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Thread: Unable to save settings for S8R
27/06/2020 16:40:23

In response to Ron Gray. The original FRSKY config software has not been able to save settings back to the Rx for a couple of years, FRSKY haven't bothered to fix it. I've had to depend on Mike Blandford's program and the LUA script. I tried an early version of FreeLink that never worked. I've now managed after some effort to get the new version working with Windows 10 by configuring it to working in Windows XP compatibility mode. I had to do this both on my PC and Laptop. There are no explanatory notes telling users to do this. Users should not have to struggle to get these programs to work, the RX's are difficult enough to set up when things are working normally. In my humble opinion these programs are not yet fit for purpose and shouldn't have been released, hense my comment Ron took exception to.

26/06/2020 22:50:07

Yet another piece of FRSKY junk that doesn't work

26/06/2020 18:40:25

The FRSKy config App doesn't work I've struggled with it in the past. Get Mike Blandford's Sport Set App or Use the LUA Script on the Tx.


Thread: Using leather for cockpit surround
11/06/2020 07:53:57

I made some cockpit coming on a model boat once by taking the wires out of some ordinary electrical cable, rolled

and glued the leather around the insulator part using contact adhesive, then slit down the middle to glue to the cockpit. Came out very nice.

Steve B

Thread: Advice on motors
25/03/2020 10:02:36

When you get to the stage of selecting a motor take a look at the Cobra motors, I've used these for several years, they are very reliable and cost effective motors. One of the nice things about these motors is that Lucien at Innovative publishes real world propeller/ Lipo size data which will help greatly when deciding what motors to run **LINK**.

Hope this helps

Steve B

Thread: Probable scam?
02/03/2020 10:48:50

It seems to be a constant daily chore trying to confirm whether I have received a scam or a normal communication.

I have to apologise to all the normal, honest people and companies out there, but I now treat every email and telephone call I receive as a scam call. I refuse to speak with door knockers and send them packing, neither will I give any of the tin rattlers on the street any cash. I am very cautious about any E-bay traders and only trade with them if there is absolutely no alternative. If anybody as a legitimate reason for contacting me they will find alternate ways of communication.

Most of my Hobby transactions are via known reputable traders if I visit a traders website and they can't be contacted by telephone they don't get my money. I have bought and sold Hobby items via the BMFA site for many years and thankfully have only ever had one issue which was sorted very easily, but it does seem more and more scammers are trying their luck on the BMFA site now.

I am not an unreasonable person, but I hate having to mistrust and treat every individual or company I deal with with suspicion.

Sadly it's seems to be a sign of the times, I am in my mid sixties now and worry that the scams are becoming more sophisticated and I'll eventually caught out.

Thread: BMFA Membership Card
20/02/2020 11:50:55

I've printed out my receipts and membership details from the BMFA Membership portal including my payment to the CAA, I've put them in the car just in case I'm challenged by some gold hatter.

Thread: Loose trim
18/02/2020 16:33:10

Have you tried "Cover Grip" paint the underside of the loose trim let it dry and then iron down works a treat.

Thread: Receiver mounts/clips
06/02/2020 11:39:44

Bangood have a selection **LINK**.

Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
02/02/2020 11:00:37

Thank you Mike for your response, just what I was looking for. I shall hold off updating until the whole issue around this update is clarified and a stable update released.

Am I correct in assuming that a Horus X10/ X12 running OpenTx can have it's RF board updated as long as OpenTx V 2.3.X is installed ?

01/02/2020 19:26:12

Has anybody taken the plunge and updated the RF Firware to ACCST V2 yet ?

Would be interested if it worked or caused any issues/ problems.

Steve B

Thread: edf tube
03/12/2019 09:38:07

I've used this program successfully to produce a thrust tube template, very useful.


Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
22/11/2019 19:04:58

After a lot of effort and frustration I think I've managed to recover my Horus X12S back to OpenTX successfully, just have to put my Models, custom sounds and Model Images back on. To cut a long story short I flashed FRSKY OS back to the Transmitter then installed the last known good OpenTX version V2.2.4 again.

I would like to thank everybody who contributed their help and advise it was very much appreciated.

Thread: How do you attached to those solid inners on snakes?
22/11/2019 15:37:46

I've used one of these for years I believe metric ones used to be available


Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
21/11/2019 15:49:30

After many hours a small success today. Managed to revert back to the Original FROS.

Bound it an X8R Receiver and once again no PWM outputs.

Re flashed the Rx with a slightly older Firmware and the system now looks like it's operating normally

Next step is to update to OpenTX 2.3.2 as I had before I'll steer clear of the 2.3.2 update for now as I'm convinced this is the cause of the original problem

20/11/2019 20:22:46

Hi Bob

I've done everything you have described above checking and double checking each move.

I hooked a Rx Output checker to my X8R and found the Tx is outputting SBUS signals but there is nothing on the PWM pins. I also bound to an S6R and got it to work from the PWM outputs so the plot thickens.

I thought I would try reverting to FROS but this process doesn't work either.

If you have a normal X series Receiver could I ask if you could see if it outputting fro the PWM pins ?

I'm still thinking something happened on the Rf Board

20/11/2019 15:30:57

Latest update.

Took the CMOS battery out of the X12s for several minutes to hopefully clear memory.

Reverted back to OpenTx V2.2.4 on the Tx and re flashed an X8R Rx with latest firmware.

Companion Profile Settings = Horus X12S, No Heli, Lua, EU, Default Stick =2, Channel Order = TAER, RF=XJT(D16)

Transmitter seems to be doing everything it should do

I manged to bind with an X8R I'm getting RSSI and Rx Battery Telemetry but no drive to the servo's, I put a Rx tester on the Rx and found there is SBUS output but absolutely nothing on the PWM outputs. I also bound to an S6R Rx and there are outputs on the PWM pins the S6R doesn't have an SBUS connection.

Next step would be to revert back to the FROS to see if that helps then back to OpenTX I'd welcome members thoughts on that. I'm really just wandering if the 2.3.2 update has somehow been affected the RF board? maybe a reversion to FROS may help in this respect

20/11/2019 11:06:00

I agree with Ron the update notes say 2.3.2 suitable for both Access and non Access Tx's. On the X10s the RF board needs replacing to get Access I'm not aware of any X12S upgrade being available yet. I use mainly X8R, X6R, S6R and S8R Rx's non of which can be updated to Access yet as far as I'm aware.

20/11/2019 09:16:04

All my X Series RX's are kept to the latest firmware . It also seems that after trying to bind with the updated Tx the Rx swill not go back in to bind mode. Very puzzling at the moment.

Today I'm going to try two things, first remove the CMOS battery for a few minutes from the main board and try again, if that fails revert back to Frsky OS and then back to a known good OpenTx version.

19/11/2019 20:23:04

Hi Chris

Yes done everything you suggested.

I have also noted in system settings on first switch on, Country code = USA and Tx mode is Mode 1 even though EU box is checked in Companion and Mode 2 TAER.

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