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Thread: D****s - again!
02/07/2019 07:21:44
Posted by Bucksboy on 02/07/2019 04:30:05:

I fly DJI Phantoms as part of my job but in Eastern Ukraine, we regularly lose them to gunfire. I fly around 80-100metres high and it’s common to attract gunfire. This ranges from half a dozen shots to several guns on fully automatic. Of course, no one has any idea where those bullets go after they miss. I’ve lost one to two shots so the soldier was either lucky or a good shot. I’ve also lost them to heavy machine guns but every man was letting rip as I tried to evade them. So whilst most of them live to fly another day, they can certainly be shot down. I doubt if any soldier or Police officer in the UK would risk shooting at one that was floating about up in the air.

Damn, can I have your job? Sounds fun!

Thread: Beginner scale model flying resources
30/05/2019 17:55:27

Thanks Danny, I’ve had a look through them, was a great help. How do people decide on what the model should look like in the Air when performing the moves? YouTube, Airshows? Is there, for example, leeway on when to drop undercarriage etc? For example a 747 would have a long straight in approach with the gear down from a long way out where as a Spitfire would have a curving approach with the gear dropped comparatively close in.

25/05/2019 13:51:14

if you go over to the F3 area there’re are lots of helpful pages for flying manoeuvres, trimming and setting up models perfectly, even first competition helpful hints not to mention the introduction to aerobatics days held at Buckminster.

what doesn’t seem so obvious are such things for scale flying, please note I’m not talking about the building aspect but purely the flying. I’ve kinda got a hankering to enter a scale flying only competition but I’m the kinda person who reads as much as they can to prepare first and I’m not finding much at all.

does anyone have any links to stuff that may be of interest?

Thread: German WW2 Insignia
26/01/2019 08:48:30

Interesting discussion, out of interest does anyone know if allowances are made for German teams entering scale competitions outside of Germany with a model that should include the Swastika as part of its scheme? Is the fact it’s missing ignored? Do they display it only in the country of the competition for the duration or do the very sensible Germans just tend to not model these aircraft/ schemes? Would seem a shame not to be able to celebrate the designs of possibly some of the most advanced and iconic aircraft of the era.

Thread: The Future of the Mass Build
22/09/2018 21:49:50

The only mass build I’ve done was the Atom. The reason for this was it was a different challenge flying wise and still taught me a bit about building in balsa. I can get, a trainer, a spitfire etc etc ARTF. If the objective of the mass build is to encourage me to build then offer something that I can’t get elsewhere. For example, this year I’ve had a hankering for a free flight model. Plenty out there you say? That’s true but the security blanket of having others to build alongside would encourage me to have another go at the MB. Unfortunately if it’s another sports model/ trainer or somesuch then I know whatever I can buy will be better built than what I can build.

Thread: Battle of Britain: Model Squadron
17/09/2018 22:45:08


Posted by Denis Watkins on 17/09/2018 20:34:01:


Partly because, with a Quad, you can lay the transmitter down and have a cup of tea in the hover

But a fixed wing requires attention the whole flight, as the model can slow down and go off course due to wind and weather, and stall due to attitude and low speed

(End quote)

I fly both quadcopter and fixed wing both los and FPV and I can assure you I’d be much happier with a cuppa while flying fixed wing. I think you are confusing camera drones with the kind of fpv racer that most people fly FPV with. Trust me, there is no time to take your thumbs of the sticks and most are not GPS carrying so will not stay in the hover at all.


Edited By Chris Jones 7 on 17/09/2018 22:46:53

Thread: An Eleccy WOT4XL - with a twist!
16/09/2018 23:01:17

Love my electric Wot4 XL. Certainly not under powered on 8s with a nice eight minute duration. Enough power to drag up a decent sized glider but still slows to a brisk walk for landing.

Thread: Why not 'cut and glide'?
10/08/2018 11:34:13

Haha! So still nothing’s clear other than an aeroplane looks bloody silly coming in to land without its prop spinning!

I also figure that on an ic model if the props not spinning it’s clear there’s a problem and people may allow more airspace for you (yes I know deadstick should be called). Keeping the prop spinning makes it clear the engine/ motor is running and all is, relatively, well. Beingbas most people at my club fly ic I figure I’ll make my electric models look as much like expected as possible.

But This is a bit off the original topic.

10/08/2018 08:41:01

Posted by Martin Harris on 10/08/2018 00:20:08:

More than no reason why you shouldn't leave the throttle open a touch - more a case of why don't we set a "flight idle" on our electric models? I hate to see electric models (especially scale ones) taxi out, stop their props while completing the turn into wind and restart after a second or two for the take off run. Maybe a bit "anal" but I always make the effort to keep the prop turning and some of the comments in this thread are prompting me to doing a little programming along these lines (although in general, my scalish models tend to be IC powered). It will be interesting to see if there is a noticeable difference in fine control of the flare...

