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Thread: Cambrian / Cambria Funfighter-----which to choose!
23/06/2019 16:50:39

Hi Martin,

I have built from both kit manufactures, way way back in the 90's I built a Cambrian ME109 very quick build if I remember correctly and was powered by IC from what I can recall the sides are from quite heavy ply.

me109 (1280x864).jpg

I also built a pre-production kit of the Cambria Zero again a fairly quick build and again IC powered a good flyer but not very forgiving in a stall and at low altitude - my fault not the kit.

dsc05324 (800x533).jpg

Overall both kits are very similar in construction.

The choice is yours

Hope this is of some assistance to you



Thread: Plan services
03/06/2019 22:16:46

Hi Keith,

I have used two in Swansea.

Prontaprint 01792 466333, 34 St Helens Road SA1 4AY. I had printed extended A0 prices were quite reasonable open office hours closed Saturdays.

Print Partnership, 01792 552955, 8 De La Beche Street, SA1 3EZ Again extended (6 feet) A0 very reasonable but again only open mon to friday.

Hope these of some use to you



Thread: Gutted!
24/05/2019 18:24:49

Well done Cliff love to see some flying shots

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
20/05/2019 18:58:23

She looks stunning Jeff.


Thread: New- 2018 CONCORDE for 4x50mm EDF
18/05/2019 09:52:23

Very very nice Tony

Thread: Design & Build FW 200 Condor / Syndicato
12/05/2019 18:56:36

Thanks DD, we have all been there it's part of the course that our hobby takes us, still bitter when it does happen.

Still looking on the bright side I did manage to get my DB Bi-stormer back on the ground after both aileron horns failed, thank goodness for lots of rudder.



12/05/2019 18:38:10

Hi All,

Well with the near perfect weather for a maiden I tried again, and it did not end too well.


All set, final checks.....


Having got a good bit of airspeed she lifted off and immediately dropped the left wing despite putting in full right aileron she just kept rolling over


The aftermath the fuselage faired a little better but the wing not so good.

Perhaps the wing was weakened in the first attempt but I did check it, lateral balance was spot on just no clue why she rolled over, feeling sad sad

That's all for now



Thread: TE from top/bottom sheet
11/05/2019 07:38:37

Hi Gary,

I use a razor plane having the taped the TE to the edge of the work bench. Using tape saves fingers being cut - learnt the hard way.



10/05/2019 17:48:20

Hi Gary,

There are of course a couple of ways this can be done.

Your figure 1. is an option, although this does give a "thick" TE

Another method that I have used is to have the bottom TE full thickness as you have shown and taper the edge of the top TE to nothing where it meets the bottom TE giving a single thickness at the trailing edge, this I have done on several models.

Hope this helps



Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
28/04/2019 16:37:42

Hi All,

Well having given Simon's suggestion some thought I went ahead with electrifying the struts, although front positive and rear negative



These self tapping screws to be locked in place with cyano. Before fixing in place the connections were given a good pull to check the crimping was nice and tight.



These two connections will be bolted on when the wing is attached using spring washers. Probably not the neatest solution.

I have carried out a voltage check, 12.35v at battery and 12.35v at the struts.

Now I have sorted this out I can resume finish off sheeting the hull.

That's all for now



25/04/2019 19:24:51

Simon, I wish I had thought of that earlier in the build, but there may be a way, just need to think a little on it.

Chris, I did coat the whole model in sand n seal, which is water based and no problems arose when I applied it it was only after I started applying the Poly C, at first they went back but just stayed there.

I try to avoid using traditional sanding sealer / dope as my workshop was a spare bedroom before building the benches. Wanting to prevent my wife from complaining any more than she needs to I do try to avoid strong odours of paint, dope etc which I do outside and leave the model in the sun house overnight to dry if I can get away with it.



25/04/2019 14:05:42

Hi All,

Due to work commitments I have not done a great deal to the Dornier over the past few weeks.

I was a little disappointed with the Poly C as in a few areas the sheet covering warped / wrinkled in a few places but with a shape knife and some cyano most of them went back OK except for an area over the flap where the grain runs diagonally and I have a nice rippled effect which I have sanded and filled to be acceptable.

I have this week made the outer wing struts and changed the method of fixing to the sponsons as I was not happy with just using a wood screw so I opened up the underside of the sponsons and epoxied blind nuts on the hardwood I had previously fitted, much happier now.

Well mostly anyway, when I fitted the rear wing struts they did not align with the front ones as I had hoped. Still not the end of the world just looks a little odd from the front.


