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Thread: landing a acrowot foamie
09/12/2016 13:44:46

OG, I'm surprised it tip stalls on finals (straight and level flight?), mine simply wallows a bit and drops its nose if slowed down too much. Have you laterally balanced the model? Is one wing heavier than the other? If so, add weight to the light wing tip until the model balances correctly (laterally).

One other thought: Is the tail plane bolted down correctly onto its seat? It can be quite difficult to get it to sit right down on the fuselage without any gaps, but if it's slightly raised one way or t'other it'll alter the longitudinal incidence causing some interesting handling characteristics.

Thread: Acro Wot ARTF (balsa) chat
07/12/2016 10:11:18

Hi Jonathan, I can't understand why you had to change the orientation of the servos from what the manual suggests as mine fitted correctly without issue (see photo). Having said that, I did find that it was better to cross over the rudder cable as you did. With reference to the elevator pushrod, I found that the supplied unit fits and operates perfectly. I know mine is electric powered, but that shouldn't make any difference to the issues you've mentioned.

For anyone that's thinking of going the electric route, you may find that the supplied battery tray isn't of much use for a 6s set up (5s is recommended in the manual), and that you will most likely need to manufacture your own tray as I did. Also, as I elected to use an Eflite Power 60, the supplied stand offs were too long so I fitted my own adjustable units to achieve the correct spinner clearance . The AUW of my particular Acrowot with a 6s 4000mAh battery is 2.98 Kg (6.5Lbs) and has unlimited vertical performance using a Graupner G-Sonic 13" x 8" prop and an aerobatic flight duration of 5-7 mins, dependant on throttle use. img_3453.jpg





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Thread: F4 Orca 2.9 Slope Glider
06/12/2016 13:51:39

It certainly seems to perform well. thumbs up

Video Link

Thread: Chuck-E, own design indoor flyer
03/12/2016 19:26:51

Nice job Mike! thumbs up

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
27/10/2016 17:23:21

Hi Pete, where have you located the towing hitch for glider use? Just curious as I could be tempted with one of these myself.

Thread: hobbyking - big changes
27/10/2016 17:14:53
Posted by oldgit on 27/10/2016 13:03:45:

so whats going on - whats the big changes

oh cant wait and 5% discount woopeedo

With the greatest of respect old git, you'd be complaining even more if the prices were to increase by 5% so just be happy for small mercies. smiley

Thread: Hobbyking
26/10/2016 23:09:02
Posted by Rocker on 26/10/2016 16:11:28:

You are not the only one I will not use them ,you get what you pay for I would rather pay a bit more and keep my local Model Shop going !!!

That's all well and good if you actually have a local model shop, some of us don't. wink

Thread: Glider Pilots
02/07/2016 20:23:40
Posted by Chris Bott - Moderator on 01/07/2016 22:32:20:

YT International have a very nice range of pilots

I think they've already been approached. wink

Quote from the OP: "

I've been trying to get a good quality 1/4 scale pilot for a 1/4 scale Salto I have recently bought. I've spoken once to YT International and they requested photos of the cockpit to be sent with measurements which I did. Since then.... two weeks ago I have heard nothing and no one answers their phone!"

Thread: Receiver Pack Choice. Your opinion is sought.
08/06/2016 06:11:51

How about using a UBEC and small 2s LiPo?

Alternatively, if you have a Rx. that can take high voltage (Mutiplex as an example), and use SD150 servos, then the 2s LiPo can simply be plugged straight in without the need of a UBEC. This will give a simple lightweight setup.

Thread: Glow motor demise
01/06/2016 16:40:27

Evocative smell? I've been modelling for 47 years and still hate the smell of glow fuel (or petrol or kerosene for that matter), but model diesel fuel is another matter of course. It comes a very close second to Hoppe's gun oil. thumbs up

Thread: Some new Seagull ARTF kits.
30/05/2016 16:40:32

Nice! (All except the Hurricane that is. face 7)

Thread: Flop Gear
30/05/2016 11:18:41

Whilst we're on the topic of the Beeb, it really hacks me off that their propaganda machine is working overtime for the government's pro EU vote. I naively thought the Beeb was supposed to be impartial.

Flop Gear? What a great title! thumbs up

Thread: mid air servo failure
28/05/2016 09:45:43

It's not just Hobbyking, most cheap ARTF model manufacturers use hardware of varying reliability and quality, and as KiwiKid says, you only get what you pay for.

Thread: Spiral diving
28/05/2016 09:42:45

It also sounds like you were anyway flying in conditions unsuitable for such a lightly loaded glider.

Thread: Multiplex Elapor primer -- is it worth it?
25/05/2016 15:23:45
Posted by Allan Bennett on 25/05/2016 08:35:12:

The final line in Multiplex's instructions says, "don't apply excessive MULTIPrimer or paint, as it could damage or even destroy the part.". But what constitutes "excessive"? Sounds dodgy to me.

To be fair Multiplex aren't renowned for making dodgy products and I think common sense might suggest that 'excessive' means not priming the sponge until it's sopping wet, or using a brush to apply the fluid. I've used a fair amount of the Elapor primer and have yet to experience any long term issues. Also, the Elapor specific paint they manufacture sticks like the proverbial once the surfaces have been primed. thumbs up

Thread: Greenacres 2016 Fly-ins
22/05/2016 20:53:27
Posted by Ian Southerton 1 on 22/05/2016 19:55:43:

Only managed to stay for 3 hours before the wife dragged me away, but had a great time. It's inspired me to go flying more this year!

Thanks to all who organised and entertained at the event!


An obvious tip if I may: Don't involve the wife in anything aeronautical. Satisfaction is then guaranteed! wink

Thread: multiplex Heron
22/05/2016 20:50:09

You could as long as you don't expect the motor to give the heavier Heron (+300g) the same climb rate as the Radian.

Anyway, I don't call that being a cheapskate, I call it 'engaging in optimum recycling'.

Thread: Purple Haze Plan Wanted
22/05/2016 16:34:44

Wow, that takes me back, thanks for the memory nudge. I had a Puple Haze back in the day and it was a brilliant little plane, as was the Sussex Model Centre Splot!. smile d

Thread: Dim By Kwarcinski
15/05/2016 19:57:23

Looks nice! Any specifications please?

Thread: Problems problems.....
15/05/2016 19:55:06

Switch on tranny, set throttle trim all the way back, put stick to max throttle, plug up battery/ESC, wait for a tone, set throttle back to minimum and it should work. Apologies if you've already tried this.

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