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Thread: Overlander RC6-VSP chargers
17/08/2017 13:45:40

Hello Ian,

Did you get to the bottom of the various storage states?

I reported a problem to Overlander last year regarding the storage voltage function of the RC6 but never got around to sending mine to them.

If you 'google' what the voltage should be for storing lipo's you get 3.85V per cell, the Overlander user manual also itself states this.

When I use mine to discharge/charge to storage state, it takes the batteries to 3.7V per cell which is the base rating for a lipo cell.

What did/do you get on yours if you use the storage function?



Thread: Parallel charger board
17/08/2017 13:39:07


At the weekend at the LMA show at Elvington I decided to buy a parallel

charging board for my overlander 2200 3S batteries with Deans connectors.

Unfortunately none of the batteries will fit the Deans connectors on the

board without some severe forcing so bad it hurts.

All the leads that came with my RC6 charger will fit the board, the boards

own main input lead will fit itself, the main lead will also fit all my

electric planes fine so the problem appears to be with the Deans

connectors on the Overlander batteries

The Deans connectors on the Parallel board are XT Deans, the ones on the

batteries don't have a make on them.

Anybody else had same/similar problem?

Short of changing all the Batteries connectors for XT Deans or making some

sort of adapter I can't use it



Thread: buddy 6EX & T8J
31/12/2016 15:30:34


I've never heard of that system, be interesting how it works seeing as the protocol for fast and sfhss is different.

25/12/2016 20:47:54

Ok a couple of things here, John: the master is the T8j on sfhss, the slave/pupil set, ie the 6EX should hv the tx output disabled when the correct end of the cable is fitted, I have tgat some cables are labelled master/slave on the plugs, so my understanding with this type is the slave is sending stick/trim/ and mixes depending on the trainer settings in the master t8j.

Justin: my t8j came with 4 cell NiMH pack which is why i asked about battery selection. A couple of years ago


Santa has brought me two more receivers for the t8j

The person that told me t8j and 6ex couldn't be used together? A ripmax rep!






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23/12/2016 15:02:27

Cheers Jon,

I'll go for it then, what it is, I have a friend who was full size pilot and did his 'A' many years ago and now works with me, he's bought a trainer to get back into it so intend helping him to get 'stick fit' again.



23/12/2016 14:45:19

Hi Denis,

Thanks for that, somebody did say that they couldn't be used but what they said didn't make sense to me, they said because the 6ex is on faast and t8j on sfhss they wouldn't work but in trainer mode the pupils output is disabled and the signal is via the master as far as I'm aware.

The 6ex doesn't mention the T8J but then when it's manual was written the T8J didn't exist.



23/12/2016 13:41:37

Hi all,

Is there anybody out here that has used a T8J as the instructors set and a 6EX for the pupil, there seems to be contradicting info about it.

Also, I have previously used ailerons on ch 1 and 6, next year I'm going to be setting up a plane that has seperate flap servos, do these go on ch 7 or 8 and controlled either by VR, a switch, or the DT5/6 switches.

There maybe a similar post by myself which seemed to go missing.



Thread: New caption competition!
05/10/2015 12:59:26

looks too laid back for me

05/10/2015 12:48:52

Too much drag- forgot to feather the props

Thread: Version 4 online
03/05/2015 23:01:18

Hi all,

After having not been flying RC for several months I loaded up Phoenix and tried online No Server was the reply.

With the appearance of version 5, is version 4 no longer used online?



Thread: Germanwings crash
24/03/2015 23:09:12

I don't think that panel will help, that's the cabin pressure settings (Boeing) and I doubt that will still be holding data and very much doubt much of it will remain as it's over the pilot's heads, but it's settings I would hope to be recorded in the flight data recorder and also the audio from the pre flight checks.

We can speculate all we want, just think what was going through their minds as it was falling, some news reports say they were trying to restart both engines but with that height why did they not turn away from the Alps as well.

Lets just hope they find the cause and we can learn from it.

Horrible day, I've not mentioned this at home, wife hates flying and we fly next week.

It's so bad for her to think what's going on around the world she doesn't watch the news.

Edited By Steve Ashton on 24/03/2015 23:31:51

Thread: How far do you travel to the nearest decent model shop?
21/02/2015 23:08:52

Hi everybody,

Not heard of the Nitroflight store, in Rotherham not Doncaster?, must pay that one a visit sometime.

My 'local' is Leeds Model shop, now, according to google maps it's 14.5 miles away but we could totally ignore my vote and the reason is that I have the luxury of driving past it on the way to/from work.

In the 5 yrs? I have been RC flying I have only gone twice at the weekend, when I very first started to pick up my Chris Foss trainer engine and radio gear and just two weeks ago to pick up acro wot foam e and we can also discount the acro wot because I was dropping the wife off just a mile away.

