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Thread: Veron Avro 504N
24/01/2020 12:23:55

Hi All,

Just fitted the cowl / dummy enginesmiley



Really pleased with the end result.



Edited By Robert Parker on 24/01/2020 12:24:20

23/01/2020 20:43:51

Hi All,

Well the stickers have stuck as if they were made yesterday, pretty good for almost 40 years of age. Well I have been busy in these last few days and have done some of the jobs I've been putting off like making the interplane struts, the engine cowls and I have run-in the engine which sounds sweet, glad I went for a four stroke.


Stickers done and the cockpit combing, made my own from electrical earth sheathing and slit down it's length and glued it in place and painted with Humbrol paint.


A bit of detail for the office, just need to find a pilot now.


The front half of the engine cowl. Having read the build article from 1978, the author commented about the cylinders dropping off. The instructions said to use pins from inside the cowl in to the balsa core of the cylinder ,but I went for slightly heavier duty using 20mm galvanised clout nails and in the inside using 1.5mm ply to reinforce.


Perhaps a little over engineered


All fitted just before a coat of paint and then the pushrods


A there we have it a 7 cylinder radial, the OS does not look too out of place and I'm pleased with the result.


The interplane struts, now there were a fiddle to do, bending the wire to exact length and although the plans / instructions say that they are all the same length, they are not, not by much even though I place a 1.5mm packer when fitting the clips in the wings a few moved not by much but enough.

That's all for now

Next I'll continue finishing off and then start the servo installation



20/01/2020 20:49:22

Peter, they are vinyl decals and they are sticking well so far but looking good.

Tony, thanks for that I enjoyed the read especially the true immelmann turn.



19/01/2020 09:29:36

Hi All,

Made a little more progress. I have adapted the lower wing to take the servos and the ailerons to take the linkages and continued with the covering.


Lower wing aileron connections epoxied in place


Servo installation


Fuselage covered, covering used Easycoat seconds, although sold as seconds I have not found any blemish or any wrinkles that don't disappear after heat has been applied and at 11 pounds for 5m very cost effective.


Rudder on and pinned


After 40 or so years in the box are these decals still going to stick???

That's all for now, next wing covering and we'll see if the stickers stick or not

That's all for now



Thread: Blohm Und Voss BV141
07/01/2020 23:25:09

Watching with interest

Thread: CAA membership
03/01/2020 16:47:17

Hi Erfolg,

I am under the same impression myself that without the CAA number you cannot fly, well legally, and if you are not legal then the insurance is null and void.

I would like you to be enlightened on this. I was hoping it would have been with the BMFA renewal certificate. I renewed through our club and paid the CAA fees.



Thread: Veron Avro 504N
02/01/2020 18:29:22

Hi Toni,

That's nice to hear about the flying. I have heard about the cylinders falling off which is a little disappointing. You built a lovely model back then.



02/01/2020 17:06:59

A Happy New Year to you all,

I have made some progress and got around to cutting out the ailerons and hinging them as well as adding some fairing pieces to the u/c and I managed to find a part roll of covering in the cupboard that I had forgotten about and it looks like there should be just enough.


I re-joined the elevators using some 1/4 sq hardwood instead of the 2mm wire joiner as supplied in the kit. I have pinned the hinges before covering this time to hide them under the covering.


The ailerons were straight forward. I used some of my last remaining Solartex. I added the shear webbing although not mentioned in the instructions I thought it stiffen up the wing.


The finished u/c assembly


Elevators covered and fitted. I'm going for closed loop for the rudder and push rod for the elevators.

I have also fuel proofed the front end of the fuselage ready for covering.

Next I'll fit the elevator horn and push rod and temp fit the rudder to see where the closed loop will exit the fuselage.

That's all for now regards


Thread: T N Avro York
31/12/2019 16:09:21

Hi Cliff,

Will be watching this one.

I once built Tony's original Lancaster and fly it on the brushless set up, my Lanc tipped the scales just over the upper weight and it flies like a trainer. There are a lot of similarities between the two models.



Thread: Veron Avro 504N
28/12/2019 19:07:53

Thank you both and I hope you had a good Christmas.

I managed to squeeze in some time in the workshop and have made the tail feathers and fitted the tailplane. The rudder is all moving so I will need to cover it first. Talking of which I was hoping to use HK's own brand and see they have no stock so I might hang on for a while to see if they get any in before considering buying Oracover.


