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Thread: NIMH or SBEC and lipo for ic?
22/03/2017 22:47:28

I have used a 2s LiFe in the last 5 I.C models that I have put together, unless I really have an issue with nose weight I will always use these in the future. For their size they offer a really good compromise between weight/capacity and of course offer the benefit of a higher voltage for increased servo speed/torque and are actually cheaper than a "good quality" 4.8v NiMh of similar capacity, they also hold their charge for months. Hobbyking sell a 2s LiFe which they market as a transmitter battery however it is perfect for use as a receiver pack as it is fitted with a standard JR plug **LINK** .........just make sure your charger is LiFe compatible !!

I bought a second hand model that is also fitted with 3003's and I have used the LiFe pack with no voltage issues whatsoever, however as Martin mentioned in an earlier post fitting a diode similar to this one **LINK** inline in the positive wire of the switched side of the RX switch will drop the voltage to approx. 5.9v

Unlike a LiPo there is no risk of the battery catching fire during charging so they can be safely charged in the model, you may just need to fit a balance extension lead so that you can balance charge if the battery is not easily removable. There is no need to use a separate SBEC or UBEC.


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Thread: CMPRO Mitsubishi Zero engine thrust settings
05/03/2017 21:18:02

Any update on this model? Have you flown it? I have one of these in a box and it may be next in line when the building board is free

Thread: Looking for local club
22/02/2017 20:15:22

My club is based just outside of Luton, on the A505


Thread: Can You Name ALL These WW 2 Aircraft?
11/02/2017 02:16:00

46 for me, with 1 or 2 educated guesses.

Thread: DSX9
29/01/2017 12:38:04

I may have misread the original post, if the transmitter is the JR DSX9 then it will be DSM2.

If it is the Spektrum DX9 then my post above will apply

29/01/2017 12:33:52
Posted by Gary Manuel on 29/01/2017 11:25:34:
Posted by chris larkins on 29/01/2017 00:14:23:

If your transmitter is one of the earlier versions which still supports DSM2 don't be tempted to go down this route, DSMX is the way to go.

Would you mind elaborating on this Chris?

Assuming his DSM9 is DSM2, what is wrong with going down the DSM2 route?

What advantage will going down the DSMX route give as they will work but only in DSM2 mode?

The early DSX9 Transmitters use the DSMX protocol but were also backwards compatible with older DSM2 receivers (my transmitter is one of those), this means that you have the choice of buying DSMX or DSM2 receivers and they will both work. My point was that IF you have this choice then DSMX receivers are definitely the way to go for some very well documented reasons.

Of course if Adam's transmitter is one of the latest ones it will only use the DSMX protocol.

29/01/2017 00:14:23

If you don't want to cut costs then stick to Spektrum!

However........most of us do want to look for a cheaper alternative. I also have a DSX9 and I have used Lemon receivers with good success. I have one of their receivers with a built in Gyro and this works very well and has given rock solid RF performance, I can thoroughly recommend the Lemon telemetry units too as they work very well and are ridiculously cheap compared to the Spektrum offering considering they come with all sensors.

They have also just released a range of receivers which have built in telemetry (as Spektrum and OrangeRx already do). BRC Hobbies stock them in the UK **LINK**

If your transmitter is one of the earlier versions which still supports DSM2 don't be tempted to go down this route, DSMX is the way to go.

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Thread: Running ignition from receiver pack.
06/12/2016 21:41:05

I personally have never used a single battery for the RX & the Ignition and so far have always used a separate 4 cell NiMh pack for the Ignition..........................  HOWEVER   ................I recently watched the following video from Redwing RC who sell a battery with two outputs and actually recommend using a single battery as long as you are using the video and make your own mind up.

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Thread: Camcorders ?
05/12/2016 08:36:28

The trouble with a Go Pro is the lack of zoom, if you are filming from the ground in no time the model will be a speck in the sky unless you can zoom in, it needs to be an optical zoom too otherwise the quality will drop dramatically.

You can get fairly good results from a reasonably cheap handheld camera, mine is a Panasonic HC-V100 that I bought several years ago, this records in 1080p on an SD card and has a 42x zoom and image stabilization, if you didn't mind second hand they can be picked up on eBay for around £50. A more current model such as the V160 is around £130 (in the sale at Curry's), obviously other makes are available but I don't have any experience with these

Below is a video I took with my HC-V100, make sure you set the quality to HD when watching

Thread: How Much Oil Should You Use In The Fuel?
27/11/2016 00:12:51

Thanks for your reply John.

The reason that I was thinking of converting to petrol is to try to get away from 3 different power sources that I currently use (Electric/glow/petrol) and stick to just electric & petrol. I own a few petrol engines and I am always impressed with the lack of equipment needed and the distinct lack of fiddling required (usually), they also run very clean and although not quite as important with an engine of this size the fuel is very cheap.

The biggest problem that I have had, along with others, is the fact that the carb on a glow engine is just not designed for use with petrol and although it can be set to run well the needles are so sensitive that just one click either way makes a huge difference.

I am sure you are aware of this already but there is an independent guy selling conversion kits for all popular 4 stroke glow engines, ranging from a full kit to individual parts. Anyway for his Laser conversions he is using a carb from an evolution 10cc petrol engine and supplying it with a machined adaptor to fit the Laser head (picture below). I already have all the parts necessary to do this conversion with the exception of the machined adaptor (I was going to ask a clubmate with a lathe to make this for me).

