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Thread: New computer / sim. combo?
29/02/2016 20:04:15

hi all,

I'm in a position where I'm looking for a new computer.

I'm also in the position where I'm looking for a new simulator.

In the past I've had a lot of pleasure and time from 'flying' a Phoenix, while I've also got a fondness for Apple products.

What set up would people suggest please? I'm preferring the idea of an Apple Mac but there seems to be less sim's available compatible with these.

I'd need either the sim to be compatible with a square pin Futaba or (preferably) come with a Mode 1 transmitter.

While the budget isn't endless I realise that then the base Apple Mac is bordering on four figures, and a decent sim upwards of £100....

The situation is pretty much a blank canvas, and the computer will be used for no work, but, other than the sim, little other uses apart than the Internet (no film downloading, just eBay, YouTube and the like).

Thread: Any helicopter fliers - Argyl and Bute?
27/09/2015 16:28:18

That seems ideal. Thanks, I'll check them out shortly!

26/09/2015 00:26:13

exactly as the title says really, is there any rotary wing people out there in Argyl and Bute / West Dumbartonshire please?

Thread: Building TN Halifax
15/06/2014 21:25:57

That looks brilliant. Well done - and best of luck with the testing!

29/09/2012 11:00:58

Hi Gents.

I'm just curious as to how progress is going on the Halifaxes?

All the best, Ian

Thread: Flair DR1 build - any tips or hints please?
21/04/2012 07:41:41


I thought i would try asking for hints BEFORE i started this build. Is anyone aware of any traps i may fall into? Any obvious errors i could lead myself into please? I'm not looking for a ultra fine scale result, a club level stand off scale is the aim. Also any ideas on engines? I'm thinking of going petrol but unsure of the size I'd be needing.

(ps I've bought the kit already....)

Thanks Gents / Ladies.



Edited By Ian Whittaker on 21/04/2012 07:42:01

Thread: Members Map
21/04/2012 07:34:12

And me....

Thread: If it really is that easy...
15/01/2012 13:16:15
I'm flying a Raptor 30 for autos. It's only got the cheap wooden blades on present. I have a 50, which has CF blades, but I'm reluctant to start splashing out for replacement blades for this!

Edited By Ian Whittaker on 15/01/2012 13:17:14

15/01/2012 07:31:18
if it is as easy to perform autorotations with a model helicopter as people claim why do i keep screwing it it up? I've bust my third (fourth?) main blade set / tailboom / flybar combination this weekend. I hear heavier blades may help but i reckon the way i'm going at present they will just smack the boom harder and make bigger holes in my wallet as they do it! Im trying to set it down level, but its just not happening. I have had five sessions now practicing - two went well, three ended in tears.
I'm not a total novice either - I'm quite happy with the heli flying in general, circuits, nose in, rolls, loops etc and am starting to lower the inverted hover down now. I think it's becoming a bit of molehill made into a mountain by my head now!
What a daft hobby this is sometimes....
Thread: Have you ever had a mid-air?
05/11/2011 15:44:11
Does a helicopter having its main blades clobbering the tail boom in the air count as a mid air? If so I've had a few - I don't even need other aircraft to hit - my whirrlybirds collide with themselves!

Edited By Ian Whittaker on 05/11/2011 15:46:19

Thread: Building TN Halifax
14/08/2011 11:20:46
It worked out about 13kg i believe.
14/08/2011 10:30:10
A rather late update on progress.
Despite my best efforts during construction to keep the weight down to somewhere near the figure of the prototype, i was significantly over, even before painting / detailing. With the 4 SC30's running well, on a 1 mile concrete runway the plane was struggling to lift off, and managed only about 3 feet. After much discussion with others, the conclusion was reluctantly drawn that while it would probably get off the deck if i uprated to OS40 (4 strokes) or the SC52s, flight would never be be pleasurable or even safe due to the very high wing loading, and the landing speed would be far too high to ever allow safe operation from the (large) grass fields near home.As to refit flaps would be a huge task and would only add to the weight, i have reluctantly pulled the plug on the project.The plane seemed tail heavy first and foremost, with a significant amount to lead in the nose required, as well as the heaviest radio batteries i could find.In retrospect i still don't see where my mistakes lie, i built as per the plan, using the wood supplied in the pack, picking the lightest for the tail wherever possible. My fibreglassing was sanded down to a mere coat, and of course the paint / tail turret would have only added to the tail weight requiring even more metal f'wd.
Oh well. That's aeromodelling i suppose!
All the best, Ian.
Thread: Boom strikes - Raptor 30s
29/06/2011 19:30:34
Hi to all.
Now i'm starting to throw my Raptor round a bit, i keep suffering boom strikes, and it's proving rather expensive!
They seem to occur most when flipping back upright from inverted, and needless to say the flight ends there and then.
I've fitted hard rubbers, carbon blades, and try and keep the head speed high to avoid problems.
Would a engine governor help, or am i really just pushing the helicopter past what could be expected of it? I'm thinking that before i invest in yet another crash kit, skid set etc, i may be better off looking at other options.
If this is the case, dare i ask what would be suggested as a suitable replacement?
All. the best,
Thread: Building TN Halifax
14/03/2011 21:51:03

Edited By Ian Whittaker on 14/03/2011 21:51:25

12/03/2011 16:45:00
Just tried fast taxi-ing / first flights on my regular club field. It ended with running out of room and a trip into the long grass, having used perhaps 50 to 70 metres of mown patch. The plane was looking good on the main legs and seemed close to lifting, but it wandered slightly off track. The moral is - I'll be making the extra 150 mile round trip to a concrete, ex WW2 runway when the retracts are fixed! Ps sounded well though, with the 4 engines pulling!

Edited By Ian Whittaker on 12/03/2011 16:46:21

Thread: HAL 2100
30/01/2011 21:43:58
I've recently got a HAL 2100 auto leveler. Are they any use? It was fitted to a 15 year old Heli I've been given. Is it worth refitting when I start rebuilding? Is it designed purely to help the hover?
Thread: Building TN Halifax
13/11/2010 23:41:47
If anyone else is thinking glow engine/SLEC tanks, I'd measure carefully before settling on the 9oz tanks. I've being trying, and they would be very tight In the nacelles. I've settled on the 6oz.
13/11/2010 23:41:45
If anyone else is thinking glow engine/SLEC tanks, I'd measure carefully before settling on the 9oz tanks. I've being trying, and they would be very tight In the nacelles. I've settled on the 6oz.
Thread: New Panic ARTFs?
08/11/2010 20:49:10
Thank you kindly. I've give 'em a ring in the morning and see how my luck goes.
Thread: Bushwacker kit
08/11/2010 20:47:50
After much flying my beloved Bushwacker has become too fuel soaked to be used, so i'm rebuilding the fuse' tail and rudder. I've got the template of the fuse' sides, but can't find a plan of the tail plane. Would anyone mind getting a tape measure and measuring the span of the tailplane please? Thanks.
Best regards, Ian Whittaker.
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