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Thread: Epoxy or Polyester Resin
09/12/2018 10:38:10

hi as for getting a supplier with model making in mind with a comprehensive stock and good delivery and prices.

I have bought a few things from them, like some nice fine 25g/m cloth for skinning, i have no ties to them but just found them to be good see lindinger model shop here to the right page

07/12/2018 22:31:19

hi epoxy will give a lighter and stronger product see here for a general purpose laminating resin and i have found out it is very good a wetting out the cloth and nice to use. ( make sure you get the slow hardner as it gives you time to get it done)

Epoxy might be a bit more expensive but worth it . just remember when laminating just wet out the cloth don't try to 'fill' the weave first go , wait until it has gelled the do a flow cote which fills then weave and you can sand back this saves resin,and a stronger/lighter laminate is made.

Edited By flight1 on 07/12/2018 22:32:52

Edited By flight1 on 07/12/2018 22:34:12

Thread: face masks/respirators recommendations
03/12/2018 15:16:28

hi most fiters for organics use a layer of active carbon as one of the filters when you first open the filer cartridge this ex posis it to air and is 'activated' so has a predefind life, if you put the filter in a seald back after use you can prelong the life. this is what i do and my rule of thumb is up to 1 1/2 year or if I can smell any paint/solvent when wearing it its time to change.

Got one like these for over 10+ years and still good and change to the correct type active carbon for paint/solvents.and sometimes use it for dust but mainy use disposible for dust to a least FFP3 like these as are cheep and good for dust where no solvents are present

Thread: Taranis limiting servo travel
30/11/2018 20:46:03

have you seen rc-soar very informative see about servo calibration and you can download setups for different glider types which shows how to do it and you can then customize to suit your own needs.

this site is a must read and very helpfull

Thread: Best Spyware
30/11/2018 13:54:44

windows 10 comes with a free inbuilt protection you just need to ativate it in control panel / system security .

windows defender has a fire wall too which can be set up too,

thats what i have and it works well and no issues

29/11/2018 17:34:50
Posted by Andy Symons - BMFA on 29/11/2018 16:35:12:
Posted by Cuban8 on 29/11/2018 16:18:01:

Just another thing that's come to mind - the annual members' stickers. I'm bound to be asked, will they still be available?

Current plan is to enclose them in the 2nd BMFA news of the year.

smiley well that makes sence , lots like the covering repaire patch, so there will be less grum pies to appeaseangel

Thread: Pre flight checks are realy Important!!
28/11/2018 22:17:28

Not shore If I could of held on that long even with all that adrenalin pumping thought.

lucky chap

23/11/2018 19:16:37
Posted by cymaz on 23/11/2018 18:37:15:

Tough one much was an unstarted kit going for?

go on pete you know you want it only a short drive and a good deal to be had?

Thread: winter build time
21/11/2018 19:34:48

geoff be quick one in stock it should keep you bussy for a while not a 17 though 28c1 should be as good?

Edited By flight1 on 21/11/2018 19:36:04

19/11/2018 22:36:25

Yes it's they % increase is the telling factor , if you look back at council tax the same thing started to happen and look at it now. lets not get caught in 'it's only a pound syndrome' cause you can bung them my way it soon add up and i'll have a big grin to boot. cool

Thread: Take Off Dolly
19/11/2018 22:30:34

I have used one similar thy are all about the same. See here and make one . also see here and here and here they all work quite handy really.

Thread: Hanging planes on the wall
18/11/2018 09:31:24
Posted by brokenenglish on 18/11/2018 09:05:21:

Yes Peter. The arrangement shown above is OK for electric models, but for ic you really need the fuselages to be nose-down.

I hang my models nose up all ic , any potential bad stuff runs down to on the crankcase back plate and not on any critical bits, also any fuel left in system can't run out(can never drain my fuel tanks out 100%) and i don't have rust problems. Mind you they are all 4 strokes bar one these days.

Thread: advice for a newbie
16/11/2018 19:14:02

Well that a broad question as usual no straight answers here. What are the aims ? , just fly around or with camera or want one that can be used for racing (beginers).

The most important bit is that you can get spare parts easily see these guides and make a choice

husban x4 goes from £30 upwards depending what batteris and acceries / tx controler wanted see


Edited By flight1 on 16/11/2018 19:14:22

Thread: Dragon Lady....I think!
11/11/2018 16:17:16

looking good there Pete going to need some sunnys to watch the tangerine flycool

Thread: Which Set Should I buy
09/11/2018 19:44:02

Well after reading thought the last few posts it is decided then the OP must get a Teranis or for a few more squid a (worth it!!) horus x10 / x10s (Me X12s) and revile in the low cost of rx's and other useful items like the redundancy bus 10... fantastic

PS don't forget with the Horus radios you don't need use open tx you can keep it simple with FrSky's on system which now is very good and more features to come me thinks

all solved then?? as though i find other makes tempting Frsky has nailed itparty

09/11/2018 14:35:32

YES Graupners channel /set numbering is confusing there new MZ-12 PRO is 12 channels and the older one not pro uses the old way and is only 6 channels , Confusing! but once explained easy enough

So MZ-12 Pro = 12 channels budget and MZ-24 PRO = 12ch very good

MZ-12 = 6 channels

MZ-18 = 9ch

MZ-10 = 5ch

and just to confuse it MZ-32 = 32ch top end set


Edited By flight1 on 09/11/2018 14:36:14

Thread: Powering X8R servo ports via SBUS port
09/11/2018 09:30:27

You should be able to power the rx via the x bus port because if you were to use sbus servos they would all get their power from that one connection! also the y lead is a perfectly easy simple and safe method to use.

Thread: Which Set Should I buy
08/11/2018 18:58:39
Posted by Eric Shepherd on 08/11/2018 17:55:41:

Airtek say the Aurora 9 discontinued?


well the aurora 9 was a good radio when it came out but things have moved on and it has been out featured by other marks , i believe the cost of updating it to potential sales was not good for business, still a option though.

the hitec flash8 looks good and is quite recent ,but how committed to TX's are they? the servos and other thing they do are good and have a strong market so will stay the course.

A good deal could be the persuader here?

08/11/2018 17:41:47
Posted by supertigrefan on 08/11/2018 17:14:45:

I was going to suggest Graupner at the start but you said you wanted a UK based service agent? Graupner isn't.

Hi supertigerfan you will find that their servicing is still handled in the uk for graupner see airteks web site

08/11/2018 16:27:00
Posted by Ikura on 08/11/2018 15:52:45:

Is there an option that hasn't been suggested in this thread so far? Can't think of one.

The poor chap is now probably more confused than before he asked smiley

NO he's not confused yet he hasn't seen Fly sky i10 or TACTIC radio or Detrum GAVIN-8C , cheap and reliable too


Seriously if money for rx and telem accessories is no objet then probably MPX /

as for features value and proven reliability and price FrSky horus (i've moved from teranis to X12s fantastic).

or the Graupner/Mj MZ12 PRO Mz18 should be seriously looked at .

All in my opinion though.yes

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