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Thread: Where do you keep yours?
18/10/2019 18:51:22

the most likely cause seems to be either mischarging at the wrong voltage or physical damage, not storage, I once charged a 2cell 1000mah as a 3cell which the charger did not pick up on, it was on a concrete slab on my bench in the garage and I returned to a burnt out battery and no other damage , still gave me a turn when I thought what could have happened to my garage and contents

Thread: Filling a Hole?
15/10/2019 21:38:18

the clear gorilla glue does not foam up to expand into spaces like the brown one, both excellent glues

Thread: Lipo advice please
08/10/2019 21:05:28

, when making up a lead to connect two 5s packs in series or any other plug soldering,be very carefull to check polarity, it is possible to fry the receiver and all the servos in a twinke of an eye,

Thread: 2019 Special Issue
01/10/2019 18:54:00

One anomaly of the SPECIAL ISSUE----- the easiest entry to building from plans for, beginners especially, is using depron but it seems to be beneath the dignity of the expert contributors. An article on techniques and glues peculiar to this way of building might have helped starters to the hobby

Thread: Nice gesture from Hobbyking
18/08/2019 17:50:21

you twist the joystick for rudder

Thread: wiring for twin mustang with two batteries
14/03/2018 21:49:57

Thanks for that point, I hadn't appreciated there could be a difference between the channels. Presently at the stage of tidying the wiring and situating the batteries for balance so tomorrow I will include that in my run up checks.

Appreciate everyones comments and help,the forum is great help in expanding ones experience even afer many years flying

14/03/2018 20:00:26

I can see the sense in joining the batteries in parallel, the downside is taking a heavy lead across to the other fuse. The twin mustang is quite small-1.3metres , a larger plane would justify the extra wiring . I would hesitate to disable the bec as I have had no trouble using up to 5cells ( with advice from 4MAX using a quality power train)

The receiver is Spektrum which I use in all planes except small 2 to 3 cell . As I said above the motor/esc is the donkey combo from HK quite good performance for £12 each!

Thread: Bj's Modellflyg videos
13/03/2018 22:39:05

Do you have any problems with lipos in low temps? here in Scotland I find if flying in low temps especially with small (500s) they get cold quickly and do not perform at high throttle. Larger 2200s dont seem to be affected but I dont have a chance to try at -20

Thread: wiring for twin mustang with two batteries
13/03/2018 22:24:43

I didnt have a y so made one from two extensions and first suspected a dry joint but put a meter on it for continuity and was ok so thought for another answer. I am usinng two donkeys from HK with soldered on escs (£12each) so wondered if the cheap escs being built down to price is a factor. I had used another donkey in a depron Hurricane tankbuster (40 mm cannon) and it was perfectly ok

13/03/2018 14:15:17

cracked it! plugged the second esc into channel 5 and slaved it to throttle at -100% works perfect, .this was before i saw Petes reply above, it does make a blind difference but how is another matter

13/03/2018 12:34:07

one motor connected individually works but when the other is plugged in none work , is there interference via the white signal lead? this does not happen when using one lipo with the red les cut

13/03/2018 12:04:27

What I really want to know is the theory of using two lipos individually to each motor sound? and how to wire them up as the method i tried seems to be flawed (cutting one red lead to an esc.)

13/03/2018 12:00:00

First thing I did was to put a meter on to test both branches of the y for continuity , both ok

13/03/2018 11:26:29

I have built a rwin mustang and want a battery in both fuselages for balance,connected individually to each esc, and with a y lead fron the receiver to each esc with the red lead cut in one branch... this does not appear to work, both escs do not energise but if i remove the y lead and connect an esc it works and if I disconnect then plug in the other it works.

I have built twins and fours with one battery and cut the red ,I expected two batteries to work but I must be missing some thing obvious

Thread: using a quad esc in a 4 motor plane
08/10/2017 22:15:46

the £30 quad I have does have LVC

08/10/2017 21:24:36

Thanks for the reply, I remember seeing reference in a mag last year i think, of using a Quad esc in a four motor plane . I have built and flown a B17 using an esc for each motor recently and just wondered the pros and cons of wiring simplicity , weight and cost for future projects

Thread: 4 in 1 ESC.
08/10/2017 16:14:12

Brushless multis must use an esc for each motor and cut/disconnect the red wire on all except one esc to supply juice to the receiver. Just built and flown a B17 , works perfect, a good tip best to buy motors and esc's as a batch to ensure they are matched . I would be interested to receive info on how to use a quad copter esc in a multi plane.

Thread: using a quad esc in a 4 motor plane
08/10/2017 15:51:05

I have seen reference to using a quad esc in a muli motor plane and would be interested to find out the wiring diagram

Thread: plastic coating , great for foamies
21/02/2016 22:07:06

An alternative is available from sign printing shops. Ask for offcuts of vinyl for small jobs or larger pieces can be bought at a reasonable price . I have used it to cover flat depron wings and to make folded depron wings with an aerofoil section (google E-SHARK to see how to do it) It makes the wing very strong, I over banked my E-Shark on a low turn and caught a wing tip resulting in a cartwheel,the wing was intact and with little work on the nose and finit flies perfect again

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