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Thread: Forum 2020 Mass Build discussion.
22/01/2020 18:27:35

Looking good..................

Thread: Flat plane wing question
21/01/2020 18:43:21

Having just built Nigel Hawes 30" Tucano got me wondering, would this solid sanded balsa wing work at a 60" length for a 4 engined airliner? I have a hankering to scratch build one and like the idea of using this type of wing on it?

It seems very stable at slow speeds, thoughts please.............

Thread: 7 Day challenge Nigel Hawes 30" Tucano...............
21/01/2020 17:02:16

Brian, please do make a start on the 48" one, make sure you do a build thread, i have the plan and build article for that one so may have a go at that at some point.........

21/01/2020 00:29:12

Te dah, end of the 7 day challenge, here is the result, one finished Tucano which flew as well today, i think that qualifies as a completed challenge. The paint is still wet on the canopy but it looks like a finished model to me, however i will be putting some trim colours on it to make it more visible on the top as i found it disappeared rather quickly in the poor light at the end of today.

My wife nearly made it but the Viking Britain book took her longer than anticipated, nearly 8 hours as it was a factual book rather than a novel it is a slower read to make sure you are taking it all in. That completed she went back to War & Peace but missed out by 300 pages, 200 of which are the actual story and the last 100 are Tolstoy`s comments. In the end it was a close run thing for both of us, i finished getting the basic covering on with 2 minutes to spare, having almost missed the last flush of daylight to fly it earlier. It feels good to have done the challenge and strangely i feel it was great that it went to the wire and was not completed with ease and a day to spare. I think we will both do something similar again, mine may well be to build another plane. I will post some more pics of the plane once trimmed up on the new models topic as the challenge is now over.... Martin



20/01/2020 18:00:03

Well it has flown, and very nicely i must say, after several last minute set backs which included the mylar hinges not taking the cyano in places, gave them a bit more but pinned them to be on the safe side. Also the right aileron was too high at neutral and the way i have the linkages there is no adjustment so i took the control wire off the servo and made a longer one, the grub screw that holds it to the torque rod stripped the thread in it`s plastic fitting. got round the problem by fitting a small collet on the end of the rod so it couldn`t slide off, this led to another problem! As the two torque rods moved in opposite directions when using ailerons there was just a fag paper gap between them, too close for comfort. My modeling side cutters wouldn`t nip the wire so i had to scrabble around as the sun was going down to find my larger ones in my garage. Here are a few shots my wife took, as you can see the sun was just going over the horizon, a close call, i only flew it for about 3 mins as the visibility was going making it hard to distinguish when side on. She took a video which i will try and upload later. Many thanks to the wife for a very good launch which was only her second, the first was a couple of minutes earlier on an old foamie to see if she could do it ok. Challenge is not over yet, i still have to finish the covering and put some tissue and thinned pva over the canopy which i ended up making from polystyrene, i was surprised how well it sanded. Final update on the challenge later with some pictures of the finished plane, i am confidant of a result for me but the Mrs is still on her 7th book, once read she still has to go back and read the last volume of War & Peace before midnight...........



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20/01/2020 09:02:52

Pushed of to bed without doing my update as i was so tired, another half past midnight finish. This is where i am at, still plenty of covering to do. I have realised i don`t have to have the covering/canopy finished to fly it today, i can finish off this evening after it has (hopefully) had it`s maiden flight.

Poor picture makes it difficult to see but one the top side of the tailplane and the control surfaces have been covered in white.




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19/01/2020 19:23:49

Short update, another will come before i turn in later, Motor run up on a 9x7.5 APC electric prop, pulling 17 amps and giving 160 watts, airframe weighs just under 1 pound with the battery in before covering so performance should be good on paper. Lots of stupid small time consuming jobs done on it today but covering has finally started smiley covering the wings, ailerons, tailplane and elevator first so i can put the hinges in and glue the work surfaces on. Canopy issue still not sorted, that is a job for tomorrow, looks like it is going to be block balsa hollowed out with a dremel. Under 24 hours to go for me now as although it is a 7 day challenge it is all over for me when darkness falls tomorrow as i cannot fly it. So although my wife still has over 28 hours left i have only 21 sad

She is struggling with War and Peace, only halfway through it and has told me as far as she is concerned Mr Tolstoy `can do one` !  She is going to finish volume 2 and then start on her last book to get a rest from Tolstoy, she will go back to it tomorrow. 



