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Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
20/08/2018 22:02:30

Hi All,

I came across this earlier of a Dornier Do 24

dornier 24 crash.jpg

At first after watching a video I thought it was a crash but just before doing a 180 turn the pilot gave a boot full of rudder.

Both videos I have been unable to upload but they are worth seeing.

I also found another video on vimeo stating it was a stunt surprise I cannot believe the amount of stresses on both the crew and airframe, that one I'll give a miss.




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19/08/2018 18:34:28

Hi All,

The nacelles are now well underway and planking has begun


I had a light bulb moment this morning regarding the 2nd and 3rd formers to the nacelle. Instead of using different diameter discs I went for a single 3/8" piece and used a half round router bit in my dremel and formed the front radius took just a few minutes. I did not fancy using the router, too bit for such small pieces and fingers could get too close. The cutter worked very well in the dremel.

I also have glued in the wing mounting points


Planking started


A close up of the centre nacelle showing the hatch hopefully big enough to get at everything.

Next, to continue with the planking.



Thread: Wing joiners/tubes
19/08/2018 16:05:10

Hi FB3,

I recently used phenolic tube which I got from SLEC available in several sizes comes in either 18" or 36" lengths ranging from 1/4" to 1 1/2" diameter. Look in the accessories section.



Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
18/08/2018 18:17:29

Thanks Chris,

They take a little time to set up and some dry runs needed. I had a lot of "fun" with my FW 200 Condor flaps as there are 4 servos to set up still not quite right at full flap so I have reduced the throw a bit this seems to be ok on the ground.


That said each servo operated it's own flap.



18/08/2018 17:48:27

Hi All,

Managed to do a bit during the week and today.

Centre section is now fully sheeted, wing tips added and sanded to profile, ailerons cut out and hinged and flap cut out and made.


The top of the centre sheeting I fitted at 45 degrees over the flap area this is an area that I was concerned about the fragility of the ribs as so much was cut out for the flap, ailerons marked out they seem very wide but are to scale. plus wing tips added.


Flap cut out and made with temp hinge.


In hind sight I think a single servo would have done the flap.

Not fully decided about the hinging of the flap yet. Whether to go as per full size and have pivot hinges where they pivot out of the wing or to hinge as shown.

That's as far as I have go this week, next I'll look at the nacelles, I have had to re-make the parts as I seem to have over sized them some how.

I have managed to find some plugs on e-bay for the wiring to the motors and speed controllers to make it a bit neater. I bought a XT60 lead with a three way split and a three way "Y" lead if you can call it that, only problem they are coming from China and will take 4 weeks to arrive, I bought before I noticed that. Still plenty to get on with

That's all for now



Thread: Design & Build FW 200 Condor / Syndicato
18/08/2018 14:46:37

Hi All,

Props arrived during the week plus a new 4s 5000 battery pack.

I have done some static thrust tests with my watt meter attached, below are the results

3s original 7x5 2 blade props 2lbs thrust drawing 15.8Amps and 191 watts = 27watts/lb

3s with 8x6 3 blade props 2.6lbs thrust drawing 27Amps and 315 watts = 45 watts/lb

I had to trim down the new inner props to 7 3/4" to give clear the fus

4s original 7x5 2 blade props 3.2lbs thrust drawing 25Amps and 400 watts = 67 watts /lb

4s with 8x6 3 blade props 4.8lbs thurst drawing 42Amps and 695 watts = 99 watts/lb

The new battery pack is 4ozs heavier than the 3s which brings the new weight up to 7lbs 4ozs.

So with the new battery and prop set up the power gain is 72 watts / lb. I'm so glad she did not take off on that maiden flight.

I would welcome any comments on the above results as I'm still learning this art of electric flight.



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Thread: fav model of all time
16/08/2018 00:18:03

Really difficult just to choose 1 model.

But if I have to it is my own design Short Stirling III, just like the full size it is very prone to u/c failures. My fav because it was the first model that I designed and built.

dsc05699 (800x533).jpg



Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
11/08/2018 20:19:38

Thank you Chris,

I have enjoyed working on her today with renewed motivation.

I have found out that you can use "double RX's" so happy days



11/08/2018 16:20:14

Hi All,

And I'm back on the Dornier at last. Having spent a little time getting myself back up to speed where I left off. I have carried on with the top sheeting of the outer panels, fitted the placed the motor wiring in position and ordered a few bits and pieces, following on from my failed attempt to maiden my FW 200 Condor I have ordered a 4s 5000 mah battery for the Dornier / Condor.


1st off, one of my distractions which took a little longer than I thought it would, just waiting to maiden it and give it to my apprentice pilot to learn on.


I have now completed the sheeting to the outer panels. Cut cooling holes in the bulkheads for the ESC's.


Flap servos and motor wiring installed and RX battery pack positioned, this is a bit of an after thought as I am thinking of using two RX's to save on the amount of extension leads and save on the rigging time. A six channel Rx in the wing covering the ailerons, flaps and esc's and a four channel Rx in the fuselage for the rudders and elevators.

