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Thread: Silver Wolf's Chipper-too
07/04/2015 08:10:17

Thanks Colin, I think that I may have some brass sheet lying around. like the idea of the triangle section between under carriage ribs and LE.

Was considering mounting the front part of the leg in hard wood block with a piece of tube rather than P clip.

Yours is getting along quite nicely.



07/04/2015 01:54:50

Still awaiting oleos from HK first set never arrived! I intend to build under carriage as per plan then trim to suit oleos if they arrive. If they don't turn up then will look for an alternative or may just go with standard piano wire legs.

just out of interest what have people used for the retention straps?

05/04/2015 17:14:31

Both wing panels built but only top surface sheeted

centre basic.jpg

wing top sheet.jpg

I have checked the measurements for LE, main spar and TE. The main spar is ok but the LH LE is 1.5 lower than the RH and the TE is 2mm higher than the RH. I think that the problem is with the RH panel, I may attempt to correct this when I sheet the underside. If this does not happen then I think that a little bit of trim applied to the ailerons should sort it out.

scribe block_2.jpg

Will start to take a look at the under carriage next.


18/03/2015 21:12:39

The basic for the RH wing panel now complete.

Managed to use the large permagrit bar, did wonder if I would ever find a use for it.


Was a little concerned with the angle as I could only get 52mm measured under rib 18. However checked the

length of spar and double checked using simple trig and at 52mm this gives me 3.925 degrees.


There is a very small amount of warp starting from rib 15/16, not overly concerned as this is producing a very small amount of washout. It may well disappear once the panel is re-pinned to board for sheeting.


Needed to alter quite a few of the ribs to allow the top spar to line up with lower spar. Without this been done the panel would be warped.


Guess who didn't look for B1.

Will revisit RH panel to sheet top and then profile under side once centre and LH panel built. I intend to add the centre section next then will build LH panel onto the centre. I will leave the shroud etc off until the hinges for flaps and ailerons are done.

Definitely prefer to build three sections then assemble, it allows much more freedom to ensure everything is correct.

With all the additional work to get spar and ribs to fit, not to mention adjusting the dihedral brace it seem to take an age to get this far with the wing. However if the centre and other panel turn out like the LH I will be pleased and should have a reasonable base to finish the wing.

07/03/2015 10:44:29

Gents, thanks for the replies it is encouraging that the warp should build out. I think that this may be part of the reason that I have not been in a hurry to start the wing.

Although I have traced the wing for the LH panel I may just try the meths, as it should be more accurate.

A few words of encouragement do really help get things moving.

Well of up to the loft, will start with a dry run and do any final fettling, just need to decide on what to listen too.

06/03/2015 20:55:46

Checked the dihedral brace and a little sanding has given a reasonable starting point.


Holes for control rods, doublers and building tabs added to all rib.


Rear spar glued and filled


Glued the lower spar to the first dihedral brace, this is a starting point.

Used straight edge as a guide to pin spar, I use dress making pins and a panel pin hammer for securing the main spar


I think that the warp in the dihedral brace will be removed once the other spar and ribs are in place!


Hope to get a start on the wing over the weekend.

Thread: Colin Leighfield's Chipmunk build.
25/02/2015 10:48:02

Colin, your not on your own with regards to taking a long time to not do very much! Your way ahead of me, just about to start the joys of a Dennis Bryant wing.

Yours is looking good and closer to having a complete airframe ready for all those lovely rivets!!


Thread: Silver Wolf's Chipper-too
22/02/2015 20:23:19

Quite happy to go with the spruce for the undercarriage, but not to sure about the main spar brace is a little warped, not to sure if this straighten out once the ribs and spars are in place?

spar brace.jpg

22/02/2015 15:43:05

It's been a while since last had a chance to do some building for various reasons.

Was getting a little frustrated with lack of progress, it seemed to take an age to get fin and rudder complete. I felt the same way about the tail plane and elevator.

tailplane weight.jpg

So have decided to move onto the wing to try and move the project along.

Filled the wing rear spar with Roket powder, this seems to have worked quite well and do not think it will need any additional beefing up!

wing rear spar filler.jpg

At present just sorting through a few tasks in readiness for the wing build and have noticed that wood I intend to use for the undercarriage mounting blocks is spruce rather than beech. Does anyone have any misgivings with using spruce for this task?


Thread: Danny's "poor mans Spitty"
22/02/2015 10:12:06

Just like to add my thanks for the photos.

With all the work done by Danny and all those that have nearly complete airframes I don't want to let the side down, so must really get some building done.


Thread: Chip Shop
18/01/2015 10:27:35

Just starting to do some prep work (getting up to date with other blogs) before starting on wings. Progress very slow due to having to sort out a few things. Hope to push on once wings get started.



