threatened to invade Serbia, which was allied to Russia. The Russians warned the Austrians that they would invade them and Hungary if they attacked Serbia. Russia had an alliance with France who would have joined in against the Austrians who had an alliance with Germany. What had all this got to do with Britain? Well, we had a treaty with Belgium which dated back to 1837. We were bound to come to Belgium’s aid if their territory was violated, German troops would have entered Belgium in the event of a war between Austria/Germany and Russia/France. It was a debatable point and the Liberal leader, David Lloyd George was against it, knowing that we could be drawn into a war with Germany which was a strong military power. The Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey and PM Herbert Asquith thought that we must honour the 1837 treaty and also that Germany needed to be challenged. There had been a naval arms race going on between Britain and Germany since 1906 and their navy could threaten our sea routes to the Empire. Grey won the vote and Britain went to war. Historians are still debating whether it was worth 4 years of slaughter and 2 million casualties to uphold a point of honour. After the war Grey was blamed and became a recluse, re-living the events of 1914 until he died in 1933.

Thread: Radian and Spektrum
02/08/2017 21:41:21

I’m a long term Spektrum user, starting with the original DSM2 DX7, then a DX6i and now a DX7G2. The last two are DSMX but I’ve flown electric power, slope soarers and thermal soarers with all these transmitters and not had any trouble. In fact, I recently flew my Radian with an AR400 receiver to over 800 feet with the DX7G2. So yes, in my experience Spektrum is perfectly ok for a Radian. On the subject of gliders, I also have a Solius (with an AR610) and it’s more demanding to fly than a Radian. I like it but a beginner would be better off with a Radian in my view. I can’t comment on the Radian Pro, haven’t flown one, but reports aren’t good.

Thread: Mini Wot 4 or something else?
29/07/2017 21:16:31

I have a Mini Wot 4 although it’s a bit early to comment on what it’s like to fly because it’s only had about 3 flights due to battery problems. It went together easily although I found that the connectors for the 3 wires from the ESC to the motor were very tight. Naturally, when I got them plugged in the motor ran backwards and I had to get 2 of them apart again to be reversed. The instruction specify a 2S 800 Lipo but the only 2 cell LiPos I had were old ex-indoor 450’s and the model needed some weight in the nose. Down at the field I found that they wouldn’t run the motor at more than half throttle so a club mate lent me a 500. With that the Mini Wot 4 climbed away nicely from a hand launch. With the recommended 10% expo on low rates and 20% on high ones I found the ailerons too sensitive. After a shaky start I switched to low rates but was still over controlling on my first flights. It only managed a few flights with the 2S 500 so the next outing with a 2S 850 and more expo should be much better.

Thread: Man on the moon. Really?
17/07/2017 22:26:52

Getting back to the OP, presumably the conspiracy theory is that the moon mission Saturn 5’s launched into low earth orbit for a few days instead of flying to the moon while the descent, landing, moonwalks and take-offs were being faked in a studio by actors. Then TV showed the capsules splashing down into the Pacific and the real astronauts emerging. Each Apollo launch was seen by millions of people live on TV and those who were at Cape Canaveral. Remember that the Russians were desperately trying to get to the moon first and their scientists knew that Saturn 5 was a viable moon rocket. Why would the Americans go to all the trouble and expense of building and launching several moon-capable Saturn 5’s and take the risk of being discovered faking moon landings? Easier to just go there, I've seen the Saturn 5 and watched the landing on TV, I'm convinced it happened.

Thread: Aircraft that are difficult to rc scale
01/03/2017 16:33:13

Fairly Rotodyne with miniature ram jets at the blade tips?

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