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Thread: Tiger Moth Aileron Servos
25/07/2020 18:22:53

Hi Neil,

I agree with Chris, and I have done this method on many of my models including my own 66" Tiger Moth.

Here is a photo of one such installation using a ply plate and hardwood strip

dsc09602 (1024x681).jpg

dsc09606 (1024x681).jpg

A slight variation clamping the servo in place. these are for the flaps on a Beaufighter

The servos shown are still a little OTT and I now use metal geared Turnigy or Corona 13g servos from hobbyking, good servos for little money and so far I have not had one let me down other than one which was faulty on opening the box.

Hope this helps



Thread: Flying-boat fun
25/07/2020 11:40:18

Hi Bart,

Just loved the videos especially the Dornier 24.

I'm still waiting to maiden my own design Dornier 24, I was hoping to earlier this year then we had lockdown and I have not flown since just waiting for time and weather and a bit of stick time before I commit to flight, any tips on flying?


Mine spans just under 1.7m and tips the scale at a shade over 4kg and produces 950 watts



Thread: Top Flight P40 - An ignored project
14/07/2020 21:27:48

Hi All,

The decals have arrived from Callie graphics they look great just at the moment I am rather time short what with working and working on the house fully refurbishing the bathroom, had to take back to bare brick and re-render to get the walls somewhere near straight. It's coming along nicely now except for a few niggles.

That's all for now



Thread: Design & Build Junkers F.13
14/07/2020 21:21:44

Hi All,

Life has got in the way a little bit with the Junkers, I started the drawings when I was put on furlough. However, my wife didn't fancy the idea of me being at home and being paid so she suggested that we (I) rip out the bathroom as this would be a good opportunity being as we could not go abroad on holidays. Well, this has turned out to be a much bigger/more complicated project with walls being hacked off and re-rendered then tiled and then fit the new suite which when unpacking the wc was broken and the supplier is not responding to emails let alone phone calls.

In this last month, I have bearly done any building to finish off my present build to clear the way for the Junkers.

Still, by doing the bathroom I should earn some brownie points to go flying.

That's all for now



Thread: How are you buying your modeling stuff in 2020
21/06/2020 17:04:01

Online shops and e-bay for me. No change really, same as JD

Thread: Reversing plans
17/06/2020 21:38:57

I use a good coating of baby oil on the reverse side using a cloth, works a treat and it is good for your hands too.



Thread: Design & Build Junkers F.13
17/06/2020 20:44:09

Hi All,

I have drawn the tip and root ribs and made templates for them and form the rest of the ribs using the sandwich method.

I have also done a provisional CoG calc using an online CoG calculator based on estimated weights of 8lbs and then 10lbs for a starting point.

Wing area 696 sq in

The 8lb model has a wing loading 26oz/sq in and a stall speed of 25mph

whilst the 10lb model came with a wing loading of 36oz/sq in and a stall speed of 28mph

That's not a bad starting point, however, could any of you out there advise me on what static margin would be acceptable for this type of model. With the 8lb model, I went with 10% with the static margin which gave a CoG of just over 3".

That's all for now




Edited By Robert Parker on 17/06/2020 20:44:39

12/06/2020 17:51:20

Hi All,

I have completed the basic wing drawing, quite straight forward really.


I'm putting a 6mm washout in the wing along with the 5 degrees of dihedral.

A little undecided about the sheeting whether to go partial sheeting and cap strips as per left-wing or fully sheeted just thinking about weight issues. The ribs in the center section will be 3mm liteply and the outer panels 2.5mm balsa. Main spars in the center section are to be 9 x 6 hardwood and hard balsa in the outer panels and the rear spars to be 6 x 3 hard balsa

I give a little thought to the undercarriage and basically going for a practical solution that is not far from scale.

I can confirm power will be from my RCV CD58 which fits very nicely in the engine bay and I can even use the exhaust in the scale position, like a chimney! I can now draw the firewall bulkhead now I have finalised the power source and draw in the tank position as well.

I'm guesstimating the AUW to be around the region of 8 lbs or so

Next, Ribs

That's all for now



10/06/2020 19:28:07

Hi All,

Well, I thought I would dust off my drawing equipment once again whilst I'm waiting for some decals to arrive from across the pond.

I came across Pete Crosby's earlier post, a very big build and it got me thinking and doing a bit of digging around the web.

First built in 1918, it was the first all-metal transport plane and carried 2 crew and 4 passengers, the crew sat in a semi-enclosed cockpit whilst the passengers were in the cabin.

The prototype had a wingspan of 14m later aircraft the wingspan grew to 17.050m.

So a 1/10th model comes out at 1700 mm (67" wingspan and a length of 970 mm (38"

Materials: Balsa & ply

Power: It is calling for IC and a four-stroke at that I have an RCV 58 sitting in a box looking for a bit of action. My initial thoughts were electric but being as I have a spare engine or to lets put one to use, eventually

junkers f13 2976340.jpg

Not my own work, but an idea where I want to get to

Working from a plastic model and three view drawings


After a total of 8 hours and a partial redraw, I ended up with this. I made a simple error, I worked from different references which gave me conflicting information due to variations of the aircraft being built between 1918 and 1932. As can be seen, I have drawn two stabilisers, having drawn the wide narrow one yesterday I found that the narrower but wide one being used more so I'm going for that option as well as the narrower one will be less prone to damage.

I have made a start on the wings this afternoon but wasted too much time looking at aerofoils. The full size had a really deep section. For it to be to scale, which it does not have to be for me, it works out at 65 mm deep with a chord of 320 mm

That's all for now regards


Thread: Just saying hello!
05/06/2020 20:11:57

Hi Robin,

My mistake, with guage flaps, end of a long week working.

