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Thread: Large petrol and plane - not sure what to do with it
21/02/2014 15:13:01

Out of interest that "link" by Dave Bran is waaaay out of date, to my certain knowlege four of those clubs no longer exist and some others have moved/changed names, even the "link" site is mainly ancient with the last activity on it being Sep' 2013. Best club finder info' is of course the bumpha site and even that contains errors and misinformation.

Thread: What shows are peeps planning on going to in 2014?
20/01/2014 17:05:59

5 of us usually go to the big uns, but Biggles has a good point, ie, same old stuff mostly and after last years Weston / Friday debacle all 5 of us are going to NONE !!

Thread: 30CC SBACH 342
27/12/2013 13:29:42

I too had very bad experiences with Carbon Copy, ordered a cowl and u/c for a Weston Hype, the u/c was terribly thick and did'nt have any flex at all and futhermore it simply did'nt fit the plane, it needed huge chunks cutting off to make it fit, the cowl also did not fit the plane being too small an opening to slide onto the fuz', threw 'em both in the bin, absolute rubbish !!

Thread: 3D Printing at the supermarket
31/10/2013 11:34:44

Brill, !! thats a few pilot makers out of business then.

Thread: The Perfect Storm
28/10/2013 09:15:10

Total non event, overeaction from met office, just a normal wet and windy night down south, everywhere else calm with a bit of rain.

29/09/2013 16:25:49

Copies of DLE engines and made in China, been out in the USA for a while, I can't find any bad reviews only positive ones, I have one and it was on ebay, new, 99p start price, won it for only £72 !! and more of the same going like hot cakes, £64 being the lowest winning price I've seen so far, you can even lease these engines in the states, (30cc/60 twin/65 single). There is now a UK importer/seller,

Have bench run mine a couple of times and seems great with Rexel ignition module and Walbro carb.

Thread: whats the best 55-60 cc petrol engine
12/09/2013 17:27:10

DLE !!!!!

Thread: F15 lands with one wing
05/09/2013 11:05:07

The incident was real, 1983 it occured, the tv prog' used CGI imagery and other incident stock footage to re-create the event for the documentory, the only actual imagery taken was that shown at the end of the programme and right at the end of the above y/tube vid', when the manufacturers engineers came to examine the aircraft they thought it was a taxying accident and could'nt believe it flew it that condition.

Thread: Spectrum Vs Futaba
17/08/2013 09:24:07


Thread: Spectrum v Electronic ignition.
11/08/2013 10:15:44

I have 6 large petrol power planes all on Spektrum receivers and a DX8 tranny, all totally perfect.

Thread: Mach Loop Wales
27/06/2013 09:37:01

It's the A487 in Mid Wales, Cadier Idris mountains which are stand left and right of the A487, the main piccy shooting sites are "Cad West and Cad East" , there are other sites dotted around Mid Wales, there is a large lay by approx' 2.4 miles from the Cross Foxes Inn, ( which stands on the A487-A470 junction), park in the lay by and start climbing !!!

Thread: weston park model air show 14/15/16 June 2013
14/06/2013 22:11:05

WHAT A TOTAL RIP OFF !!! will NEVER go again, as per the previous posts, hardly any trade presense, half of those there closed, swap tent closed, about one tenth of the normal show planes present on the flight line, the final straw was to find out that us morning arrivals paid full whack of £11 and midday onward arrivals only paid £6. Felt sorry for the german jet display team to travel that distance to find such a dismal show.


Thread: Just Engines JEN range
09/06/2013 09:15:57

I've had 3 Jen's, (they are actually Vmar engines, remember them !!) one had the front bearing fail after ten minutes on Model Tech' 5% nitro, another one straight out of the box was so tight a Sullivan starter could.not turn it over and I don't mean the normal ABC nip ! , this was replaced, third one ran reasonably well but as previous posts mention the throttling on all of them was very poor.


Thread: 2nd crash, same model
26/05/2013 19:47:16
Posted by David Holland 2 on 26/05/2013 19:41:08:

I always find it useful, when checking aileron sense, to make sure "the aileron you point the stick at rises". It can be quite confusing trying to visualise aileron operation at a quick glance. Works for me!

Not if you happen to do that and you're in front of the plane !!

Thread: it dont fly well
22/04/2013 13:56:57

My Goldwing 30cc DLE Sbach has just had it's first flights, CG set as per the manual, (came out dead on with no juggling batt' position or adding weight), flew superbly, did'nt even have to give a single trim click!!, one of the best knife edgers I've encountered.

Verdict, fantastic quality and ditto flyer.

Thread: Near fly away!!!
04/03/2013 11:40:42
Posted by Tim Mackey on 03/03/2013 20:53:58:
Posted by MikeS on 03/03/2013 17:36:11:

Been using my DX8 (V2.06) since last october. So far only moved two planes over my Pawnee 40 (AR7000 DSM2) and my Pulse 25xt (AR8000 DSMX).

Up until yesterday I have had no issues as far as I am aware. Flying the Pawnee yesterday I started to get engine trouble where the ASP70 FS would cut to idle and back power, I landed and checked over the engine etc and all seemed good.

Next flight it happened again so I thought ok get it back down as this will need a more detailed search. I flew the Pawnee out for the approach and again the engine cut but this time I had no control.

I had that sickening feeling that I was watching my plane fly away. It slowly started to lose height as it got further away. I was thinking will it hit the line of trees or come down in them, then the engine went to power again and the controls responded. I banked it round and made in for the approach.

It dawned on me that I was not having an engine fault but the failsafe was kicking in.

First thing I did was check the rx and the light was solid on both the rx and satellite. I checked for any loose connections between the lipo, lipo reg and rx and all look good nothing was loose.

Since getting home I have removed the whole system from the plane, the reg is putting out 5.9v and lipo had good charge.

So I am lost at the moment, this setup has been in the Pawnee for the last two years and worked without fault. The only new component is the DX8 and as it seems the failsafe kicked in the rx was doing its job which points to the DX8.

Edited By MikeS on 03/03/2013 17:43:50

Once again I am reminding people that any suggestion of failsafe operating, and relationship with a power drop/outage ( brown out ) are NOT CONNECTED.

To me, this a classic lost signal issue, and the reasons for that, as with ANY radio system could be numerous, but dont include a power failure issue.

Suggesting that a move to a rival brand is the answer is simply muck raking - naughty naughty Stephen.

If your only criteria of a reliable sytem is your own experience of the one you use, then I could equally suggest to Futaba/hitec.mpx etc etc users......

"Change to spektrum, no more problems for me"

Perhaps I am just lucky, but after a DX7, a DX6i, and now a DX8 in constant use over a period of 7+ years, and literally thousands of trouble free flights, in over 40 different models of all types, jets, gliders, electric gliders, trainers, sport, indoor, and large scale etc - all I can ever really fault diagnose after my few incidents is the pilot/builder.

Well said Tim, this constant sniping by folk against other TX makes should stop.

Thread: Weekend Giveaway
01/03/2013 09:13:08

Please count me in

Thread: scale pilot
13/02/2013 10:16:51

Pete's Pilots, He sells 'em, ph, 01785 256894

Thread: Dx8
19/01/2013 09:16:35

I own 2 Dx6i's, 2 DX8's and 12 Spekky rx's from AR6200's all the way up to AR9110's, all absolutely perfect, furthermore I'm in 3 flying clubs and Spekky trannys are far and away the most popular.

Thread: The Person Behind the Words
06/01/2013 09:41:59

No one.

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