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Thread: Fokker Dr1
24/06/2011 09:40:43
Hi Ernie,
The Ultracote is the most readily available around does that compare for strength? I've just used some to cover the rudder and elevator for my vintage "Powerhouse", it seemed to go fine on there but has not had any real test yet since I don't have enough to cover the rest of the airframe. I made a tactical mistake...saw the stuff in the local store, bought a roll of each colour to try out, not knowing how much was on each roll. So when I went back someone had gone and bought the rest of those two colours...they have ordered more, but being at the ends of the earth it takes time. (I'm in New Zealand.)
Yes, I am treating the rudder as a sort of dummy run, it is small enough that if I decided I could do better I would not be wasting too much material.
(The Powerhouse is vintage because it first took to the skies in about 1967, powered by an Ohlsson and Rice .29 which was old even then...I still have it now, but plan to use a younger engine when the rebuilt Powerhouse flies again, this time with radio. Quite a lot of the structure is still the original, especially the fuselage and quite a lot of the wings. )
24/06/2011 06:53:58
Well, I don't know if anyone is still reading this thread, but I took a bit of time off my other projects and made a start on a rudder, using the tube technique as per the plan. It is not quite finished yet but seems to be working out fine. I have found some carbon fibre based stuff a bit like thin blotting paper, I think I might use some very tiny patches to reinforce the joints where the aluminium tube butts against balsa or dowel, as these look to be the most vulnerable is quite a light piece of construction, as of course it needs to be on this type of aircraft.
16/06/2011 10:40:53
I have to confess that I rather like flying the Red DR1 in the Phoenix flight simulator, although I probably would not make a red one myself since it is such a cliche. They are of course pretty well designed to nose over. I would need a bit of practice on the SuperStick trainer that I just gave my son before I try flying my D VII or anything as ambitious as the DR1. When I was last flying models this radio control stuff was all a bit new fangled, and well out of reach of us youngsters. My best models were all free flight in those days.
That is a good video Lew, or should I say film. I guess it might be super 8? The model looks great. These days with a four stroke engine it should really sound the part too.
15/06/2011 20:09:40
Hi Ernie,
I haven't thought about the cockpit yet, I'm more at the feasibility stage. I need to finish restoring my 45 year old "Powerhouse" before I get into anything else. How many dials would a DR1 have had?
The spruce idea sounds good, laminations seem to end up very strong and not prone to warping, plus it would glue to other parts better than the aluminium. It certainly does need to be light back there, since the nose is very short.
14/06/2011 11:32:50
Hi Ernie, yes, the DR1 uses dowel for the fuselage, that looks straightforward enough, and I can make a suitable jig easily enough, there is a milling machine here. The trick with that sort of thing of course is to get the length just right since it is kind of hard to put any back on. The DR1 uses curved aluminium tube for the outline of the rudder, elevator and ailerons, any ideas on how to make a clean accurate bend in such tube? We used to anneal dural for bending by rubbing soap on it, then heating until it went black, that was the right temperature to anneal it so it would bend easily. You didn't have to treat it again, it would age harden after working it. I don't know if that would apply to the sort of tube they are selling these days.I might experiment with a bit.
I am also wondering if the straight pieces of tube could be replaced by carbon fiber rod or tube, which might be stronger and might also take epoxy glue better.
I think the Dr1 might also have had wire bracing in the bays of the fuselage too, but since they would be concealed by the covering I would not be too worried about trying to put them in. I'd be more into semi scale than the full thing. Well, the one I just finished is a Hangar 9 DVII, which makes up into a nice looking model but is not a super detailed scale model. If I do the DR1, I would put in more detail than that, but not to competition winning levels. Something that looks nice while it is flying.
12/06/2011 02:37:23
Hi Guys, I just purchased a set of the plans by A Lunt for a Fokker DR1. (Plans service 1213. ) They are good plans, but fairly ambituous. I presume there was probably a magazine article when they were first published, but I have no idea when that was, or for that matter which magazine. I wonder if anyone can tell me where it was first published so that I can have a go at tracking it down the relevant issue, or a photocopy or scan of it at least. A few photos of some of the bits of structure might help clarify things a bit.
It goes without saying that I would also love to hear from anyone who has built this model. It uses aluminium tube for some parts of the structure, and I am wondering whether it might be possible to substitute carbon fibre tube or rod for at least some of this.
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