The wing is now very solid and in parallel with the tail, now to patch up those holes and figure out how to make the diagonal brace between the front and rear cabane struts.



Next I need to get the fuselage upto the dame level as the wing so more Poly C and cloth and decide how I'm going to get power from the battery in the fuselage to the wing, two ideas in my head at present.

That's all fro now



17/03/2019 16:50:55

Hi All,

More applications of Poly C to the wings today as well as experimenting with the receivers. I intend using two receivers on this model to make life a little easier at the patch, 1 located in the fuselage operating the rudders and elevators and the other in the wing for everything else.

My radio equipment is a Spektrum DX9 using a 4 channel receiver in the fuselage and a 6 channel receiver in the wing. I bought a new AR620 as it has no antenna and a AR400. I have never done this before even, so all set up TX on and in bind mode and both receivers in bind mode and both bound successfully however, on switching off both TX and RX's remove the bind plug and switched on Tx then RX's the 620 worked but the servos connected to the 400 barely moved, both RX's had separate power packs. Tried them both individually and they both worked fine.

So attempt 2. as above but changing the AR620 for a AR610 and re-bound both RX's bound and worked perfectly. I now have my receivers sorted.


3rd, 4th and 5th coats being applied so far. In the background my new wing for my TN Lancaster is coming along well as the old one was beyond repair following a hard landing, new wing has liteply ribs and nacelle formers instead of balsa hopefully not added too much weight but gain strength..

Well back to give another coat of Poly C.

That's all for now



16/03/2019 19:24:52

Hi All,

I have made a start on the glassing on the wings, put it off for a bit, a process I've not done before, well not for around 30 years anyway and the products I used then were from Halfords and it was only a cowl, got good results though.

Back to the present day, well I must say the task i had been putting off was a real pleasure to do and as I was using Poly C I could use it in the kitchen with no hassle from anyone else in the household.


Underside done, now on the topside, this is even better than using tissue no bubbles no tears and so easy to work with........


I even covered the nacelles with the same piece as the wing just a single relief cut at the back of each nacelle and it was done, why have I not used this stuff before. I used Poly C and tissue on my FW 200 Condor.


On with the second coat to start filling the weave, by the time I was ordered out both sides of the wind and ailerons plus flap all had two coats not bad in three hours plus Wales won - perfect.

Next more coats to the wings to continue filling in the weave plus sanding sealer to the fuselage and continue making a new wing for my TN Lancaster just to keep me busy.

That's all for now



Edited By Robert Parker on 16/03/2019 19:27:41

Thread: Flair Tiger Moth, help needed.
16/03/2019 12:42:11

PM sent

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
13/03/2019 16:54:43

JB Aviation


I bought my kite from them along with field box and passed my "A" cert at their field just outside Swindon. The field box is still going strong cannot say the same for the kite though but it was the best trainer I had and I tried a few.

I really fancied their DH71, would love to get my hands on one of these not keen on the plans on outerzone



Thread: Global kits Cessna Skylane
10/03/2019 23:06:08

Hi Andy,

Coming along nicely, just think of the wood removal as adding lightness but don't get too carried away.

Keep up the good work



Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
10/03/2019 17:22:35

Hi All,

Made a little progress, the biggest being what to covering type to use.

I had thought about using tissue and Poly C which is what I used on the Condor. After some thought and knowing that she will be belly landing on grass, I wanted something hard and durable and I was going to glass the bottom of the hull anyway, so I thought why stop at the hull. I know the shape of the fuselage will be challenging but I will do the same as when i built it and that is one side at a time, hopefully not ending up with a banana.

Never, glassed before so this will be the first for me, always willing to learn.

So I have now got all of the materials I need and made a start by giving the entire model a coat of sanding sealer.

That's all for now



Thread: How much for a kit?
09/03/2019 20:12:04

DR1 arrived this afternoon,

what a lot of kit for the money even supplied in it's own plywood engraved box, box full to the brim have not dared to look at all parts as will not get them all back in.



That's an 8" diameter cowl


plenty of reading material and good plans wings only though so could be fun.

Not sure when I will start this but it won't be a quick build



Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
09/03/2019 20:00:24

I recently finished a DB Bi-Stormer, Richard who is the owner of DB Sport & Scale is a member of our club and he commented that the Bi-Stormer is in it's 50th year this year.




my bi-stormer8.jpg

My 72" Bi-Stormer on maiden

His new Sopwith Pup looks great but that's all I'm saying on that.



Edited By Robert Parker on 09/03/2019 20:03:06

Edited By Robert Parker on 09/03/2019 20:03:36

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