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Thread: ESC cutting out on one type of battery?
27/08/2020 14:58:18

A couple of interesting points raised..

the esc is in the direct airflow of the prop - it's a profile type model and the speed control is simply attached to the 'fuselage'.

The pack that works well is a 2200, but not Overlander. The two that are causing issues are Overlander - both new, bought for this model at the same time. They are 35C I think (from memory, but certainly no less than 30C).

The esc is 100A purely to provide a bit of headroom and also to future proof himself should he choose a larger model next.

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Thread: Generator power output?
27/08/2020 14:43:16
Posted by Chris Walby on 25/08/2020 18:28:12:

Glenn, if you need to dump surplus then why not just heat the container, failing that bury the resistor and just heat the ground.

Could always add a few more batteries to even peaks and troughs out a bit.

PS My vote for another battery/solar panel rather than the all the effort of a generator - do you really fly that much in the winter?


I've been flying this morning and had nine flights - so my three packs were charged at the field twice each. I've been limited by the 12v supply available to my chargers - they can drag about 8A each from a supply. In today's slightly overcast but perfectly flat and excellent flying conditions the solar panel (good for at least 10A in favourable conditions) was producing on average 0.7A. I've been suplementing the available power ( the club house's fitted solar panel floating one or two leisure batteries) with a 110A/h stand alone battery (also leisure). This was struggling to give a decent voltage at 5 to 8A current draw - the potential difference across its terminals fell to 10.8-11v. This then started tripping my chargers low voltage alarm. I'm rapidly concluding that there isn't much option other than a generator - I'm usually there on my own or with one or two others, who wouldn't object to a generator hidden out of sight (and hearing, as much as possible!) to supply usable power to the few of us present.


Ive no desire to take it when the field is busy, I'll take my three packs charged and perhaps charge one if the club charging system is available. 


Incidentally, I see the irony of me replacing internal combustion models with electric to then need a i c engine to charge from - however electric powered models can fly as and when at the field, whereas i c are limited, both on number of days per week and also certain hours per day...

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Thread: ESC cutting out on one type of battery?
27/08/2020 13:41:05

The esc is a Robotbirds one. It's rated at 100A so should have plenty of headroom I'd have thought? As far as it being set up for a 3 cell Lipo, surely the fact that the 2200mA pack works fine would indicate it's ok?

Im still confused by it - and having spoken to Lawrence this morning we are no wiser.

Thanks for the help so far people, I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of this...

27/08/2020 06:45:25

I spoke to the chap who's models and batteries are giving him the issue and clarified a couple of points.

All the gear is new - the batteries that are playing up were purchased for this job and haven't seen use elsewhere - equally they've seen no real use I yet either!

The device that switches the esc on is also fitted with a safety device so when the run is finished it needs positive input from him before it will turn the motor back on. It's also fitted with a timer to limit the run length - although I think he uses the LV cut. (He's aware it's not doing his battery any favours and it's set at the highest level.)

The batteries that aren't working are Overlander by the way.

Its stumped me at present!

25/08/2020 23:21:48

I'm not an expert on Lipos - with that out of the way....

i got the impression that his packs were new (ish). I don't think either of the 2900 had ever performed as the 2100 did though, even from new (but I could be wrong on this). As a matter of interest I think his Lipo knowledge was a little short - as the low voltage cut off was set as a level where the pack was somewhat low. He has since amended his settings on the esc.

for what it's worth his 2100 pack showed as 3 milliohms per cell, his 2900 battery 6 per cell. As a reference my 5200 and 5000 packs are about 2 per cell.

25/08/2020 16:27:45

I think 6 milli ohm was the highest my charger registered on his 2900 packs - for reference my 6 cell 500/5200 packs were in the region of 1 to 2 milli ohm per cell, his 2100 pack was about 3.

25/08/2020 15:53:16

I measured the internal resistance of all the packs - the 2900 packs do have a higher IR than the other one and also much higher than my 6 cell 5200 pack...

25/08/2020 12:37:01

Hi Pete,

he has two 2900 packs and the fault is on both. I’m a novice at electrics and Lipos, my learning curve is currently steep!

