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Thread: for fast electic is supreme
18/04/2019 10:09:14

but with power you can fly any day/where you want, just aboutsmiley

18/04/2019 08:34:51

Don't blink youll miss it

Thread: BMFA Classifieds Registration
11/04/2019 18:46:00

jave you checked your junck mail box?

it get me sometimes by hidng emails i wantfrown

Thread: Delivery time....
10/04/2019 11:45:31

I would contact them through your account/order details with Hk and inquire about it, don't leave it too long.

things do disapear in the post, due to all sorts of reasons

My last orders from Hk I had one from the uk and another from the eu warehouse all done at the same time and both turned up at the same time 2 days later,

Thread: Leprechaun, a vintage glider
09/04/2019 18:57:27

And here's one on the slope, classic's looking good

Edited By flight1 on 09/04/2019 18:58:34

Thread: matt fuelproofer
08/04/2019 21:56:36

you could try oracolor 2 part paint you can get it with brushing on hardner or spay hardener and then use the flatting agent to get it mat.

or you could use car 2k paint but comes normaly for spray aplications.

as with all 2k remember to use a good mask with the correct filter.

Thread: Help please, broken plug cap
04/04/2019 13:53:09

have you contacted these people they might know of a replacment cap to replace the broken one . whole unit £81 otherwise indecision new caps for rcexl rm6 plug are easy to find so why not these?


Thread: Taping Aileron and Elevator
03/04/2019 20:44:08

I eliminate the 'step movement' by taping both sides just remember to have the surface at full deflection required when running the tape in the internal v part, a bit fiddly but with a bit of practice very doable with the inside i tend not do the whole hing in one piece of tape on the longer surfaces

03/04/2019 19:31:21

I have been useing 3M Scotch 371 CLEAR Packing Tape tear resistant and is presure sensitive so once rubed on it realy sticks, not had any problems.

blendrum tairs to easlily for me

But now have started using scotch crystal tape 600 this is good very clear and does not yellow and very good adhesion as well, get it i think you will like it                 see specs


Edited By flight1 on 03/04/2019 19:32:36

Thread: Pre-Ignition?
03/04/2019 09:57:00

I didn't realize it actually runs or are those settings from previously good running? Does it chuck a prop when you are trying to start or once it has been running? Another factor now the engine is in a cowl could be that it is over heating and with a very rich setting like you mentioned will lead to pre-detonation and with the plastic spinner it cracks loose, make sure you got good baffling in the cowl to direct air flow around the cylinder head.

just some more penny thoughts

02/04/2019 23:14:04

hi Rodger what spinner are you using ? I have had it before with a plastic back plate deforming, so it was never tight enough( it seamed so), removed it for a better one and all was good.

i would try it with out the spinner , a fire power 5/6 as the seven is to hot for this engine and have the main needle 2 and 1/4 turned out and the air bleed screw turned virtually all the way in, do this and it will run without throwing the prop nut.  Then tune it



Edited By flight1 on 02/04/2019 23:14:57

Thread: Apache aviation engin mounts
21/03/2019 20:57:48

hi don would like the ones up from the 70 cheers for the offer

hi dennis ebay only have those encapsulated types can't see this type on there

I'll keep looking cheers

Thread: Exhaust heat shield
21/03/2019 19:20:30

You could try this stuff but I would still have a little gap so air can get by Exhaust Engine Heat Shield Self Adhesive Sheet 500 deg cel

I have thought of using this shield stuff before but have had bigger spacing tp play with,so justed epoxy painted the wood and applied a couple of layers flue foil tape and ducted the air flow to keep things a bit cooler

Thread: Apache aviation engin mounts
21/03/2019 19:04:40

Hi all, does anyone know where you can get the Old Apache aviation anti vibration engine mounts from or one like them.

i would settle for just the rubber part as can source/make up the metals bits.

please see picture for the type i would like. (don't need the nylon Tee mounts) Cheers

apache aviation vib mount.jpg

Thread: C of G
19/03/2019 19:04:28
Posted by Simon Chaddock on 19/03/2019 18:55:57:

I wonder what was the weight of its original battery.

The wing has in effect quite a bit of sweep so I would expect the CofG to be a bit further back than might be expected.

The 2.4 m Replikit Minimoa described on RC Ggroups ended up with the CofG at 40% root cord as a "safe" figure!

I would only go that far back after some flight testing.

Edited By Simon Chaddock on 19/03/2019 18:56:36

Yes i was talking about mean aerodynamiccord of the wing. The root cord is very diffent so please don't con fuse these

use this calculator to get a idea

19/03/2019 18:43:26

Well 25% is very far forward and would make it harder to round out on landing. I always start out on 28% on an unknown wing and then work my way back each flight until I is right for me.

On a known section I do 30% to start, so that would be 73.5 going by the cord you have given and yes it is always surprising how big the bit of lead that goes in the nose

so going by your 70mm sound close to ok

Edited By flight1 on 19/03/2019 18:45:23

Thread: OS 120 strip down problem
19/03/2019 14:18:31

after removing the ptfe bung, find a good quality self tapper that just bites the inner of the gudgeon pin, turn until the pin rotates ( ie screwin with a bit of force) and you will then be able to pull it out. just done a os fs 40 and 60 this way and they were both well gummed in as there was that nasty caster residue due to fuel will caster in it being used for many years.

Thread: Saito r33
17/03/2019 10:34:33

Two different oils were use, were they mixed or did you swap from using one to another? The oils might not have been compatable so reducing there ability to cool and lube.

I use valvoline Synpower 2t this works better on the four strokes than the other oils as it gets past the cylinder better. I had problems using other oils untill i swaped, they were fine in the 2 strokes, we need a oil expert to tell us why it's so.

Thread: This is how to launch you glider
08/03/2019 09:49:12
Posted by cymaz on 08/03/2019 06:31:31:

Richard....shhhhhh...don’t tell Kingsley !

To late allready havelaugh

07/03/2019 17:06:00

No tug needed

Edited By flight1 on 07/03/2019 17:07:14

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