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Thread: Veron Avro 504N
21/10/2019 21:14:03

Hi Geoff,

Yes, the wings will slow the pace down a bit plus two centre sections. There is a fair bit of work in the wings as well as the tailplane.

I like the look of the DB Pup a nice size and I saw the prototype last year when Richard brought it up to our club which Richard is a member, he did not fly it then but said it flew well. I'm watching your build and it's coming along well.

Keep up the good work,



Thread: Protecting a plan
21/10/2019 21:02:07

Hi Peter,

I use grease proof paper for and have done for almost 30 years, I buy mine from Asda

Thread: Veron Avro 504N
21/10/2019 19:00:45

Hi Chris,

I think things will start to slow down a bit as the build gets more involved.

But it could be possible to maiden them both



20/10/2019 17:50:09

Hi All,

I've had a very successful building weekend and the basic fuselage is completed along with tank and engine positions sorted.



First airframe I've built without any formers just 5 1/4 x 1/4 cross pieces and the bulkhead


Back end pulled together, although I am going to strengthen the back as the two 1/4 x 1/4 just butt together and not shaped so there is not a lot of gluing area especially when you take into account of the large hinge for the rudder.


The cabane struts there is very little difference in the front and rear hence the tape


Engine and engine mount in place the tank needs to come up a bit and is a snug fit between the engine bearers.

Next is the cross bracing for the cabane structure, putting my soldering skills to the test.

That's all for now



Thread: Hi from Herts
19/10/2019 15:56:45

Hi Hugh,

Welcome to the forum.

I'm glad you managed to get a copy of the instructions, just in time by the sound of it.

Enjoy the rest of the build.



Thread: Veron Avro 504N
16/10/2019 20:56:28

Hi All,

Building has started smiley and one side of the fuselage is made just not joined together yet and the other side is on the way.


There is plenty of sketches on the drawings to add to the instructions which are good but I would prefer if when giving the material sizes they would have included which length to cut from, so far it is all small sections which are easy to replace.

Tomorrow, I'll bring up the second side up to the same level.

That's all for now



14/10/2019 19:08:15

Hi All,

Wow what a fantastic start to a new thread, thank you all for your posts and I have enjoyed reading the magazine article, which was published a few months before I left school all those years ago.

I spent much of yesterday looking over the plans and sorting through the wood. My thoughts were to start at the rear end as I usually do, but I will follow the instructions and start with the fuselage followed by the wings, that way I will not end up cutting the wrong bits of timber, use the longest first.

Also I had a look on google and found that the full size had a dihedral of 2.5 degrees on both wings. The plan asks for 2 1/4" under each wing and using a protractor it is just over 4 degrees so that may account for the difficult handling with aileron wing and 4 degrees dihedral.




Edited By Robert Parker on 14/10/2019 19:10:10

13/10/2019 19:10:57

Hi Geoff,

That's a shame because it looks like it should be a nice flier.

I once built a 48" Tiger Moth a DB plan which was for rudder / elevator and flew very well. I built a new lower wing and added ailerons and this totally transformed it's handling and was not a pleasure to fly. I wonder if adding ailerons and keeping the dihederal as per plan has anything to do with it?

Some thoughts perhaps



13/10/2019 16:59:46

Hi All,

My work bench has been clear for a week now and I need to build again. Having finished my Dornier I had three model in mind to build next and after a looking through the pile of un-built kits and thinking well maybe this one or that one and one day but not today, I finally made the decision on the Avro 504 kitted by Veron many many years ago in fact even before I took up this great hobby.

avro 504 a.jpg

I purchased this kit just over a year ago to replace one I sold a few years ago and regretted selling it, so this one gets built and I have everything I need apart from covering. I even have a choice of engines. Although, the instruction say that it will fly with a range of 2 strokes 23 - 36. The engines I have are an SC 36, OS 40FS and an OS 52FS.


Having unfolded the delicate plans, they are 40-50 years old, and placed each engine on the plan. Having done so I think the OS 40 FS will fit the bill and is the same size as the dummy engine blocks.


