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Thread: What's the main radio brand you use 2017?
24/02/2017 11:00:10

I've flown with Spektrum since going to 2.4GHz about six years ago. Now I've got 3 transmitters and a collection of receivers, both DSM2 and DSMX so I'm not likely to change brand. Not surprised to see that Spektrum is so popular because it is well featured and not too expensive, I haven't had any crashes caused by radio faults yet, as a mainly glider flier I could be tempted to go to Multiplex or Graupner which seem to be aimed more at glider fliers. Taranis? No, I'm scared off by all the posts about its' software. I'm not an IT expert and want something that works out of the box. Jeti? Superb but so expensive, I'll stay with Spektrum which does 95% of what I need it to do.

Thread: Replica Mills 1.3 - Who made it?
16/02/2017 12:03:01

The plot thickens! Derek rang me soon after I sent my previous post. He said that after checking up, he only made 30 Mills 1.3 Mk1’s and about 10 Mk2’s. He thinks that if yours is serial 46 it may have been made in Market Harborough, Leicestershire by Attachport. I’ve never heard of this manufacturer but Derek knows a lot more about old British model Diesel engines than I do, he's a mine of information about them and their long gone manufacturers. Attachport also machined their crankcases and included copies of the original Mills leaflets. Apparently the Mk1 1.3 crankcase had straight sides and the Mk2 sloped slightly. . Sorry if I gave you incorrect info earlier and it seems from my second chat with Derek and brokenenglish's post that your engine was made by Attachport after all.

Edited By buster prop on 16/02/2017 12:07:00

16/02/2017 10:47:51

John, I asked Derek about the replica Mills 1.3 and from your description he thinks it is one he made. His later engines had black prop drivers and comp. screws but the earlier ones were all natural metal. Derek did engrave serial numbers on the mounting lugs as you say and the crankcases are machined, not cast. Without showing him a photo of your engine I think we can be reasonably sure that it is a Derek Giles made replica. The engines were all run and the compression lever and needle valves left in the running positions. He also made replica 0.75cc’s, a 1.5cc (two 0.75 cylinders in line), a 0.5 and a 0.3 singles! All based on the Mills design.

12/02/2017 12:07:30

No, but I know Derek and am seeing him next week. I'll ask giving him your description of the 1.3. He has made some gems, like a twin 0.75 Mills that I marvel at.

Thread: Planning laws, clarification sought
10/02/2017 12:22:00

You have my sympathy Martin. We are trying to stop a developer putting 200+ houses close to our village. Their first application was rejected but they have come back with a slightly changed application. Back to writing letters and going to meetings but I think the developers will win in the end. Unfortunately many people near here think it's a done deal and opposing it is a waste of time. We don't have so much of a housing shortage in this country as an over population problem. Good luck!

Thread: Should you invite drone pilots to your field?
06/02/2017 13:58:47

Not at our field. It has houses backing onto it all along one side and we may be accused of spying if we allow MRs anywhere near the houses. We use the field for gliders and small electric models. No runway and no I.c. due to noise. Good field that we don't want to lose.

Thread: Bringing absolute stupidity to a new low!
01/02/2017 17:02:20
Posted by Colin Leighfield on 31/01/2017 21:47:59:

It's worth remembering that the designer of the Lancaster, Roy Chadwick, was killed in the prototype Avro Tudor 2 in a take-off crash caused by reversed ailerons. It seems hard to believe that normal pre-flight checks obviously failed in a case like that, but clearly they did. None of us are immune from the effects of muddle-headedness, it would seem!

Remember that the ailerons and other surfaces weren’t visible from the flight deck so Bill Thorn, the pilot just checked for free movement of the stick and rudder bar as usual before take-off. He trusted the maintenance guys to have ensured that the ailerons and other controls moved in the right sense. He could have asked for a visual check by radio I suppose, but the resulting crash killed himself and Roy Chadwick. A maintenance failure rather than pilot error.

Thread: Diesel Crackdown
30/01/2017 11:15:37

I wouldn’t buy a Diesel car at the moment because they may lose a lot of value in the near future, also I don’t do as many miles as I used to only 8K last year. The report about extra parking charges for Diesels was worrying, a few cities now but the idea will definitely spread to a town near you! I know we were encouraged to go Diesel because of low CO2 and hence lower road tax but I think the heyday of Diesel cars is coming to an end. I haven’t had a Diesel since about 2000, a Citroen BX19. Compared to modern Diesels it was slow and noisy although I liked the 55mpg economy. Now I’m looking to changing my 2008 1.6 petrol Focus for a newer one, dealers forecourts round here are stuffed with Diesel Focus's.

