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Thread: Unable to save settings for S8R
26/06/2020 21:37:04

Allan its system menu on tx not setup as in my previous post.😏😏

26/06/2020 19:45:13

Allen you need to install accst v2.1.1 on both receiver and transmitter and on all your other receivers. You must do this otherwise all other receivers will not bind. To use the LUA script you choose setup on the TX and pgdn untill you find the firmware directory then scroll down to sxr_calibrate.lua to calibrate the receiver, After calibration is complete Install the receiver in your model switch on tx and rx and go back to the firmware directory scroll down to FRSKY SxR and setup your receiver. PgDn PgUp updates the settings and allows you to check that the rx has been updated.

When carrying out above make sure tx is not too close to rx at least 1 metre apart, also the rx software has only just been released and you may wish to let other users be the guinea-pig 🤣🤣

Thread: Taranis X9D & Horus X12S version updates
13/06/2020 14:13:00

2.3.7 is the latest and works well with no problems (that I am aware of). I know you won't forget to backup your existing SDcard but if you have a spare SDcard then copy original SDcard and use that so you can easily revert to 2.2 if required. When starting Companion 2.2 you should be notified that a later version (2.3.7) of Companion is available and is also the easiest way to upgrade your transmitter.

You may also be aware that there is a firmware upgrade available for the transmitters (nothing to do with opentx which is currently causing all sorts of problems, at this stage I would advise you to stay well clear as the upgrade involves changing the firmware for both transmitter and all receivers and is not yet finalised.

Thread: IC throttle setting.
22/04/2020 17:36:10

go to outputs screen, set max to 80%, connect your linkage so that carb is near enough fully open with throttle stick fully up, now pull stick back until low throttle is where you want it, adjust min value in outputs screen so that stick is at min when carb is at tick over. Now fine tune min and max values.


Edited By Attilio Rausse on 22/04/2020 17:45:50

Thread: LiPo storage
26/03/2020 20:22:05
Posted by MattyB on 26/03/2020 19:50:34:
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 26/03/2020 19:34:58:

I just don`t get this discharger thing. Do they take them down to a preset level? You would then have to stand over a charger until they reached 3.8V/cell. Why not simply get a RC6S or similar from Overlander?

Yes, you can define the exact cell voltage you want and it will discharge all cells to that level, balancing the pack as it goes. This is superior to using your charger as a) you can discharge far faster (the RC6S you referenced can only dissipate 5W, nowhere near enough unless you only have tiny packs) and b) discharging heats up your charger as it dissipates the energy, potentially shortening it’s life over a large number of cycles.

You can also use a parallel charging board with this discharger.

Thread: Digital Servo Refreshing Rate, HELP needed
06/03/2020 10:15:30

run it at 50 hz and it will be fine, the problem arises when you run an analog at a High refresh rate will cause it to overheat. I assume that you just want to make sure it works OK. if you have mixed analog and digital in a model you would run them at the lower rate. Higher rate is for finer control and greater holding power (Heli tail rotor) but the servo you mention is fairly standard.

Thread: Individual cell voltage of LiPo flight battery.
06/03/2020 08:29:15

I use the battery sensor simply as a guide to when to land <3.6 for >3 seconds. if I suspect a pack is under performing I will test with my Wayne Giles meter.

Thread: TX stick/gimbal direction guide plate?
27/11/2019 08:53:07

Gary Murphy program switches so that the output is 1D not 2D. 😀

Thread: Flight Controllers
11/11/2019 08:51:58

The Kopilot sounds great because it has the RTH feature as well as stabiliser, for trainer type aircraft I can see many advantages over conventional stabilisers. it seems you may need a receiver with sbus output.

Thread: hobbyeagle A3 V2 PPM setup?
04/11/2019 13:52:59

you need a receiver with sbus output.

Thread: How to convert an ic to electric?
15/10/2019 09:05:55

Hi Simon

Just seen this post, I also fly the HK Pt-19 with an electric setup, I use a 5065 236kv up front for weight and reach (the cowl is very narrow at the front). Again, for weight I used a 12S setup (2 x 6S 3300) HV ESC mounted right up front. Don't know which battery you've gone for but with 6S you'll be drawing 70A at full throttle which will be pushing the limits of the motor.

Please keep us up to date with progress, I can provide photo's if required.


Thread: Closed loop.
13/10/2019 11:45:09


Thread: Cable tidy using sbus
29/08/2019 22:20:34

Darran your analysis is spot on, use same bec.

28/08/2019 22:41:54

Darran the x6r and x8r allow you to bind 9 to 14 and 9 to 16, don't think all receivers allow you to do that but you could use any receiver for the lower channels ie x4r 1 to 4 and x6r 9 to 14 (for wing). If you look at the manual for x8r/x6r it explains what jumpers you need to set then bind to access the higher channels. Both receivers need to use the d16 mode when binding.

28/08/2019 21:26:42

Hi Darran

You can use SBUS to reduce the number of connections as you quite rightly state but there is another option which you can use, put an additional receiver in the wing (I am assuming that it's a one piece wing) this would get over the problem regarding the type of servo. So one receiver covers channels 1 to 8 and the second receiver covers channels 9 to 16.

You may have confused S-Port (which is what you connect the sensors to) and SBUS, not that it matters if you use the 2 receiver method. if you need further help just ask.


Thread: Using larger lipo to charge smaller one
04/08/2019 18:13:43

As long as your charger can take the input voltage can't see any problems. 2 charges max though.

Thread: 9XD+
10/07/2019 14:46:26

Nothing wrong with x9D+ on open tx. Stick with frsky receivers. Many new models have already come out depends how much you want to spend, opentx has the same functionality whatever the model of transmitter. Personally I would leave the Jumper alone as it uses an offshoot of opentx so not the same level of support.

Thread: Cordless - Dremel or Aldi special?
17/05/2019 18:05:40

i bought one from lidl so impressed i bought another, would agree with doc Marten buy it, not a lot to lose.

Thread: S6R receivers
27/04/2019 17:20:10

Just an addition test the stabiliser in flight first when you have control to see if it reacts the way you want it too.


27/04/2019 17:16:22

Had a think about this and if it was me I would use the stabiliser in self levelling mode, but with a bit of a twist. Part of the initialisation is to set the model level, this is where you cheat a little by setting the model with a downward slope of say 15 degrees (i don't do slope soaring so adjust this figure to suit). I would probably use switch H (momentary switch) set up as a sticky switch (pull for on pull again for off) to enable self level mode. Enable self level mode at launch which will keep wings level and glider nose down. Grab the sticks pull on SH and your away.

Don't worry about mounting the stabiliser on the cofg it doesn't really matter. If you need any help with setting it up just PM me ( I use Horus and taranis with openTx)


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