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Thread: Bushwacker finshing options
08/11/2010 20:47:23
After much flying my beloved Bushwacker has become too fuel soaked to be used, so i'm rebuilding the fuse' tail and rudder. I've got the template of the fuse' sides, but can't find a plan of the tail plane. Would anyone mind getting a tape measure and measuring the span of the tailplane please? Thanks.
Best regards, Ian Whittaker.
Thread: New Panic ARTFs?
05/11/2010 22:30:35
Thanks. Just been on their tinterweb shop and the word Panic isn't recognised. I'll ring tomorrow though. They may have one buried somewhere....
05/11/2010 22:22:54
Thanks Stephen.
Was this recent? I did a fair bit of ringing round when i bent mine, and struggled. I also spoke to the Oxford Panic team, and they are also struggling!
05/11/2010 22:08:12
I don't suppose anyone knows where i can get a new Panic ARTF from? My last, number 4 suffered damage in an arrival and i foolishly gave the repairable airframe away, thinging i could get a replacement.
I can't, and i'm lost without one! 
All the best, 
Thread: The Bushwhacker build thread
05/11/2010 12:50:13
Good afternoon!
After much flying my beloved Bushwacker has become too fuel soaked to be used, so i'm rebuilding the fuse' tail and rudder. I've got the template of the fuse' sides, but can't find a plan of the tail plane. Would anyone mind getting a tape measure and measuring the span of the tailplane please? Thanks.
Best regards, Ian Whittaker.
Thread: RCM&E Magazine Slope Soaring Column
31/10/2010 17:16:17
Personally I'm in favour of broadening the scope slightly, but how would Mr. Ashby and yourself feel about a larger column? I'm not the world's best glider pilot, but find myself reading your column and regarding it as one of the better bits of a all round good magazine!
May i add your video of your test flight was very impressive  too - good piloting of what looked to be a well flying plane on a brilliant slope!
All the best, A Novice Glider Guider.
Thread: Building TN Halifax
31/10/2010 08:14:58
Craig -
re your question
"Im currently pondering again the electric V  4 stroke issue.  Is everyone going electric??"
Nope. There's 4 SC30's sat new in their boxes waiting upstairs. I rathered fancied OS40s for the extra power, but the cost put me off. I've seen the RCM+E video of the prototype in flight, and it seems not to short of power, so time will tell,
Anyone else?
 By the way, are the foam wheels significantly lighter than the Dupro ones?

Edited By Ian Whittaker on 31/10/2010 08:18:33

28/09/2010 09:47:59
from Mario's post -
'N ote that I made some holes at the F1 to permit to separate the vacuum nose
and have acess to  bateries place'.
An excellent idea! Thankyou. 
18/09/2010 19:49:52
My retracts have arrived today as well. The engineering in them is rather neat! I'm impressed!
28/08/2010 23:50:28
Evening Gentlemen.
Firstly some good news, of sorts. 
I've sorted out the dilemma i was suffering of servo choice on the primary control surfaces. It will indeed, as i posted earlier, have digi' Futabas on the aileron and elevator. These have been liberated by the unfortunate dead stick of my day to day club hack going deadstick on me, and the resultant 'landing' snapping the fuselage in half cleanly just aft of the wing mounts. I would post pics of the damage but i removed the servos, engine and receiver and lobbed the airframe in the bin at the field, followed by a little fuel and a match.
However, I'm now thinking ahead and slightly worried. if i gang all 4 throttle servos together, both elevator servos and three 'rudder' servos will this be a little too much for one receiver without the aid of a Powerbox type thing? I'm only intending to use tiny seros on the throttles, granted, but  11 servos thro' the one  receiver, with 4 on the on channel seems a cause for concern. I'm thinking about splitting the RC set-up on board, and using two receivers/battery packs, so having one receiver for the inboard / one aileron / one elevator and one for the outboard engines / one aileron / one elevator and the retracts.
Best regards, Ian.
18/08/2010 13:25:15
I've just ordered the retracts from Unitracts. They gave a delievery date of the end of September!
16/08/2010 22:28:18
Progress so far! I'm now off work for a week, so aim to get some building and flying in!
12/08/2010 20:32:53
I'm also giving the placement of the elevator servos consideration.  thinking that fixing them to the aft fuselage would be a good plan, but am concerned by the tai weight issue. Reading the plans for the fuselage there's a paragraph suggesting that we can expect up to 1kg of nose weight. i'm considering following Mr Nijhuis's plan for the time being, although I'll be sure to secure the snakes well!
I've decided on Futaba S3152's for the ailerons and elevators incidentally. The rudders will get a pair of reasonable quality Hi-Tecs, the throttles budget minis / micros.
I must admit electric reliabilty appeals, but personally I'm set up as a glo / Petrol flier, and the outlay for mr to go electric would be huge! 
 I'll put a few pictures on when i get the inner panel built (eg when i replace the too-short spars!)
'Why does the rain only start when i've spent 20 minutes rigging my plane? 
 Happy building gents!
11/08/2010 21:49:14
 Evening Gentlemen.
I'm currently at the stage of fuselage sides and top glued, i'm leaving the bottom for a little while to help me with access for RC installation. The wings, similar to Aerts, has the basic construction done on the 3 of the 4 panels, and the tailplane has been laid downthis evening. Ian's tip for the day - check the length of the spars twice BEFORE cutting! I had a daft moment, and cut the too short on the second inner panel, i think i cut them to be flush with W1! Not a major snag, i just need two new spars!
Incidentally, has anyone any ideas on servos they plan to use on the control surfaces?
Also, I'm a newcomer to the concept of glassfibring too. I'll be trying to pick brains on this soon i hope!

