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Thread: Private Parking Companies
18/01/2016 22:01:57
Posted by Percy Verance on 18/01/2016 21:29:12:

I thought the general advice given by the Police, AA/RAC etc was to simply ignore them?

I'm given to understand they'll try all the tricks in the book (plus some which aren't) to convince you to pay though......

I once received an official parking ticket for being parked on a yellow line in Blackpool one bank holiday many moons ago. The date and time on the letter and ticket (Issued by Blackpool Council as I recall) coincided with the exact date and time I was at a wedding reception some 100 miles from Blackpool. I had tangible proof that I'd attended the wedding reception (I'd booked into the hotel for the night and signed the guest book). What had apparently happened was I'd had my registration plate cloned and used by a very similar vehicle. I bought the car at a year old, and it had been supplied new by a dealer in Blackpool......but I'd personally never been to Blackpool in it.

I wrote to the office which had issued the ticket, and it was waived.

Edited By Percy Verance on 18/01/2016 21:39:32

Had that been a Private Parking Company I'm sure it would not have been so easy to deal with.

Ignoring a PCN is not the best advice since 2012. That year the govt. brought in legislation which allows, amongst other things, the vehicle keeper and not the driver to be deemed liable. There are certain criteria that the PPC should adhere to in order to keep things fair but the evidence is that the large majority of PPC do not comply as they should. On the contrary they deliberately move the goal posts to suit.

When you consider that their income largely relies on the payment of fines you can see why their is an incentive to bend the rules.

18/01/2016 21:40:48

It is true that most give up after a few months but not until threatening letters from debt collecting agencies have been sent. Unfortunately most people succumb and pay up despite being under no legal obligation to do so. These companies rely on scaring the vulnerable and ill informed to make their money. And if they come across any resistance they are not adverse to fabrication and rewriting law. It is little more than extortion with menaces IMHO.

18/01/2016 18:11:38

Hi forumites,

I hope this post does not break any forum rules. If it does I apologies and will be happy for a moderator to delete it.

I know the issue of Penalty notices from PPC's has been discussed before and how unfair innocent motorists are treated.

I myself have experience of these companies who mislead, lie and concoct all manner of reasons why their fine should be paid. I have done quite a lot of research on the issue and it really is a murky world. Often run by extremely undesirable people. Most have sprung from the ex clamping industry and have shifted their approach to issuing bogus penalty charge notices, debt collectors letters and false court papers.

Why am I telling you all this? Well quite simply to urge you to sign this petition


If enough signatures can be added it might encourage the government to create proper regulation to stop what at present is tantamount to blackmail and extortion.

If you need more evidence of their dodgy practices you may want to look here:

Thread: Christmas wishes
19/12/2015 12:40:45

Merry Xmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year everyone. Thanks for all you help and advice over the last year.

Thread: Seagull Challenger
02/11/2015 13:57:56

Hi Gangster,

Thanks for the advice. I think I'll give the sanding a try. If it doesn't look as though it is going to work I can look at adding a false leading edge.

I've not looked at the fus yet. I think I will take things a bit more slowly with that. thinking Are there any potential pit falls I should look out for?

02/11/2015 08:41:08

I think I may have the answer. I re-read the kit review in RCM&E and it was mentioned that the leading edge needing trimming. It didn't register until this morning what was actually meant by that. My very roughly drawn diagram I think explains things better than words.


It is a basic error on my part. Lack of experience I guess. However, as the backing for the leading edge is already glued in place I do think Seagull should correct this. There is no mention in the instructions to trim the leading edge back plate, and I can't imagine them having to do this on the assembly line.

So now I have to work out how to correct this. Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

01/11/2015 21:22:56
Posted by Percy Verance on 01/11/2015 20:44:42:

It certainly looks like it might benefit from a bit more wood on that leading edge Hogster. It probably wouldn't need much, maybe 3 to 4mm?

