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Thread: LUA script
04/11/2019 10:39:59

I've been flying with a Neuron 80 for a while successfully with no problems

I did have a problem (probably me) with setting the throttle end points up though

If someone could write how to set up the throttle for fixed wing in BLHeli it would be of great help ad benefit.

Thread: Kings Lynn Model Shop
15/10/2019 14:45:45

I will give the same response as I gave in March last year.

"Great service unless you live in Northern Ireland were they refuse to make the effort to post or courier items."

In response to Denis Watkins post of 12 March 2018.

I purchased an aerobatic kit from them a few years ago they refused to ship to Northern Ireland, in the end they posted the kit to a friend in West Sussex who then posted it to me in NI. At a later date I wanted to purchase an OS Brushless Motor they flat out refused to ship to Northern Ireland hense my post above. I no longer bother with them as a Hobby supplier, there are also a couple of other UK based suppliers who I will not deal with for similar reasons but are not the subject of this post.

Thread: VQ Models Cap 10 60 Size
23/09/2019 17:25:40

Thank you to everybody who posted to my thread, appreciated.

Looking more closely at the diagrams there has to be access to the fuselage to install the wing bolts, so the decision is to buy one. I just hope there is space available for a decent LiPo.

23/09/2019 12:55:06

Hi Denis

Thanks for your input appreciated. The picture you post is the TopModel item and I've just had an email from them confirming the top doesn't remove. However when you look at the VQ models version which is a different colour scheme it's looks like it does. The only place that has the VQ item is in Germany so I don't want to order then find out afterwards I can't fit and remove the batteries.

23/09/2019 10:51:29

Does anyone know if the VQ Models Cap 10 1500 mm Wingspan models hav a removable Canopy/ Top hatch so as to enable battery change of LiPo batteries.

I'm thinking of purchasing one for electric conversion but details are difficult to find

Thread: S6r Rx downloads
13/09/2019 08:56:39

I've always preferred to configure and calibrate the receivers through the PC first time after purchase then use the LUA Script thereafter. I've shied away from firmware upgrades via the Tx because of the warnings of trashing the Tx if you get it wrong, I've never had any problems doing firmware upadtes in the past, I shall have to do future updates via the TX now I guess.

I love my FRSky gear but find it annoying when known issues can't be solved by the company but instead we have to revert to the expertise and goodwill of third parties such as Mike and others.

12/09/2019 20:23:22

Tried to upgrade the firmware on a recently purchased S8R I can read and write to it from Mikes Sportset but when I use the FRSKY Updater the software doesn't detect the RX, I tried a S6R which had updated OK previously and again the updater V1.4 doesn't see the RX. I'm on Windows 10, I have the proper drivers installed and the proper Com port selected. There have been several Windows 10 updates since my last update attempts and am wandering if Win 10 is the problem. I've tried using the STK USB stick and the newer S.Port Airlink both with the same results. I'm also dissapointed that FRSKY havn't sorted the S6R/S8R config software to write changes back to the RX's .

Can anybody help ?

Steve B

Thread: Broken servo arm screw
24/08/2019 16:25:15

Before removing any locktited screws apply heat, heating the end of the screwdriver or allen key will do it and the screw will come out easily or use a solder iron tip.

A little ordinary white glue applied to the threads is usually enough to stop the screw vibrating out, easy to remove as well.

As far as your existing servo's go can you remove the top gear leaving enough screw to withdraw it or replace the top gear itself.

Thread: S6r Rx downloads
10/08/2019 10:32:21

Followed Mike Blandford's instructions for the SportSet and it works fine.

Thank you to Mike for this appreciated

09/08/2019 17:21:01

Can anybody help?

I can connect my S6R to the FRSKY config tool V1.4 on my Win 10 PC read the settings and do the calibration, but when I change say a gain setting and try to write it to the Rx it just sits there indicating it's writing data but never completes.

When I run the Lua scripts from my X12S it works perfectly, when I read back to the PC the changes have been made ok.

I also notice there is no link to the Config Tool on the FRSKY website it seems to have been replaced by the FreeLink App.

Anybody know what the issues may be ?

Thread: Where to get Good RX switches from?
28/07/2019 16:01:19

What about something like this:


Thread: Switching Brand
20/06/2019 09:28:12

Take a look at the Jumper T16 or FRSky X10s . Both have OpenTX the Jumper has a MultiProtocol RF capability

so you may be able to use your existing RXs. MultiProtocol RF units are available to fit the FRsky TXs and other TXs that have a JR style plug in RF module.

Thread: Petrol engine cutting out on take-off
24/05/2019 16:42:54

I had a very similar problem, I found the carb air intake airflow was being restricted by the cowl. I cut a hole in the cowl to allow the air in and the engine ran fine after that.

Thread: NEW POLL - Does your club have a safety officer, or is the emphasis on individual members to each be their own safety officer?
22/05/2019 19:49:40

I had to leave a club a couple of years ago because the so called Safety Officer took joy in telling others what to do whilst being the worst offender of safety rules himself. Give some people a little bit of authority and it gets abused.

Thread: Poll for who intends to register.
18/05/2019 12:02:24

I've been fed up with the way the hobbies going for a number of years now. This is the final nail in the coffin. I'm

packing the hobby in.

Thread: Taranis 9 channel
13/05/2019 13:21:21

I have a new IRange IRX4 Plus 2.4Ghz Multiprotocol Tx Unit for sale if your interested.

Steve B

Thread: Holding screws in
24/04/2019 16:10:48

I used to have this problem until I changed to plastic screws similar material to wing retention bolts .

The plastic screw thread expands a little as you screw it in and provides a solid hold, never had a problem since.

Steve B

Thread: Bills Kits Mirage 2000
26/02/2019 18:37:51

Hi Guys

Many thanks for your responses, much appreciated.

I have discounted the EDF option, it would need a 90mm size unit and I would have to cut some large cheater holes to get sufficient air in.

The Turnigy motor looks promising, I have considered putting the motor in the nose which may lead to problems getting the CG correct but may be a solution.

My thoughts at the moment are to leave the fixed undercarriage off the plane and bungy launch and belly land the plane, if I can source some pusher folding props of the correct diameter perhaps that may be the way to go.

26/02/2019 14:45:36

My next build is to be a Bills kit Mirage 2000, originally designed for a 46 to 60 size nitro pusher. I would like to electrify it but am struggling to find a suitable brushless motor, could I ask if anyone could suggest a suitable motor. I'm hoping to get the flying weight to be sub 8 Lbs and am limited to a prop diameter of max 10". I have a liPo choice of 4,6 or 8S. Any help would be appreciated.

Steve B

Thread: Latent Servo Response
11/01/2019 12:22:36

I would check my flight battery. As the battery starts to get to minimum under load the servo's will slow down before stopping altogether when the battery fails. I've had this a number of times over the years.

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