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Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
17/08/2018 20:06:42


With the amount of planking, I think that Colin is right wink.

Anyway parts now ordered.


Thread: Anyone interested in a Nats meet-up?
17/08/2018 14:35:07

Unfortunately i work the weekend shift, will miss my trip to the Nats, so have a brew for me.


Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
15/08/2018 12:41:53

Enthusiasm!! I'm still recovering from the first Bryant wing crying.

With a few DIY jobs that have needed to be done and the weather, not much time for building although more flying than previous years.

After being involved with the chippy build and learning a lot, I'm Looking forward to getting started, hope to get parts ordered soon. Was not to sure if I should get involved with the Fury as Chippy still needs to be finished. However I would very much like to improve my wire bending and soldering skills and having the comments from other builders certainly helps and keeps the motivation when things aren't quite right

Colin your not alone, I know how you feel with getting the Chippy finished, I felt the same. However I did manage to pick it up again. I need to make a list of jobs required to finish it.


Thread: Thinking of changing my car
31/07/2018 17:59:13

Skoda all the way for me. Had octavia which ended up with 300,000 miles, very reliable. Upgraded to Superb lots of usable room and realy comfortable to drive.

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
27/07/2018 19:02:01


After giving it some thought, i have decided to have a go at the fury, even though I still have the chippy to finish.

Learnt a lot whilst doing that build and am looking forward to improving my wire bending and a few more skills.

Although after surviving a Bryant wing, Its utter madness to have to build two more.

So a quick recap of materials and suppliers.

Plan, spinner and wood pack from Sarik

Glass hinges from Danny

Brass etched parts from Ernie

3D printed parts from Tony Bennet

Is this correct?

Two Bryant wings utter madness crying

Kind regards


Thread: losing revs slowly at idle
17/07/2018 17:11:31

Tried the intresting trick, however could not get the engine to cut, so presume that the fuel line is thick walled.

I have leaned the bottom end out just a small amount and engine seems a little happier and more than adequate for flight. Just for the record it is an AX and swings a11x8 and the engine is around 3 to 4 yrs but as not had a great deal of running in fact it looks almost new. I also put a few drops of after run oil in and model is stored nose down.

Thanks for all the replies.

Kind Regards


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
17/07/2018 17:02:48

Maiden flight last week, first low wing since returning. No dramas just a little quick to land, no trimming needed, although i did pack RH wing seat with 1/32 ply to centralize tailplane before first flight.

dscn0372 (1).jpg

The CofG needs to be moved rearwards so I will remove lead from engine mount and add a tank retention plate.



Hope that I can now get some aerobatic practice, as I would like to think about entering the sportsman F3a next year. At least be in a position to start practicing the basic schedule.


Thread: losing revs slowly at idle
09/07/2018 20:54:10

Firstly apologies for the late response, short working week but long hours that don''t allow for anything to be done on work days unfortunately.

Plug is enya No3, fuel is model technics Irvine sport 5 and fresh, the prop is a 11x8.

The gradual lose of revs seems to happen all the time. Pick up from idle is not to bad maybe a little rich but only at the very end of the transition to full power. Only really notice this behavior due to setting up throttle in new model. As I have said it is not really to much of a problem, just wonder if i have been a bit tardy with setting the secondary needle.

Thanks for all the replies.

Kind Regards


05/07/2018 18:22:55

Not really a problem. I have an OS46 that runs quite happley however at idle it slowly losses revs, any ideas?


Kind Regards


Edited By Silver Wolf on 05/07/2018 18:23:34

Thread: Silver Wolf's Chipper-too
16/03/2018 16:48:46


Wing fillets were made by using a phenolic microballons filler mixed with some 30 min epoxy. I have seen David Platt using a polyester resin which seemed a better consistency and i think it was a finishing resin that he used. The fillets are far from perfect the camera does improve my build quality.


Made a start on covering now, flaps, ailerons and other empennages covered with silk over tissue. Hope to get fuselage glassed by the end of the month once its warmed up a bit.



Will need to spray a coat of dope, add a little detail then some primer.



Edited By Silver Wolf on 16/03/2018 16:49:08

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
28/02/2018 19:42:15


Just a few photos of silk over tissue, hope they help.



They have had only two coats of 50/50 dope, possibly another coat then primer.



Thread: Decals or paint?
16/02/2018 18:45:47


A lot will depend on the size of model.

