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Thread: Best glue to fix plastic mouldings to balsa wood?
24/05/2020 15:40:02

Parts are cowl cheeks which glue to the fuselage on my 1/4 scale Cassutt, cyano out for me, i can`t use the stuff it gives me breathing problems.......

24/05/2020 15:09:52

As per title i have some plastic cowl moulded parts to glue to the balsa fuselage, what would be the best adhesive to make sure i get a strong long lasting bond......

Thread: Doolittle media, who picked up the rights to the plans?
22/05/2020 11:26:19

That`s a better link Peter thanks, the one i was using from a google search had all the listings in blue print down the left hand side like a defunct unused website. I have sent them an email re the proctor parts...........M

22/05/2020 11:10:36

Now i have got into building with balsa there are a couple of planes i fancy making, one of which is the Percival Proctor. Doolitle media used to offer plans in two large sizes but i thought they had gone as the website does not load properly, i assumed Sarik would have them but they are not shown on his website, any idea who holds them or this rights to print them etc?

Just scrolled down their page, are they still going?, their website is all cranky, i assumed it was a defunct web page but maybe just a poor one, will try contacting them...............

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Thread: Cambrian models 1/4 scale Cassutt Racer build thread
20/05/2020 11:10:18

I have been continuing on with the Cassutt build at a more relaxed pace since the end of the 7 day frenzy nerd here is where we are at as of last night. Just got the motor to fit and the cheek blisters to cut and i have then gone as far as i can till the new roll of white covering material turns up (only been waiting a week so far angry 2  then once covering is complete i can fit the elevators / rudder and glue the cheeks on. On the lookout for a good pilot for the cockpit if you see a nice 1/4 scale one. Very pleased with the outcome so far, lovely lines on this machine..........


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Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
13/05/2020 19:58:11

Nice Richard, i am not a fan of these `oft modeled` planes but that looks very nice, i could be tempted if the price was right, will watch the thread and see how it goes.

Thread: The State of Play
11/05/2020 13:43:50

For me kits around £100/£120 are much easier to justify, i`m building a 1/4 scale Cambrian Cassutt racer and it ticks ALL the boxes for me, nearly completed it in 7 days of good building, foam wings to speed it all up, Sheet tail surfaces with dummy ribs on, built up fuz for the traditional aliphatic resin build, decent size at 45" (looks bigger as the wing is quite wide) and has been made for i.c or electric. Always electric for me with the odd petrol on larger planes, not keen on glow due to the mess.

100" B17 with foam wings, sheet tail, fin and flaps would get a vote from me, i had a 12 foot one years ago (not buit by me, from the Jan Hermkens plan). Bought set up on i.c, i converted it to electric, despite weighing 30lbs it flew like a big trainer. Lots of great colour schemes to choose from, i would buy a kit in that set up if priced right............

Thread: Cambrian models 1/4 scale Cassutt Racer build thread
11/05/2020 10:02:54

I took the day off yesterday, a, to get some sleep and b, do a few other things that needed attending to but today work will resume on the Cassutt. I have enough covering material here to do the underside of the fuselage, fin, rudder, elevators and hopefully ailerons. I have ordered another roll of white covering but it is on a 7 to 10 day delivery so the plane will get finished once that arrives. Jobs for today are to finish the covering that i can do, sort the wheel spats out and the cabin area. The motor mount box supplied with the kit is too long for my chosen motor (Eflite 60), but i sent an email to Steve and Janice who run Cambrian Models and they have offered to laser cut me a new box to my required length. Throughout the build the post purchase customer service and advice has been first class and it makes me feel good that in these troubling times we have great British firms like this. I for one will be trying where possible to support them and buy from UK suppliers where i can.

Post 7 day thoughts are that if i had cut down on the time to sand nice profiles on the control surface `ribs` and had the covering material here i could have cut a few corners and made the deadline but at the end of the day (or week!) i want something that i can look at and be proud to say `i built this and i`m chuffed with the way it turned out` I have a nice scalish colour scheme picked out and i think it will look great on the ground and in the air.... M


Thread: The State of Play
10/05/2020 22:12:15

Doesn`t matter to me, just an interesting subject.............

10/05/2020 21:11:27

I like built up fuselages but happy with foam decking to speed the build, but foam wings are a definite plus for me due to time constraints. I would rather build two nice planes over a couple of months than one two month build......

10/05/2020 20:39:20

Same here, i wouldnt put money into one of the more common types i have always preferred something a bit different

10/05/2020 20:32:50

Love the idea of a Percival Gull or Proctor, i have a gull six but would buy a Gull kit or Proctor, you can have my order now!