25/08/2020 12:21:10

I was monitoring on a make shift lead (Dodge it and Bodge it field improvisation at its finest!) between the battery connection and the ESC. Surely if there was a bad connection on the plane / ESC side (as opposed to the battery) then it’d show up with all three packs though?

Thread: Generator power output?
25/08/2020 12:13:41

Solar panels are an option - in fact there’s one fitted to the roof already that gives up to 10A (by my multimeter) and floats a leisure battery and provides 12v. The snag is it’s very variable - weather and season dependant. If we had decent reliable regular sun 12 months per year I’d happily look at addIng another solar panel and controller...

200-250 watts at 12v is a fair sized current...

Thread: ESC cutting out on one type of battery?
25/08/2020 11:06:14


I was at the field yesterday watching some chap with electrical snags. His model would run for approx 4 minutes on a 2100mA, 3 cell pack until the low voltage cut on the ESC kicked in. With a 2900 pack (also 3 cell) it wouldn’t run beyond about 30 seconds before stopping. The battery showed as 80% after. We tried a ground run with a multimeter monitoring the battery voltage and it seemed stable and well above the cut value. This was the case with 2 separate 2900 packs, albeit both from the same manufacturer.
The set up was in an electric C/L model incidentally. There was a device acting in place of the receiver so as to allow him a 30 second delay to energise the model then get to the other end of the lines for flying, and using the low voltage cut of the esc to stop the motor at the end of the flight.

Thread: Generator power output?
25/08/2020 10:32:14

The noise aspect is a very good point actually. There’s a few disused rooms (no windows, doors or even roof left so wouldn’t be a hazard with exhaust fumes) in the area so I’d imagine that may muffle the noise - a long extension would provide the power at a handier location.
I’d considered a decent leisure but the chargers would be pulling upwards of 20A at 12v - the voltage drop at the terminals would be too great (I’ve tried on a new large battery already)!

25/08/2020 06:28:39

Thanks for that Frank!

24/08/2020 22:12:38


I'm considering buying a cheap generator for running my two chargers at the field. One is a 80, one a 50W device, although I may soon upgrade and purchase another 80W as I’m using 6 cell packs and they take an age. Would a cheap 700-1000W generator be up to the task? I know it should as far as power output itself goes but would the power output be suitably stabilised with a decent enough ac sine wave for their circuitry?
thanks in advance!

Thread: Which sim - fixed wing and rotary?
01/07/2020 10:12:28

Thanks for that Denis. I do haveBootcamp fitted (although I’m terrible on computers!). I have a Phoenix 4 DVD rom but can’t find the transmitter I used with it nor the lead since I’ve moved house twice in the last 12 months!

Im fancying the Real Flight one but can’t find much about how it performs with helicopters - does anybody use it rotary wing please?

01/07/2020 00:24:38

I'm sure this is a question asked regularly but which sim would the experienced recommend please? I'm getting back into the hobby after a couple of years away and although I'm picking it up again reasonably well I'd like a simulator to allow me to start pushing it a little again. I fly both fixed wing and rotary so would like a sim that covers both well.

Ill be using an Apple Mac which can run Windows via Bootcamp.

Thanks all!


Thread: New computer / sim. combo?
29/02/2016 20:04:15

hi all,

I'm in a position where I'm looking for a new computer.

I'm also in the position where I'm looking for a new simulator.

In the past I've had a lot of pleasure and time from 'flying' a Phoenix, while I've also got a fondness for Apple products.

What set up would people suggest please? I'm preferring the idea of an Apple Mac but there seems to be less sim's available compatible with these.

I'd need either the sim to be compatible with a square pin Futaba or (preferably) come with a Mode 1 transmitter.

While the budget isn't endless I realise that then the base Apple Mac is bordering on four figures, and a decent sim upwards of £100....

The situation is pretty much a blank canvas, and the computer will be used for no work, but, other than the sim, little other uses apart than the Internet (no film downloading, just eBay, YouTube and the like).

Thread: Any helicopter fliers - Argyl and Bute?
27/09/2015 16:28:18

That seems ideal. Thanks, I'll check them out shortly!

26/09/2015 00:26:13

exactly as the title says really, is there any rotary wing people out there in Argyl and Bute / West Dumbartonshire please?

Thread: Building TN Halifax
15/06/2014 21:25:57

That looks brilliant. Well done - and best of luck with the testing!

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