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Thread: Using larger lipo to charge smaller one
04/08/2019 18:13:43

As long as your charger can take the input voltage can't see any problems. 2 charges max though.

Thread: 9XD+
10/07/2019 14:46:26

Nothing wrong with x9D+ on open tx. Stick with frsky receivers. Many new models have already come out depends how much you want to spend, opentx has the same functionality whatever the model of transmitter. Personally I would leave the Jumper alone as it uses an offshoot of opentx so not the same level of support.

Thread: Cordless - Dremel or Aldi special?
17/05/2019 18:05:40

i bought one from lidl so impressed i bought another, would agree with doc Marten buy it, not a lot to lose.

Thread: S6R receivers
27/04/2019 17:20:10

Just an addition test the stabiliser in flight first when you have control to see if it reacts the way you want it too.


27/04/2019 17:16:22

Had a think about this and if it was me I would use the stabiliser in self levelling mode, but with a bit of a twist. Part of the initialisation is to set the model level, this is where you cheat a little by setting the model with a downward slope of say 15 degrees (i don't do slope soaring so adjust this figure to suit). I would probably use switch H (momentary switch) set up as a sticky switch (pull for on pull again for off) to enable self level mode. Enable self level mode at launch which will keep wings level and glider nose down. Grab the sticks pull on SH and your away.

Don't worry about mounting the stabiliser on the cofg it doesn't really matter. If you need any help with setting it up just PM me ( I use Horus and taranis with openTx)


Thread: Where can I buy Profilm (Oracover) by the metre?
26/04/2019 08:03:36

Leeds Model Shopsmiley

Thread: Gyro settings
15/03/2019 16:55:50

Frank i have the a3s2 and a3 s3 and can say that whatever you send from the transmitter it will obey without question, so if a mix has outputs on multiple channels thats fine, it only acts when the aeroplane pitches, rolls or yaws without the corresponding transmitter output that it applies correction. However it needs to know the centre position of the servo, so if you apply trim you must let the FS know this as per instructions. You had me thinking about the aileron differential but with only one aileron channel the differential would have to be mechanical so no problem there. Also can't have flapperons or spoilerons with only one aileron channel.

Edited By Attilio Rausse on 15/03/2019 16:59:14

15/03/2019 11:37:39

i think the mixing it refers to is for delta wing or vtail. if your plane is normal wing then use mixes, trims, expo as normal just remember that after any trim changes, you must let the stabiliser know the new centre position of the servo, this is detailed in the instructions.

Thread: Lipo and FrSky SPort Telemetry
03/03/2019 18:42:02

Charlie 3.3V is too low, I have mine set at 3.5V when this is triggered there is then a readout every 20 seconds of lcel, if lcel stays at 3.5v you need to land pdq, I am speaking from experience. I would advise that for a new model you start at 3.6v for safety. its up to you of course.

02/03/2019 13:41:30

Voltage is the full picture, you cannot measure capacity only what has been used. Low cell voltage (not battery voltage) is the warning to land and always occurs as you use the battery. Also when a cell in a battery is nearing 'end of life' the voltage can drop very quickly no matter what the capacity is. Sorry but voltage measurement is always the best way.

02/03/2019 13:13:10

Hi Charlie

I would like to give a different viewpoint to what is suggested above.blush

I use a Frsky MLVSS voltage sensor which measures the voltage for each cell in the pack, I have the alarm set so that when the lowest cell reaches a voltage of 3.6v for 3 secs or more the alarm (voice readout) is activated and it works really well. I decided against measuring the amount used for various reasons the main one is that if one cell starts to play up (can happen any time even 3 mins into flight your calculated consumption will lead you to think all is well) you could end up in real trouble. At the end of the day voltage is the only reliable way to warn you when its time to land.


Edited By Attilio Rausse on 02/03/2019 13:15:15

Thread: I Charger + blue smoke = bin
30/01/2019 16:31:22

HK - Turnigy reaktor 20A for about £52 incredible vfm. just just seen Nigelr post would agree

Edited By Attilio Rausse on 30/01/2019 16:35:15

30/01/2019 16:26:56

the ichargers and copies seem to have a fatal flaw in that you must not power up the charger with the batteries already plugged in, I did this twice, both times the charger was replaced f.o.c.

Thread: When an update is not always a good thing!!
29/01/2019 20:42:56

post 15643 and 44

Thread: In your late 60s or early 70s?
23/01/2019 08:23:34

You don't need a TV Licence to own or possess a television set. However, if you use it to watch or record programmes as they are being shown on TV or live on an online TV service, or to download or watch BBC programmes on demand, including catch up TV, on BBC iPlayer, then you need a TV Licence in order to do so.

Thread: Which Watt Meter
21/01/2019 09:16:11
Posted by gangster on 21/01/2019 08:57:46:

So in a nutshell Buy a Wattmeter as they are called for this purpose, the cheap 3 button ones are working well for most of us. Do not exceed the max current. Buy a few sizes of prop as well around the chosen range .Prop size is probably as significant as anything else in this business

Edited By gangster on 21/01/2019 09:13:04


20/01/2019 14:15:58

Wingman - you are right, however equally important is that a newbie doesn't get his sums wrong.

20/01/2019 14:14:00

If you allow the motor to draw more amps than it is designed to do, you will burn the motor out irrespective of the efficiency, Amps is what is measure by the wattmeter, I can see what your reasoning is but if you follow your reasoning then if the motor is drawing 100A and is 80% efficient you state that there will only be '20A burning power' but you are forgetting the 80A driving power, it's still drawing 100A.

20/01/2019 10:31:29

Dave don't think your statement re efficiency makes any sense, its just too many amps that will kill the motor.🤣🤣

Thread: Depth placement
14/01/2019 21:42:58

No expert but can gps be used?

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