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Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
23/12/2018 16:55:31
First Christmas Joke:

Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates.

'In honor of this holy season' Saint Peter said, 'You must each possess something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven.'

The Englishman fumbled through his pockets and pulled out a lighter. He flicked it on. 'It's a candle', he said.
'You may pass through the pearly gates' Saint Peter said.

The Scotsman reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. He shook them and said, 'They're bells.'
Saint Peter said 'You may pass through the pearly gates'.

The Irishman started searching desperately through his pockets and finally pulled out a pair of women's panties.

St. Peter looked at the man with a raised eyebrow and asked, 'And just what do those symbolize?'
'These are Carols.'

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Thread: workbench design?
12/11/2018 13:13:48

Here is information on the design of a work bench.

It is from the Experimental Aviation web site as a work bench is often the first thing one builds before building a plane. You can adjust the length and width to suit your requirements. I suggest adding a lip on the front of the top working area.

Thread: Fuel tank sizes
02/11/2018 20:57:40

Du-Bros sell a range of tanks that may suite.

Thread: High Start Beginner
11/10/2018 18:50:54

I used the motor out of my Multiplex Easy Glider Pro, which was a HIMAX C2816-1220 It had a 9by6 folding prop and used a 3S2200 mah battery. This motor is really too powerful but as it was available I used it and it gives quite a spectacular rate of climb

11/10/2018 02:02:18

The first high start I bought in the late 1980s The bungee system came with the bungee the line and a parachute at the glider end. The advantage of a parachute is once disconnected from the glider the line will slowly fall to the ground and with the wind blow towards the launch point. It obviously will not reach the launch point as it can't stretch the bungee cord. You still have to walk find the line and pull it back for the next launch. For OP it is handy to have a spring loaded fish scale so you can try with different launch tension to find the optimal value.

11/10/2018 02:02:17

The first high start I bought in the late 1980s The bungee system came with the bungee the line and a parachute at the glider end. The advantage of a parachute is once disconnected from the glider the line will slowly fall to the ground and with the wind blow towards the launch point. It obviously will not reach the launch point as it can't stretch the bungee cord. You still have to walk find the line and pull it back for the next launch. For OP it is handy to have a spring loaded fish scale so you can try with different launch tension to find the optimal value.

10/10/2018 23:56:13

There is a lot of good advice in the above replies.I have done quite a bit of bungee launching with a Goldberg Gentle Lady which is an excellent glider. I believe that Sussex Models still sells the kit. I would just like to add a couple of point. On the glider end near the tow hook ring place a small red flag. The flag adds a bit of drag to the line and helps it to unhook from the glider at the top of the launch. Also it help find the end of the line when you are looking for it after the launch. Most of my bungee launches were from nicely mown school fields when I lived in California. When I tried bungee bungee launches from a model aircraft field in the south of France it was a real problem due to the tough weeds that were mixed in with the grass and made it difficult to run out the bungee line without getting tangled up with the weeds. I ended up abandoning the bungee and fitted an electric motor and the GL is still flying to this day now that I am back in the US.

Thread: The Big Guff.
16/08/2018 16:44:24


There is an interesting article on The Big Guff in this months US Model Aviation Magazine.

It talks about the 20 year old twin brothers Bill and Walt Good who built the Big Guff as well as the radio equipment. The plane is considered to be the first designed specifically for Radio Control in the US. The plane won the US RC Nats. in 1938,39 and 40. A version of the plane and radio equipment is on display at the US Model Aircraft Museum in Muncie IN. Muncie is a bit off the usual US tourist route however it is possible to see the plane if you do a virtual tour of the museum. Type in then click on museum and then go to virtual tour. Then find your way to the model shop and the Big Guff is hanging above the entry. It looks as though this model has "polydihedral" (sp) probably to give it some better flight stability. If you are interested email me your address and I will try and scan and sent you the article. I also think Big Guff looks like a big brother to Sparky a plane I built from an Aeromodeler plan which is on the list here and was first published in 1951

Thread: Poor Mans Harrier
31/01/2017 17:01:35

I have seen the Horrizon Hobies Convergence at our flying field and it is an interesting plane. Half drone and half airplaneimg_0116.jpg

Above is a picture. It really is an interesting model which takes off off vertically and then by switching a switch on the transmitter The two front motors progressively switch to forward mode and the rear motor stops. In normal flight mode there are two options either beginner with limited pitch and roll or no limit where the plane is fully aerobatic. It operates off a regular 3S2200 mah battery. Underneath the model is a space to fit a small camera.

There is a You tube video which gives more detailed info and which I can't seem to insert in this thread

Our local model shop here is Florida ordered 4 model and they sold out straight away and there is a wait list so perhaps there may be some delay in getting the model to the UK. The cost here is in the region of $250 which seems to include everything except perhaps the receiver and battery.

Hope you find this of interest.


Thread: 2.5 metre Gentle Lady
14/11/2016 17:56:13


I have just finished building a Goldberg Electra which was an electric version of a Gentle Lady. This model came out in the 1980s and had a heavy motor and 6 or 7 cell Nicad battery. I don't think the model had much success at the time as it weight in at 48 ounces and would have been under powered. The model was designed to be fitted with a normal prop as folding props were perhaps not available. To avoid breaking the prop they fitted a mono wheel type UC. It was a 3/32 piano wire fitted to the motor mount and extended back from the fuselage at 45 degrees with a 1.5 inch wheel.

You could try something like this with your Super size Gentle Lady to protect the prop.