Straight forward to build although I did assemble in a different manner but got the same result.


Well there we have it all together for the first time and all angles, wings checked and parallel and finally the tailplane glued in place. I pinned the rudder in place.

That's all for now



23/12/2019 17:25:19

Hi All,

Just a quick update at this busy time of year.

Undercarriage made along with fake oleos.



They look quite the part.

Next, the tail feathers which will be after the festivities have been and gone

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and New Year



16/12/2019 20:14:54

Hi All,

If anyone fancies building one of these there is another on ebay starting at only £30 or a ready built one selling at £175.



15/12/2019 18:54:09

Hi All,

I have been having fun with the finer parts of the wing construction, namely making the 16 inter plane strut supports and gluing them in place and making the fake oleo's, the latter I made a little more difficult than the plans just for the sake of it.


they look quite simple, but


one or two are ok but 16 with fat fingers is no fun


could not help myself just had to place the wings on


Starting to look the part now, I'm in need of some inspiration after all of those clips


Then I moved onto the fake oleo's and ignored the instructions........


with a mixture of snake inners, outers and some 9mm plastic pipe along with 2mm wire and some silver duct tape.

The central pieces are slit to go over the main u/c legs and that is where the real fun is about to begin.


To get this far was a challenge needing at least four hands to try to hold everything in place. Once the fake oleo's are fitted the legs can be wired up again and the fourth brace can be added which fits in the front of the wing and on to the rear brace and the whole lot soldered together.

More to follow

That's all for now regards


Thread: Appointment of club committee members
15/12/2019 15:25:16

Hi All,

Thanks for your replies.

I just wanted to see / get an idea of what is involved should I offer my services as I have no previous experience of such a position and wanted to know what I was letting myself in for just to keep the club going.



15/12/2019 11:47:05

Hi All,

Recently my club held it's AGM and part of the AGM is to appoint new committee members to replace those standing down. This is always a difficult part of the meeting and the room goes very quiet until someone offers to take the post/s available. This year there seemed less members attending the meeting than that from previous years.

Well, this year was a little different by in that no one took the post of club secretary, a position which is a requirement of the BMFA.

My club has been established for over 35 years with a membership of around 35, I have been a member for some years. Not wanting the club to go into dissolution, and at present I'm not really wanting to put my head up but at the same time I would like the club to continue, I would like to ask what exactly is the role of the club secretary, secondly, do other clubs go through a similar experience?



Thread: Veron Avro 504N
01/12/2019 17:44:57

Hi All,

I now have two wings having just joined the second this afternoon.

Still some work to do on both wings but we are making progress albeit a little slower than planned.


With leading edge sheeting and inter plane strut supports next to do as well as fitting the undercarriage blocks in position. Looking at the instructions Veron have taken a novel approach (well for me anyway),for retaining the undercarriage relying on the wing bands to hold in position of the rear wires and cotton wrapped around the front u/c block though I will use plastic retaining straps instead.

That's all for now regards


Thread: take off dolly
29/11/2019 19:13:25

Nice idea I will need one for my Dornier



Thread: Veron Avro 504N
28/11/2019 20:16:29

Hi All,

I have just noticed that one of these kits has come up on ebay at a reasonable price.

Progress is slow due to work commitments but the second wing is coming along and almost ready to join.

That,s all for now regards


17/11/2019 17:45:10

Hi All,

Progress has slowed to a snails pace due to working overtime which is coming to an end in the next week or so.

I have just joined the upper wing panels together after making new dihedral braces as I have halved the dihedral angle for the ailerons.


1st panel underway


joined together there is 1 1/8th" under each wing tip instead of 2 1/4", both are equal, I checked after seeing the photo.

Next, the top sheeting and then the lower wing.

That's all for now



03/11/2019 17:02:36

Hi All,

The pace has slowed a bit due to work and a bit of overtime is welcome this time of year.

We now have an almost complete fuselage.


The soldering took a bit of doing and not the neatest but I don't want the top wing parting company mid-flight.

The top sheeting was a bit tricky to get in place and did suffer a small split between the cabanes.



Longerons added top and sides plus dry fitting of the two part cowl


The front section of the cowl will have 6 dummy cylinders fitted to the "Flats" after I have cut out for the engine, not looking forward to that bit.

Next is the tail skid then on to the wings, they should keep me busy for a while.

That's all for now



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