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Thread: Seagull radial rocket
28/10/2019 01:25:15

Ron, finally got mine to the almost ready to fly stage (had a lot of interruptions over winter, not much building or flying done!). I also encountered the same problems in the build/assembly? as you did.

Would be interested to know where your CG ended up? Mine is 15mm forward of the 88mm mark as per MFS. To move it back I will have to cut the servo platform in order to move the 5S battery back any further. Don't wish to add any further weight if it can be helped as it weighs 7lbs 7oz at the moment. Although it has plenty of power at approx 140 watts per lb.

Thanks the CG the last thing to sort before I go and rip the undercarriage legs out.


Edited By Tim A on 28/10/2019 01:26:02

Thread: Seagul EP PC-9 -Largest battery stories please
20/09/2019 11:36:39

I flew mine on a 3S 3300 until its demise early this year. Servo failure!

Thread: Dynam Albatross
15/09/2019 06:06:40

One of our members turned up with one a year or so ago, Asked the club President to do the maiden checked it over and proceeded to fly it. He announced that it was the worst plane he had ever flown, Manged to get it on the ground in one piece, it was taken home never to be seen again!

On the other hand I was given a Dynam Waco which had already been owned by two other members, what a pussycat it can do no wrong.

Thread: Moon landing
21/07/2019 01:05:41

I wonder if the doubters and conspiracy theorists were born after the Apollo Mission? As one that grew up following the Space Race, I have no doubt that it happened. I can remember JFK's speech in 1963 and from then on followed it avidly through Newspapers, T.V. & film, cutting all the clippings out and pasting them in a scrape book (wish I still had it) Everyone I knew was aghast when the three Astronauts were incinerated on the launch pad. We all held our breath when Apollo 13 was crippled, I sat on the gym floor with my 4th form class and listened to Neil Armstrong step on the Moon. We watched Skylab go over our house from the garden I have been to Houston to mission control seen the Saturn 5 Rocket and others No Sorry it was real alright.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
12/07/2019 23:47:40

Thanks Cymaz, not taken by me, one our semi official photographer snapped thinking it wouldn't be any good. Your right about the tailwheel plus the aileron linkage are a give away, but it flew and flew well.

J D 8 thought about modifying wheels when I built it, but really bit of a faff plus the build took a lot longer anyway with three flaps plus dive brakes to modify.

12/07/2019 22:04:04

douglass dauntless 2.jpgdouglass dauntless 3.jpgMaiden of my VQ Douglass Dauntless at our Anzac Day Fly In 2019

douglass dauntless 1.jpg

Thread: Good news thread.
11/07/2019 08:21:34

Good news only 10 days till we leave for a month in the USA, wonder what goodies I can find to bring back? Bad news - none unless you count 6 days of the ten are at work!

Thread: Car indicators
05/07/2019 06:42:21

It's the same here in New Zealand especially here in Dunedin where I live, I blame lack of indicator use on our Scottish Heritage! Too tight to use them in case they wear out the bulbs!

Thread: Foam2Foam glue
21/06/2019 10:46:18

I don't use epoxy anymore on foam since the wings fell off my HK Vampire in level flight. The epoxy just peeled off in a sheet where the wings were glued to the fuselage. I now use Gorilla glue. The original tube used said to dampen the surface with water, but now the instructions on new tubes have no mention of this. i find that it works well with out water and you don't get nearly as much foam oozing out of joints.

Thread: Suitable caption?
13/05/2019 10:55:32

No that's not what we mean by a landing roll!

Thread: Tell us about your most embarrassing stories from the field...
06/05/2019 11:07:01

A couple of months ago out at the field early with only an audience of three other club members watching I hand launched a foam board SU-29 underhand went ok except I launched my transmitter after it as well, managed to retrieve the TX before the plane hit the deck and recovered the flight. Behind my back the laughter and comments flowed. Worse thing was one member is the Editor of the club newsletter who reported it in the next issue, although my name was not mentioned luckily!

Thread: RC Castle
30/04/2019 06:17:42

Alan, definitely still going and have always given good service.

Thread: Is this a genuine HOBBYWING 60 Amp, or a knock off ?
30/03/2019 09:10:06

You can check on the hobbywing website by entering a code that comes with a genuine one here Anti-Counterfeit Code

Comparing yours to pictures of the genuine ones shows a lot of differences.

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
31/12/2018 20:44:58

Sad news to wake up to on New Years Day. Condolences to his Family & Friends. He will be sadly missed by myself and all members of this forum, RCME and the model flying community at large.

Haere ra BEB.

Thread: Ever seen the like?
28/12/2018 18:43:33

Weak valve springs and/or tight tappets operating at high temp and max revs causing valve bounce.

Thread: Adhesives,Which are your favourite Brands?
07/12/2018 08:09:54

Titebond Premium Aliphatic and Great Planes thin superglue (Made in England??).

Thread: Seagull radial rocket
23/11/2018 22:38:25

Keep the info coming Ron I am watching with interest. One thing I have noticed from the manual (won't get the plane til January) is that the servo mounts appear to be sized for Futaba standard servos, I use Hitec ones which are fractionally smaller so some mods may be required.

Thread: Review what Review?
01/11/2018 21:50:18

Ron, yes it is the Radial Rocket. I would be interested to in your findings and thoughts.

My post is a much about the model as a comment on the standard of reviews presented.


01/11/2018 21:13:38

Recently in the market for a replacement for my tired World Models Extra when an email arrived offering Seagull Models on Indent.

After agonizing over the catalog for a day or three, the Harmon Radial rocket took my fancy. 63inch W/S 4 cell 7lbs hmm perhaps a little heavy for 4 cell but I took it that Seagull are good models and know what they are doing. Plus having suitable batteries in my arsenal I ordered one.

I couldn't find any reviews and although RCME did one it wasn't the Radial Rocket (although the covering photo was of one) but the Harmon Rocket which is different.

Eventually found a "Review" on RC Universe but without explanation these Guy's first flight was with a 5s battery nor did they say anything about it's flight envelope except to say it "looked" like it was doing seventy Mph.

Next they fitted a 6s and stated it was now doing 80 Mph.

So for a review it was pretty pathetic. I would have thought that if you are going to do a review you would first go with the Suppliers recommendation? plus provide comment on Build quality,C.G.. Rates and handling. None of this was forthcoming.

At least RCME appear to give a truer assessment when doing one, but others don't.

Anyway mine doesn't arrive until January 2019, maybe I will do my own review then.

Thread: RC Sound systems?
31/10/2018 21:06:47

Just an update for anyone who is interested. Took BEB's advice and programmed sound to work on a fuel mixture channel (A fuel mix on a Leccy is this a first Haha?).

Got the start to work fairly well prop starts before sound, but got no where with the shutdown in spite of changing the settings. Eventually came to the conclusion that it wouldn't matter what I did it won't help. The control module only goes into shutdown sequence when it sees the throttle at zero.

Obviously shutdown is solely controlled by the module after closing throttle, it then runs until shutdown sequence is finished.

At least is it more realistic than before thanks BEB.

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