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19/01/2020 00:22:48

Ok, had enough for tonight, or should i say i have made an early start today (20 mins past midnight )teeth 2

Airframe nearly finished, fin gussets to make and fit, bit of underside sheet sanding to do, canopy issue to sort out and then it is on to the covering, which is a bit a really enjoy, making it look eye catching. Once done the control surfaces can be hinged and fitted.

Got to do the all important watt meter check tomorrow as well to see what amps it is pulling and prop for under 20.

Mrs C has finished vol one of War & Peace so has two more volumes to do plus the seventh book, she pushed off to bed an hour ago (light weight)  smile p 

She got very interested when i told her about the speed reading course you did Martyn, any further details on it would be appreciated........


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18/01/2020 21:57:39

Location is near Spalding in Lincs. Wing and tailplane now glued on, ailerons connected up, all bottom sheeting finished and motor fitted, final update for today and current pictures a bit later, will push on for another hour or so.......

18/01/2020 19:23:58

Aileron torque rods and linkages, took a bit of working out and modifying bits that i had in my spares box. Bit of a setback, the canopy arrived from Sarik this morning but it is too narrow to fit the fuz, not sure if the canopy is too small or my fuz is too wide! Anyone know where i can buy some blue or pink foam on a Sunday!


17/01/2020 23:20:02

Ok done for day four, i need some sleep face 24 fuselage and wings now sanded to shape, motor hatch cut out and servos fitted. Also ticked off the list are the aileron torque rods and elevator halves joiner wire, all bent to shape but not yet fitted., finally a bit of sheeting done on the rear underside of the fuz,

A couple of bits i could do with some suggestions on, the aileron torque rods are shown on the plan as having some household wire sleeving cyano`d into the torque rods and servo arm linkage, is this the way everyone else has done it? Hoping for some speed out of this with the Mega brushless motor, are they up to the job?

Also elevator pushrod, it shows it as just a piece of 20swg wire, again not sure if this would stand upto a bit of speed, it seems to flex a lot over it`s length, dont want elevator flutter at speed etc. I thought about using a small diameter carbon rod with the wire bound and epoxied to either end. Any thoughts in this area?

All help appreciated.

Mrs C is now nearing the end of book 5, War & Peace is next, she is going into town tomorrow morning for some fresh air before the marathon reading!




16/01/2020 23:29:46

End of day three and work today concentrated on the fuselage, the fin post was fitted using 15 min epoxy and was left to dry with a right angle leant against both sides to ensure it was square with the fuselage. the fuz sides were pulled in at the top to give the curved shape and given a dab of 5 min epoxy, The top decking, front and rear was fitted, this will be sanded to shape tomorrow and a motor access hatch will be cut. The front bottom 1/8 sheet went on and the servo rails were made from 1/4" square balsa capped with 1/16" ply for the servo screws.

Reasonably happy with where it is at , the Mrs is now onto book 4 of the 7.................

Another update tomorrow evening.



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15/01/2020 21:21:35

Day two update, Wings and tail plane have their tips glued on and fuselage is now glued and in the SLEC jig. A couple of cock ups along the way, the minor of the two was to glue the motor mount on with Aliphatic, as soon as it was fitted i started thinking that i should have used epoxy for that. The glue was still wet so i took it off, cleaned it up and used 15 min epoxy for that and the triangular section stiffeners that beef it up. The larger mistake was a mis reading of the plan due to my plan building inexperience, i have attached a picture of the tail section of the plan to show what i have done. The Main part of the fin is made up of three sections, the front and rear are made from soft 1/8 balsa, the Centre part is the fin post made from stiff 1/8, i misread the plan and thought that this post was glued to the rear of the fuz. It is in fact supposed to go inside the rear of the fuselage sides, i cut the sides to the dotted line of the front of the post instead of the rear of it which was the solid line ..........Doh

Not having the time or wood to recut both fuz sides i decided to glue the sides together as cut and i will epoxy the fin post to the rear of my sides. Once dry i will use scrap sheet to fill in the difference between the post and the sides.




