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Thread: Dennis Bryant Chipmunk
08/02/2013 02:26:56

Hi Teepee,

That Magister looks fabulous. And that cowl! Wow! 15 years old as well. Do you actually fly it?

Only joshing! Hope my Chipmunk turns out half as good.


23/01/2013 02:13:03

G'Day Lyton,

I'm in a similar position to Peter. Life got in the way. We have had bushfires here and I had to evacuate my mother. All good in the end.

Last summer I crashed my Black horse Chipmunk and a replacement fuse turned up just after Xmas. So i have been rebuilding that. As soon as that is out of the way I'll be back onto DB Chipmunk. And i have been flying (summer here) so that has also slowed my building. I will have more questions I'm sure down the track.

I have only built one wing panel so far. However from my experience this looks to be an excellent build so I would reccomend you give it a try.

Cheers Graeme

01/11/2012 07:54:48

Hi fellow Chipmunkers,

I hav'nt lifted a finger on the Chipmunk for several days so nothing to report there or questions to ask.

However, totally off subject and I needed to tell someone,yesterday,Wednesday Tasmanian time, I had my second flight with my YT Spitfire, the 72" size one. The first flight back in June was very dissappointing as I did'nt believe my Saito125 had sufficient power and the Spitty staggeresd about. I thought I might have to buy a bigger motor. But no, I percervered with the 125 and it has come up trumps. Plenty of power and the model is an absolute delight to fly. So much fun. The Club Scale Ralle` on Saturday and I am going to enter it. Hope the weather holds. I have been re-inspired. Just so good. Heck, I sound like a kid again.


30/10/2012 02:39:13

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the pm. I am considering your "chainsaw" tip. That's a new one on me! Inverting the motor will allow the tank to be placed under the bearers to line up with the 4 stroke. My mate, also Pete, suggested this as well so if two Pete's say it's good then that's the way to go! And no"kerbing" on the Chipmunk build. I need your guidance!

G'Day Tim, That's a terrific model you have built. pity about the crash. Good luck on the rebuild. I am also going to use small servos on the ailerons and maybe for the flaps as well. If you are happy with a single wing retaining bolt I will go with that. The weight of your model is much lighter than i anticipated so I hope I can do the same. I will certainly "pester" you for help if I get stuck and thanks for your input.


28/10/2012 08:15:07

Thanks Martin for your input. Webbing will be included. Yes it is the 68" version. The reason I chose the 115 is because I have a spare one, secondly I had a Blackhorse 64" Chipmunk which weighs 3.3kg and I powered it with a Saito 80. I thought it was great, till i pranged it.Further, I do like a bit of action so scale flying with the 80 in it might be ok but become a little boring if you follow my drift. Also I believe the 68" will be about 5kg I suspect. If I can get the 115 in I will.

I'm with you Peter being a slow builder. Since I am in Tasmania, I have given myself a bit over 12 months to get it into the air which will be the summer after next. The Laser 100 would be ideal I would think. But I am not keen on buying another motor. The slot in the rear spar near rib1 I believe is for the hinge support. But like you I think it's in the wrong place so I will follow your lead a make another slot. I showed it to my clever mate and he agrees. So it's got to be right. Keep me posted on your progress. It's good to be able to compare notes and figure out problems.

Cheers Graeme

26/10/2012 07:49:49

Hello Peter,

Thanks for the tips. I have also bought the wood pack and it is very well done and saves a lot of tedious work. I have nearly finished the right wing panel and have made the aileron and flap hinge supports.I can line up the slots cut in the rear spar for the pushrod and the hinge support in the middle of the wing, and the wing tip. However, I presume the half slot in the rear spar at rib no.1 is also for a hinge support but it runs straight into the rear of the rib. Is the plan slightly out, is the rear spar wrong or have I misinterpreted what the is going on? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Looking further into the build I was intending to install a Saito115. Could be tight. Then if I use the motor beams as per plan I am going to have trouble fitting a suitable tank. How were you powering your model?

Also I thought I would modify the wing hold down bolt arrangement. Usually on my models I have two bolts.

I am also planning to put webbing between the spars. Maybe I am being too careful as I am sure Mr. Bryant would know what is needed better than me.

Any ideas/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


25/10/2012 08:53:31

Has anyone scratchbuilt the Db Chipmunk? If so how did it turn out?


Thread: Tim's Next Project
11/09/2012 09:52:05

Some suggestionsTim.

Supermarine Spiteful, DH Hornet, Supermarine S.6B or any Schneider trophy plane, Arrow Active.

Cheers Pokey

Thread: Which country is everyone from ?
24/07/2012 09:15:29

Burnie Tasmania, the Island state of Australia and the best, of course!

Cheers Graeme

Thread: Supermarine S6B
08/06/2012 10:23:58

Hugh is this project progressing? I have this plan and it will be my first scratch for more than ten years. Just about finished a YT Spitfire and then this will be next. Very interested to see how yours finishes up. Thanks Graeme

Thread: EDF Vampire T11
07/06/2012 05:43:52

Hi Robin and Frank,

Any progress on the Vampires. I have the same plan and would like to 'give it a bash".


Thread: Blackburn Monoplane
27/05/2012 09:54:37

I am very interested in this plane. Has anyone flown one and would it be suitable for electric?


Thread: Galaxy Models Chipmunk
16/05/2012 07:48:12

Thanks Andy,

I have looked at your web site and will continue to follow until you complete it. So it should be flying in a month or so or am I being a bit optimistic?

I should mention that I live in Tasmania. However I guess the only thing that will stop me buying a kit is cost. We will see.


Thread: Pics from your free RCME plan build
16/05/2012 07:39:55

Enjoying the pictures but for many of them I am finding it frustrating.

I would like to know the names of the planes and if possible what issue they came from.

Have nothing to offer unfortunately but very much enjoying them nonr the less.


Thread: Galaxy Models Chipmunk
14/05/2012 08:02:27

I am interested in building a Chipmunk. How did this one end up please?

Regards Graeme

Thread: A very good idea!!!
09/04/2012 10:01:47

Here in good old Tasmania, not that far from NZ, we have that "set up" as well with fire proof benches inside and out. The battery is charged by solar panel and we have our weather station. Vadalism is not a problem because our strip is remote and difficult to find unless you are in the know.

The only problem with the weather station I have noticed is that members often won't "risk it" and have become bit of sooks. The slightest hint of wind seems to put them off. I don't check myself as much now either since I was also wimpying it out at times.

regards Graeme

Thread: Blackhorse Chipmunk 64"
22/02/2012 23:29:15

Me again Simon,

I forgot the sevo query. Age & dementia again!

I am using standard JR servos. Nothing out of the ordinary is needed.


22/02/2012 23:24:46

Hi again Simon,

This is one of my favourite models but there are two things I don't like about it.

First the rudder/tailwheel arrangement is not the best and I am still fighting with it.

And second the main undercarriage I found to be weak and constantly bent on landing. Of course, I am not the best pilot in the world so it could be just me. However, I changed to another set of main struts I had in my bin and that problem has been eliminated.

Otherwise it flys well and will do all the aerobatics that I throw at it. Hope yours goes as well.


22/02/2012 05:14:43

I have this model powered with a Saito 80. More than enough power and it flies beautifully.

I have used synthetic for years and yes there is a little mess but much better than castor and I can live with it.


Thread: Pick a Plane 2011
21/11/2010 07:25:16
DH Hornet
DH Chipmunk

Edited By Graeme Poke on 21/11/2010 07:25:49

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