There are videos of these conversions on youtube and they seem to run well, however if there is a good reason that this is not good for the engine in the long term then I would consider sticking to running it on glow. I would be interested to hear why you think this may result in mechanical failure as this might help me to make my mind up.


26/11/2016 20:18:04

These 2 questions are for John Harper really, firstly I have just obtained what I believe is a Laser 100 from a club member that has had it sitting in a drawer for at least 20 years (he thinks it may be far longer), it had only about 30 mins running before being laid up so is like new and turns over freely. When I say that it's a Laser 100 this is an educated guess as there are absolutely no engravings of any kind to confirm that, the distance from the crankshaft to the top of the rocker box is approx 100mm. John could you confirm that it is a 100 and also take an educated guess as to its vintage? (picture below)

Secondly once I have run it on glow and verified that all is well I am thinking about converting it to petrol (as I have successfully with an Sc 1.20 4 stroke). I know that this is not recommended but if you were to recommend an oil mix what would it be? 1:30 on fully synthetic or more/less?


Thread: Multiplex connectors
18/11/2016 23:56:13

Those connectors are commonly known as Ashlock connectors, they are available from a few vendors, see links below


and UK jet shop


Thread: Can you make a plane quieter
25/10/2016 23:59:19

A model can be modified to have a canister fitted even if it was not originally designed this way. The photo's below show my Seagull Edge 540 v2 fitted with an MLD 35cc petrol engine and an internal canister muffler. The firewall was opened up with an appropriate size hole saw, I also made up a liteply ring which fits around the rear of the canister to keep it secure, both the firewall and liteply ring are lined with silicon tube split along its length to keep it secure and reduce any vibration. This set-up with a Biela 20 x 8 prop came out at just under 82db measured on my club's noise meter.



Thread: How much does your club membership cost on top of your adult 33 pounds BMFA membership?
25/10/2016 23:16:32

Ours is £87 inc BMFA, for that we have access to a 5 1/2 acre field that is owned outright by the club with 3 runways, clubhouse with kitchen and a garage, we also have a free BBQ once a year during our mid-summer fly-in.

Thread: Model flying photos you're proud of
24/10/2016 02:29:34

Photo taken of my Seagull edge 540 v2 taken last Thursday. Model is fitted with an MLD 35cc petrol and a 20 x 8 Biela prop.

edge 1.jpg

Thread: What tips for fuel proofing
12/10/2016 14:03:52

I would second the use of epoxy finishing resin, on several models I have mixed in a VERY small amount of black paint and it then dries just like a coat of paint but still gives a tough fuel proof finish

Thread: Help with info on Lipo batteries
23/09/2016 14:37:03

The 3200mAh batteries would probably work ok...........but the endurance would probably be just 3 mins or so. Ducted fan models have a high current draw and even with the recommended battery flights of 4-5 mins are the norm, which is why many people fit batteries that are much larger than recommended and accept the weight penalty, in addition fitted to an EDF a 25C battery would only give average performance at full throttle and a battery with a higher 'C' rating would give better performance.

As to the model it all depends how much you want the ME262, if you don't want to buy new batteries stick to the Tempest, if you really want the ME262 get some new batteries with a 4000-5000 mAh capacity and a rating of at least 30C

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Thread: Petrol glow plug
01/09/2016 21:38:01
Posted by Mike T on 01/09/2016 21:18:01:

Nice! I'm going to try the plug in a 'stock' SC65 F/s, just to see how usable an unmodified engine is.

My SC 1.20 is totally stock, no head shims or any other mods. The only thing I found, as have many others, is that the main needle is extremely sensitive with just one click either way making a big difference. I have read on another thread (similar to the diagram on page 1) that giving the needle a finer taper helps to make it far less sensitive and I will be trying this next

01/09/2016 21:11:40

I test ran my SC 1.20 4 stroke this afternoon on the O.S G5 plug, see video below.

This engine was converted to electronic ignition using an ignition unit from hobbyking and a magnet ring/sensor bracket from Morris Mini Motors and it ran beautifully...........Today's engine run was a first test using an O.S G5 glow plug, the magnet ring and sensor bracket are still fitted to the engine but have been disconnected. With a small amount of tuning we got the engine to idle reliably at 2500 rpm and peak at 8050 rpm with a smooth transition using an evolution 16 x 6 prop.
The engine sounds pretty loud in the video but the exhaust was aiming directly at the camera and in reality didn't sound much different from when it ran on glow fuel.......the major advantage was that it literally sips fuel as the main needle was only open 1/2 turn and it ran so clean that there was no exhaust residue far so good.

Thread: black horse chipmunk
22/08/2016 21:26:02
Posted by AndyD on 15/08/2016 21:25:44:

i had a dle 30 in my first big bh chippy lovely setup apart from the sound,we got three in our club at the mo two of them flying with the ngh 38 4 stroke,very nice but tend to vibrate alot,one of them as lowered the compression and retimed it which helps but ive heard the latter ones are better,i hope so as ive got one and was thinking of useing it in my big chippy then hopefully we are goin to fly them all a tthe same time,i was going to fly the small one with them last wekend but the ign module packed up on one of them so they ended up playing around with that for the rest of the day.

I was thinking of the setup with an NGH 38 4 stroke, does it fit completely within the cowl?

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