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Thread: Open tx 2.3.?
09/10/2019 19:14:33

With this problem it is the small text file that lets the system know you have the right sd card contents for the version of optx you have so a bit important.

when updating the sd card to preserve the custom voice and model picture files (you might have luna too etc) i copy and paste the new contents in each folder one by one and when the computer asks 'some files have the same name' i click 'replace these files' so preserving my custom extras hile updating whats' changed.

Sounds complicated but quite simple when done and in this case not a problem as you haven't made any custom stuff yet thats for later if needed.

Ps if models have been created don't delete that folder,surprise always buck up with companion and when updated right back to radio.

Thread: Jumper 4in1 module problem
09/10/2019 14:57:14

When you flashed it last you might have had a corupted flashing error try to flash it again you never know

Thread: Open tx 2.3.?
09/10/2019 14:49:35

Well you might as well start from the latest release of opentx 2.3.1 from here install companion and set the correct radio in the settings first, then let it down load the latest version you want for your radion and flash .

then get the latest soud pack here With the sd card make sure you delete the old card contents and then unzip the new file and copy and past it onto the sd card. should be good to go then.


Edited By flight1 on 09/10/2019 14:51:51

Thread: Jumper 4in1 module problem
08/10/2019 18:09:28

you have to set it to set it to PPM mode if not using a open tx radio/. try below allways ajust the encoder knob with radio off

Turn on or turn off the green light procedures are as followingTurn off radio, rotate the encoder knob switch to "0"position, then press and hold the black bind button, power on the radio meanwhile, release the button after 3 seconds, the green light will flash, optional protocolsswitchsimultaneously

Edited By flight1 on 08/10/2019 18:13:33

Thread: A sticky glassing problem!
05/10/2019 18:36:12

If the epoxy hasn't gone off then it never will , the sticky bits is the epoxy that wasn't mixed properly and having this the laminate will never be at full strength. put in hot box for a week wipe off sticky with isopropyl alcohol (proper solvent for epoxy, be carefull) and apply flow cote over top or grind off completely and re do (crying)

With epoxy always weigh accurately to the specified ratio as per epoxy type used and mix thoroughly and use in temperatures reater than 16deg cel for good results

My preferred laminating resin at the moment is from here **LINK** and there light cloth for skinning is good tight weave see here **LINK**

Thread: XT-90
04/10/2019 17:59:58

yes i am rightsurprise always confusion with male and female connectors these dayscool As for electrical connections you should always talk about the electrical connections and not the housing that surrounds it.

as for shorting out the resister won't prevent this just slow the amount of current flow on contact so it works just as well battery side or the other, basic electrical principles here.

Edited By flight1 on 04/10/2019 18:01:25

04/10/2019 13:59:39

it shouldn't make to much odds but the connector that is least likely to be able to be shorted should go on battery side, so that should be female plug ie female contacts that are shouded by the yellow housing.

Thread: Take off problems
30/09/2019 16:48:58

One other thing I have seen a lot is that many never allow the tail to lift up and fly before lift off. Always holding up elevator until the plane yanks off the ground which can lead to problems like not reaching a safe airspeed before lift off and this is very much a bigger problem the more scale and heavier the plane is. mabe try this if you already don'tsmiley

i think this will be a process of checking each thing off until sorted.

30/09/2019 14:34:25

P.S. How do I check wing washout?

do you have a wing incedence metere or can you borrow one from a mate? you need to check the wing tip trailing edge is up compaired to the root section basicly

here some links about it **LINK**


slso thread on here **LINK**

all good info

30/09/2019 13:55:03

Check the main wheels are tracking true with a slight toe in, this will help keep a steady track on the ground and maybe need less rudder.

When you release rudder on take off does the left wing drop? because your description sounds like the left wing stalling so check the washout on the wings (release the rudder more slowly next time) also check your c of g as as very forward c of g will exacerbate the nose drop in stall stall.

Also are the ailerons in the neutral position when it is trimmed for level flight? and check the lateral balance of the model too

Thread: XM+Rx
22/09/2019 19:05:10

I had used a rx8r and a xm+ ( must bind with out telemetry the xm) had no issues, but have upgraded to rx8r pro and r-xsr throught a redundency bus so i get telemetry through both rx.s


Edited By flight1 on 22/09/2019 19:11:16

Edited By flight1 on 22/09/2019 19:35:14

Thread: S8R problems...
21/09/2019 21:05:01

hi i got a couple of these rx and have had a dabble . found the instructions to be unclear in the order of set up.

