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Thread: Sand n Seal
17/01/2021 13:15:21

Hi CK,

I'm with Chris on this, I have used it on balsa and it warped and twisted what even made this worse was I used Poly C, which is also water-based, and every coat I applied just seemed to make it worse. Fine on ply though, am like you, I opted for the socially acceptable approach as my workshop is in the house.



Thread: Messerschmitt M-19 (Civilian)
09/01/2021 19:14:13

A nice looking model DD, I had to look it up.

I found CNC cut kits are a lot cleaner to handle with no charcoal edges.

Looking forward to watching this build



Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
09/01/2021 11:28:25

Hi All,

Just finished my latest model a 1927 DH 71 Tiger Moth racer, built from an old JB Aviation kit.

The wingspan is 66", powered by an OS 52FS and covered in Oratex

dsc08572 (2)a.jpg

dsc08581 (2)a.jpg





Thread: JB Aviation DH71 Tiger Moth
09/01/2021 11:21:22

Hi All,

Thought I'd make use of the early morning sunshine and took a few photos



The office

dsc08572 (2)a.jpg

A look back to 1927



I had intended to fit a new OS 52 up front but during the course of the build my used OS 52 became available if you know what i mean



rigging attachment loops over metal "L"s


Lower rigging threaded through the eye of the split pin


the rigging wires (elastic) threaded through off cuts of snake inners through the cowl

dsc08581 (2)a.jpg





Just have to wait for the maiden



08/01/2021 17:09:08

Thank you all for your comments.

Geoff & Dale, there is a plan on Outzone at 50" and Sarik has a 54" plan.

I have a book by Kelvin Shacklock, Aircraft workshop: Learn to make models that fly which has a quarter-scale DH71 plan in it with a span of 67" for a 70 fourstroke, but I have tried to search for the plan but no luck. I understand the plans were available through Traplet but they have gone but Sarik are not listing it.



07/01/2021 19:13:26

Thank you, Martin, I certainly will.

07/01/2021 18:34:22

Hi All,

Well, the postman delivered the Oratex. I opted to not go for the yellow black scheme as the decals provided were for "RV" and not "QU".

dh 71b.jpg

At first, I was not taken by it after only doing the antique and thought should I paint it as it is quite translucent and showing the balsa structure of the wing. However, now the model is completed I think it looks very smart and the translucent wing adds to the 1920's look. The Oratex went on like a dream even better than Solartex and it is one of the best coverings I have done for some time.

Once the covering was done it was time to do the finishing touches, the pilot has been on the shelf for years waiting for her moment and after a quick diet, she was in the office and looking quite the part. Rigging wires were next followed by the instrument panel and cockpit framing, the only part missing from the kit which I made from 1/64th ply and made the windows from a plastic lid from a cracker box. All control horns fitted and the tank fitted and plumbed as well.

Here are a couple of photos, until I get the time and weather to take some decent outdoor shots of her and one day a few flying shots.


I decided not to add the rigging wire between the wheels as it would probably catch on the grass at our patch



That's all for now but I'll leave you with the thought that for my next build I'm seriously thinking about a stablemate for my Short Stirling, a Tony Nijhuis Short Sunderland, a kit I have had for several years and one I hope it will take me a few months to build as I'm starting to run out of hanger space.



Thread: Bench Design
06/01/2021 18:50:44

Hi Andy,

Looks good to me, I like the idea of adjustable legs.

I built mine from 50 x 50mm pse timber frame with 18mm WBP ply with an acoustic board fixed on to it for my building board and just the 18mm ply for the workbench areas and forming cupboards below. I formed a "U" shape, the doors keep the dust out and I can store all my unbuilt models and tools.


The "building board" is 2400 x 900, difficult to imagine with all that clutter, the left workbench is 2200 x 600 and the right bench is 1500 x 600, just the right size for the kit boxes, the doors are made from Oak faced MDF with kitchen cupboard hinges,

I don't seem to have any photos of a clear bench, always building. I think this gives a general idea though.

hope to be of some help

Thread: The 'share your photos' thread (not model flying)
06/01/2021 10:33:23

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the lead, very interesting to read how the ice spikes are formed and of course solving the mystery.



01/01/2021 11:51:56

Hi All,

A puzzle for you.

I noticed this in my garden the other day, I cannot give an explanation for it there are no overhanging trees or anything above it can anyone give a thought as to how this happened. The garden is enclosed.






Thread: Tier 4 ?
31/12/2020 09:05:07

I and fellow committee members of our club agreed to suspend all activities at our patch since we went into tier 4 on December 20th. Based on that going to the patch is not an essential journey and that due to the recent weather and local motorcyclists have made the patch almost unusable anyway.

