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Thread: SLEC / Precedent 1/4 scale Stampe SV4B
15/04/2020 12:17:57

All i can say about the nose weight , if you are nose heavy you get to fly again and can remove some lead , tail heavy and the black bag gets usedcrying. I have a 1/3 tiger moth (which a stampe is based on) and it balances on the top wing rear cabine attachment.


And I've got to say your plane is looking realy good

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Thread: Transmitter battery
12/04/2020 18:35:55
Posted by Steve McIntosh on 12/04/2020 18:11:50:

Thank you all. Order some new batteries when this is all over

Shops are open for mailoeder now , got to tick the economy over before it's all over.

Thread: Cheap or expensive???
11/04/2020 17:08:22

With xt60 there are dubious quality versions out there and you can't tell by the price alone so you want there ones made with good plastics and gold conectors like the one from hobbyking (which I know are good) and I am shure others will chip in where they get theres from as well

Thread: Etch priming plastic?
11/04/2020 11:33:57

A light fine sand to key the surface and use a plastic primer available from auto store, spray a very light coat of it on then use a normal primer and then paint

Thread: Transmitter battery
11/04/2020 11:09:13
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 11/04/2020 09:52:56:

Strange, The TGY 1500 Tx packs state on them to charge at 1.5A, so going by that I charge the Rx packs at 1C also.

I obviously do not let packs get anywhere near discharged and it is amazing just how little it takes to top up compared with NiMi`s.

It is all about the usable power and efficiency each battery type has, life /lipo have 80%+ usable power without shortening life and causing damage , nimh have less and lead acid are really poor so when charging you have to make up for this by charging them longer to make up the batteries efficiency and actual power used.

10/04/2020 20:26:58

I would stick to eneloop as using lipo causes complications, the volt meter is not accurate enough on those TX's to be safe near the voltage clif lipo's have when near empty

The enelopops they will last a ;long time and 2.8x in fact to what you allready have.

10/04/2020 15:52:29

Well i would change the battery pack A.S.P to an eneloop pack as if you got a nicad pack they are the originals, so are very old .

measure the pack dimensions and order new from say . The 2000mah enloops wil last a lot longer and you can still use the wall wart charger, but if you got a multi charger use that at 400Mah it will be a lot quicker.

As for the lipo don't use as will be over voltage for this tx as is realy not needed and more hassel as you will have to take it out of the TX to charge etc

P.S Ibelieve that this tx as a diode on the charge port(Istand to be corrected) so a delta peak charger won't work, proberly best to stick with the 

'wall wort' style charger


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Thread: Poorly OS40 repair
09/04/2020 00:15:49

That con rod fits the fs40s/ 48s and 52s as all got the same part number, I supose the 40 is a long stroke engine and the other two are short stroke

Thread: Liability of Open Source radios
08/04/2020 23:52:25
Posted by Stephen Smith 14 on 08/04/2020 22:30:13:

They could ban all transmitters to be sure and just fly free flight

ban free flight, a you could modify the clock work timers in them so they don't meet the manufactures standards, dangerous I say , could land on someone in an uncontrolled manner! devil

Edited By flight1 on 08/04/2020 23:52:45

Thread: Poorly OS40 repair
08/04/2020 23:38:09

To remove that bearing Good soak over night in plus gas or one of the newer rust penetrating oils then heat and some good taps should always do it, if not do it again but I use a slightly over size drill bit in the bearing bore turn it in until it bits and use that as leverage to twist pull on the bearing always works.

What I am really interested in know is how are you going to repair that whole in the crank case?


Edited By flight1 on 08/04/2020 23:43:58

Thread: Poly -C
08/04/2020 20:09:37

Well deluxe materials do   exe dope and also eze cote, the latter is like poly c, used as a water based resin.. So take your pick

Edited By flight1 on 08/04/2020 20:10:33

Thread: Liability of Open Source radios
06/04/2020 21:04:02
Posted by Phil Green on 06/04/2020 16:34:55:
Posted by flight1 on 06/04/2020 13:34:04:

.. these chips are used across different manufactures like Texas Instruments CC2500 RF Chip used by JR DMSS, HiTec, Corona, FrSky, Tactic, Futaba S-FHSS, Skyartec, futaba and FrSky use the same chip

Sorry thats not true. JR DMSS is ZigBee 802.15.4 its not the cc2500

the most widely deployed enhancement to the 802.15.4 standard is ZigBee standard , which is a standard of the ZigBee Alliance. The organization maintains, supports, and develops more sophisticated protocols for advanced applications. So Zigbee 802.15.4 is not a RF chip it is something it uses... so what chip does it use then?

Thread: NGH 17cc Petrol Engine.
06/04/2020 20:50:36
Posted by john stones 1 on 06/04/2020 18:30:32:

Mix is correct F1, me grandma (Grammar) at fault. embarrassed

OK I'll let you off as you have probably seen my grammer/spellingwink

06/04/2020 18:23:01
Posted by john stones 1 on 06/04/2020 17:57:31:
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 06/04/2020 17:52:33:

20%, did you mean 20:1 petrol/oil ratio?

Be interesting to know your noise readings once you've got it ready to fly, thanks.

Yep 20% for break in, follow the manual, then 30% - 33% for flying, another run and I'll fly it next, revs not going up n down, pick up is crisp, not touched needles, If it continues to perform like this I'll be very happy.

20% is not the same as 20:1 fuel ratio which works out to 5% oil content as per the instructions and when run in you can reduce the oil to 4%which is 25:1 so please be carfull

Thread: Liability of Open Source radios
06/04/2020 13:34:04

There has been software/ hardware failure causing crashes in the past with well established makes. But has that led to anything? it be very hard to prove and proberly cost prohibitive.

i reccon that open source is the the basis of a few manufacturs operating system and then there is the transmission chips and coding? could be at blame too and these chips are used across different manufactures like Texas Instruments CC2500 RF Chip used by JR DMSS, HiTec, Corona, FrSky, Tactic, Futaba S-FHSS, Skyartec, futaba and FrSky use the same chip

All very muddy waters so its down to the operator/pilot to verify that it is all safe to fly.

as for the CE mark thats just to confirm the rf side of things confirm to UE regulations not any of the software

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Edited By flight1 on 06/04/2020 13:36:00

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
04/04/2020 17:51:09

That mossie is looking good in the sun

Thread: This is very interesting
04/04/2020 13:51:47

Yes just found out been looking at his other videos, pitty about his harrier on first flight it was the time old c of g gotya been to far back lifted off to steep and stalled in, must of hurt.

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
04/04/2020 13:37:27
Posted by cymaz on 04/04/2020 13:31:18:

Looking on here peolpe are not travelling thank goodness

Well they better get out there and do all the road works done at the same time, so we can all not get stuck in the works and have nice safe roads for when we all get back to it

Thread: This is very interesting
04/04/2020 13:27:45

Well something positive from this lock in, youngsters getting technical and building something very interseting. All it needs now is wings and it be off. I want One!

Thread: First Warbird?
03/04/2020 19:54:35

I would get the Brian Taylor plans and have a look as £25 for them is not a big loss against £70 for the other.

I do believe Unitracts International do retracts for the BT plan

also some build info here

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