01/08/2010 15:25:30
is the outer wing only held on by butt joints of the spars, L/Es and the epoxing of two of the spars to B2?????
Time for a coffee pondering moment i think!
28/07/2010 22:49:42
Hi Gents.
Firstly my opinion on engine choice, for what it's worth!
Having had a couple of glow engined twins (Ripmax Harmony being the latest, a low wing fully aerobatic job) I'll have no hesitation in buying 4 SC's for my Halifax. The Harmony has 2 46 two strokes in, and given  reasonable maintenance and running in (i ran them in seperatley, on a single engined model to get a few flights under their belts. I intend to do the same with the Halifax's too, although with 4 i can't see me doing it over a weekend as i have previously!) , i've found them reliable. I also, within reason don't panic too much about the engines being perfectly balanced throughout the rev range. i DO use a tacho to check them, but seek a reliable tickover and clean pick up more than the revs being identical throughout the throttle range, and this logic hasn't let me down yet, even when low level knife edging! Reinforcing a point made earlier in the forum, however, my engines will all be sourced new.
However, a question to the more experienced larger model builders about planned servo instalation. does anyone have anyone have initial ideas what to fit? I see the ailerons and elevator use standard size, the rudder and throttle minis. With the weight of the model my experience suggests hi torque digital jobs but realise this isn't the large petrol engined, 3D capable machine i'm used to! 
 Thanks for your experience!
Ps This will be my first scale multi, so I'll be after flying tips in due course!!!
Best regards, Ian 
18/07/2010 18:11:46
Looking very good Craig. I'm currently at the gluing fuselage sides together stage!
14/07/2010 13:57:51
I have a few other photos which i didn't load onto the forum, as after 50 minutes to load the five i had to go out. I'll happily email them to you, if you (or anyone else) wishes. Let me know. They arent too good, the Halifax is surrounded by other planes so i couldn't get many unobstructed views. I agree the museem is excellent, i aim to revisit soon and spend a little longer there.

14/07/2010 09:51:02
The better 5 pictures are now loaded. Turning all power off to the computer seems to have sorted out it's temper tantrum!
13/07/2010 22:09:22
Just returned home from a trip to Yorkshire Air Museum. 350 miles each way! I've had as good a look round the machine there as space and access restrictions would allow, and have taken some (poor quality!) photos. I also got a PC CD ROM guide. I'll try and load the pictures when the computer decides to allow me to! Meanwhile, The forecast for tomorrow seems conducive to starting the build! (plans and Vac set now here too. No more excuses for me!)
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