As a by the way, I spent a week working on a Covid ward just before Christmas I'm not NHS staff but a building contractor we were putting up temporary screens on the ward forming airlocks we are due back next week. During the works working amongst the staff and patients sometimes less than 2m, the staff looked totally worn out and short-staffed. I can only concur that this is a horrible virus and am fully aware that it affects people very differently, for those in the hospitals it is very real. So if you can restrain yourselves for a few months, (the weather is against us most of the time at this time of year anyway) you will be helping yourself and others.

Go on build another plane or two, the flying can wait.



Thread: JB Aviation DH71 Tiger Moth
28/12/2020 17:43:29

Hi All,

I hope you all had as good a Christmas as you could with the restrictions put upon us and all for good reason.

I have just about gone as far as I can go now until the postman brings my covering materials, I left it a little too near Christmas when ordering.

All of the flying surfaces have been hinged and pinned and all servos fitted



I like to pin the hinges before covering and then attach them to the airframe with a strip of covering on the face of the trailing edge.


Standard servos just dropped straight in, with the receiver to the side

This is as far as I can go until the postman gets here.

At this point I usually throw away this lot


Just snap it all up and put it in the bin, but with a balsa shortage and doing a little for the environment I turned this into this


It's not a huge amount but it free, plenty of 3mm and 6mm ply pieces


18 pieces mostly full length with the rest at half length or so, ready to go in my balsa box.

That's all for now

In the meantime, I'll carry one with a Mustang that I started just before this one, that said after sanding down and another coat it needs to be sprayed and for me, that is an outdoor job so needs to be a little warmer.

As a by the way, I bought a Force 46 engine to see what they were like for some reason, I thought they were British made but no Chinese still looks OK though, anyone tried one???



Edited By Robert Parker on 28/12/2020 17:44:04

Thread: Merry Christmas
25/12/2020 13:31:23

A Merry Christmas to you all

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 24th Dec - last one!
23/12/2020 19:33:21

Yes please I'm in

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 23rd Dec
23/12/2020 09:26:18

Count me in please

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 22nd Dec
22/12/2020 08:56:15

Yes please

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
21/12/2020 18:56:23

Hi Kevin B,

Seeing your photo reminded me of a little problem I had at work a couple of years ago.

We had been refurbishing the welfare facilities at a factory that provides titanium for fan blades to Rolls Royce and the client had requested a full wall picture of a jet egine etched on pvc paneling, well the architect provided the contractor with a picture which was etched on the pvc and duely installed, which was not cheap by any means. The factory manager was invited to inspect the finished work. On seeing the engine he let out a whole load of expletives, it turned out that the engine in question on the wall, which even to me looked like a jet engine, was a Pratt & Whitney engine ooops.

The wall remained I believe but I know that employees of Rolls Royce pay regular visits I wonder what they think??



Thread: JB Aviation DH71 Tiger Moth
21/12/2020 11:49:03

Thank you for all of your comments.

Having been just placed the orders for the covering and servos I'm hoping with fingers crossed that they will arrive before Xmas but I know the postal system is usually very busy this time of year anyway and even busier this year.

If building/covering comes to a halt I can, of course, start to ponder my next build something that will take longer to build. I have been quite surprised by how quickly this model came together and looking forward to flying her.



Thread: DH Tiger Moth 1400mm
21/12/2020 11:23:25

Hi Bob,

I have just looked at your build and I must congratulate you on building a fantastic looking Tiger, for a first balsa build you have great skills in both balsa bashing and the dark art of 3D printing. I like your total honesty of your mishaps that have happened along the way but that is all part of learning. I try to aim to make the next model better and learn from the little errors made, I'm still learning after 30 years.

Good luck with the maiden.

Just one point, ( I learnt the hard way), you will need to apply fuel proofer to the Halfords paint as fuel softens it and after a short time when you clean the model after flying your cloth will be coloured with the paint.

my tiger 11.jpg

Here's my 66" span Premier Kit Tiger coming in on yet another dead stick landing, on-board glow system has put a stop to this events, Just Engines system fitted works great.



Thread: My First Build Starts Soon
20/12/2020 20:30:59

Hi Brian,

I agree with Shaun with regard to disabling the ailerons.

As for the indoor craft room, I did the same thing when I moved into my house 25 years ago and promised my wife could have half of the workspace for her sewing, my wife never moved in too much dust, but my daughter did some sixteen years later with her painting, not the most harmonious situations but we have come to an understanding. Having the workshop indoors is great especially this time of year, although I do get some comments about the smells of epoxy glue, soldering, and paint plus of course balsa shavings being dragged out onto the hall.

I find it a truly wonderful hobby whether building or flying, I'm 30 years in now and still learning.

Good luck with the build, plenty of advice here



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