Thread: Silver Wolf's Chipper-too
13/01/2015 12:03:24

Fin and rudder now complete with shroud.

fin rudder.jpg

Using the technique that Danny showed was very effective

rudder shroud.jpg

Generally quite happy with overall appearance, however the transition from top of fin to rudder seems to be about 1mm. Not sure if this is and the general fit of the rudder/shroud or correct. Not sure if any further work will be done on them as the intention is for a stand off scale, however lesson learnt.

fin rudder transition 2.jpg

rudder transition.jpg

Just about to fit shroud to tail plane but will await any feedback so that the evevator/tailplane transition is correct.

In the mean time will start to have a look at the wing.

Thread: Beer Theft, What shall i doooo
13/01/2015 09:57:49

Hi Scott,

If you were the parent how would you like to find out?



Thread: Silver Wolf's Chipper-too
26/12/2014 13:17:40

Hi John,

Thanks for the information and apologies for not replying sooner. I have also done a bit of research and according to the pilots manual for the chipmunk the control movements are as follows.

Aileron up 21˚ down 16˚

Flaps 15˚ and 30˚

Elevator up 38˚ down 15˚

Rudder 31˚ each way

After transferring the angle for the elevator to the plan 38˚ seems to be quite a lot?

A rough check for the ailerons give 20mm of up movement for 21˚.

elevator movement.jpg

It would seem that if 38˚ was used that would give nearly 50mm of movement

It will be interesting to see what we actually end up with, at the moment I would be thinking of those airsail movements. I daresay we will have a few maiden flights from others before i have to make any decisions.

Anyway not any chance of doing any building today, off for another dinner!!


Thread: Chip Shop
24/12/2014 17:32:04

Happy Xmas to all chiperteers.

Have enjoyed the blogs and learnt a few things.

So all the best for next year and hopefully a few maidens (flights that is).

All the best SW

Thread: This Chip-monk will be praying for help
22/12/2014 20:10:25

Hi Nigel,

It might be worth getting an incedence meter, at least you can check what you've got. I use one that was made by Robart. If you need to correct then do so, you will not forgive yourself if something happens on the maiden flight. You will always ask yourself "was it the wing". With all the hard work done so far you owe it to yourself to give the maiden flight its best shot.

I built a cessna only too stand off scale, but this went in on its maiden due to my lack of understanding of wing incedence. It was not all bad because i did go away and learn an awfull lot about model aerodynamics and lifes fatefull road have lead to getting a job through some of my basic knowledge learnt.



Thread: Danny's "poor mans Spitty"
22/12/2014 16:48:25

I have used polyC on a couple of club 2000 pylon racers, it takes quite a few coats to fill the weave and still requires a lot of work to get a good finish.

When i finally get round to covering i hope to have a go at tissue and silk (if its not likely to be too heavy) or glass cloth.

Regards SW

Thread: Unstable Plane With Camera on Top
19/12/2014 10:59:21

If the controls seem to be more sensitive then I would check the C of G



Thread: Replacement Car
16/12/2014 10:57:56

Skoda Octavia 300,000 miles and just changed to a superb. The Octavia was very reliable and is still used to transport models and a general runaround.

What more can be said.


Thread: Silver Wolf's Chipper-too
14/12/2014 19:11:43

Fin now built but will leave rounding off the LE until ready to assemble to fuselage. To get an even surface for the sheeting i tend to use a sheet of sandpaper double sided to a bench or large sheet of MDF.

fin sanding.jpg

Even after reading blogs did not check rudder thickness (doh) and guess what?

thickness added.jpg

Need to added some material but now have a rudder that matches the fin. The laminated and pre bent LE for the fin worked a treat.

I have given the leading edge an initial rounding and have yet to fit the shrouds, how much movement is required for the rudder and how much overhang for the shroud?

The tail plane has been made (built vertical)but that caused quite a few steepness nights on trying to get rid of a small warp (only a 1mm at the centre) after adding bottom sheeting. I soaked with water and pinned to the board, also done the same whilst using ammonia.

warped tailplane.jpg

Without the LE or the sheeting it is very delicate! After much deliberation I decided to fit the top sheet and have another go at getting rid of the warp and unless it got worse would try to live with it as it was very small.

clamped sheeting on tailplane.jpg

After using plenty of clamps (thanks to seeing those on other blogs) and some substantial timber we ended up with a nice straight tail plane.

unwarped tailplane.jpg

Reasonably happy with tail plane so far (If I trouble with tail plane can't wait for the wing) and will start the elevators next week. I have already made the joiner (silver soldered) and its not to bad.

elevator joiner.jpg

After Xmas will have a different camera then hopefully some of the close ups will be in focus. The only trouble with that any dubious building will be there for all to see.

If anyone has the details for the amount of movement for the control surfaces then that would be really helpful.


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