1st calibrate the RX with the lula script be presice in doing so

2nd set the type of plane ie. delta or normal plane etc

3rd perform self check with model in correct neutral flying position and don't move model until complete.

4th then set gain / direction etc after reboot and go from there

i do think you are missing doing the self check procedure which should be done after each recalibration

here are instructions from some kind chap on YouTube see




the instructions are poor

Edited By flight1 on 21/09/2019 21:06:42

Thread: Are all chargers unreliable?
21/09/2019 10:57:29

Just a thought To th Op's usage of chargers having them in nice little boxes, i hope he takes them out and puts them on a flat surface so they can have cool air flow around easily when used, because if not they will run warmer than they should and hence life is shortedned

Thread: Morris gas conversion experience
05/09/2019 20:10:02

the asp is not noisy like a 2 stroke engine and if you use a baffled silencer on each cylinder you will find the noise to be very amicable. two asp .60 size baffled silencers with suitable manifolds will do nicely or make your own.

as for fuel I don't know what you use down under but 15% fully synth modern oil works fine, once run in and if you like straight fuel and know what you doing a lower oil content can be used

04/09/2019 14:50:35

I know one person who converted an asp version and the big end siezed, made a wet sump with caster in it, which he replaces after each flight session and is still going now a few lears later.

why go petrol you will get less power out of it? and it will run a lot hotter so cooling is very important with baffrels needed directing air flow etc.

I have one and it is very reliable on 5% and has a low oil content fuel with fully synth oil to reduce any mess and I have not lost just one cylinder on it yet


Edited By flight1 on 04/09/2019 14:52:17

Thread: A stubborn cam cover on four stroke
01/09/2019 20:31:23

have you tried warming it up gently? as it all gumed up it needs full stripping and cleaning and oiling before putting back together and as its striped anyway I would replace the front and rear bearings any way

Edited By flight1 on 01/09/2019 20:32:20

Thread: TorqPro TP70-FS 70cc Gas Engine
28/08/2019 12:59:22
Posted by cymaz on 28/08/2019 12:03:10: need to worry on take offlaughdisgust

even though you are a big target i still missedangel 2 It looks closer because it was zoomed in the camara

and now we all know it was you

28/08/2019 11:58:21

Well time has past the engine is still good so here is another video (needed to be filmed better), It is easy to start as long as i prime it first so a good 20+ fast flick overs on first run of day ( only half of those acually suck as 4t)

Thread: Methanol versus Petrol?
09/08/2019 21:11:14
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 09/08/2019 18:24:26:
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 09/08/2019 08:44:33:
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 09/08/2019 08:20:58:

The other reasons is that Petrol engines run cleaner as they run on much less oil, a typical glow engine has 15+% oil in the fuel and a petrol engine around 3% add to that a methanol engine runs around twice as rich as a petrol engine, then a glow engine kicks out 10x more oil.

That is the theory but i have tested our engines on 5% oil without any problem for a whole year and our petrol version are even as low as 1% in glow terms. So far its all been fine. I need to spend more time testing it before recommending it to all but certainly 10% oil is no problem and i really suspect 5 would be where it needs to be.

The trend towards high nitro also makes glow engines messy as the run so much richer. Its why i only recommend 5%.

I cant do anything about the fuel consumption figures though. stoichiometric ratios are sort of a fixed limit.

Agreed, but the majority of ready mixed fuel is 17 to 20% oil, but I'm planning to buy some neat methanol to dilute some 10% nitro fuel to drop the oil content on my Lasers and some other engines. I think the high oil content is a throwback to when castor was the main lubricant, and with synthetics then less is required.

No need to do that weston have low oil fuel aready done for you see

going to try the 7% in 5nitro on next ordercool

Thread: Prop failure
05/08/2019 14:15:35

Going by the fact that the split has traveled throught the hub to the other side rules out the spinner as it will have sheared of at the rub point. More likely to be a split or fault in the wood near the tip which opened up under the high loading flex as you pulled up and this has split apart folloing the wood grain.

as allways with wood props they require extra vigalnce each flight due to this vunrability (laminated one are less prone) and i always loosen the prop nut up when in storage/ after the days flying as the wood hub will keep compressing if not.

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