Hope this helps



Edited By Barry W on 14/11/2016 17:57:04

Thread: Glider Tug Advice Needed.
14/11/2016 17:18:44

The French tow plane you mention is called a Bison and is one of the most popular tugs used in France.

When I lived in France I had a 2 channel glider similar to a Gentle Lady by Carl Goldberg. We used to tow it up with a Bison.

The thing to do is get the tug pilot to climb vertical or as vertical as possible and the glider will follow.

It is perhaps net very elegant but is cuts the speed down and the poor glider has to follow.

If things did get out of control just unhook.

Hope this helps


Thread: Eric Clutton FRED
23/06/2016 13:40:59


There is an interesting book "Wings over Meir" (the story of the Potteries Aerodrome) by William Cooke which mentions in some detail Eric Cluton and his airplane FRED. The book which is mainly about the airfield also covers all the aviation events that took place in the Stoke on Trent area dating back to early balloon flights in the 1890s.

It also mentions Eric working as a 16 year old during the war at the aerodrome and on occasion being able to taxi across the field P51 Mustangs. In fact the book is very interesting from a historical point of view as it mentions many of the "Great and Famous" Bader, Leigh- Mallory etc,that came to The Meir both before, during and after the War. Also it mentions Eric wrote a book called "An Aeroplane Called FRED".

I hope this may be of interest to some of you especially if you are from the Staffordshire area.


23/06/2016 04:35:57

I remember Eric when he was doing his test flights of FRED at The Mier airfield at Stoke on Trent. It was in the mid 1960s. He used to tow the plane from his home to the field with his motor cycle and side car. He spent quite a bit of time sorting out his engine problems as initially he had a twin cylinder Triumph motor bike engine driving the prop via a chain reduction drive. Most of the early flight attempts resulted in a short hop before the chain came off the sprocket resulting in a rather hurried return to earth. Eric who had learnt to fly gliders at Long Mynd told me he had recuperated the broken wings of a T21B glider which he had shortened and modified for his FRED.

I used to fly gliders and tow gliders with a Tiger Moth at that time at The Mier and remember well the various adventures Eric had with his FRED. He did after a couple of years get it to fly quite well with a VW engine.

The plane flew quite slowly due to the thick T21 wing section which also gave it a very slow stalling speed. Once I overtook him when flying a Swallow glider much to his surprise as I had time to give him a two finger salute.

Happy times.

Thread: Enya .15 R/C and .09 R/c
09/02/2015 07:07:23


I have a brand new Enya SS15BB I can sell you. I bought it from Webb Models as a replacement for a OS15LA which had a problem. A friend fixed the OS for me so I now don't need the Enya.

I have run perhaps 4 tanks of fuel through the engine so it is not fully run in.

I will sell it to a good home for 40 Pounds which includes postage unless you want to come and pick it up in the south of France! If you are interested send me a PM and I will send you photos of the engine.

Thread: Lazy Bee alternative?
16/12/2014 20:55:46

Sparky Plan from My Hobby Store.

Here is something not mentioned and may be of interest, it is a real blast from the past and was published in Aeromodeller September 1951
I have attached a link to the outerzone site where you can see the plan. If you scroll down there is an interesting 2 page article on the plane written by the designer a certain Mr Hundleby.
It shows pictures of the plane flying in the West Essex Gala and the 1951 Ripmax at Cranfield. Also there is a picture of the plane flying in winter when fitted with skis.
The folks at that time were made of the "right stuff" as he talks about flying the plane in 40 mph winds and doing vertical dives.
The plane was designed to fly "stunts" and was made strong enough to survive hard landings due to what he called "pilot trouble" aka pilot error.
All this on a single channel radio with a elastic escapement and state of the art X.F.G.I ECC receiver, whatever that was.
The plane was powered by a 1.5 cc Albon Javelin and has a 48 inch wing span. The plan on the outzone site has an error as it says the wing span is 40 inches.
I ordered a plan from My Hobby Store which has the correct specified wing span, and am on the process of building the plane.
As the plane is called Sparky I intend to use an electric motor with rudder and elevator control.

I hope the link works if not perhaps Pete can sort it out


Thread: La Ferte Alais
05/08/2014 17:33:01

The main airshow or "meeting" at the La Ferte Alais is each year over Whit weekend (Pentecote in French)

It is a very well known air show and takes place over two days. It is the one to see if you are interested in historic aircraft.


Thread: Rava Avis
20/05/2014 14:18:09


Here are three photos of my Rara Avis

I used an electric motor which draws about 750 Watts from a 4S3300 mah battery.As you can see I replaced the wire undercarraige with a carbon fiber one and fitted the wings with two 5mm nylon bolts instead of the elastic bands. By moving the firewall foward there was enough room to make a hatch to install the battery without removing the wings.


rara avis 3.jpg


rara avis 1.jpgrara avis 2.jpg

Edited By Barry W on 20/05/2014 14:18:50

Edited By Barry W on 20/05/2014 14:21:30

18/05/2014 18:17:25

I built a Rara Avis about 2 years ago following a recommendation from a friend who said it flew better than the Wot 4.

I however converted it to electric and made a cowl for the motor. To get the balance right I moved the motor foward an inch or so.

It certainly flys well and is limited by my model flying capability. I can try and put a photo on here if you are interested.


Thread: World Scale Championships - Marmande, France. July 19-26th
24/02/2014 11:25:54

Thanks Terry.

I am far too old to drive that far so plan to come via other means.


24/02/2014 08:38:10

I am interested in coming for a day or two.It would be nice if we could all meet up.

Perhaps Pete or Terry could be the point of contact.


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