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Thread: Build and fly a Jodel from plans, latest 7 day challenge
05/07/2020 10:56:15

Challenge completed with 30 min to spare, had to stay up all night to get the covering done, opted for Polyspan in the end, not used it before but seems like good stuff, started off attaching with Balsaloc but there was the drying time for that plus it was making a mess of my heat iron so i switched to a glue stick, that worked much better. Wife took a video of the motor running and the rudder and elevator being operated. Travel time to my flying site is 10 mins so i would have had plenty of time to fly it if it weren't for the wind gusting at 35 mph today.

Will add paint and scale details over the next week at a more relaxed pace!

Multiple edits due to dreadful spelling bought on by lack of sleep!




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Thread: Lightwight foam cowl, Tissue with EZE Dope or thinned PVA?
02/07/2020 17:46:30

Quite a sharp curve on the bottom of the cowl hence the idea of using tissue.........

02/07/2020 17:11:19

I have made a hollowed out white packing foam cowl for my Jodel project and need to finish it so it can be painted, options are EZE Dope and tissue or thinned PVA and tissue. Bit concerned the EZE dope might distort the cowl as it shrinks, would probably have to thin it, what ratio? Opinions needed as it has to be done this evening as i`m on a time scheduke with this project. Many thanks...........

Thread: Build and fly a Jodel from plans, latest 7 day challenge
01/07/2020 10:56:27

End of day three update, fuselage built in the jig in the end, pulled it out this morning and all looks straight yes fuselage sides curved without snapping or any scoring/cutting in the end. Happy days, beer was enjoyed in the glow of success! The three sections of wing were assembled and the dihedral set on the outer panels, the tailplane had the tips roughly shaped and added. All the motor/esc wires were soldered and the rx bound, motor test was not entirely successfully as at half throttle there was a bit of roughness and no further increase in prop speed. I was testing it with one of those orange plastic jobbies so i hope it was just prop flex causing it and not a motor fault, i have balanced the APC E 7x5 prop that it will be flying on now and will re test the set up this morning. img_20200701_095008_resized_20200701_095101234.jpg


30/06/2020 11:11:07

Ok thanks Ray will give that a try...........

30/06/2020 09:50:01

Not looking forward to today`s main task, cutting all the fuselage cross sticks to the correct size/angle and trying to assemble them all in the fuselage jig and get that curve equal on both fuselage sides. I have put a beer in the fridge to chill in the hopes that i can drink it later feeling satisfied that the whole process went ok!

Thread: Diacov - any user comments?
30/06/2020 09:46:24

I was going to try Polyspan sold by free flight supplies, anyone use that and can compare with Diacov?

Thread: Build and fly a Jodel from plans, latest 7 day challenge
29/06/2020 22:26:24

Today`s update, 2nd fuselage side built over the first one to make sure they were the same, centre wing panel built, just requires the top leading edge sheeting tomorrow. Also built was the left hand outer wing panel and the elevator separated from the tailplane, on track time wise at this point. smiley



28/06/2020 22:48:15

Jodel update, first fuselage side completed, as are the all moving fin and tailplane. The tail will come off the board tomorrow and be cut to make the elevator with a new leading edge, the tips will then be glued on.img_20200628_224112_resized_20200628_104133176.jpg



Thread: Curving fuselage sides?
28/06/2020 16:31:01

Thanks for the replies, it is the side frameworks that i am asking about bending Mike, not the sheeting that goes round it, i think that will be ok as it is only thin sheet.

28/06/2020 14:44:35

I am building a 38.5" span Jodel from plans and there is a pronounced curve around the cockpit area, is this best done before the 1/16 infill sheeting is done and am i best trying to achieve it by steaming the completed side? The frame will be going in a SLEC jig to join the two sides and hold it whilst the glue dries. Thanks for any advice here.img_20200628_132346_resized_20200628_012506355.jpg

Thread: Build and fly a Jodel from plans, latest 7 day challenge
28/06/2020 13:43:05

Build started at 11 am so finish time will be 11am next Sunday, James had done a lovely job of laser cutting the parts for me and the bits for the two Jodels came very well packaged and marked. First fuselage frame has been made and thrown up the first question, as can be seen on the plan, there is quite a curvature of the fuselage around the cockpit area, this is also infilled with 1/16 sheeting. Would i be better putting the sheeting in after bending the fuz sides to make curving it easier or sheet now and sort the bend with it in? When curving the side frames i will be putting it in a SLEC fuselage jig to hold it whilst drying, would you suggest steaming the sides with a kettle to help with the bend or will this pop the aliphatic joints? Any opinions appreciated from those with more builds under their belt than me (that would be most of you!).............