10/05/2020 20:27:21

valir_12.jpgAny Jap WW2 plane would get my vote, Aichi Val always tempted me, fixed undercarriage, large flaps / dive brakes, several colourful paint schemes, large wing area, radial engine. Was regarded as the best dive bomber of WW2.

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Thread: Cambrian models 1/4 scale Cassutt Racer build thread
10/05/2020 11:42:18

Well the challenge is over but i fell short on completing the Cassutt time wise. Stayed up all night but time races by, as it turned out i didn`t have enough covering to complete the job anyway, it probably needs 2 rolls of 2 metre i bought one and had a half one here. Will post more information later but going to bed now!

Here is where i`m at, will finish the build off in this post but take it a bit more leisurely from here and make a nice job of it.





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Thread: Binding undercarriage using solder and wire
09/05/2020 10:46:47

Here`s what i have as a soldering iron, unfortunately the wattage has worn off it, does it loom man enough for those wires?img_20200509_103921_resized_20200509_103938326.jpg

09/05/2020 08:53:38

I n my 1/4 scale Cassutt build i have this job to do today, having not done it before i gather i clean the wire (i will use petrol), i have some proper solder not the 3 core stuff and wrap wire round the legs, add some flux and solder using one of those pencil gas flame jobbies. Does that sound correct, also the model instructions call for 30 amp fuse wire, i have only 5 amp here or some much thicker 20 ga craft wire `borrowed` from the wife, will this work? If not can i use some car or house copper wire stripped back to save myself a time consuming trip to Screwfix for the fuse wire. I am on the last day of a 7 day build challenge and time is ticking away fast, don`t really want to lose 30 mins going out!

Thread: Cambrian models 1/4 scale Cassutt Racer build thread
09/05/2020 08:42:01

Well today is the last day of the `challenge`, here are some pics taken before the day begins, all sanding done bar the shaping of the elevator `ribs` and a final quick go over the lot with some fine sand paper, took me most of yesterday to do the sanding to shape. A surprising amount of time went on the shaping of the 3x3 dummy tubing that the full size uses in it`s construction on the tail plane, elevators, fin and rudder, these are done on both sides of the surfaces. I could have left the balsa flat and covered it like that but i want to make a nice job of this despite the time constraint. My wife has pointed out i technically have till 9am tomorrow morning as i started this at that time last Sunday morning, bearing this in mind i hit the sack at 10.30 last night having had 5 nights of gone midnight finishes and the prospect of an all nighter looming tonight! Will try to squeeze in an update early evening to let you know how it is going.


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08/05/2020 00:47:24

Day at an end, a number of the smaller jobs completed today, the sheeting of the front fuselage on the sides and bottom, electric motor mount box, elevator and rudder bowden cables installed, the holes for which needed slight easing. Also done are the wing spar cap strips, wing bolt points made up and installed and rear fuselage webbing made and fitted.

Tomorrow sees me attempt to solder the undercarriage, not done that before but fairly confident laugh also the cowl and cabin area are on agenda

Very impressed with the comprehensive hardware pack and the all the wirework is pre bent



07/05/2020 00:52:28

Day four over, happier with where i`m at this evening although the photos don`t look that different from yesterdays. The fuselage rear sheeting is now glued down and taped as is the front sheeting which was dampend and curved round the formers earlier. The wing now has the trailing edge and tips glued and the tailplane, elevators, rudder and fin have been finished bar sanding.

Good news for my chances of completing the challenge on time is that i now have Thursday off work as well as Friday and Saturday due to a management decision at work so tomorrow should see a large leap forward on the airframe.



06/05/2020 00:52:35

End of day three, 12.45am finish, up at 5 am for work yet i still feel i am dropping behind at the moment. I had to remove the rear spar which i had glued the evening before with PVA as i wasn`t happy with the bond as it had moved overnight, so i decided to clean it up and re glue with 30 min epoxy whilst it was held with some tied cord. The only other work to the wing were the main spar webbing pieces which went on with PVA. The wing saddle pieces were fitted which are cut from 6x6 balsa strip and the front upper formers were fitted along with the battery tray sides, i decided to lighten those with three 30mm holes. The rear sheeting is in place having been glued to the top longeron and then whetted over with hot water until it could be curved nicely round the formers, this is now held in place overnight with some magic tape as we are fresh out of masking tape (on the shopping list for later today)

Hopefully i can get back onto the build around 4pm and maybe catch back up to where i need to be by close of play.




Edited By martin collins 1 on 06/05/2020 00:55:31

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