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Thread: Bracing wires needed please
16/06/2018 13:26:38

Pete?? have you bought flat wire as I have some that might suit that I didn't use + fixings to silver solder on?

Thread: Locking toggle switch
14/06/2018 12:04:28
Posted by Martin Harris on 14/06/2018 11:11:37:
Posted by flight1 on 13/06/2018 22:26:57:

Did they enforce the £30 minimum order charge? Prices look great otherwise!

they didn't have that when i ordered mine (two years ago and still got 2 switches for now) I suppose you just need to top up with other you think you need, shrink tube ,cable tyes etc.. mine you you could always phone them and ask

13/06/2018 22:26:57

I have used these toggle switches in the past to make my on switch harneses with a charging fly lead.

well made and still going strong

Thread: TorqPro TP70-FS 70cc Gas Engine
02/06/2018 22:32:32

Well I have finally got this engine up and running. will be run in in plane as per instruction Valvoline Synpower 2T at 40;1 more oil than this will cause harm. I have baffled the engine in the cowl to aid cooling so time will tell if I have done that right. It started easy after I had taken the pug out and cleaned the oil off it as I had put a bit of oil in it to make sure there is some in it for first start but as had done this a couple of weeks ago and with the engine inverted it had fowled the plug.

stopped it and let i cool down after only 1/4 tank l fuel consumed checked over plane . Started again two flicks and ran as per video below.

Toped up and maiden the 30% tiger moth 1/4 throttle was all that was require and flew was FANTASTIC had a home made silencer which made it sound good too and was in our club noise limit of 84DB on a 24X10 prop.

She was way over powered and would like a 50cc version of this to be ideal, will report more as time goes on

ted By flight1 on 02/06/2018 22:33:04

Edited By flight1 on 02/06/2018 22:33:56

Thread: HK postage charges
01/06/2018 16:52:10

well it could be, which warehouse are you shipping it from will make a difference?

I've been charges $15 from the euro warehouse for a kit shipped before, still a good deal

If it is from the uk WH then it would have free shipping as it is over £50 and for the global WH you need to spend $150 to get free shipping. so you need to spend £59 more to get free shipping from the international WH,  so thats a good deal if you want other items if not snail postage will be £18 and secure and quick £30



Edited By flight1 on 01/06/2018 16:54:51

Thread: Club Facilities
23/05/2018 17:25:08

Anyone thought of a biodigester toilet diy syle and if you harnes the gas you can keep the club hut warm in the winter?

you could claim to be 'eviromental' which is so in favour these days no matter the cost

Thread: Radio systems
19/05/2018 08:53:43

Radios become a personnel choice on whats you are happy with and you tend to be influenced on what you see around you. as far as the main brands they all perform well and quite often the choice is made by your budget and how it looks.

Now if It was me looking for a <£200 radio the Graupner mz 12 (12 channels) would be hight on the list with frsky then Multiplex and futaba further down as cost features come in play and rx's become quite dear .

and if budget was not a issue Jeti would be got, but even then I can duplex a transmission with my Taranis and a plug in module (FrSky R9M)

all you got to decide is what do you fancy

Thread: Windows 10 - Any Advice
18/05/2018 00:18:06

Hi yes it did it to me too a real pain obviously they did not do it right.

i sorted it for now by going into control pannel then region and language then add language (had to down load english uk language pack why!!!) once done _ selected it

then to sort out the key board from us to uk qwerty when't into advanced keyboard settings and set it correctly to uk keyboard

A right pain should't have had tooangry

Thread: Gliders
17/05/2018 16:02:18

I think this is the uk supply link **LINK**

they do look good with cnc milled leading edges so you can build an accurate wing

Thread: Britain's biggest warship
30/04/2018 17:41:25
Posted by cymaz on 30/04/2018 17:01:57:
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 30/04/2018 08:49:08:
Give over! We couldn't afford that!

