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Thread: Dual battery switch
08/06/2019 19:24:27

Hobbyking do their own version of the powerbox switch, looks like it is on backorder but terrific value when they have them.


You set them for LiFe or LiPo as the input voltage source

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Thread: CRRC 26cc - Plane suggestions
08/06/2019 17:29:41

This looks interesting, would have to cut the cowl though for sure



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08/06/2019 08:42:37

I would expect a 26cc petrol to have a similar power output to a 1.20 glow 4 stroke (20cc). I have a CRRC 26cc in a model although I haven't flown it for some time, fitted with a 17x8 to try to keep the noise down a bit as the silencer doesn't exactly do much silencing, it has been very reliable but is not exactly a powerhouse.

Thread: Petrol engine cutting out on take-off
25/05/2019 22:06:38

Thanks for the replies so far..... a couple of people have said about the cowl. When I got the model there was just a large hole in the front, with the engine clearly visible. I decided to 3d print a dummy engine fan to make it look more scale, I thought that this would also limit some of the airflow into the cowl as there could have been too much.

I wonder if this is upsetting the carb? The engine ran fine on the ground with this, but didn't have any airspeed


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24/05/2019 15:39:17

I recently bought a second hand Black Horse FW-190, it was fitted with all servos, battery x 2 and an NGH 25cc petrol. It was minus any retracts so I have fitted some E-flite units with Hobbyking oleos.

I fitted a 16x10 wooden prop to try to keep the revs & noise down, all was well until just after lift off when the engine died suddenly with not much runway remaining, damage was limited to a broken prop, bent axles and a split retract mounting.

Flight no.2, the retract mounting was repaired, tank filled with fresh fuel, a tube was soldered into the hole on the diaphram plate and a line run into the fuselage (just in case airflow in the cowl was upsetting the carb). A 16 x 6 prop fitted and with a tweak of the high speed needle I was getting almost 900rpm more than before with plenty of pull...……….. Take-off was smooth but a little bit higher this time the engine died again, damage this time is a little more with a cracked cowling, broken spark plug and both retract mountings pulled out of the wing. I have checked the tank and all appears to be well and it is fitted with a felt clunk (one suggestion was that if it had a normal clunk fuel frothing could have caused it.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Repairing the model is not the end of the world but is it going to happen again the next time round? On the ground it appears to run lovely, during the noise test it was on full throttle for some time with no hesitation.

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Thread: please can you identify this plane
03/05/2019 23:57:07

To me that looks like a 'Detroit Custom Cruiser' made by Powerplanes International.

I had one as my first model, powered by an O.S LA 46, I passed my 'A' test with it.custom cruiser.jpg specs.jpg

Thread: Hobbyking customer service - Positive
25/04/2019 19:26:06

I thought after all the negative stuff that I have read about Hobbyking customer service I would share a positive story.

Last week I was setting up my Durafly Vampire PNP, the battery had been plugged in for around 5 mins whilst I was setting up the control surfaces, without even getting as far as running up the fan there was a crack and a puff of smoke coming from the ESC, I quickly disconnected it & upon further inspection it was as dead as a dodo. I had a spare ESC from another project and used this to get the model in the air.

I thought for a few days about complaining to Hobbyking but thought it would be a waste of time, then after a few days I thought what have I got to lose.

I filled out the form on the website explaining what had happened, submitted a photo of the dead ESC and requested that they send me a replacement.

Today I got a knock on the door ( 3 days later) and upon opening the box I found a replacement ESC, perhaps they didn't have the original in stock as the one they have sent me is the upgraded AeroStar WiFi model. They haven't even requested that I send the original ESC back to them.

So for once a positive message about Hobbyking......... Nice one yesold esc.jpg


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Thread: Unusual full size aircraft that would make something different to build!
22/04/2019 19:30:13

After seeing it many years ago in a book that I own I have always had thoughts about building one of these, probably never happen though...…...

Reid & Sigrist RS.1 Snargasher

r.s 1.jpg

Thread: Fieseler Storch
18/01/2019 20:49:28

I would be interested in your model, are you selling it complete or airframe only?

Thread: they are still at it.(PayPal).
10/11/2018 10:10:51

Genuine emails from Paypal will always be addressed to you by name, such as..... Hello Mr Joe Bloggs

If it ever says Hello Mr, Hello friend, Hello Sir, Hello user etc then it is 100% spam

Thread: Comper CLA-7 Swift
10/11/2018 09:47:58

A clubmate of mine built one of these from a plan, not sure if it was the Philip Kent one or not but it's about the same size, nice looking model.swift1.jpg


Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
03/11/2018 21:22:01

Subscribed and watching with interest.............. Still (impatiently) waiting for more updates on the Apache though wink

Thread: Boeing 737?
21/10/2018 22:02:32

Or you can make your own from depron, the youtube channel from RAMY RC shows a build video of his 737, here's the link to the finished model **LINK**

21/10/2018 21:57:23

As mentioned above Windrider make a reasonably priced 737 kit, for those with much deeper pockets gliders uk sell a bigger kit **LINK**

Thread: Seagull Funky Cub assemble.
18/09/2018 21:00:40

Nice looking model.

As was mentioned elsewhere the large gap at the leading edge of the flap when it's dropped is actually supposed to be there, in fact it makes the flap more effective as it keeps the air flowing over it at high angles of attack, see pic below of a full size cub

slotted flap.jpg

Edited By chris larkins on 18/09/2018 21:01:09

Thread: Seagull Mosquito Laser build
13/09/2018 23:04:44

Next time I'll have my camera ready and get some better pics.

Thread: Piper Twin Apache PA23 -150 74"
10/09/2018 22:44:05

skip forward to about 5 mins, there might be a shot here


10/09/2018 20:29:16

some good pics on this site


Thread: Enlarging plans - What % to englarge
12/08/2018 12:17:46

1/6 scale would make the model 65" wingspan, and thus the enlargement would be 126%.

Does a 65" span WW1 biplane sound reasonable for a 14cc 4-stroke?

12/08/2018 11:33:41


I have an old copy of the RM322 plan, Sopwith Dolphin. This is an unusual subject as the pilot sits with his head between the top wings. The model built to the plan is 51.5" wingspan and the recommended engine is a 4-stroke.

I have a Saito FG-14 petrol engine sitting in a box and was thinking about enlarging the plan and using this engine, the question is how much to enlarge the plan to fit this engine? Is there a formula that can be used?

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