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Thread: Small electric PNP/Artf for blusty days
17/08/2013 14:54:41


Looking for a small electric plane (so can sit in my boot while at work) , that will be good for an hours flying on my local common land on my way home. Have a really good Parkzone Radian Pro for nice sunny still evenings, now looking for something for all the rest of them.

Any suggestions/recommendations please.

Thread: Recommendations for a relaxing electric glider
02/08/2013 16:05:46


Out at 7, O,Clock this morning, forecast was going to get blustery later in the morning. Quick check everything plugged in and turning the correct way (no flaps set up). Half power flew straight out the hand with a small throw, no trimming required probably a first ever.

Few beautify, didn't need more than half power for climbing, nice smooth turns, wanted to climb slightly when levelling out, slight touch on the sticks to stop it (so probably picking up a bit of speed in the turn, blame the pilot not the glider). First flight 20 mins never needing to go over half power, and a good half of the time plus with no power. Landing needed a big slow circuit to get it to come down. Checked the battery, 1800 3 cell, down from 88% to 65%. So straight back up for a further 20 minutes.

Red colouring on top tips of wings and black stripes under the wings make for excellent vision. The only thing my friend could say (repeatedly) was such a beautiful presence she had in the sky.


Flies perfect out the box

Easy to launch, easy to fly, flies beautifully,

Warm afternoon should stay up indefinitely.

Minus and only very small points.:

Rx and its wires are in with the two rear servos which I'm not happy about. But I've got an 1800 battery in there which it don't need. Going to buy a couple of 1300s, which will give more space, move the rx into the front hatch with extension cables running through.

Found fitting the wires through the holes and tightening up the screws while in the car park a bit fiddly. But sure after a few times will wonder what the problem was.

Two wings and plastic tube to fit through, could forget the tube (I know stupid to do so), so will look at getting some form of bag to carry them in.

To do:

Have a look at the flap options, be interesting to see how well she flies slow with them and the ailerons down, and the effect for bringing her down as breaks.


To anyone who wants an easy flying glider straight out of the box. Need the space, feels bigger than the 2 metres she is (so not really a first plane). Made great and flies great, excellent purchase.

Thread: The Cheek of Some Folk..........
31/07/2013 22:59:56

There are a wide range of people who like to fly, or potentially like the idea of flying. When I started I found a local club, learnt about basics, BMFA required insurance etc. It was an excellent starting point, always experienced members who wanted to help with everything from setting up the plane, flying it, Passing your A exam. etc

I also fly on some common land, open to joe public, it has a club but most fliers are not members. A lot of people turn up there with a nice new plane, chuck them off and then head off with a black bag to find and bring the bits back. Usually departing having not said a single word in their whole time there.

It is a very friendly site, but many new [or potential] pilots seem embaressed to talk to experienced fliers, and to fly when they're watching. It really is a case of selling the sport, the club/friends/helpers and the "we were all newcomers at one stage mate".

Thread: Fitting a RX into a Radian Pro - not a lot of space
27/07/2013 15:29:15

Been trying to place a Futaba R2006GS RX into the body of a new Radian Pro. Instructions say to install the RX into the fuselage, which I assume is the air vented area behind the battery, below the wing, which has an opening plastic hatch.

This is not a large space and although the Futaba RX is not very large, by the time all the cables are added every thing is really pushed tightly into place, and against the rudder and elevator servo's which are in the same area.

Recommendations to how others have got round this would be appreciated.

My immediate thought is to put the RX in the front under the hatch. It would be directly behind the engine over the esc and battery. Using small extension cables to join everything up. I don't know if this would cause any problems.

Thread: Recommendations for a relaxing electric glider
21/07/2013 20:47:11
Posted by Robin Kearney on 20/07/2013 22:53:17:

one common solution to this is to wire both servos from one wing panel into a 6 way plug, like the multiplex connector for example. Then you only have two big and easy to handle plugs rather than four small ones.

Thanks, I've not seen them before, I'll go have a look. Initial thought was going to go stick an extension lead on each just to make it easier to feed them through

20/07/2013 21:18:27

Had a good search round my local shop today, took most of the morning. Came out with a Parkzone Radian Pro wrapped under my arm.

Looks good (so did the rest though to be honest). Only immediate thougth, after a quick look on getting home, is about how easy getting the wings on and off, too big to sit in my car with them on.

When have a chance will look at possibility of using extension leads on the cables to make feeding through and connecting less hassle out af the field.

Put experience up when got somewhere (unfortunately family commitments will mean probably a week or two (just not fair!).

19/07/2013 20:33:21

Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 19/07/2013 18:29:48:

there's nowt wrong with a good old R/E jobbie - I've had my old Ripmax Nebula to over 1500ft this afternoonteeth 2


Flew a friends one many years ago. Sunny evening and the thing didn't want to come down. Concern on the wings folding the way he was having to throw it around to lose height...

19/07/2013 14:03:20

Had a quick call to my local shop, they have four in the shop which generally fill the bill: Diamond 2500 RC Glider PNP £180, Dynam Sonic ARTF at £115. Parkzone Radian Pro, price is £119, don't know if thats classed as an ARTF or PNP version. And an ST Blaze at £110. So going for a good prod around at them, and if feel happy will be leaving the shop with one. Any likes / dislikes towards them? More important (there again maybe not, my 'enter' key doesn't work when typing in, so can't add blank lines, anyone know why???? . ..

17/07/2013 10:57:16

Hi, Changed jobs and now head home at a reasonable time, passing Chobham Common and questioning why I'm not stopping for an hour or two to finish the day off. Flown for some years, various planes including a Twinstar, Zagi, Acromaster (beautiful plane, prop hanged without any help from me). But like a lot of guys have had about five years out due to Children, Wife, Busy job (usual excuses). Now fancy a nice easy flying electric glider which can spend the day in my car ready to be pulled out, turned on and thrown when I get the chance. "Sorry darling working late again tonight", should work for a while! Quick looks have brought up things such as the E-flight Ascent, Parkzone Radian Pro, although with ailerons and flaps, bit more than I'm looking for. JP Pretty looks good, again ailerons, something I'm not really bothered about. I have an old Futaba 2.4 in the garage, and a couple of 3 cell lipos although I don't know how good they'll be. Other one which looked great was the Century Art Tech, but at £180 was more than I want to spend. Suggestions and recommendations from your experiences much appreciated. Cheers.

Thread: What effect changing prop from 10x5 to 9x6
13/12/2009 00:28:45
Hi,  I have been very happy flying my acro Master on a 10x5 prop.  Having snapped that I have a couple of 9x6 in my box.  How will the small small change in prop effect its overall flying.  Ta.
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