Thread: How much Expo and Why?
28/11/2016 20:58:36

Back to the OP which was about exponential. I have some of the PZ UMX models and before AS3X I found them difficult to fly in anything but a flat calm with no expo at all. I had the original micro P51 which was a twitchy little beast and almost as bad were the Corsair and T28 Trojan, all 3 much better with about 30% expo. I also have the newer AS3X micro P51 'Meg' and even that benefits from some expo. Normally, I might use 20% on elevators and ailerons for my power models and gliders. In my experience it certainly helps but I use the minimum needed to smooth things out if you know what I mean.

Thread: Help with Dx6i
09/09/2016 11:12:19

Hi FB3, it does on page 11 and how to find the model name command on the setup menu is on page 9. First, press the roller to get onto the Main menu, go past MODEL SELECT, DUAL RATES etc right to the bottom of the list to SETUP LIST. Press the roller again and go to MODEL NAME, it's the second function down, past MODEL TYPE (ACRO or HELI). Click on the model name and scroll onto the flashing line. If you roll the roller it goes past numbers, lower and upper case alphabetical characters. just click to select the one you want and move onto the next space and so on. Finally go back to the Main menu and the model name will appear. It's a bit tedious but that's the way to do it. Like all Spektrum manuals the DX6i one tells you what you can do but isn't that descriptive. I hope you succeed.

Thread: Air Cadets ( ATC)
24/08/2016 12:32:45

I was in 40F Sqn, Maidstone Kent from 1959 to 1962. Great days, summer camps at Chivenor and Scampton and flying in Chipmunks at Manston, also marching through the town with scouts, sea cadets etc on remembrance parades. I too lied about my age to join at Courtnay Road drill hall which is where my dad joined up (Army) in 1939. I doubt if it's there now. I have the ATC to thank for getting me interested in radio which led eventually to a career in electronics and an amateur radio licence. No girls in the ATC back then!

Thread: Songs to describe BREXIT
25/06/2016 21:02:19

Don't Leave me this Way.........The Communards

Thread: Summer is here!!....Who's been flying??
21/06/2016 21:05:32

I had a great afternoon at Ivinghoe flying my Cliffwhacker. It now has full span ailerons with no flaps, and flies beautifully. Conditions were just right, 12-15mph west wind onto the main slope giving smooth lift. Had several long flights with it and a couple more with a foam flying wing. Pleased with my Cliffwhacker, an easy build and a good flyer.

Thread: RX bargain
01/03/2016 16:41:54

Thanks for the tip, just ordered two of them from S M C.

Thread: Holiday in North Devon
29/01/2016 11:41:23

I was in north Devon on holiday once and saw someone flying a slope soarer near Baggy Point.

Thread: Pheonix PMP Rampage?
24/01/2016 17:26:29

The Rampage was a tail less sloper of 1520mm span with a central fin (no rudder). Wing section is modified m h 64. I have a Phoenix catalogue from 2006 which shows most of their EPP range of gliders. Interesting that you have a Bedlam, I'm making one at the moment from an old kit. How does yours fly?

Thread: E-flite UMX: Which is your favourite?
23/01/2016 18:28:11

Yes Dom, the T28 has been flown quite a lot. Mainly outdoors so it hasn't hit walls but has had a few impacts with fences, trees and the ground. My Mustang has only been flown outdoors, it's a bit fast for indoor flying.

22/01/2016 17:45:57

One UMX I really like flying is the T28 Trojan, mine eventually got noisy because of worn reduction gears so I transplanted the motor and gears out on my old (non A3SX) Mustang. Given it a new lease of life! I also have the new UMX Mustang with AS3X and that flies fast and as though its on rails, super little plane (I love Mustangs). The T28 though is fun for throwing about, does great stall turns and will loop after a short dive. In a wind it needs rapid finger work on the Tx with no AS3X.

Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
11/01/2016 09:52:35

Finally got some spare time and not raining but quite windy so I went up to the field with a couple of models. First up, my trusty Radian. Launched it into a keen cold breeze. Could only climb into wind and tack back and forth on the glide while gradually losing height. No lift at all and flights were 4-5 minutes. Got bored with that so next up was my Flying Wings Crossfire, an excellent winter hack, much better. I threw that about until I ran out of charged batteries, hadn't bothered taking the charger because of short afternoon and I could feel spots of rain so packed up and went home. No-one else mad enough to go. First flights of 2016 and probably for a couple of months.

Thread: What certification do you intend to try and obtain in the next 12 months?
07/01/2016 21:09:13

I never did get around to taking the power 'A' although I spent time practising the figure 8 bit. I found it very hard to get both circles the same with the intersection directly in line with the pilot box particularly if there was a breeze. I never really got it cracked. Then I pranged my only 1Kg electric model which qualified for the test and spent most of last summer flying a Radian, doing many thermal turns and reasonably close landings. I feel that the Silent Flight 'A' is more relevant for me now and I'm more confident that I can fly all the elements of that test. No one in the soaring club seems to bother with tests but I'd like to get through the S/F 'A' for my own satisfaction.

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