Next update tomorrow (day 3)


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14/01/2020 23:25:29

Thanks for the encouragement guys, well tonight i have all the parts cut out and the wing sections have been glued and pinned down, i had hoped to have the fuselage glued and in my SLEC jig but it is now 23.15 and i have to be up for work at 5am..........i know light weight!!

Tomorrow won`t see a huge amount done as i have the editorial to write for my car club magazine but i hope to have the wing tips on, fuselage formers in and the fuselage glued together and in the jig, plus the ply motor mount and dihedral braces cut out.

Memsahb has finished the first book and is 2/3rds of the way through the second! Still she has that War & Peace hanging over her, apparently that will be the last one read.

Update late tomorrow evening..............



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14/01/2020 15:04:51

Yes T is going to be done on a whoever is nearest the kitchen basis, if i make the deadline i am fully prepared to be up at the crack of dawn to get a flight in before the wind gets up if necessary, i have a day off work on Monday so i will be aiming for then. I should add that it won`t be built with Cyano which would have speeded up the build as i get breathing problems if i use it, Good old Aliphatic will be my weapon of choice with a small amount done with epoxy. The airframe and motor set up should handle a fair amount of wind but it is always better not to have to maiden a plane in a force 9 gale disgust

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14/01/2020 14:47:24

My wife and i have agreed on a 7 day challenge which kicks off today, mine is to cut, build, cover AND fly a Nigel Hawes 30" Tucano, hers is to read 7 books from her large collection of unread ones, books to read are of my choice from those on the shelves. I have given her a good selection of fiction and non fiction including War & Peace devil, that should slow her down a bit!

I am not the most experienced or the fastest builder by a long way but I was looking at the Tucano plan as a chaser for the Nijhuis Gnat that will be my entry into the 2020 Mass build. The Tucano looks to be an easy straight forward build and on checking my wood stock i found i had everything required, i also have a Mega 400/15/7 motor and a suitable controller and 3s battery packs. It should go like stink on that motor, i flew a friends Tucano back in 2001 when the free plan came out, it was on a brushed 400 and 8 Can cells and that went pretty well till he sprayed it all over the strip having done an inverted low pass and pulled up instead of down at the far end!

The colour scheme will be non scale but bright as it will get small quickly, i have plenty of Profilm that i dont use these days so i will make something up from what i have. The only thing i need to buy is a canopy, Sarik does them and Vortex used to but i have had no reply to the message i sent so i guess they have now gone.........

Will post an update at the end of each evening with that days progress........wish me luck!



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Thread: Cambrian ME109 Funfighter electric build
14/01/2020 14:19:54

Build is finished now, covering will be done this weekend, i have a Nijhuis Gnat which i will be doing for the forum 2020 mass build but i am slipping a Nigel Hawes 30" span Tucano in first. My wife and i have given each other a 7 day challenge, mine to build, cover AND fly the Tucano in 7 days, hers to read 7 books of my choosing from her `library` of unread books! I will be starting a separate thread for the Tucano build today...........

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12/01/2020 09:56:49

Very nice Superfreighter Ray, my brother and i spent our childhood summer hols with our grandparents in Hadleigh, just up the road from Southend during the British Air Ferries period and were always looking/listening out for the Carvairs. Time there was split between visits to the airport and the Marshes were the local model club flew.........

11/01/2020 21:06:16

Yes Ray, the Carvair is a 100" span control line model built in the 60`s by two guys who ran the Wings and Wheels model shop in Leigh on Sea Essex. It is powered by four diesel engines and was flown at country shows etc, i have a couple of original pictures of it being flown. After it was retired it hung in their shop till it was purchased by a full size Carvair Captain Laurie Rowe and it was then hung in his dining room until his death several years ago. His widow sold a lot of his stuff off including the model and some carvair engine parts and an original prop unit, i purchased all the stuff being a Carvair fan since i was in my teens. It is one piece so was a bu**er to transport and it now hangs in my lobby at the top of the stairs. I have sent you a pm regarding the covering of the 109.

09/01/2020 20:33:39

Here are the three scale scheme options i am considering, any thoughts from the forum? All courtesy of the wings palette website


2_48_b1 (1).jpg

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