Can two Rx's be bound to the same Tx on the same model, not tried it myself but has anyone else?

I'm using a Spektrum DX9 with Spektrum Rx's.

Next, when my packages arrive I will continue with the electrics and sheet the centre section

That's all for now



Thread: Design & Build FW 200 Condor / Syndicato
11/08/2018 09:10:17

Hi All,

New props ordered, only 1 in stock so I will have to wait until I get them, and now the weather turns.



Thread: Who wants to share a new Flair Baronette build?
10/08/2018 09:32:52

Hi Simon,

Just came across this thread and though I'd share my experiences of the Baronette.

I built mine 14 years ago and the build was just like any other Flair scout kit except for the additional wing, covered in red solartex and powered by a two stroke of somekind.

However, the maiden flight was I'm afraid her last flight, due to not ideal ground conditions (longish grass) I pulled her off the ground too early and she porposed a while I struggled with her, maybe I had the CoG incorrect the end result was that she nosed in from around 20ft. On looking at the wreckage I was presented with 6 wings and a fuselage in pieces all of which went into a bin bag.

Hope your build goes well and have many happy flights I will be watching this build blog.



Edited By Robert Parker on 10/08/2018 09:35:43

Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
05/08/2018 19:25:40

Hi Chris,

I'm still here, just catching up as I've just returned from my holidays.

Your nice neat work is progressing well not far to go now.



Thread: Design & Build FW 200 Condor / Syndicato
23/07/2018 19:38:22

Hi All,

Well the weather was perfect with a slight breeze coming in straight down the strip the grass was short, the Condor lined up and.....

condor ready to go.jpg

a wave from the pilot and....

condor taxi.jpg

nothing she managed a fast taxi at full throttle sad just not enough to get aloft I'm glad to say I think she would have really struggled and I would have ended up picking the pieces.

Having checked the throttle end points - OK

Flight battery charged fully - OK

So what went wrong with my calculations.

Flight battery 4max 3s 6000mah 40c

ESC'c Turnigy plushy 40

Motors; Turnigy 2836/11/750kv

Props: APC 7x5.

Any ideas anyone????

I'm considering changing the battery to 4s and changing the props to 3 blade 8x6 reduced down to 7 3/4"

The props are the cheapest to start with.

I have enough room for a 4s to fit in the fuselage,

However, I might struggle to fit a 35mm brushless motor without a fair bit of work and a fiddle at that, one motor not too bad but 4.

I'm open to suggestions on this



Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
22/07/2018 07:37:44

Hi All,

Due to several other things happening in my life (some unplanned) I have had to leave the Dornier, however, these other events have passed, well almost so it won't be too long before I get back to her. This dry weather has meant I have done a lot more flying and repairing than usual as well which has added to the delay. I have also been side tracked by building another plane a Uno Wot with my son and getting him to do the work but this has proved a lot harder than I thought due to his discovery of a game called "fortnite" and he wants to be on it all of the time. The Uno wot is at the covering stage so it will soon be finished.

Back soon



Thread: Design & Build FW 200 Condor / Syndicato
21/07/2018 18:52:14

Cheers Don.

Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
21/07/2018 18:50:41

Hi Chris,

She's coming along nicely. I do like your mould idea for the cowl and see that Gaston is keeping up quality control.

Well you did tempt fate, it's like saying I'll have one last flight instead of another flight. Hopefully the cap strip is easily mended.



Thread: Design & Build FW 200 Condor / Syndicato
21/07/2018 18:41:50

Hi All,

Just finished checking and double checking the Condor over control throws set and rates added and bound my new TX, all set for tomorrows maiden flight. I have made enough excuses and I'm going for it.

I'll keep you all posted on how we got on and hopefully I'll have a few flying shots yes



Thread: P38 Lightning
10/07/2018 20:59:39

Bookmarked, looking forward to this one



Thread: Flying the Tiger Moth
08/07/2018 18:25:34

Hi John,

What a great time you had and the memories will last a life time.

I too had a tiger moth experience for my 40th given to me by my wife, in White Waltham, took a bit of time to book the flight due to weather conditions but when I did get to sit in the open cockpit and took the controls of G-AHAN it was an experience I will never forget. I must admit you had a far greater experience than I with rolling out the aircraft, starting and putting the aircraft away, now that is a fantastic experience.

Shortly after the flight I bought a 66" tiger moth kit. Although, it waited to be built a few years it took me three years to build her and another twelve to maiden her and yesterday I had the second flight and now fully trimmed flies like a dream.

Have long happy memories



Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
04/07/2018 10:39:33

Hi Chris,

I'm still, here in the background keeping an eye on the "apprentice".

Yet again you have done an excellent job on the wheels, try, try and try again until you reach your and you have certainly done that.

Well done.



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