Interesting - I’ve always set up my electric models so the prop is always spinning at zero throttle and requires the arming switch to be flicked to stop it. I do this even on belly landers simply flicking the switch at 1ft above landing. I seem to remember reading somewhere that a spinning propexhibits a greater braking effect that a stopped prop? Which may be why I fly with power on when landing on most models?

Thread: ESC Quiz
27/12/2017 16:19:25

Wrong polarity on the wires.

Thread: What to do?
22/12/2017 11:57:10

At an indoor meet last Sunday a relatively new flyer had bought a new nutball for me to set up which I did and test flew with no problem. All that was left was to set the failsafe prior to the next flight and we were all good, (I’ll admit - I forgot). Just as I was tinkering with my model for a flight I heard the Nutball power up and take off to gasps and exclamations. I looked up and saw the nutball floating round in a beautiful circle straight for my head! Cool as a cucumber I reached up,caught it by the wing and disconnected the battery! Silly bugger hadn’t turned on his transmitter! Lesson learned that this particular gentleman perhaps hadn’t quite fully learned previous lessons and that in future I’ll fully setup his models before leaving him with them unsupervised!

Thread: Lidl XL Glider
14/06/2017 08:09:23
Speedster that is genius! Thanks mate, I have everything I need to get on with mine now.
13/06/2017 23:17:47
That all makes sense but what stops the wings from sliding off the spar in flight? Have you run a band through the tube or something? This is my main problem at the minute.
13/06/2017 19:44:33
Speedster, I want to do mine with Wingerons but am still contemplating how to do it as I've never even seen a Wingeron model let alone built one. Do you have any photos of your setup I can shamelessly copy?
Thread: BMFA Buckminster Swapmeet - 11th June
27/05/2017 15:30:46
I'll be there.
I have a 1/3 scale Cri-Cri, a battered Blaster DLG, a couple of Multirotors and a few other bits and bobs I was to clear out of the hangar. Doubt I'll fly but it'll be a good chance to look round seeing as though I'm pretty local.
Thread: Mavic or Phantom 4 standard
27/03/2017 18:02:54
I didn't consider the Mavic worth it and instead bought a P3 advanced. For me I don't need the anticollision sensors, gesture control or the portability. For ?500 I got a mint condition P3 in a case with three batteries and a charger. I'm still finding features I didn't think it had, follow me apparently, so for me I got a bargain at less than half the price of a Mavic. Of course it's horses for courses.
Thread: BMFA NAtional Centre website launched
22/03/2017 22:02:46
I'm not sure who is gonna use this beyond a travelling visit or events.
I do live local and will make a trip for a look see but after that if the BMFA think I'm gonna pay to fly each day they really need to redo their finances!
Thread: DX9 Owners thread
19/03/2017 10:56:37
Asking for a mate as I have no real experience with the DX9 but I fly a lot of multirotors so he has turned to me for help.

Whats the deal with thr levers on the back? On my friends quad moving the levera is the equivalent to adding yaw. I have gone trough every menu and inhibited every instance of left and right lever that I can find but although the right one has stopped the left is still mixed to yaw somehow? Anyone shed any light? Its driving me mad!
17/03/2017 08:55:53
I fly FPV and Multirotor mainly and while I would like to see more articles on these disciplines I would not like it to be at the expense of free flight and control line etc.
I do feel that there are too many photos of people recieving trophies especially in the issue with the formal dinner awards whatever they are. A simple list of who won what and maybe one or two pictures would be more than enough and thus free up space for other articles. If anything, I do sometimes feel the articles are a little long winded and could do with being edited a little more robustly but on the whole I quite enjoy the magazine.

Edited By Chris Jones 7 on 17/03/2017 08:57:29

Thread: Should you invite drone pilots to your field?
07/02/2017 08:20:47
I am a drone pilot. (There I've said it.) The club I fly at has always welcomed me and there is now a small band of us that regularly fly at club sites, we always ask if people mind us flying and if training is happening we will keep well out of the way. Our club is very lucky in that we have access to a couple of sites plus as has been stated a drone can move and pretty much fly anywhere within reason.

Our club rubs along very happily with all types of models flown including jets and I read comments about clubs restricting model types with no small amount of dismay. We have no slots, no set areas for specific models and no problems as far as I am aware having been on the committee last year. Instead we all talk to each other, ask if pilots mind us flying and are considerate to each other. We often have drones, helis, fixed wing, gliders and fixed wing FPV all flying from the same flight line with no problems. Everyone gets a turn and, I think, everyone gets a kick out of seeing different types of models flying.

Oh and we have over 100 members so we are not a small club by any means. I think all you need is a bit of consideration and a bit of communication.
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