Just something for everybody, if at all you can do, keep your local shop alive.



Thread: I.c. or electric/silent - what do you mainly fly?
25/11/2014 21:45:10

Until recently I've been IC only, only started serious flying 5 years ago and I've just purchased my first electric flight but it's a glider in the form of a Diamond 1800.


Considering more electric wise but just to keep me flying until I either repair my rocket or replace it.

Also chucking an Hubsan quad about, good fun even tho it's mode 2.

Edited By Steve Ashton on 25/11/2014 21:45:50

Thread: Motor Set up (I think)
22/08/2014 17:50:36

Hi Dave,

Check your tail wheel is 'tracking' straight with rudder straight and check tightness of main wheels is as similar to each other as you can without them behaving as a brake and also no sloppy wheel wobble.

I've had both with a new plane, check it out without engine running, find a smooth surface and set rudder/wheel straight and just simply hand push the plane, see if it turns then and adjust as needed.

Thread: Phoenix 4s and throttle problem
12/08/2014 19:49:35


That was supposed to 3 years without Problems

All was OK, right from new once I'd set it up it's not faltered, then suddenly from one day to the next something has changed.

I know there is a per plane profile that you can choose that will cure it but still remains that I've never used that function.



12/08/2014 18:02:38

Hi Guys,

Just had an odd problem appear on my phoenix, on some aircraft I'm having to reverse the throttle 'servo' compared to others, this has happened suddenly and I've been using phoenix about 3 years with problems.

For example, load up the hanger 9 pawnee and no problem, change to the B17 and off it goes at full throttle when at the point of changing my throttle was fully back on the pawnee having flown around and landed.

Anybody any ideas whats going wrong and have they had this problem?



Thread: Futaba 8J battery settings
11/08/2014 00:12:13

Cheers Russ,

I currently use that same enoloop pack with Overlander label in my plane having replaced my original 1200mA ( same as whats come with the 8J) that was with my receiver in my 6ex 2.4gh setup so may go down that root and use the 2000 in the 8J, the 1200 could then go as a spare for one of the planes.

I've charged the supplied pack and just had 2 hrs 45min play on phoenix on mode 2 before

I swap panel over for mode 1 which is what I learnt on and the battery pack is at 5.2V according to the T8J.

I find the mode 1/2 business a strange mental thing, I have 'played' on flight sims for some 35 yrs now and all mode 2 (ie fixed wing copliot style) , as above I learnt on mode 1 and passed 'A' cert on mode 1. I have a quad which is mode 2 and last week I also treated myself to a Diamond 1800 which I think is going to be better hand launched on mode 2.


Edited By Steve Ashton on 11/08/2014 00:14:30

10/08/2014 02:00:52

Hi everybody,

I've just invested in a 8J and finding the battery setting confusing. The battery powering the tx is a 4.8v 1200mA nimh 4cell pack.

On the battery settings there isn't an option for that pack, it gives you 5cell nimh, 4cell dry and 2cell life.

The low battery alarm when set to 5cell nimh is sounding which I'd expect seeing as it's a 4cell.

Is there anybody out there can advise me on whats the best settings. Regarding the battery type. It seems odd that I can choose number of cells on my charger but this tx is lacking on battery choice.

I don't object to putting a 5cell in and use the 4 cell in my 6ex based planes




Edited By Steve Ashton on 10/08/2014 02:03:23

Thread: Diamond 1800 C of G
08/08/2014 23:46:25

ps. Other thing to watch out for is that you put the wing supporting rod half way so that you get CG in the middle of the fuss and not biased towards any particular wing.

The central point is not the fuss end of the wing but is the middle of the holes in the wing for the nylon bolts that keep the wings in the fuss and just a small tip when fitting the nylon bolts/rods, put a small screwdriver etc through the hole in the end of the rod as you fit the rods through the fuss and wing otherwise if you push the rods in too far your going to struggle to get them out again.

Another thing is if you go for flaperons, I think it's easier to cut the Y lead up at the receiver end and fit a new plug to one leg of it that matches your RX than it is to remove the Y lead and fit two new separate extension leads.

Basically cut the leg of the Y lead that goes to your left wings servo, fit new plug then plug that one into channel 6.

Think right 1!! right servo goes to channel 1, left to CH 6 ( I digress but wanted to mentions these things whilst on my mind)

Set negative flaps and try them at height just in case there is a large shift in the centre of lift. I'd use as little of the flaps as possible.



08/08/2014 23:28:22

Looking at the date of your post this is probably way too late, I collected my new diamond 1800 last week and had not seen your post, CG is given as 40-50 mm back from leading edge.



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