I used E-Flite retract units but cut the main leg down to around 20mm then used a 12 x 12 steel bar with three holes drilled in it as shown.

dsc00143 (1024x681).jpg

dsc01498 (800x533).jpg

With the centre hole off set to allow for full retraction

dsc01502 (800x533).jpg

2 pairs sprung oleos drilled to accept the brass cross bracing.

The 4mm "pins" were driven into the 3.8mm holes using a blow torch and hammer, I set my saw bench alight doing so!!! I am relying on expansion of metal to grip the pins so when cooled is solid and this has worked.

dsc05343 (800x533).jpg

From the front view they are pretty convincing, from the die they are lacking somewhat. I did not make any doors which make s it look more exposed.

As to the repair,

stirling ready to go.jpg

lined up and ready to go on maiden


Just airbourne just a few moments later she turns to the left towards the pits, I chopped the throttles and she touched down nicely still off centre of the patch, I did not notice until too late the windsock pole (15mm copper tube)


This resulted in some damage to the leading edge, a pulled u/c and damage to the stabiliser, even the full size Stirling suffered u/c failure on her maiden.

Since the maiden I have tried again but had problems with an ESC, I will try again whenever we are allowed to fly again here in Wales, though I need to get some stick time in, now very rusty having not flown for some time.

I did a build posting here, "Design and Build Short Stirling", if you want to see how I got this far and if building another I would strengthened the stabiliser with some spruce across the span. I would welcome your thoughts.



Thread: Top Flight P40 - An ignored project
05/06/2020 16:13:22

Hi Alan,

Yes, I will need to.

I jumped in too quickly really, (I took advantage of the dry weather as I have to spray outdoors), not having sourced the graphics first and after speaking to Callie graphics their decals are not fuel resistant and need a coat of fuel proofer after application. Other decals I have used in the past have been fuel resistant and any weathering/panel lines have wiped off. I will be using my new airbrush to that.



05/06/2020 15:53:38

Hi All,

Decals ordered from Callie graphics, they is quite a wait due to a lot of modelers building, about 5-6 weeks, so just got to be patient.

I balanced the P40 and had a pleasant surprise, no additional weight required with a slight nose-down attitude with gear down as per instructions. This came as a surprise as I have used the smallest engine and moved the servos a bay forward to allow for the full cockpit.

There is now little I can do now until the decals arrive.



Thread: Just saying hello!
05/06/2020 15:44:15

Hello Robin and welcome to the forum.

I read the article on your Short Stirling in Model World, it was around the same time I finished mine. I was very impressed with your scale fowler flaps and undercarriage, they must have been a real challenge to make.

I opted for the easier route as my metalworking skills are a bit limited plus it was my first design, nothing like jumping in at the deep end.

dsc05700 (800x533).jpg

72" span, flown once repaired once.



Thread: Top Flight P40 - An ignored project
31/05/2020 11:32:15

Hi All,

I have all but finished the painting/weathering with just the gunsmoke trails and the canopy to paint.

Experienced a set back when my preferred airbrush would not work at all even after taking apart and cleaning the jet so I had to revert to an old Badger single action brush results are not as I would have liked a little too heavy but I'm only going to fly it at our patch whenever that is going to be as here in Wales we are still in lockdown with regards to flying.





My machine guns are made from 20mm balsa dowel for the shrouds and 7mm blue snake inners for the barrels



p40 colour scheme.jpg

I'm having a problem finding a set of decals, Pyramid Models are not taking orders until September due to construction works.

Can anyone suggest a supplier for the lettering, roundals and serial numbers I use the sharks mouth from the kit.



26/05/2020 18:00:59

Thank you, Alan,

I am getting back into it, nice to see it coming to an end instead of looking at it in its part finished state.



Thread: Novice needs help!
25/05/2020 19:33:30

Hi Tony,

I see the others have beaten me, but here are some photos I just did for a 610.



hope this helps



Edited By Robert Parker on 25/05/2020 19:33:58

Thread: Building Tony's Beaufighter
25/05/2020 11:51:47

Part 2









As I am almost finished my TF P40 build, I will revisit the undercarriage situation as here in Wales we are still in lockdown I still cannot fly.

I hope this info is of help Doug



25/05/2020 11:40:21

Hi All,

I have listed some details and articles from the build after a message I received.

This has also reminded me that I still have not modified the u/c or flown her yet.

Part 1.






Thread: Top Flite P51 - 65" span
23/05/2020 13:52:56

Hi Peter,

I recall having a similar problem with my TF P40 when I was building it.


Although with the TF P40 there is a curved underside to the fuselage which helped me hide the wheel when retracted.

I see from your photos that the Mustang is a lot wider at the tail wheel, I was pushed for space as you can see.

The instructions for the P40 also said to use cyano for most of the build. I'm not a great fan of building entire models from it, not to mention all of the fumes in a confined space, I used PVA or epoxy throughout the build, this allows me to make any adjustments if needed.



Thread: Top Flight P40 - An ignored project
23/05/2020 13:30:55

Hi All,

The painting has gone well so far I have finished the main colours and have just received some airbrush weathering paints.

The cockpit is now installed and is looking good. I have made the cross-hair gun sight, a little tricky to make using a paper clip and a strand of copper wire soldered together, a bit of fun.

What I have found lacking in this kit is the guns which I thought would have been part of the ABS moulded parts but it appears not. So I might have a go at making those too later.


Standing only 18mm tall it was tricky to get the copper wire to stay in place whilst soldering, this was my third attempt.





The reflector gun sight made from a piece of 1/4 balsa with a piece of plastic stuck to the top.

The cockpit is a kit from Bob Dively Model Aircraft which I bought when I purchased the kit.

I still need to source some decals I cannot get onto the pyramid models website so I'll have a look around the web.

That's all for now



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