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Thread: Sports Bipe I.D needed
28/08/2019 22:15:22

Looks like e may have a winner, wing struts look the same too..........

Anymore info on this model, balance point would be helpful............Martin

28/08/2019 20:56:09

001.jpgCowl and tank cover are made from fibreglass.

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28/08/2019 20:53:39

Not sure it is, i thought the 48" Bi fly had a foam wing, this is built up, this is also quite light............

Fuselage is all built up, no sheet sides.

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28/08/2019 20:39:26

Bought this bipe at the NATS, needs a recover and i will convert to electric, going to cover it in the same colour scheme as it is very eye catching. Top wing is 50" lower wing is 45"............



Thread: Cambrian ME109 Funfighter electric build
24/08/2019 19:44:17

Was going to use 15 min epoxy on the centre wing bandage but the instructions mention using PVA, i can see this would sand better and maybe soak into the bandage better, anyone used PVA or are you all Epoxy users for this job?

22/08/2019 21:49:02

Tonights update, rear `spine` added, the rest of the front formers, servo mounts and battery hatch top added, front nose blocks glued to form the cowl which will be sanded to shape once on the fuselage. The wing halves have been joined using 15 min epoxy and the ailerons have been cut to length and been drilled and grooved to take the torque rods, they are not glued at this point. Tomorrow hopefully i can glue on the fibreglass wing joint bandage again using 15 min epoxy, i may also start the fuselage side sheeting and ad the rear control snakes.

001 (4).jpg

002 (2).jpg


004 (2).jpg

It is going together very easily and the illustrated instruction booklet is good, i can recommend one of these kits if anyone is thinking about building one. Will be visiting the Cambrian stand at the NATS and hopefully pick up another kit.

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Thread: Cutting holes in soft balsa
21/08/2019 20:18:14

Yes sorry should be Gaskin, not seeing them advertised as for sale anywhere, are they still in business?

21/08/2019 18:53:42

I want to add some lightening holes to the kit i am currently building, having done a search it seems the best bit of kit to do the job are Baskin Soft bore cutters. However i cannot find a current supplier, are they still available, if not what are other people using?............Martin

Thread: Cambrian ME109 Funfighter electric build
18/08/2019 14:23:59

Nicely finished, may be tempted to build another with a different scheme from the first, next projects though will be a Funfighter KI 61, again loads of great schemes to paint in and a Cambrian Cassutt racer, both electric, picking both kits up from the manufacturers at the NATS next weekend..........

Will do build threads on both.


Edited By martin collins 1 on 18/08/2019 14:25:31

18/08/2019 10:20:15

Really enjoying putting it together, still undecided on which covering to go with, i have a couple of colour schemes in mind. Even playing with the idea of modifying the nose to do a Battle of Britain movie messerschmidt / Buchon HA112, one of my favourite films smiley


Some good 109 schemes here:- **LINK**

And Battle of Britain film Buchon`s here:-

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17/08/2019 21:03:41

Fuselage all glued and in the jig, motor mount box also assembled and epoxied on.

001 (3).jpg

17/08/2019 18:08:43

Got a bit more done, hoping to do some more tomorrow, the shaped aileron torque rods in their tubes were epoxied into the grooved trailing edge pieces and these were epoxied in place making sure none of the glue got on the rods themselves! The first wing has been sanded to shape, i had the idea to use the tissue paper that the kit was wrapped in to make a sanding template off the plan for the wingtip shape. This was cut out and then drawn on the wood, worked well.........



The fuselage sides have been joined using some set squares to make sure everything was lined up, the front firewall is sticking out at the bottom very slightly at the bottom on one side. If i had pulled the side down to line it up i found it would twist the fuselage along it`s length, everything is square as it is now. I figured it was better to adjust that small part at the front rather than deal with a twisted fuselage. The fuselage is now on my SLEC fuselage jig, i will use this to make sure the rear gets pulled in evenly.


Firewall can be seen slightly low on this side in the above picture.


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14/08/2019 22:00:44

Ok, i thought around 3 lbs was what i was looking for.