I used decal on my flair Legionnaire, more than adequate although not overly pretty. If i had not wanted to get the model into the air quite so quick then would have considered painting.


At 2m or more it makes little difference. However it all depends on what sort of model you want.


I have started to experiment with silk over tissue, very rewarding but a lot of work.

What ever you decide just enjoy.




Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
13/02/2018 20:44:26

I hope to be able to join this build if i can get the chippy ready for final paint. I am in the process of covering ailerons, flaps etc with silk over tissue. A lot more work involved however very pleased with the initial tissue covering.

If the covering goes well,there will be no need for solartex.

I think my area of future intrest is going to be WW1 so the fury build does appeal as a good stepping stone, especially with the guidance from Danny.



Thread: Silver Wolf's Chipper-too
01/02/2018 11:14:11

Danny, I had thought that it might help access to needle valve etc. However as i don't intend to mess around with engine settings once set up , then for simplicity it will be a more conventional fit.


Cowl fitted with three 3mm button heads, inserts fixed into hardwood block which are mounted to F2.


May add more fixings, may be into engine mount. Although this might cause problems with vibration now that i think about it.

Once covered I will think about cooling baffles.


Fin strake added along with wing fillets.


Well at long last its starting to look like a chippy.

Will now fill and sand fuselage, ailerons,flaps etc ready for covering.


19/01/2018 15:10:11

Gents, thanks for the kind words, a few words of encouragement helps the motivation.


Initially mounted the cowl just to ensure it looked about right, used temporary packs to help with alignment.


As yet not sure how i will attach cowl but i think it will need a fixing in f1. I may bond part f1 onto engine mount, the lower section of f1 is likely to go, need to ensure that there is no obstruction for the cooling flow.


Intend to hinge cowl as per Danny's version. Awaiting hinges from HK (thanks for the info Danny). With the cowl hinged I should be able to see and sort the cooling baffles.



Thread: Martyn's Chippie RCAF 671
05/01/2018 12:35:16

Hi Martyn,

You should be more than pleased with the detail, should be more than good enough for stand off scale. Hope that mine looks as effective as yours. All the best for any competitions, something that I hope to do one day.


Thread: Silver Wolf's Chipper-too
04/01/2018 18:16:29

Fuselage now near completion at last.



Modified F2 to allow for fuel tank, with removing a lot of the material I have given the inside face a layer of finishing cloth.


Due to this project being longer than planned I was very tempted not to bother with any cockpit detail.


However, I did manage to do the basics, as showed by Mr Fenton and very pleased with the result.


Will mount engine next and then consider the cowl. Would be interested to do something similar to Danny’s version but at the moment unable to source any hinge


Will add some web plates to the bearers and will be using a glass mount as recommended by Jon (Laser)

All the best to everyone in 2018.


Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
07/11/2017 19:33:42

Received a box of goodies from Richard. Not sure if the grey or green one had the cookies though.


I had intended to build a "C" for electric power and "G" for ic power. However Richard phoned and suggested that due to having ali spinners available it might be better to have the "C" as the ic version. He kindly supplied a various selection of spinners to help me make up my mind. I wonder how many kit suppliers would spend the time on the phone to ensure that a customer was able to make an informed decision.

Cannot speak highly enough of Richard, it will be a sad loss to the RC community if Richard sneaks out of the back door.

Hope to make a start within the next month or so. Not sure if I will start new thread or continue on this one.

Kind Regards


Thread: Silver Wolf's Chipper-too
01/10/2017 19:06:56

3 years after starting finally finished the wing ready for covering.


Made some servo hatches retained by small magnets and small former to try and maintain curvature of wing.


Add a centre section fairing to wing and the dreaded wing fillets.


TE of the fairings/fillets are a little thick as are the TE of ailerons and flaps, may trim them a bit.



Will need to decide if I just tape the two-fuselage half’s together while I get engine mount and fuel tank sorted. Also need to consider cockpit. I think the cockpit will be rather basic as I would like to join the Fury club, however I do want to finish the chippy first, at least get it covered.


Edited By Silver Wolf on 01/10/2017 19:08:01

Edited By Silver Wolf on 01/10/2017 19:08:52

Thread: Danny's "poor mans Spitty"
29/08/2017 16:42:46

Thoroughly well done, F4C next?


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