Sorry...far too optimistic devil

Yes, you haven't graduated from cbbc even after all these years have you?cheeky

Thread: 12v charger adaptor supply
26/04/2018 18:15:16

If you want a project you can convert a pc power supply as i have works well and this latest one i have has been going at least 7 years more proberly. also sever power supplies are good too better durability to , search on here plenty of post of how to.

coor just seen that post above thats good for 8 amps but converting a server power supply will give more wattage for less money

26/04/2018 15:52:47

Well if it is the imax b6 genuine charger they sell it is rated at 50watts 5amps , but it comes with croc clips on the input leads for which to connect to a 12v battery (input max 20volt dc min 11v dc).

What is going to be your input source ?

Thread: Your Transmitter History
07/04/2018 11:05:29

well I don't change tx to often won't be caught up in the must have the latest bling my pockets won't alow me, just when i need a new feature

Multiplex Europa sprint

Multiplex Europa MC1020 (one of the first with model memory and i thought i was in the space age)

Graupner MC 10/20

Multiplex Royal Pro 12

Multiplex Royal Pro 12 converted to 2.4Ghz switchable and 16 channels (does this count a another tx?)

FrSky Taranis ( because of fantastic program funcion and the rx, telemetry stuff and accessories very affordable)

The only down side of the Taranis is I keep breaking the antenna!! so the next one will probably be the Horus too as FrSky has been very reliable and it's antennas are not exposed

Thread: Galaxy Models Mystic
04/04/2018 18:58:37

Thanks trebor. I was getting concerned that you might have got stuck in the loft , i was going to call the loft rescue sevice but did't know where you lived surprise

03/04/2018 22:21:21
Posted by trebor on 03/04/2018 22:06:34:

I've got some instructions in the loft, I'll have a look tomorrow.

taa that would be appreciated

03/04/2018 19:18:38

Hi just acquired as above from a friend , and the info I need is the recommended c of g for this plane and any other useful tips.

Currently it hasn't flown for some time and has a os 108 which i might swap out to a petrolangel and it is on 35 meg which i will convert to 2.4Ghz and i need a New canopy too ?

Edited By flight1 on 03/04/2018 19:19:05

Thread: Clunk!
02/04/2018 13:16:07

The carb might have a weak pump action, what size pipe are you using as for a 50cc 2t large bore(3mm) tubing and tank fittings shout be used if not allready. got a picture of you installation? for all to check out.

Thread: First DLG - Looking for suggestions
31/03/2018 11:11:36

Well if you don't mind building Schloiderding V2 "Spinthing" 1.2m is budget and versitile or the Elf Mini DLG which is supplied almost completely finished very good

You don't need a latest compitition glider to get your feet wet and gain that first hand knowlage to be able to move on.

ps i noticed hyperflight got a DLG sale on at the moment

Edited By flight1 on 31/03/2018 11:13:05

Edited By flight1 on 31/03/2018 11:13:22

Thread: Clunk!
27/03/2018 12:28:26
Posted by Gary Manuel on 27/03/2018 10:48:59:
Posted by Denis Watkins on 27/03/2018 10:38:19:

Look here Gary, the header breather is the main tank clunk

So the header is always full until it empties the main


Yes but if the main tank clunk draws air in, it will be deposited in the header, which will start to fill with air.

Whats wrong with this is the header tank is using a clunk as well, this should be a fixed pipe with the end exactly in the middle of the tank this way no air will be drawn to the carb until the tank draws in air till half full (unlikely that much in a flight) . this header tank does not need to be very big and can be mounted close to carb and a big ad vantage is the main tank can be positioned by the cog minimizing c of g changes as the tank empties so keeping the same trim all flight. (hope i explained this properly)

Edited By flight1 on 27/03/2018 12:30:27

25/03/2018 23:26:29

use a small header tank with the pipe to the carb drawing from the centre of the tank( fixed pipe not moving) and the feed for this tank from the main tank clunk out let , this way the draw point will allways be in fuel untill the header tank becomes half empty a proven system i use on a couple of models.

or get a fuel balancer like this kwick fire one

Edited By flight1 on 25/03/2018 23:27:19

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