Check the wing opening at the fuselage though. It's no good adding more meat if it means the wing won't fit on the fus any longer!

I'll be watching with interest here, as the Challenger is one model I've quite fancied since it first appeared in artf form. I didn't particularly want an artf though, and Seagull have now duly obliged by producing the model in kit form. Nice one Seagull. I honestly feel they should offer more of their range as kits. Lets face it, even the artf's begin as kits before being built, covered and boxed as ready built jobs.

Edited By Percy Verance on 01/11/2015 20:49:52

So far the bits fit together very well. No need to pin things down it just slots together. Which is good for a beginner, But I the instructions aren't enough on their own. The wing just buts up against the side of the fus so I don't think a few mm would be a problem.

Edited By Hogster on 01/11/2015 21:31:13

01/11/2015 20:11:24

The build instructions are not as detailed as I hoped and the plans has some errors and omissions but there is a good instructional video by rcmojo on youtube.

However, I've come to a point where I could do with some further advice. If you look at the pic below you will see the leading edge before sanding. To me it looks like there is not enough wood to shape properly. Do you think I need to add some more leading edge strip?

Has anyone else built this model and can offer any tips?


rh leading edge.jpg

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
26/09/2015 08:01:57

Thanks Peter. I'm going to look out for this one.

25/09/2015 20:28:09

I like the look of that Peter. I'm not very experienced builder, would you say it's fairly straight forward build? Apart from the dummy radial wink

Thread: Southern Model Airshow 2015
14/09/2015 21:01:40

I went on the Sunday with 3 mates from our club. We got there about 10.00am and if it wasn't for their company I'd have left at 12.00pm.

A dozen traders of which only approx. 60% were of interest to modellers and a very thin flight program wasn't worth crossing the Thames for imho. Wings and Wheels at North Weald is my local event and it's 10 times better for much the same entrance fee.

I went to the first event at headcorn and I was disappointed then and nothing seems to have changed since. I don't think I'll bother next year.

Thread: Secretaries - how do you send emails to your members?
05/08/2015 21:20:03

I guess it depends on your email provider. I use a GMail account which I only use for club business to contact over 50 members with out any problems. The GMail account also comes with 15GB of cloud storage which is useful for club documents.

Thread: The Lady who flew Africa
30/06/2015 19:34:34

Just a heads up for anyone who may be interested.

Tracey Curtis Taylor retraces Lady Heaths 1928 flight in a vintage biplane.

Thread: Dreaded Delete Button
07/06/2015 19:24:56

I tell a lie. File recovery is no.3 on the list.

07/06/2015 19:21:59

Have you tried any of these?. **LINK**

I've used one called simply filerecovery but it doesn't seem to be available anymore.

Thread: Spring is here!!! Who has been out flying??
07/06/2015 18:15:19

We had a good turn out for our clubs annual warbird day.

warbird day 1.jpg

Thread: War in the Air
22/04/2015 20:40:26
Posted by Daithi O Buitigh on 22/04/2015 19:51:23:
Posted by Hogster on 22/04/2015 18:24:59:

You can also watch it here **LINK** for free. smiley

It's copyright and liable to be pulled once reported to youtube. Anyway it's only a tenner which wouldn't even cover a few beers

Not anymore. Broadcast copyright expires 50 years after it was first broadcast. But you'd probably get better quality from the dvd.

22/04/2015 18:24:59

You can also watch it here **LINK** for free. smiley

Thread: Pete Lowe, RCM&E columnist
23/03/2015 19:19:53

That is very sad news. I always enjoyed his articles. He came across as a very warm and generous man. My condolences to his family.

Thread: Ideas for new polls
14/02/2015 18:04:57
Posted by Stevo on 14/02/2015 14:52:43:

How about a poll on what poll we would like to see next blush

Hogster... I think it should be....

1) Was it your fault

2) (honestly) was it your fault

3) (really, level with me)... WAS it your fault



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