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Thread: Cambrian ME109 Funfighter electric build
02/08/2020 22:08:25

I realised that i started this nearly a year ago now and that various other models had jumped the queue ahead of finishing the 109 Funfighter off. I`ve spent a few hours covering it, having used some Polyspan on my last build (see my 7 day challenge Jodel thread), i thought it would be ideal for the 109 as well, it is now covered and ready for paint. Hopefully that will get done in the next couple of days, i will post some pics up once it is finished...........

Thread: Rx !!!!!!!!!!!
27/07/2020 17:59:56


Thread: AR620 Loses Connection on Lower Power Range Check
21/07/2020 22:12:45

Had EXACTLY the same problem with two 6 channel Lemon rx`s, one single and one duel diversity, as soon as the range check button is operated the signal to the rx is lost, only way to get power back is recycle the tx and rx. I think it is a compatibility issue, Lemon asked for a WattsApp video showing the issue which i sent them yesterday, still waiting for a response............Ended up putting in a Spektrum AR500 and also tried an Orange rx, both range checked fine, my TX is a gen1 DX8 as well...............M

Thread: How to make scale exhausts?
21/07/2020 17:09:40

1/4" outside diameter.........

21/07/2020 16:24:19

I have made a couple of VW like cylinders for the side of my jodel but want to make the dummy exhausts, the front one of which has quite a tight curve as it goes round the cylinder head to then face in the opposite direction from where it came. I tried a bit of black wiring but it won`t stay bent to the radius, any suggestions?

Thread: DX8 gen 1 and Lemon rx compatibility issue?
14/07/2020 21:21:38

I have sent all the information to the Lemon customer service dept and also to the service dept at Als Hobbies who deal with Spektrum tx servicing. Let`s see if they blame the others equipment ! wink 2 I personally think there is some sort of compatibility issue, to resolve it i guess change receivers or buy a new tx, happy with the DX8, i don`t need all the extra gizmos on the later ones.........

14/07/2020 20:34:50

My TX is DSM 2, how do you select which it binds on?

14/07/2020 19:58:18

I have a gen 1 DX8, it range tests fine on Orange and Spektrum receivers but i have just bought two Lemon 6ch rx`s and both bind ok but as soon as i use the reduce power range check button on the tx the receivers drop out. The light goes out and the signal is lost, it does not return when the button is released. The tx and rx have to be turned off and on again to get a signal. I have tried the rx`s on a different plane and get the same result, is there a compatibility issue between the DX8 gen 1 and these lemon receivers? I have a larger Lemon rx that appears to work ok. I have tried a full power distance check and at 100 paces with the tx on full power i still have all controls working..............M

Thread: Aeromaster
10/07/2020 18:31:58

Very nice, you`ve done a good job there, no wing struts?

Thread: Painting/masking a doped Polyspan covered model.
10/07/2020 18:04:03

Ok, the Jodel is ready for some paint, the full size i am modelling it on is white with a blue cowl area which then curves, runs along the front of the wing and also into a stripe which runs down to the tail. Undecided whether to airbrush the whole airframe white then add the blue or leave the frame `oh natural` and just ad the blue, it is supposed to be a vintage build so maybe just the blue, opinions? I will be using Tamiya acrylic paint, the model is electric.

Also, will the masking (frog tape and a thin automotive mask tape) pull the finish off the surface? Final question, airbrush or good quality hand brush, what have you guys done with good results? Sorry for all the questions, very pleased with the model so far so want the finished item to look good. Decided against coloured tissue for the trim. This forum is great, had so much good advice during my last couple of builds yes img_20200705_103200_resized_20200705_105031314.jpg

Edited By martin collins 1 on 10/07/2020 18:11:46

Thread: Skyleader slider servos, max voltage, ok to use or what replacement?
10/07/2020 17:38:39

Good tip Shaun, will try that if i need the holes widening, the paint is way past pristine anyway, it has a nice patina to it. If it flies really nicely i will treat it to a change of scheme over the winter............

10/07/2020 16:20:07

Will need extension wires run through the wing anyway as it is a large model so i will put new plugs on the ends.

10/07/2020 15:03:40

Thanks Shaun, came to the same conclusion in the end, just hope the hole through the ribs is large enough for servo wire. Replacing the fuselage control snakes as well as the inner on the plastic snakes is of the crimp type but they have not been crimped, only very old epoxy holding them in and the inner snake is also very brittle...........

Thread: Cleaning out a fuel soaked engine bay?
09/07/2020 17:46:56

The engine bay area of my Hawker hind has been well soaked over the years with glow fuel, this has sat for probably 10 years since it was last run, what is the best way of cleaning it up before i stick a nice clean electric motor in there?

Thread: Skyleader slider servos, max voltage, ok to use or what replacement?
09/07/2020 15:06:49

Interesting Martian, i have posed the question to the Servo shop, hopefully they can provide a definite answer or suggest a suitable replacement. I will post their response for anyone else who may come across this question.

09/07/2020 14:33:45

I realise the voltage is controlled by the ESC, the rx has to run with 6v on the Spektrum 2.4, a lot of people got caught out running 4.8v rx packs when not going through the ESC, say on an i.c model as the voltage dropped too low for it to operate.

09/07/2020 13:58:29

I have replaced all the old Skyleader servos in my Hawker Hart conversion except the aileron one which is under a small hatch in the top wing, as you can see from the pictures it is of the old slider type. It is going to be used in a 6s electric conversion, will the servo take the voltage or better still is there a suitable slider type replacement? I am using Spektrum 2.4 radio gear.img_20200709_134830_resized_20200709_014925488.jpg

Edited By martin collins 1 on 09/07/2020 13:59:11

Thread: Hawker Hart 72" span model designer identity and c of g?
09/07/2020 12:22:06

I agree Eric but this has obviously been flown a lot and on this engine as the holes are only large enough to fit this size. The cord of the wing is 11.5" and the two points are 1.5" apart, not a small margin...........

09/07/2020 12:00:02

How did i miss that!!, Might well be but know way of finding out unless i get a look at the plan.........

However, i think this must be much lighter built, i haven`t removed the engine yet but i would say it looks around a .60 two stroke size.

Edited By martin collins 1 on 09/07/2020 12:01:46

09/07/2020 11:45:43

I bought this about a year ago and have just got round to pulling all the old Skyleader rx and servos out of it to put modern 2.4 stuff in. It has a 2 stroke i.c in it which is coming out to be replaced by an electric set up. The airframe is very light for it`s size and should make a nice flying model, my question is c of g, i have measured where it is on the current set up as it has obviously flown as is so that is my starting point but i have looked at the Gordon Whitehead 72" version and it is much further forward on that. This model is not built from that plan, the tailplane construction is much lighter on this and has no sheeting in the centre of it. I see on Sarik`s website that David Smith did a 73" one and it is on the X List plans list, the plan is nearly £30 so i don`t wish to purchase it unless i know my model IS built from that plan but i would be very interested to know where the c of g is on that. Can anyone help in any way c of g wise? Many thanks for any help given. h hawk 4.jpg img_20200709_111334_resized_20200709_111356267.jpg

Edited By martin collins 1 on 09/07/2020 11:47:14

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