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Thread: Petrol engine kill switch wiring query!
06/06/2018 10:49:18

My receiver is not a problem as it is 10 channels, the previous owner may have had less channels on his rx though.

05/06/2018 21:50:32

Ok, i have goofed here, sorry for misleading you, i have re checked the wiring and there are two Y leads, one goes to the battery kill switch and the ignition battery LED lights. The second Y lead is for the left aileron and the rx battery, i guess this makes sense as on the rx the battey power cannot go through the throttle port where it would be on an electric model.............Martin

05/06/2018 21:04:10

What is the benefit of fitting it to a rotary switch?

05/06/2018 20:59:20

RCEXEL V2 unit......

05/06/2018 20:40:30

I have a 1/4 scale BUSA Fokker D7 with a Zenoah 38 on electronic ignition, it is fitted with an engine kill switch, the rx was removed from the plane when i bought it. I have traced all the wires back so i can connect to my rx but one has got me scratching my head. The wire from the kill switch is on a Y lead with the left hand aileron? Will this work, surely it needs to go into a separate channel on the rx...............

Any answers appreciated.................Martin

Thread: Cambrian models funfighters
02/06/2018 21:15:57

Great models, very nice flyers and will take a few knocks. I would recommend them as great fun............Martin

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
01/06/2018 21:53:40

Very nice, looks like Old Warden?

Thread: Servos, Code 4 De Luxe AS-322 Any good?
28/05/2018 13:32:14

Most had the Gypsy engine though this one had a Napier Javelin in originally, the full size survives in a museum in Brussels an it`s history can be found here:- **LINK**

I am a fan of these 30`s /40`s /50`s British light aircraft, Miles and Percival particularly, i have plans here for the Bryant Magister and a 90" span Proctor though not enough time to build at the moment.

Power is by an NTM Propdrive 50-50 580kv motor on 5s A123 cells (nice compact pack) and a 14x8 wood electric prop, the 70 4 stroke ran on a 14x8 and i`m sure i will be turning quite a few more revs than that did.

Maybe we should start a thread on these type of British light aircraft?

28/05/2018 12:01:58

The Code 4 servos are exactly the same size and hole centers as the Hitec ones i have.

28/05/2018 11:51:10

percy.jpgThe plane as bought had no battery in it, the servos look like new and the aileron ones are not even connected, there is string running through the wings to pull the servo wiring through. I saw a Bryant Gull flying at Old Warden a couple of weeks ago and spoke to the pilot, he said his flew very nicely, it looked like it did too. I am going to put differential in the ailerons, maybe your friends one suffered from too much down aileron? A flying buddy of mine had a Flair Atilla with ailerons which would flip the opposite way as you turned due to that, once he put in more up than down aileron it was totally cured.


Edited By martin collins 1 on 28/05/2018 11:55:50

27/05/2018 21:31:55

Do you know i have a feeling you might be right, they have the same number on them (322) as one of the Hitec servos, are they a relabeled Hitec, or a cheap knock off?

27/05/2018 19:02:33

I picked up a nice Dennis Bryant Percival Gull several years ago and it has now reached the top of the `out of the hobby room and into the air list` It had a .70 4 stroke in it which was sold as i don`t fly glow and it now has a Prop Drive electric motor installed and will be run on 5 A123 cells. The fuz servos are Futaba but it has Code 4 De Luxe AS-322 servos in the wing for the flaps and ailerons, they look like they are fairly new but i have no info or knowledge of how good they are as i can`t find any info on the net. Can someone enlighten me, are they any good, are they ok on a 6v rx pack and are they up to the job on a 72" wingspan model?

Many thanks for any help.............Martin

Thread: Another dodgy buyer?
20/05/2018 21:47:25

Had one the same as that tonight for a kit.................

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
20/05/2018 14:03:22

Here is my Jamara Gee Bee, ready to go and hopefully will be in the air by the end of this week, bought at a bring and buy with just the motor in it, i am sure it hasn`t been flown before..............Wish me luck!


16/05/2018 19:43:19

Very nice, looks nicely finished and very unusual.............

07/05/2018 22:49:15

Maiden flight on my Dumas Waco bipe today, superbly built- not by me obviously! Best off with a hand launch as the small wheels and light weight make grass take offs a no go.


Thread: DX8 range check problem.
06/05/2018 12:22:33

20180506_121936_resized_1.jpgMany thanks for all the replies, here is where we are this morning, the plane is a West Wings Pinto and space in the fuselage is a bit cramped, i have removed the two wing servo extension wires, which leaves the rx very little room to manouver to another position, a range check saw the same problem, signal loss at 10 paces, worryingly it does not return even with the TX at full strength standing right by the plane, it requires a reboot by unplugging and replugging in the flight battery. The RX is an Orange DSM2 park rx, i changed the RX to a spektrum 6100 and i then got about 28 paces and the signal is dropping in and out, move a couple forward and i have full reception, the signal has no problem returning once it has been lost. The Orange RX will be stamped on! I tried moving the 6100 to a sidewall in the plane rather than the floor but it was slightly worse. BUT as an experiment at 30 paces with signal lost i tried moving the TX aerial to different positions, i always fly with it cranked at 45' straight in front of me, if i turned it so it was horizontal at 45. the signal was worse but if i had the aerial straight out from the top of the TX i could walk 42 paces before the signal was lost. I realise that in the air the aerial orientation is different to the a/c but would i have less chance of a poor signal with the aerial upright? Who flys where with their aerial on a DX8? Any experiences of stronger signals in different positions?

Edited By martin collins 1 on 06/05/2018 12:24:57

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
05/05/2018 22:12:42

West Wings Pinto, not built by me but i have added the motor / ESC etc and got it flight ready. Unfortunately my TX seems to be giving a range fault added to the fact that the grass is too long at our strip to get it in the air from the ground.20180505_182411_resized.jpg

Thread: DX8 range check problem.
05/05/2018 22:03:03

Yes but i tried two receivers and both would not work acceptably at 30 paces on a range check. The plane fitted with the Spektrum RX had passed a 30 pace check three weeks ago but now was giving a patchy response at 30 paces and response no at all if i turned sideways (aerial was cranked at 45 degrees up which is what i fly it as.0

05/05/2018 21:49:22

I went to fly a new plane this afternoon and as usual i did a range check, which it failed miserably. The plane has an orange receiver which came with it, at about 12 paces the receiver lost the signal and i had no signal to the plane, the rx had a red flashing light on it when i returned, i got all the way back to the plane and still had no contact. I suspected a faulty rx so grabbed another plane that i had just flown with no issues and tried a range check. at 30 paces it seemed slightly patchy but if i turned sideways on to the plane the signal was lost completely. I guess it needs to be serviced or checked over, now Horizon UK are gone what is the process for sending it somewhere?............Martin

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