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27/06/2020 23:10:05

This will be the third of my 7 day challenges, this one is to build a 38.5 span Jodel from plans, the original was drawn for free flight on an 0.49 glow engine, mine will be r/c 3 channel electric. The plan is an old one drawn in 1955 and i part built one from it when i was in my early teens for an 0.49 Wasp engine i had, i got it all built and painted except for the wing, i never did get that done...........

I had the parts i had made till three years ago but must have tossed them out when we moved disgust it is like a rat gnawing at me, i have to build and fly it! I will also build one for a small diesel engine rather than a glow, i don`t fly anything other than electric or petrol as i don`t like the mess but i will do the diesel one for a bit of occasional vintage fun at Old Warden on 3 channel. The challenge starts tomorrow morning and i will update progress each evening with pictures, build will be done with aliphatic glue as i can`t use cyano it gives me breathing problems, covering will probably be Solartex as i have some in white but was considering Polyspan, anyone use this before and have any thoughts on it? The two kits i have have been laser cut for me from plans downloaded from Outerzone.

Thread: Lightweight covering for a 38" model
17/06/2020 21:01:47

I am about to commence building a 38" span Jodel D9 and am considering what covering to use on it, not keen on tissue, i would prefer an iron on type covering. I have some Airspan here, any thoughts on that or can anyone recommend something better. I would like to try Diacov 1000, any idea on weight etc? Has anyone used this?..............M

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
15/06/2020 15:07:10

The Zlin is available again............


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
14/06/2020 19:21:54

Cambrian Models 1/4 scale Cassutt racer, Eflite 60 motor on a 3500 6s pack, 13x10 prop 158 watts per lb, flying weight 8 lbs.img_20200614_174147_resized_20200614_055651678.jpg



Thread: Cambrian models 1/4 scale Cassutt Racer build thread
14/06/2020 18:52:59

Finished the Cassutt, just been tinkering with it here and there as time permitted but here it is, finished weight is spot on 8 lbs with a 3500 6S flight pack, it balances spot on with the pack at the front stop. Pulling 142 Watts per lb on a 13x10 prop so i am hoping it should have a turn of speed. Really enjoyed the build and will have a crack at Cambrian`s Midget Mustang kit that should be available shortly.

img_20200614_174147_resized_20200614_055651678.jpg img_20200614_174206_resized_20200614_055649644.jpg img_20200614_174242_resized_20200614_055646645.jpg img_20200614_174302_resized_20200614_055645647.jpg img_20200614_174527_resized_20200614_055549748.jpg

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Thread: British Nats in the 60s
14/06/2020 17:05:17

Sadly Sheila Scott`s Comanche was written off when it had to put down in a school playing field just short of the Elstree runway due to engine failure caused by a severe oil leak. My father was the sec at the aero club at the time and i have a number of pics of the stricken aircraft in the field about an hour after it happened. The crew walked away unhurt, i believe the remains are now in a museum in Scotland. Sorry i see i have more or less duplicated what someone else has posted, that will teach me to read the full thread!

Edited By martin collins 1 on 14/06/2020 17:08:49

Thread: Diesel vs glow on a .5cc engine
12/06/2020 17:12:24

I do not have my old engine, that went years ago so no fuel or glow stick here at the moment but i do,t want to spend money on a new engine as the glow/fuel one will only be flown occasionally, the electric one will get the most use. It is sort of a nostalgia kick really with the engine so i wouldn`t want to spend more than £40 on the motor.......

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12/06/2020 16:01:44

I am starting a build of a small Jodel D9 originally designed for free flight but i will be making it rudder/elevator control. In fact i will be building two, one will be electric the other i was going to fit with an 0.49 glow motor as i had one many years ago and i started to build one of these Jodels to put the motor never got finished. I was going to buy another 0.49 but then started thinking what about a diesel? What are the pros and cons of each at that size, i would be looking for 6 min plus flight times. Which would create the least amount of fuel mess on the covering etc? Many thanks and yes i will be doing a build thread when i get going...........

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