The model is for rudder and elevator though it should be not too difficult to add ailerons.

Has anyone out there built one of these kits?

That's all for now, going to make a start



Thread: DB 60" Sopwith Pup
07/10/2019 18:25:20

Watching with great interest, my building board is empty right now too.



Thread: Flair Cub
07/10/2019 18:18:33

Hi Mike,

Just came across this thread.

I have a cub which I originally had an OS 25 LA in it and it was under powered, it flew but only just. I now have an Irvine 40 and it suits it just fine, if that's any help to you.



Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
06/10/2019 16:11:41

Hi All,

CoG re-checked and balanced...........

needed to add weight to the tail, even with the flight pack as far back as possible sad



06/10/2019 12:23:42

Hi Stephen, thank you yes it was a little tricky at times I'm hoping for a good a maiden, that is a very nice looking Cessna 02a.

Hi Chris, thank you I think I'll need some moral support for the maiden.

I'll keep you all posted when the day arrives.



06/10/2019 11:30:05

Thank you Colin, I'll have everything crossed on the maiden.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
06/10/2019 10:28:00

Hi All,

I have finally finished my own design Dornier Do24




Just a few little jobs to finish her off.


Balsa / ply covered in fibre glass and poly c / PVA and painted using car paints

Wingspan: 66" or 1680mm

Length: 53" or 1530mm

AUW: 8.9 lbs or 4.05 kg

Power: 3no Turnigy 3530/14 1100kv and 3no 30 amp ESC'c

Battery: 4s 5000 60C

Props APC 8" x 5"

Watts over 900

Dual receivers, one in the fuselage running the rudder and elevators with own battery and the second in the wing running the ailerons, ESC's and flap being fed from a UBEC.

Power from the battery which is positioned in the nose is transferred using the cabane struts.

Looking forward to the maiden



Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
06/10/2019 10:10:47

Hi All,

The Dornier is all but finished smiley and the sun came out this morning so I hastily put the model together and took some photos.


The cowls


A perfect fit just a coat of paint to go


I went for the Dutch scheme in the end. The turrets were made from layers of balsa strip glued on a balsa disc and then sanded to fit the fuselage


With all that grey paint I wanted something bright so I could pick out the model against the grey skies we so often have here in Wales



The canopy / battery hatch

Just a few more little jobs to do and she is ready to take to the skies.

I also weighed her and she came out at under target weight by a few ounces, so all up weight is 8.9lbs or 4.05kg so I will re-check the CoG not wanting a repeat of my Condor's maiden flight.

Overall I have enjoyed building her although this year has been a bit of a struggle to get in to it at times just hope she flies smiley

That's all for now



Thread: DB Sport and Scale
03/10/2019 18:45:31


I have built two DB bi-planes over the years and both have and do fly beautifully.

My first was the 48" tiger moth flew great with a .25 up front I think.tiger moth no1 side view (1280x837).jpg

By second was the Bi-Stormer although at 72" they do have a 58" plan pack available, a very nice flyer on normal rates and a almost floats down even on dead stick. I finished this model earlier this year.


The new Sopwith Pup looks a good kit, I have seen the prototype at our club last year where Richard is a member.

Both models are fairly straight forward to build just with double the amount of wings.



Thread: Latest CAA Update
29/09/2019 17:47:46

Thank you Steve, a bit like Brexit then.

Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
29/09/2019 17:44:53

Hi All,

Just a quick update, I have made the cockpit / hatch and made a start on the turrets and at long last made the diagonal brace between the fus and wings.

Decals are homemade and applied all control linkages have been done

Photos to follow if it ever stops raining

All that is left to do is a final two solder connections (need a new soldering iron old one just packed up) and I think were done.



Thread: Latest CAA Update
29/09/2019 17:35:01

Can anyone tell me how I go about the registration process. I have tried the "Drone and model aircraft registration and education service" page but i cannot get anywhere with it and tried several attempts on the search bar.

Thought I'd give the test a go and start the registration process.



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