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Thread: LMA v BMFA insurance
23/01/2017 00:43:32

I have clearly got myself in a into a spiral of my own confusion..

Will you all please disregard my comments re insurance/membership fees

It can be embarrassing to admit you are wrong but even more so to say that you have talked a load of tripe!

Sorry all.

22/01/2017 14:25:54

Just to clarify my own views,

I DO NOT object to the fair membership fee at the present level.

I do however object to the insurance fee being set at 3 times the price it actually costs the BMFA. Its not relevant you perceived value, its the real cost we are talking about. (charge the cost £11+ £5 administration fee ) Dose that sound fair to you?

I do think the annual cost to OUR club of the magazines is ridiculous in these days of the internet. (Don't be patronizing about older members, we are not all sat mumbling to ourselves listening to the home service).

I do think the National flying sight is a vanity project that will only be a money pit of no benefit the 99.9% of our membership .

And lastly I would like the BMFA to be like some of the other clubs I am a member of and work to benefit its members with the negotiation of group discount for the membership, AND THEN PASS THESE BACK TO US, NOT TREBEL AND THEN TELL US THIS IS OUR ONLY COMPULSORY SUPPLIER .

These are my views and I do not claim to speak for anyone else. I am allways very suspicious of those claiming to speak for others, or for me.


Edited By Graham Chadwick on 22/01/2017 14:29:14

Edited By Graham Chadwick on 22/01/2017 14:32:10

17/01/2017 19:18:48

It seems many issues are getting clumped together.

There is insurance costing £11 being charged to BMFA members at £33

It has been said that the BMFA need to do this to pay for staff etc, that what we pay membership fees for?

Fees have been compaired to a golf club, do the BMFA own and maintain YOUR flying sight NO so nothing like a golf club. Red hearings come to mind.

I would just like the BMFA to work for its members instead of milking then. Work to negotiate members discounts not national flying sights which the vast majority will never visit or use.

Let's have the magazine become a "e magazine" that could reduce the need for the BMFA over charge the membership.

My opinion only, am I the only one?

Perhaps talking points for the next black tie dinner?

09/01/2017 11:17:34

I am totally shocked. If it is true that our BMFA insurance only costs £11 and we pay £33 this is scandalous. I naively thought the BMFA was working for me' on my behalf, to support me in my chosen pass time. But if this is correct then the BMFA is taxing me 200% on a closed shop insurance. Closed shop by not recognizing other identical insurance. This is like driving to your country boundary and being told they don't recognized your insurance and you have to re buy the identical policy to drive there.

I pay a membership fee to the BMFA and am incensed at being taxed by their 200% insurance tax.

Please tell me I have have been missinformed or misunderstood this situation. Or SHAME ON YOU BMFA.

Edited By Graham Chadwick on 09/01/2017 11:54:34

Thread: What does your wife or significant other half think of your hobby?
08/06/2012 22:38:30

To Weasel.

Spent £12,500 and built one, even more to moan about. To be fair she was a different. moaner.

Some people have only one sort of luck.

08/06/2012 20:51:37

Boy o boy that Feud chap new his stuff!!!

08/06/2012 15:17:31


If it was not moaning over the fling it was the brass banding or the motor bikes (plural), every man needs a hobby!

Women are so unreasonable.

08/06/2012 15:04:31

"Pack your bags if you are going to go on moaning!"

So she did,

And we are both much happier now.

Problem solved.

Thread: exhaust bends, knuckles, manifolds
02/11/2011 13:33:59

Very nice job Vecchoi I’m inspired! all very useful info think I might go flexi tube from Mick Reeves. Will it braze instead of silver solder?

Who is "tower" can not find?

01/11/2011 19:13:16

Have just priced up exhaust bends, knuckles, manifolds and am gob smacked!. Is there a more cost affective way to increase the amount of bend in a exhaust system to fit a FS.91. Normally I can think of some industrial alternative for many things but this one has me stumped. HELP

Thread: Have you ever had a mid-air?
30/10/2011 16:08:32

I would just like to know, the people who have had 5 or 6 mid airs at which clubs do you fly? Just so I can avoid fling there. lol

Thread: Finding a good sports/ aerobatic trad kit?
19/10/2011 18:15:02
Ok chaps all going well, see my pics
Thread: I need HELP! designing a colour scheme
18/10/2011 23:26:28
See my pic's
Thread: canopy dye / tint / dyeing
12/10/2011 01:42:12

Yes I think you might be right, but have never used these spray tints. I thought this would give a more even finish that would be more durable. Also did not expect it to take this long

11/10/2011 09:49:30

Had a go at canopy tinting using “Rit Dye” and thought I would pass on my experience to try to help others. I have dyed a canopy for my Acro Wot.

I used the powder; it mixed very easily using a small amount of water at 60 degrees C then toped up with enough to cover my pre washed canopy. I tested with an off cut of canopy in water of this temp and found no distortion. I then submerged the canopy for 30 minuets. On removal using a wooden peg there appeared to be no discernable tint, so re immersed. Two hours later there did appear to be a very slight tint so re heated solution –canopy in the microwave. Ended up leaving over night 18 hrs in total. I used a “Dutch Oven” method made from paper and tea towels to keep the heat in, and this worked very well.


The canopy has tinted but not as much as I would like. I believe this could have been because I used lemon yellow. Darker colours I’m shore would give more tint.

The canopy has just distorted a little bit (tiny increase in curvature), it will fit and no one will ever see it. Next time I will dye first then trim not the other way round as I did.
In short a limited success that was probably worth the effort but will do better next time. See my pictures in my gallery and make up your own mind.

Thread: Second glider the next step?
16/09/2011 18:55:49
Banana looks good, they all look good. are all mouldies good? are they all prity much the same then?
16/09/2011 13:42:22

Cheers Tom that is all very helpful. You are right fling is not a problem apart perhaps gliding etiquette and things like crow foot breaks. Landing needs a different technique too in low wind I tend to float past and round again, in higher wind tend to land short. It feels very odd to fly the glider so positively down but it is needed ( the Stargazer has no flaps or breaks).

16/09/2011 10:14:13

Second hand sounds interesting, where is a good place to find such second hand models? And as all my planes have been wood what do I look for to check the Quality of a second hand composite model. I like a ruder so don’t think the Fling Fish will suet me. How much should I pay for a good one?>>

15/09/2011 22:07:51

I have been flying a Stargazer 2 my first glider but not my first aeroplane, this fly’s well enough but I am starting to fly from more exposed moorland sights. The Stargazer has been a good starter but seems to lack speed and penetration. What would make a good next step in the gliding world? I was thinking of a Chris Foss phase 6 Sports. Would this be a good choice? What will be a better choice? Don’t fancy anything with built up wings. If I went for the phase 6 I would glass the whole thing.

Thread: converting stargazer 2 glider to electric motor glider
11/09/2011 17:00:00

Have takenTim's advice except using 2200mah batteries (only as these may be largemouth for a future project). This conversion has been a great success. There has been no increce in flying weight and the clime angle is 75 degrees (conservative estimate). All parts purchased cheep from Hobby King and all work well. Tried 5 degrees down thrust but this was not enough now have about 7 degrees and this is just about enough>>

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