Tonight`s progress has been glueing the 5x5 strip peices to the fuselage sides having marked the former positions and adding the three front formers to one fuselage side, the front one was put on using 15 min epoxy as it will be taking the motor box. The wings have had the tips and outer trailing edges added and elevator had it`s 5x5 pieces added as well, the rudder pieces were also joined. The aileron torque rods have been cut to size and bent to fit into the ailerons. First Dufas moment occurred here, despite reading the instructions numerous times where it clearly states fit the outer tubes to the torque rods BEFORE bending i forgot on the first one...DOH! Bend it straight, fit the tube and re bend embarrassed




Tomorrow the two fuselage sides will be glued together, the wing inner trailing edge carrying the torque tubes will be attached and the leading/ trailing edge and tips will be sanded to shape plus i will bend the elevator joiner wire to shape and fit.


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14/08/2019 12:17:18

Most of them seem to come out at 3-3.5 lbs so hoping for the lower end of that, depends on the mah of the flight pack as well, anything from 2200 to 3300, will see what it needs to balance it...........

14/08/2019 11:27:00

Forgot to add, this one will be fitted with a 3s setup and kept light to make it easier for me to hand launch myself. George at 4-Max has been very helpful, here is his recommended set up:

MOTOR PO-3547-1100

ESC 60amp

Prop 10x7

Battery 3s 40c 3300

14/08/2019 11:07:18

After threatening to do a build thread on this for several weeks i have finally pulled the lid off the box and got my glue out! Having been flying r/c planes for about 25 years i am ashamed to say that in that time i have only fully completed one build. That was about 20 years ago and it was a Galaxy Models Piccolo, without wishing to blow my own trumpet, i think i made a nice job of it and it flew very well. Over the years several more have been started but not finished and sold on, a Flair Cub and Priory Models Sillhouette built but i.c engine and radio gear not fitted as i had then decided to go electric. As a teenager a number of stick and tissue rubber powered and gliders, mostly KeilKraft were completed and flown but that was way back when! In recent times a couple of printed wood kits were started with an eye to radio conversion but the time involved cutting all the ribs ( 50" biplane) and sanding to shape saw it 70% built then passed onto a friend. Due to other hobbies which take some of my time most of my modeling is done converting scale glow planes to electric which i enjoy but the building something of my own thing keeps gnawing away. So here we are, this satisfies several of my modeling likes, something that looks scale, has plenty of choice for a scale colour scheme, is relatively quick to build and should be a hoot to fly. Added bonus is it will go in the car in one piece, just add the battery and fly. yes

Here is a link to the kit:-

Here is a picture of the box contents, quite impressed with what you get and a lot of it is bagged up with header cards.


Decisions to be made on whether to cover with a shrink film, prymol then paint or to go with tissue and Easy dope then paint?

Last night a gentle start was made, the leading and trailing edges were glued on with my glue of choice (Aliphatic), and the tip trailing edges, inner and outer were cut to shape. The inner one has to have a groove made in it to accept the aileron torque rod, this was easily done with some course sandpaper wrapped round the rod. The tube which the rod fits through gets epoxied into this groove so the rod can rotate freely.



Tonight i will be assembling the laser cut electric motor mount and adding the wingtips, bending the torque rods to the required size and starting on the fuselage sides.............Martin

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Thread: Take off dolly for a Funfighter, anyone used one?
14/08/2019 10:32:02

Thanks Alan, i have done that with the GWS 109 and made 2 out of 4 successful launches, the other 2 were perilously close to ground contact by the time my right hand was back in control, a combination of the plane dipping and banking left despite a right hand canted launch..........

I will try it with a few clicks of up elevator next time to hopefully avoid the dip which may sort it. It is finding what works for me.

14/08/2019 10:11:34

Hmmm, left hand launch, hadn`t considered that but obviously gives you full stick control from release. I have an old GWS ME109 which i picked up off a mate which has a brushless 3s set up in it, this also torques to the left on launch. I will experiment left hand launches with that, also a couple of clicks of up elevator, to help stop any dip when first released. Thanks for that!

13/08/2019 22:22:34


13/08/2019 21:41:23

I`m building a Cambrian ME 109, build thread will be started tomorrow with full spec etc. Once done i am going to do a Cambria KI61 Hein. I already have a Cambria Spitfire uo and ready to fly which someone else built, it is on 4s and a Sunnysky X2814 35MM 1250 kv motor on an 8x8 prop, it should go like the clappers on that set up. I also have a very old Cambrian P51 which i am converting to electric as we speak.......

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